Arksar Monad and beyond


Arksar – Monad and beyond

Robert: So where to now, the all or the no-thing?

Arksar: – Let us begin where we left off. Letting go of definitions of ‘the level of Monad the all self’. After all we could just say it’s a dimension and leave it at that.

R: – But there is more to know.

AR: – Indeed and indeed not. We shall start with your word ‘selfish’ in all that it means with negative connotations of not helping others. Yet of the opposite, what is selfless- less of self or is it giving away?

R: – We can joust with the meaning of words but the paradox feeling has arisen in me and it feels like we have reached a dead end.

AR: – Then that is good it means the answers don’t lay in the direction that you are currently headed so look for the door out of this room marked exit

R: – I see the door marked exit, which I push open and we walk through its very bright with lots going on and some folks who pay no attention to us. Arksar reminds me it’s about energetic resonance, which means soul can be seen as light or form. He takes me to an area where some of my vibrations are changed and then leads me into a very small lecture room where we sit down. There appears to be an ‘energetic vibration’ that looks like a man (M) giving out his thoughts.

M: – Are you not all vessels look at your aura the energetic shell containing experience and individuality. Upon levels of higher-self are you not also another vessel. On those levels you can exchange experience of one another as well as composite observation of your multifold soul. Yet beyond higher-self there is a vessel of Monad containing 144 soul individuations. Yet we can also say that it is a soul. So what is a soul? One description is the first sentence, which started with a ‘vessel of singular individuation’ but is that enough! You have been told that you are merely expression and energy so consider yourself not to be who you believe you are in your vessel and body but believe yourself to be no more than an energetic expression. In some ways that is all very well but it may feel uncomfortable- It is however a way of breaking up your present constraints. To use the words ‘merely energy’ does you a disservice but it is said to crack open your current concepts so that you may accept your fullness.

If I am speaking to you as monad would that be strange? Not really, why should it be, can soul speak to itself- of course it can. Is this level so high that you should or could not converse with it? No – Why should soul restrict itself, why should you not be able to hear if you are capable. It is neither reward or achievement or expectation nor is it doubt of ability- It just is. Now that you accept this is possible it means my words will be received as they are.

We – that is you are also the connection to your all. You have been trying to define who you are. In some ways we could say discover or re-cover that which you already know. The concepts that have been explained to you by Antemedi, Arleeyah and Arksar have enabled you to grasp how things sit with one another as concepts though its is more fluid than that. Now that you have diagram concepts of this it is ‘not unknowable’ – that thought was stopping you proceeding.

This is a creative realm where mental abilities exceed those of what you think possible – because in the most you see yourself as a life expression and that is a mental restriction. You believe what you see of yourself even when you are told it is just a concept. You were brought into a lecture room and I appear to be giving a talk to several people as well as you and Arksar. However I am also you and you are contained in my mental realms and creations. So it is one way in which I can speak to you. It was also a way to firm up contact so that you would not dismiss it as some form of egotistical projection – of a deep wish or desire to move further into yourself. I have moved on from ‘the all’ as I projected myself to you the last time.

Now I have your attention in fullness. You wonder many things all of which are pointless at the level of you that I speak. That is why you felt frustration as you called it – you felt beyond the boundary expression of yourself as Robert. As if ‘the beyond’ was pointless just some sort of program or matrix. Well that is not so.

I have through Arksar said that these realms are not of physical as you think of things. All things are ‘not things’ energy is very fluid. I shall call it thought and creation. If you look at the sphere of our/my matrix you can see within it life experiences and many individuations within a creation of ‘matrix of self’. How can you understand better what I am trying to say to you?

How does one define or explain soul at this level? No one ever said that it was impossible to be in touch with this level whilst incarnate on earth. That might be a consensus belief about spiritual boundaries ill informed by the barrier of religion that stands between you and higher levels – but nothing stands in your way apart from belief. As incarnate you can have other experiences and be aware of other dimensions whilst you live in the one you do. Yet you are here are you not – you are in many dimensions at the same time- Certainly the diagrams from Arksar show that. So then – fully accept all this is so and this is what you are doing. What then a wonderful thing, not fruitless or frustrating.

You have already had concepts explained to you about joint communication – several people talking to you as one and that time is not relevant to such an order of communication or consciousness. So at my level (of you) I am able to converse or input information, wisdom and love to all 144 of you either individually or on mass. My consciousness is able to do this and be fully aware of the responses and reasons for responses for I am all 144 in any event. So am I god? No we are all co-creators at this level. I am aware of all your thoughts and aware of what you are about to think at the same time. I am after all speaking to myself.

R: – This is extraordinary!

M: – I am – am I not. The diagrams and explanations were necessary to get you to this point being able to accept what I am and who you are. I still use such a phrase because there are still minor flecks within you that consider you have exceeded your boundaries as to what should be possible.

Let us move to another area I have created for you to experience – Strange is it not that I should say such a thing to myself that has forgotten me.

(We walk into a lighter area – an arena larger than any stadium seen before. ‘Welcome’ I hear the words 144,000 in the terraces. This I find very hard to believe or accept.)

M: -Soul group concepts not precepts. What is not possible? – Only that which you believe is not possible. The mind conceptualizes – it is a way in which to think and ponder. It is a way for you to remember.

R: – So I am not really meeting them, am I just conceptualizing them?

M: – Is all not a concept? It is conceived- it is made, it is created.

R: – Suppose so – its just an odd reality.

M: – To your idea of reality it is.

R: – What is reality then?

M: – What ever you want it to be – that’s the purpose of a co-creator that lives on many dimensions. We are talking about levels of soul and that dimensions exist alongside and with them. Come we shall take a seat in the stadium just like you took a seat in my lecture room. Let us see what unfolds.

(A great pulsing of energy expands from the center of the stadium outwards and up into the terraces and then joins over the top coming back down to where it started. It fells like a ‘breath’. Then a voice comes from within the pulse.

“ If you think that you see the face of god turn away and look in the mirror, then you will see his and her reflection”)

R: – At this point I feel rather overwhelmed

M: – All is concept, what is conceived or envisaged, stay with this let it flow it is the voice of soul group.

SG (soul group): – All of you hear today can hear me in different forms. The words I use fit in with your terminology and present concepts. ‘Here today’ for example doesn’t exist at this level. Remember what I am saying has a much deeper meaning and deeper purpose than the words. The words are offered as concepts that you will put together in your minds. For those of you hearing our words let it be known it is the voice of all monads that speak as one, though even this can be exceeded and encompassed.

When you take a walk know that I planted the trees and placed upon them the dew that forms in the morning night. I place the stones beneath your feet and put the air in your lungs that shows itself as a steamy breath on a frosty morning. Alive you are within my creation. Yet now will you individually interpret, question and conceptualise that of which I have just spoken. For am I not the co-creator of the consciousness programs.

R: – But I did not think that humans created these things.

SG: – Who else?

R: – Something far off with great knowledge and power

SG: – Am I not such a thing! This is because you are an extension of me and you doubt you can be of such a process at this height.

R: – Well I feel as if I have exceeded my limits, my boundaries.

SG: – You have no boundaries.

R: – But creating matter- that is not a part of humanity.

SG: – Yes and no. Humanoid forms are one of the most adaptable vessels they are an expression of soul.

R: – So how did you make all of this?

SG: – You have been told about different levels of pulse and information fields and how the initial pulse was turned off. Well it’s about dissemination of information. Information- informs what you see as being around you. Holographic as it were. At these levels we are no longer of form, we are hologram co-creators, we are the expression of our selves and all of you. We think and we create, for us it is that simple, why should it be any more difficult than that?

R: – I am having a really hard job believing this.

SG: – Remember it’s about concepts.

R: – I would prefer reality.

SG: – Reality is a construct formed from a concept, therefore all is conceptual – all is thought. So you say you are having a hard job conceptualizing or believing. You see even believing is of itself a ‘construct’ every thing is. A construct is a creation of and in the mind. Of course mind is a rather weak descriptive word for what goes on but it should suffice. You are having a hard job believing – primarily because you don’t understand. Yet because you don’t understand, should you then say I can’t or shouldn’t believe it even if it’s in concept form because all is concept! Of course there are other levels of creation beyond this one and there are conceptual descriptions of how they entwine also. I want to remove altogether the word god from your vocabulary. It is not only bound up with dogma but concepts that are not true to source. It implies some benevolent force removed or at arms length. For it is beyond your comprehension and your acceptance either of it or that you are it and an extension of it. This word does not purvey the truth of the matter it has old beliefs bound within it. I will find alternative words that will fit an explanation. You are having difficulty believing that you are conversing at this level. You will not always converse at this level. Who says you have not done so already? Or that you do so all the while. Remember I am all things including the frosty breath in the morning.

R: – I just can’t see that.

SG: – So who do you think I am? A person? – I am in effect over 20million soul individuations and you are one of them- yet I am more than this description. How can I explain to you what I am when you have no concept of what I can do or create.

R: – But you are not the rocks and stones and the breath.

SG: – Particles we indeed ‘forged’- should we say how they come together and in what form is about desires. You create your garden by planting seeds or plants – This is me.

R: – Sorry I cant see that at all – how can you be them?

SG: – Would you prefer it if I were to say they are part of my program that I created.

R: – Possibly – its just that it doesn’t seem right or possible that we should be talking in this way- I am talking with a level of creation.

SG: – Not the only level there are other levels and types of creators.

R: – How on earth do you create?

SG: – Depends on what we wish to create. Furthermore, for what lies within your question is the doubt that I can. What should you ask me? To do something to prove that. Have you not had an extraordinary life, which has all but shown and demonstrated that? You cannot conceive of joint creators, nor what many soul groups may do or achieve.

R: – But you didn’t make the matter and it has already been said that you were called to earth by mother earth when she was ready to receive life.

SG: – So up, down, back or forward that is not so at this level. For you have not realised that I surpass the soul group – I am speaking to the soul group as an entity beyond it and also being of it.

R: – So there are many like you. Its getting close to the G word not to be used, perhaps an explanation of mental capabilities would help.

SG: – My abilities or yours?

R: – Well apparently they are all part of the same connection.

SG: – That is so. You are angry and frustrated do you wish to leave the conversation?

R: – No as you should well know, I wish to persevere to achieve.

SG: – If you return to your previous thinking, you need not trouble with this.

R: – But you know my questions and create questions as additional forms of answers also. I just find it perplexing that there are over 20millon individuations of soul here and you have the space for all to be in contact- like you are with me.

SG: – Yes its wonderful

R: – Unbelievable.

SG: – For you but not for me. You can appreciate that an experience in your life may have its rationale or sponsoring thoughts upon many levels or the event will affect many levels of learning and have many purposes in the one event.

R: – Yes I can see that from recent experiences.

SG: – So in this way many levels of yourself will be desiring to give you enlightenment at each of their levels and together with such a desire to create an outcome of learning or change- ‘an event will form’ within the information fields or time lines. These pass through the present not the other way round. It is easy enough for you to conceive, to believe in your mind and accept that these are various desired learnings, which can be gained through an event experience. Yet how is the event informed on to a time line? Is it created in minutiae over the whole time line or just in ‘the intricate’ in the moment of now – is it a program that fits itself to the desire to create certain experiences or events or is it more than that. Are these not big questions? Yet you could not ask these questions were it not for the information given over the last couple of weeks. So am I not the question and the answer.

R: – I was following you till the last few words and then you appeared to make things G-like and in riddles.

SG: – Ok I have a learning for you and I am pushing it forwards and it is meeting resistance. It is your resistance to what I am saying. You don’t like what I am saying- for why so is that?

R:-I can’t conceive of a one being or many beings creating all things – maybe creating programs. However I am hearing this as one being or one entity as a composite of over 20million.

SG: – Would you prefer it to be the 20,736,000 souls in a soul group? Am I not them?

R: – You were talking of levels of learnings creating events.

SG: – I create the events not just the program. What is a program – something random, detached from spiritual levels of creation- it is after all another form of creation. It may well be formed within parameters of spiritual laws but it is not a program in a computer because that’s how you are viewing it. There are many types of thoughts and thought forms. Thoughts also create or begat thoughts. Energy begats energy. What is created continues to create – create the creator for example. In which case the creator continues to recreate itself to a different version or definition of itself.

R: – That seems to feel better within me but I am still not getting round the thought and the program.

SG: – Well you know within yourself that your unconscious can have thought forms, which believe themselves to be separate from you, and thus they see that is what they are. You at your level can gradually see them for what they are – a part of you. You bring them back to you with love and understanding so that they see they are you and you are they. This creates harmony. Yet they had to become separated or created in the first place. This is a similar model to the one we are discussing at the moment. However it has me in the position of being the originator and entity to be reunited as it were. Though I do not have to be united in the way you think as united and separate can co-exist.

R: – I get the analogy.

SG: – So a thought once created can have a life of its own. You can see your unconscious thoughts and see the limited awareness they have because they are separate. Yet what is limited? Is it merely that they are small building blocks which form bigger ones. So a self-aware thought form will have the ability to create like its creator. However it creates an event as a thought form within a time line. As all is thought anyway these are just labels. So it’s a program and a thought form- it has life as it has consciousness. Is it sentient- not as such as it is part of the sentience. Thus I create and continue to create upon different levels and dimensions.

R: – I can see that more so with this last explanation.

SG: – Then the thought forms work alongside other souls individuations to make a bigger pattern- a wider time line. They also work in conjunction with other soul groups

R: – That’s a good explanation thanks but the breath and the stone on the path must be mother earth as it is a separate entity.

SG: – Separation is only an appearance of such. Mother earth is a compilation of thought forms and degrees of sentience. She called out for life because life called out to be made. She was created from thought form. Thought forms with parameters guidance and awareness – a living entity. She existed long before she became a physical sphere.

R: – Why then say she called out for life

SG: – It is another way of saying that the time lines were such that life could be supported and expanded to new levels. She is after all like the rest of the universe- timeless on the levels of timelessness.

R: – So you are saying she is a composite thought form, living entity created by several soul groups or the entities above the level of soul groups.

SG: – Both and all. The levels above are involved also as creators. Yet I am able to say I am a creator – in much the same way you can when you create your life and reactions in people and events, which you put consideration and wisdom to. I am able to say this without bashfulness or consideration for other people’s feelings. I say what I am because of what I am. I hold nothing back- for why should I do so? If you cannot hear me clean out your ears. Tis not boasting, I say what is so it can be no other way

R: – Why communicate with me and what is your purpose to reach down to these depths below you.

SG: – You are my depths below. Expanse gives no justification to say one small area is of no concern or importance. Why then not cut off your finger! As to the point of purpose you raise – all multifold. These will be pieces of the jigsaw to unfold. Of course there is purpose and meaning I have created you as an expression. You are also my experience as well as yours. You just have difficulty with the scale of things. Size and complexity is of no relevance, we are all interconnected and all is of value, all can be heard and all speaks- There shall be more.

R: – Thank you AR, M and SG