Some of the things talked about on these pages may be very challenging to a few – to others perhaps not. These are not shocking revelations because these themes and subjects have been around for thousands of years. Listed below are the page headings that put my experiences into context: –


Spirit Portraits, Andromedan and Alien Pictures



I am checking with all my helpers (some in spirit others by channelling ) that I put things in the most constructive ways possible before posting. Gunter is one of these, so here is part of a conversation which gives context to that relationship.

G “Robert when I heard from your main guide Antemedi that you needed a little help with some writing I found the idea quite interesting, so as you know I volunteered to help alongside Peter and Isaac. We fully appreciate that you have pen written all the personal enlightenment and channeled information that has taken place these past 20 years. It’s not easy putting it into a useful format. So you and I agreed that condensing some of it into a few conversations was a good idea. Anyone reading it in this way will be given an indication of what the experience might be like to talk with and see their guides. However I can see you have a reticence!”

R “Well it feels a bit like cheating”

G “Is Ghost writer is the word you’re looking for?”

We both laugh at this point its really, really funny in the circumstances, it takes several moments to recover.

R “It would be harder without help”
G “ Come on that’s an old chestnut. Why should things be hard just for the sake of it? Do you want to build a car from scratch every time you take a journey? You wouldn’t be able to understand our conversation without all the work you have already put in and you have the final say which you are exercising, is this not collaboration?”

R “Yes very true”

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