Contextual views of the world


Arksar (AR): – Let us begin at the beginning –wherever that is – what was there before time or consecutive events? Colossus.

R: -Pardon

AR: – Colossus the enormity of being – the being of enormity we could say. The enormity of thought and potential. It creates and so do we. It experiences and so do we, furthermore we have many levels of soul.

R:- What is beyond soul groups?

AR:- Different concepts and ways of thinking and being. Let us stick with what I am out lining to you. Potential and no potential. It existed in the beginning as it does in every moment of flux. Trying to keep your mind I’m trying to get you to see everything around you as a program and as flux – very fast vibrations and different levels of vibrations for different planes that exist in the same place. If you do this and you will more easily understand what I am about to explain to you.

You have been told that in the beginning of 3-D matter that creator pulse existed-well it just did just like that. Created matter in all parts of the galaxy should we say. Of course scientists talk of gas clouds, which form stars and these reform into other material and planets. But they are the matter and what is time when you have all the time the world. Your trouble is you tend to see things in linear format when we can be the most anywhere any time. You though are on a co-joined multipurpose timeline for the benefit of your experience and other people’s experience. You may enter or leave a timeline. There are many timelines but not all come into fruition. Let us take for example your timeline – it has already been explained to you that there are different windows of opportunity or doing one thing before other and in a different order.

R: – Yes but that will have changed mine and other peoples experiences.

AR: -Well you have your memories and experiences but the present moment is what you and others decide best that it is. Then it becomes the past as memory. For all is in the present moment, that is where you reside and in doing so you can be most anywhere. This isn’t easy as you are seeing all things as linear. Let’s try something different. Imagine an old style sailing galleon on the sea. Much original exploration was into uncharted waters taking care not to be shipwrecked or lost. Rudimentary charts were created they were made from information that was coming into a gradual awareness. In such a way there is also much unknown to you that could become known if it were your desire. Yet where should you go to find it? We spoke recently about path walking – that a path could be helpful but also a hindrance if it became a containment. We said before if you take away the footpath there are more possibilities. Yet there are so many possibilities you find it hard to make a choice as if you have lost your way. We took that forward to see this is all you in any event so that you cannot be lost you are just discovering yourself.

R: – Good synopsis.

AR: – Okay then let’s abandon that for the next step – remember the previous was a previous steppingstone and one footstep cannot exist without the preceding or the following all woven together. Let go of time and space and think of information. It is only in the ‘on’ of the pulse that the harmonies make the matter of your world. So what of this world of information which is not of time or space. It is pliable- we talked about space travel and its contextual relevance to using the ‘place’ or the off between the pulse injections- all of which happens everywhere at the same moment. The pulse doesn’t flow from one area to another it happens everywhere at once. You could say one is the thought the other is the action or doing, a moment of creation.   In the ‘off’ you are all things more so if I may say that because you are not confronted by the material world. In this way it is easier to see you are a program of potential. If you ‘phase out’ of the material and saw yourself ‘in phase’ with the program or information field then you will be in no time, all time, all space and no space. In here you can be anywhere much like the inter-dimensional channeling you have been doing. If we move around in here you can see reference points of light, all information and connecting lines some short and some very long. Let us move towards one of these more dense information spots or coagulations of more energy.

R: – A male figure who knows my name comes forward to greet me. “Hello Robert this is your first time here – with as much consciousness as this” “let me give you some pointers if I can use that term – there is no up or down nor sideways but you’re seeing it like that because it’s comfortable. It’s really all about points of focus. You can focus on anything you wish or more than one point of focus. As you ‘focus in’ things become more understandable, more information is seen as it were let us move to one”

I see a wooden shack or house not in great repair with a woman on the porch sweeping the boards. It’s fruitless because the dust comes back to settle. She acknowledges that this is a thankless task but it has to be done otherwise there will be drifts of dust and sand on the porch. To her right is an open doorway and to the side of that a sign which is so worn it can’t be read- maybe canteen? She beckons us in and says, “What do you fellas want? I have some good stew and bread”. It seems discourteous to say no, I can’t say why I feel that. So we sit down and are presented with this very basic meal. There are holes in the shack where the light comes through along with the dust in orange coloured puffs. To me the food tastes really ‘game like’ very strong flavored meat in some kind of broken down maize or meal wheat. So I say to the person who brought me here “what’s all this about”

He replies, “The eating of the food is synonymous with acclimatizing energies as well as accepting help and gifts. You needed to be helped to see these things. You also have split desires as in choices that can go either way these exist within information. You can also see this from the duality decisions of sweeping the porch. It’s as if somehow there is a relentless wind and dust of attrition outside the shack.”

Then the walls of the shack disappear but the dust and sand blows around as if the shack is still there- in information form or the information to make the sand move around us in such a way.

“All is information but it is about your ability to interpret information and what is in your database despite the fact we have asked you to leave that behind. So the shack information can still exist but you will not be seeing it.

R: – Weird but probably a good way to show such an interesting concept