Oritie reduces the void to No-thing


OT: – All is as is meant to be. Let us follow the pathways into the dead zone – a space that we wish to see as small as is possible.

Nothing is nothing so can it even be described? Distance between two points creates space but do we require distance?  At such points or ways of thinking there is no divide but an overlap. The two existing side-by-side.  We have shown what happens when there is the concept of one or the other.  Now we are showing overlap.  But what overlaps from where into where – which dimension is over ridden?

Your logic will say the lower realms are overridden because you see it as a transition from – to.  Coexistence can be easy or uneasy and which is which?  Transition does not have to be a flow in one direction it can flow back and forth between differently charged items. Even so you see this as an ultimate forward movement. For some it will be a backward movement. Life force has its own direction even if there is no direction. Why can’t transition be without distance or travel – just changing one thing for another? A multitude of things changing form or resonance.

R: – All very logical but different to your recent talk on the 18thMay!

OT: – Change is change – is it not a matter of how you see it.
R: – Conceptually or actually?

OT: – Both- the previous work was to show what was possible. A way of seeing transition from – to.  When the concepts of nothing existing between one side and the other are understood it means ‘nothingness’ cannot be seen through fear because nothing exists not even a space.

R: -The overlapping?

OT: – Yes there is nothing there – it depends on how you want to interpret nothingness.

R: – It cannot be interpreted, as it’s not there not even the space of it.

OT: – Correct unless you believe it is. That is why we cleared those thoughts out and got rid of the space that nothing occupied.

R: -So are we in another concept of change? Presumably now we can say change of the information field.

OT: – And a change in pulse to create a different harmonies.

R: – So no longer any resistance by way of interpretation or misinterpretation.

OT: – Not exactly. What of the thoughts “one second it’s here and now it’s gone. We were not aware of the change it just happened. Can we go back to what was and see it change  – the change was too quick. We are not sure what we have lost we do not have a feel of it any more.” Can you think of other ways the instant change could be seen as derogatory?

R: – We had no choice in the matter – we were not ready and it came unexpectedly. Who’s choice what this – perhaps we had no choice in it at all.  Should we be disappointed at a loss of what we cannot feel anymore?

OT: – Does a prisoner wish to return to Jail?

R: – Sometimes they do if they can’t cope outside or they are institutionalised. OT: – But the jail has gone its neither good nor bad. The new arrival not known in the moment of change. Is it so fresh we don’t know it till we have felt or processed it? These may seem like trite or tedious situations so is it better to accept it without question? But surely only a fool would do that – one should always question the incoming new because you don’t know it.

R: – All right point taken. We do not know it so we could resist or not welcome it. Higher self knows it but for us one microsecond its this way then another.

OT: – Do not think the psyche can adjust that quickly?

R: – Probably but these semantics seem rather trite and unnecessary

OT: – Would you not remove all dust and cobwebs from a room if you were to place in it a newborn babe?

R: – Yes that’s practical.

OT: – And so is this – to remove all debris from the previous use or non-use. It is also a changing of you as well.  What you do for you- you do for others and they in return.

R: – What the next then?

OT: – Nothing-the situation was – that was or it wasn’t and what wasn’t is a new was.

R: – Which is?

OT: – You won’t really know till you know.

R: – So prepare for what you don’t know but you will only know when it happens. It’s much the same situation.

OT: – In part.

R: -Gosh this is so frustrating-it’s as if we haven’t achieved anything.

OT: – Can you achieve anything with no-thing

R: -Seemingly not. So there was no point in trying not very important work dealing with nothing.

OT: – On the contrary not important or very important- but because you can’t see the relevance or importance of it doesn’t mean that it is so.  We will go to other thoughts to give relevance.

R: – Okay relevance of nothing should be an interesting challenge.

OT: – Relevance is about relativity or comparison. When there is no comparison there is no relativity or relevance.

R: – Relevance is how we decide importance or unimportance to what we do or think. It’s relative to us.

OT: -But in this instance of change you are No-Thing – all that you thought you were will be gone – you cannot compare that to which you were only to a memory. The point is the memory will be changed because you will see it in a different way from the new. Your past will change by relationship to it.

R: – It doesn’t change – only our view of it.

OT:-Is not every single thing about your view – relevance to you as you said.

R: -We are going in smaller and smaller circles that don’t seem to give any answers.

OT: -This is the point – exploring where there are No Answers. This is to stop you looking for answers that are not there or that do not exist.  You don’t need to have any of those thoughts at that time. You think “Oh change in an instant I won’t have time to think of those things we talked about”. I say you will – you don’t need speed to avoid or not worry. I say remove the thought that there are possibilities then the room is clear.  No seeking-no questions – no answers. If you talk to people about the change – the up-liftment they all have different ideas but many of them want to know what the actual moment of change will be like.  That is their thought now and there are no answers in the void that comply with the current way of thinking. So asking from this level will only reflect this level and not give an answer free of the present matrix level questions. Question nothing is my statement. Yet those in the matrix will say, “It is foolish to question nothing you should always enquire” Do you see the spinning wheel of duality in the Matrix?

R: – That’s accepted.  So uplift – I can’t question with out distorting the answer and I can’t see the true answer anyway. There is no answer to any questions as they are not relevant they are only a relationship to the present me. That’s all rather a leap of faith away from ‘you cannot tell me what is to be’.

OT: – Yes and no – once we have cleared the deck upon which to stand we are better able to see we can view through nothing and questioning nothing.

R: – How can we ever see if we question the new through the old?

OT: And if you are clear you look through the nothing without the matrix but you look through your current relationship to yourself.

R: – Seeing through relativity or self-relationship so frustrating.

OT: – Apparently so for you but not for me. However we are reaching the point of no return, which is good.  There is neither willingness nor ability to return to what was. There are no longer any questions or answers about what lies ahead because there are no questions of where you come from. What will be will be – no struggling – no desire of what you wish – no anticipation of what will be – what comes, comes as it must. If I had said this to you earlier do you think you would have accepted it without question?

R: – I would not have seen in the gentleness the way you now describe it. I cannot ask questions from my present perspective without distorting.  Perhaps I need to be a result level looking back.

OT: – Can you question how a baby looks to his mother for nurture. Is that love or need – or is it just is. You need nothing do not ask and do not question you will be enveloped by yourself at that level.



OT: -Acceptance of change is the ability to welcome that which do not understand at your level. To welcome it with open arms trusting all is meant to be. Allowing higher self to be the guidance of what you need to experience. Of these things you will not truly know till you are in the experience of them. All is hope and conjecture from your level of observation.

R: – So little point discussing it.

OT: – I wouldn’t say that – though I will say let us help you to see and feel it without your current constructs and constraints. In current mindset you can begin to see it is beset with a variety of messages – but more a variety of pondering or wondering about the choices and the outcomes. One does not have to worry in order to be responsible

Responsibility is doing what you say you will – all other ideas attached to it are the emotions and collective baggage.Not responsible isn’t irresponsible nor not to blame.

Blame is the rejection of guilt onto others and self-blame is the acceptance of guilt. Guilt is an armour piercing human arrow self delivered in punishment

R: – It seems to me all our words from the matrix need redefining.

OT: – The ways you ascribe other feelings to a particular word mix things up. The whole of your language has implied connotations and wide descriptions associated with experience and judgement. How can I use one of your words to explain something when implied meaning and expectation taint it. All of these are born of judgement experienced within pain.

Let me use no words and impart by connection and free imagination. Imagine you have nothing to lose.

R: -Then nothing can be taken away-no hurts can come

OT: – Imagine you have nothing to gain

R: – No hope to be different or have different – no need for anything

OT: – Self-sustaining in all that you are. All the love you need and more than you can never use. A relaxed power to be. You can help others but you do not have to it is their responsibility to do so.

R: – But our engagement with each other will be different. We will not be stuck in the matrix so it will be more like the experiences I have on the biosphere.

OT: – In many ways as yes – communally balanced in love of ‘one and all’ so let us go there.

R: – I follow Oritie who strides forward. From behind I can more easily see his long white hair. He is dressed differently in salmon pink coloured loose clothing like silk. The extremities are trimmed with silver silk band edgings. He introduces me to a gathering that welcomes me they offer me as much love as I wish to receive without limitation. I am taken to a very bright type of transition area contained within handrails. Words flood in fast for quite a while but I can only catch some fleetingly- “repetition is not work – no easy work – no hard work- no escape from work- passion and enjoyment are work” so I say

R: – The whole of our world will go upside down when the transition comes.

OT: – Eventually

R: – Are you showing results so I can understand from outside the matrix?

OT: – It is only part of the transition.  There will be struggles and upheaval some still taking advantage of others good nature but eventually they will wane and see the error of their ways.

Tateyemelah (all will be for it was meant to be)

R: – I sense some kind of limbo

OT: -In part that is about your 3-D interpretation and you wanting to feel differently. You can decide on how you want to feel regardless of circumstances. Be the joyousness.


OT: – Tis the change fore told. What is to be is to be – it can be no other way.

Letting go of what is ‘without holding on to anything’ cannot be measured in time because it is a mental space. How does one find the way forward in a transitional mental void if it is a blank space? It could feel like isolation between what was what is to be. Do nothing – expect nothing otherwise it will place ideas in the way of outcomes. This can distort clear arrival.

Living with the thought ‘expect nothing’ is a difficult one – the mind automatically searches for what can be. Because you don’t really know what ‘can be’ you won’t find the answer. Many have given descriptions of what’s involved and the potential outcomes. Even of these I would say do not seek them. Instead just be at one with yourself – let it flow have no expectations one way or another. Expectations will place imprints on the mental space.

Imagine an up welling from within you. The space inside you is at the centre of all and the centre of all exists everywhere. You may feel there is an external force that arrives to transform you. Instead see it as internal and that your external world is a reflection of that. In this way you will feel it is you. Welcome you to yourself not the idea of external transformation. That vibrational level of you already exists. In such a way the idea of transformation departs. Instead it is you – a dimension of you – a function and an attribute that emerges to your consciousness.


R: – So where are we?

OT: – Wherever you decide.  It’s about being beyond belief or the need to believe. Believe it or not!

R: – In the sense I don’t need to look for proof

OT: – Are you sure on that?

R: – Sure and not sure no sense in looking just get on with it.

OT: – Progress indeed. I would like you to follow my instructions even if they seem rather unusual. I would like you to lie down and think of nothing.

R: – But thinking of nothing is actually thinking and it is something.

OT: – Indeed but I would like to explore nothing.

R: – But if it’s nothing it doesn’t exist and you can’t explore it – these are your own thoughts you have taught me.

OT: – That is exactly why I said they would seem unusual – give it ago follow my words and see what happens.

R: – Oritie took me to a vibration chamber to relax and release some old matrix programing.


OT: – In order to do differently you have to be prepared to let things go,

R: – As if there is no importance

OT: – If that’s part of the letting go then yes – how do you let go of what you don’t want to let go of?

R: – Changing its importance to not importance or no value

OT: – Then there is no value in holding on to anything including information or enlightenment. Information is fluid and floats around you. It is just information – its importance is only that which you put upon it. Value or no value does not exist in your deeper realms.


Oritie talks about the pulse energy and how we vibrate faster than our earth bodies. It is because we are out of phase that we see and inhabit the hologram as real. In addition we can chose a vibrational focus in order to experience a particular vibratory hologram realm. That this will be shown in the uplift. When we change our vibration we will phase with a different level of earth. He says our work together is done and he is to continue with others.

So I thank him for his very clear thinking and his patience with me.  Antemedi returns to say he has fresh ideas that he wishes to share.