More On time lines


AR: – Come all time come all things. You must know by now that words and phrases such as this bring in energy. They cannot be taken at face value for they are the precursor to something more complicated than a few words.

Let me tell you a story that began a long time ago but was only yesterday. I am using language concepts that you are more likely to understand so it’s not the completeness. Many eons ago many more things were more connected. The dimensions had slightly different interfaces. One could pass most easily between one and another. This could lead to some confusion of course, particularly when re-entering at a different point in time. As experience is ‘a time line co-created’ it can be changed by changing the information or desire. It can also be altered by changing an event- this affects future time lines. However they can re-align themselves to get to where they originally desired them selves to be. So these thought processes exist on several levels in order that there is a phenomenon of experience. Some times a future outcome might be desired so a past time line is altered. So the actual experience is the point of focus inserted into a time line.

R: – This isn’t easy

AR: – I know but stick with it. All time all things. In this we could say infinite time lines. A collective consciousness time line and individual ones. Changes may take place to the collective one to affect many and changes to individual ones, which may not affect many but may. From where you look these things appear as reality, you see form in every moment. If you go back in time the form exists there! There are several levels to this so let me recap and expand. Firstly all is a hologram and it exists as ‘information’ created by collective consciousness at low and high levels. It is a program, which you may enter or exit. A program that can be altered or left as is.

R: – So it depends on where I insert my energy as to what it is that I experience.

AR: – In a way

R: – But wouldn’t everyone else need to insert theirs as well.

AR: – Not in the way you are thinking, let me show you some diagrams.

pulse energy 21-1216

Left and right exist in tandem in parallel relationship to each other you cant have one without the other. However if you look at 2 time lines before they merge the edges of each time line are opposing one another in the middle section right and left are on the wrong sides. They pass through one another so that its possible to see both before they become one.

R: – But they must be compatible.

AR: – In some ways not at all- it’s as if all of a sudden things have changed. The previous reference points have disappeared as if they no longer exist.

R: – What about memories?

AR: – These can alter to form a merged memory. Remember everything is thought- a program- action and form are what flow from that.

R: – Prior to this I was seeing the potential as if there are so many possibilities the amount of information would be infinite.

AR: – Yes and no, lots are inactivated potential so try to see that as nothingness that may help for a moment. Back to time lines- these may merge or disperse according to the needs of the co-creation of the moment of now. It’s only the information that may change. If you have someone else’s zip or post code they might move and a letter you send them might be forwarded on or returned- all of this in the practical and physical sense. However all is energy of different forms. So in this instance the message or information has not reached its destination- the destination has changed. As all is information at some level we can use a metaphor to say the recipient information is no longer able to receive sender information as if its been ‘turned off’. In this way part of the time line information has ceased but it exists ‘somewhere else’. It may continue as part of the collective time line but it no longer receives information/energy from you so its time line is different to what it was in different ways. The people will have new house and neighbours, new experiences and no information from you unless they contact you or you seek to find them. It also depends on relevance, your time line may not need to have them in it any more- so no need to send them the information or Christmas card because you had long ago moved to different lives without them in it.

R: – So you are saying all these actions we experience are miniature line of the complete time line?

AR: – Lets have another analogy – You are walking down a path and the sign posts become faded or they are covered in green lichen and beyond your height to reach them. All the time you are having to look closer and closer at the faded information till you cannot see words at all. You wonder if you are lost or the only person going in this direction, even though it may be the right direction for you. You should be able to see a man in black under one of the sign posts- to you as you look at him he seems a little sinister or full of tricks, swinging a watch in readiness to hypnotize.

Man: – Do you want to know the way sonny?

R: – Not sure I do from you.

Man: – Sit next to me and look out onto the path.

R: – As I do I see a woman in a bright shinny blue outfit with a bonnet and a baby in an old-fashioned 4-wheel pram. “Isn’t he cute’ she says. Then next I am in the pram looking out from the baby’s perspective. All of a sudden I am outside the pram looking in. In some way I am also the woman as well.

Man: – Who do you wish to be as an experience.

R: – I don’t rightly know

Man: – What if you lived separate lives as each one.

R: – But as an individuated soul I couldn’t do that at the same time.

Man: – Well time is only a construct.

R: – I would have to divide my consciousness between them.

AR: – This is where time lines can de-construct as it were – go in different directions in the same ‘time line’. So see these as possibilities not as actionable lest you want. So if you were the baby you would have that experience.

R: – The baby would need a mother and I could not be that whilst being separate as a baby.

AR: – Yes you can if you do not see yourself as an individuated soul. At a level you have complete consciousness of the experience as these separate experiences. You construct a story for them as you move along and they feed back what they wish and you coalesce this into a total plan for the next moment. At that level of awareness you have no problem but at your level it seems to make no sense.

R: – Ok in the sense of group soul as an entity but what has that to do with time lines and not seeing signposts?

AR: -The signposts look clearer when the 3 are in agreement and flow with higher self and soul group.

R: – As you said I can not comprehend what its like to be aware at that level.

AR: – I understand that but I wished to give you a feeling of the possibilities of awareness and potential. Not every thing I show you will click into place the first time it’s said. Try not to let that become frustration.