Guides and soul groups


Here is my answer to an enquiry from a friend wanting to know about the origins of their guides and what has soul group got to do with it. The first paragraph repeats a little of what had been said before in conversations previously but there is more and Antemedi adds another aspect to it as well.

Robert:- My understanding is that your guide will be from your soul group. The soul group has numerous aspects to it. I know I am repeating myself but for anyone fresh to this: – 6 Hermaphrodites split into male and female (12) the you and I (so that the other male or female aspect of us is our twin flame). These 12 parts of individuation are an oversoul or higher self. There are 12 oversouls in a monad and 144,000 monads in a soul group. That’s well over 20 million in each soul group. So your spirit guide will know all about you and will have interacted with you before.

How we see our guides is as much down to our comfort level and our understanding but also our frequency or vibration. Many years ago when first working with guides I saw them as robed figures with sandals often with a staff that had a jewel with light coming from it. They had European or Middle Eastern names. Some were of older or wiser appearance for example one had a name ‘Petrious’. People often have Native American entities because of those particular energetic connotations. Guides will change during a lifetime though there is usually a main one that comes in close or brings in others as and when needed. It is possible for guides to change their appearance and name for they like you will have had many incarnations as different people or humanoids. The most important thing is that they are received by us in ways that we accept in love and trust in order that we may grow and become more enlightened. To them names are not important only that their messages are heard.

Individuations from within a soul group may have incarnated on a variety of planets in different forms. A guide may be from within the group of 12 or beyond that.

Further more and what may complicate things is the fact that- we are all multidimensional, so often it is a higher dimensional aspect of them interacting with us. It was explained in great detail to me that if we see our selves as ‘non local’ and that we are a program of love that interacts with many- it gives us a better way of seeing how we interact and how vast our connections are. One point of ‘focus’ gives us the experiences of limited interaction. If we are interacting with humans as guides we tend to see these as discarnate upon some other vibration. If we have a non-earth human as a guide are we seeing them as one projection of themselves or a higher dimensional aspect of them or several.

My understanding is that we can interact with a guide only to find out that they are in fact us at some higher vibration dimension. This complicates or simplifies matters depending on your viewpoint. To discover that you are talking to you is quite a quantum jump that could be most disturbing. Which part of you? – Your individuation at a higher vibration or one of the group of 12 within your higher self or the composite energy of the higher self, monad or beyond. So who is your guide and where they come from is probably a variety of answers all of which can be correct. Ultimately we are all one and the same so what is or isn’t becomes a matter of semantics – however I have reached the limit of my perception so I am asking for some help.


Antemedi :- That’s a fairly good synopsis from your standpoint. However it is based through your feeling body and perception as to ‘who is who’ and how you define yourself as an individual. It is from your personal definition of you as an individuation experience that you look upon the worlds that are not defined in that way or in some cases worlds with no definitions (which you might think is impossible but it is so). I do however take onboard the enquiry and will not leave you with what I have said above – which is in essence ‘you cant see it in fullness from your stand point and concepts’ I do hope you can understand why I made these comments about your perspective from ‘the experience of an individuation’.

To see things in a more encompassing way you will need to shift your perspective. Your world can’t be seen just by looking through a microscope lens nor a pair of binoculars or large telescope. Each of these are different perspectives of your world and where it sits within the ‘seen universe’. Your present understandings come from several view points or points of focus. These you correlate and put together as the micro and the macro. All part of a jigsaw where you can move around to change the point of focus and to change the place from where you view that point of focus. Yet none of this includes energetic dimensions that fit within the same space. Imagine that you can redefine yourself so that you are ‘the jigsaw –the universe’ and you are infinite possibility. Where do you start and where do you not? If you are this massive or infinite how can you explore or experience. Of course you might say that you have begun and this shows that you are a point of focus within one dimension- that is what you feel and it is your experience.

You are multidimensional but not really aware of these other points of focus or the constraints of your current wisdom or knowledge- it also gives you the perspectives that you have. The soul and its experiences are multifold even though at your level you can’t feel this. I have used the word feel because to talk about soul and soul groups requires that input. Without feelings description by itself has no context.

Where can I begin because like the universe the soul is vast and to some extent indescribable. You are all hung up on who or what level entities are in contact with you. Some of you wonder if you are from a particular star soul group. Most soul groups can have gravitation – perpetuation or predisposition to incarnate or be involved with certain star clusters. Yet within these soul groups there will be explorers, those wishing to expand awareness and experience further afield. Some groups are very diverse and have many experiences on a variety of planets in different forms. Do not seek to align yourself with an origin or a particular group in order to define or describe yourself. You are in contact with them at all dimensional levels of your self. You are also preoccupied with the differences between us when in fact we should say we are also souls with a multitude of different expressions and experiences.

R:- Is it not more comfortable to see which guide, what part of us or of our soul group that is interacting with us.

A:- What has comfort got to do with it? Surely you mean easier to comprehend! Don’t forget that you are information in an information field. The information can present itself in a variety of ways and you can interact with it in different ways. For example the times when you spoke with Michael of the Blue Ray or known by some as arch angel Michael. Many will have difficulty seeing a personal individual interaction with a deity who has interactions with so many at the same time. This we have explained before as a multidimensional interaction where information is exchanged where on party may be more conscious of it.

R:- I have the sense that some of these statements may seem wooly- not tangible for some who may read this.

A:- Then that is their experience of it. You can’t conceptualise a large concept into a small one. Each answer is correct but there are so many answers. As a human experience you seek simple concise answers and that in itself inhibits your ability to see the wider picture.

R:- What of some one who is interested in who their guide is and what they look like?

A:- Which definition of them do you want? One simple one? In the context of what we speak they cannot be defined in such a way. To define a guide is to define a soul and all this conversation does at this point is yet again to show your perspective and narrow viewpoint.

R:- Point taken.

A:- The soul has no limitations placed upon it. Of course cause and effect, energy creation, emissions and depletions are factors. But to define is to place limitation. You all have difficulty living in the place of no limitation – the soul- so what does this say about you?

R:- Some would take issue with that and say they live at ease with it.

A:- If they were totally at ease with it they would be unlikely to incarnate on to your planet of limitations – unless they desire the experience of limitations. So is the experience of playing with limitations ‘unlimited’?

R:- You are playing with words – there could be any number of experiences of limitations but they are limited to the experience within limitation.

A:- precisely they are not fully experiencing soul of no limitation. A soul that can speak to itself in any number of ways from any number of dimensional levels.

R:- It’s wonderful in its complexity but nonetheless it is complex.

A:- from where you look it is. Remember it’s also a program of information that keeps rewriting itself and reprograming itself. That’s a way of grasping it. Admittedly it sounds like a description without love involved but that’s the problem with using a simple definition.

R:- Indeed it is.

A:- Yet what is complex? Is that to see all this from your perspective – to understand it? To properly understand it you also have to feel it from the heart. If you let go of all that we have talked about and reside in there what is there/

R:- Peacefulness in the self and the all- trust, harmony and acceptance – no need to do – to capture or explain- it just is.

A:- Excellent you are that and all that was described above and more that is beyond your current ability to describe or understand.

The more you realise your unlimited potential in love and the ways in which you can use light and energy the more you will see what you are capable of.

R:- Thank you

A: – You are very welcome in many ways