Oritie and the dimensional void


I am introduced to Oritie (OT) who tells me we are to work on new perspectives for the next few weeks

OT: – You feel you’re missing something. When you unplug from the matrix do you miss it? Why use a pair of old shoes with holes in or a vinyl record with deep scratches.

R: – That’s the matrix but of the new where is its embrace?

OT: – That is down to you to embrace it not the other way around.

R: – I can only embrace what I know

OT: – Can you not embrace that which you do not know? You do not know yourself fully can you not embrace yourself?

R: -You make valid points- why miss, that which is no longer needed just because we’re so used to the formula patterns.  It was said that the change to the matrix will happen overnight.

OT: – But do you not  have to lose your hold on what you hold dear to you? Many of you are relinquishing your hold to current reality.  This creates an energy within the collective consciousness that others can follow in the instant of the change. Many making conscious or subconscious choices to follow, accept or reject. We are not changing what was said to you. The energies of mid-March were the precursors to the letting go in the deeper levels of consciousness.


OT: – We shall be talking about something that should be so simple – just stepping back from the program.

R: – I follow him down a path to the multi function rooms (coming from the opposite direction as seen in the painting). Doors open and we move briskly forwards into a conference and sit down. A human is on a stage about to speak. He is over weight and perspiring, he is wearing black trousers and an open necked white shirt.

“Today my friends is a good day but there are things going on which some of you have no knowledge. There is subterfuge and misinformation being supplied. There are a few of us in the media that are fed up with this. Some of us are beginning to make a stand but we work within tight parameters so there is little we can do. I would like to make a plea that you all share your own personal news.  Do not trust one little bit the propaganda that comes out of your TV. This is a very important message because you will be bombarded by anti-alien propaganda showing good as bad and the bad as good. This will be done in subtle ways not up front. This is being planned in films, articles and programs and if you feel them- they will feel all wrong or upside down. There will be an unbelievable feeling to them so that enhances the doubters thoughts. Please try and see the difference between your own thoughts and thoughts within the propaganda. Trust your feelings do not feel through fear, as that will distort. I am handing over now to someone a little more elevated than myself.”

A tall man in blue tunic well built says “Oritie please come forward with your charge (Rob). Oritie is involved in the removal of consciousness from the matrix program edges please up date us ”

OT): – It is of course my perspective but I will be concise. People that have lived connected to the matrix have done so for a long time – they will find it hard to disconnect. It plans their lives as a program but they believe they are totally free. When the change comes some of the more elderly members of the populous will decide the new world is so different and it is not for them. For my part I think anyone in the realms of love and lovingness who is open will accept the changes readily. Robert here for instance is in the process of detachment. He is one of several undertaking this task creating mental pathways that can be followed in the instant the change happens. Of course the total populous will all be involved at their higher levels. Removing the matrix and substituting new energies is desired and known.  Yet there is a space between the two. It is that space which needs mental and emotional pathways so that people can travel along them without any delay so that the new will be felt in an instant. Not many on earth have thought about this in their consciousness. Some think its all happening in an instant ‘for them’. ‘For them’ is also a matrix program – they are so used to the matrix doing things ‘for them’ and so they give over free will. We would prefer not to have people feeling lost even in that tiny moment otherwise there will be a tendency to hold onto the matrix. My charges are having some dilemmas and experiences of this whilst they are in the matrix. I shall get them to the point where they no longer look in that direction. I have 29 of them currently enhancing these pathways and removing obstacles.  They are all doing so quietly under the radar. I did say it was a subject not talked about however it can be now. As the awareness energies of the manipulating matrix are rising many more are seeing the duplicity, falsehood and repeating patterns. This in turn gives more energy to the routes of mental and emotional transit. In some ways it would be good to ask people to test their thoughts and feelings about transiting. Some think ‘oh goodness me I’m fed up just let it happen as quickly as possible’ but as I explained to my charges that is a desire to escape from the confusion, the pain and duplicity. Whilst that is legitimate – it is the desire to escape that also creates a holding in duality. Furthermore they don’t know what will really be coming.  They think they do – they all will be better so they think – that is all right then.

We don’t wish to see any floundering of thoughts in those quick moments of transition. It will take a little adjusting to the new when it arrives .I can report that it is going well with all those I am involved with. It is time-consuming work but all are doing fine.  So my friends do you have any questions or concerns?

Someone stands up and thanks Oritie offering assistance if required.

OT): – Thank you but I wish to keep this process as simple as possible whilst it is usually good to have as much input as possible with many options we have a simple case of going from A to B. We know the start and finish. We are clearing mental and emotional blockages so the pathways reduce in length and increase in bandwidth of light.

What appears to be the leader of ceremonies stands up LC

LC: – Thank you for Oritie we have faith in your abilities. It is an important task if only seen as a simple one.  You have many charges that you are working with and we are glad that they are here today.

R: -As I look around I can see at about 50 or more. Oritie hears my thoughts

O: – Not all are full conscious and some are in reserve as I shall call it – we have backup plans should they needed

R:-( I think who is the ‘we’ in – we have? Oritie looks at me to be quiet in my thinking)

LC: – We defer to your organising –we know that it is working with the many higher aspects of soul self – that the guidance and the outlining of the planning is part of their role.

R: – (I realise – that’s the we!)

LC: – We know and trust our higher-self aspects to see any pitfalls or hiccups.

Someone else asks, “Why is it that they have chosen you Oritie”?

OT: – You would need to ask them- they can speak for themselves.  They await the end of questions before they take part in this process here today.

R: – At this introduction light beings appear on the stage. The Audience connects with them – either those they know or to whom they have a connection.  Beams of light connect the light beings to each other.  Three of them turn and face us – light comes from their foreheads and warm loving connections are made. They speak as one- it feels very feminine but that may be the nature of hermaphrodite (LB Light Being)

LB: – You have all been chosen for this task long ago. Not so much chosen as higher-self elements paved the way for the choices.  Those of you that have been path walkers and given time and space to clear your pathways over your timelines can serve well this task. We know it will bring joy to all even if it may feel like an unusual struggle. The forces of light are strong we are constantly reviewing the timelines as they formulate themselves. All is in order – do you have any questions of us?

R: – I can see that in the auditorium there are questions going back and forth. I remember the question posed why did they choose Oritie?

LB: – For good reason – his level of connections are very high – he can work on several planes whilst being with us in his fullness.  His connection is very pure and advanced in the sense that it is even more interactive. He was chosen at high levels with his permission and desire. The members of this forum did not promote him at their level.

For now we would ask those on earth to concentrate yet again on helping to clear the pathways from the matrix. Sometimes you just have a task to do. Exploration of the mechanics of the higher realms for the next few months is not necessary.  As an uplift you will be more able to access that once you undertake the clearance work. We stand over you all and look out for those involved in this task. We shall also give assistance through Oritie. He is ‘formidable in love’

OT: – Robert let us return to where were before the lecture room.

R: – What of the clearing?

OT: – Still much to be done.

R: – May we do some now?

OT: – Indeed what would you like to clear the most.

R: – The feeling of falling back to the matrix. The desire to be in the light is so strong that it magnifies a feeling of loss or separation from light. It is so intense that it creates a feeling of inability to over come the separation.

OT: – Good starting points. Whilst we are undertaking the tasks of clearance I want you to know that there is nothing to overcome – only the feeling that there is.  As we walk down this path you can see boulders are moving out of our way.  I used the word ‘task’ but unfortunately that has connotations of hard work.   These are all a matter of perception and interpretation. The word clearance also has connotations. You are used to clearing obstructions – Matrix has shown you obstructions and problems to overcome – that is the matrix. Do you see – most of the words and thoughts you have are derived from that? The thought of problems is one of the things we will be working through.

R: – Can’t we just step away from it?

OT: – Yes but see this as the space between the two where either can inform you. Any resistance can be made as big or small as you want.

R: – I can see both sides.

OT: – Let us not look at that for the moment. I wish to continue helping you with your interpretations.  Your program internal, which has lived within the matrix.

R: – I am seeing that lack of recognition and needing reassurance is also a self-replicating pattern. When is enough actually enough – this is measure so we could interpret the new through measurement and distort our view of it.

OT: – What if I said that there is no recognition.  There is only love and love is not concerned with approbation. Recognition and reassurance is a program of the matrix. It is the seeking to see yourself reflected in the out side world. When the world is inside.

R: -This does seem to be a constant theme.

OT: – Yes matriarchal.

R: – Interesting matrix –arcle

OT: – These forces create a misunderstanding that nurture is external when the reality is internal.  Let us then say there are no rewards- certainly no external ones.

R:-I am experiencing a feeling that there is no point in making an effort because you said there are no rewards and thus things remain the same.

OT: – I never said things remain the same. You use two words together – reward & effort. You have to make an effort for a reward or you have to complete something in order to be rewarded. That is just a program it says no effort no reward.

R: – Good grief – moving away from reward- who wants to move away from reward no one? The self does not need to reward its self for being itself – it just is.  It is neither reward or not. It can give it but only to please a part that doesn’t understand till it does. Love existing instead of reward.

OT: – Something like that- let’s not describe or ascribe meaning to where we are going. Instead let it show the way to itself by showing you things to discard from your useful list.

R: – So my useful list needs to go!

OT: – Yes- that’s a hard one. In your daily life you tend to see what is useful to formulate what you wish to do. Putting fuel in your tank is useful when going on journey. The mechanical or practical things in life can affect the mental and emotional processing of what’s useful.  Doing what is useful is more useful than not doing what is useful.

R: – But when using discernment it is either useful or not.

OT: – You hold on things that are useful, cutlery plates etc.

R: – So the practical informs mental so why not give them away.

OT: – It’s about the relationship you have with things.  You can hold onto things just in case they become useful again – Stuff.

R: – So how do we clear this?

OT: – We don’t – we observe it as fact and put it to one side- it is a practicality of life.

R: – So the useful list we push to one side like this (I push it to the side of the pathway)

OT: – Now you have moved it back. The point is – in this space you do not need to do anything to clear the pathways.

R: – But we are talking and walking that’s doing something.

OT: – Is it? Is it a thing?  Thing at the end of some to make ‘some-thing’ is an item. You are not a thing.

R: – But the program can be a thing when it’s electronic or vibratory.

OT: – Yes but at its core it is about how the information is used to create patterns to follow. There are no things here. Thought, emotion, love, logic and paradox – none of these are things or items to hold or to have.

R: – Interesting understanding there is less and less in this space – just by seeing it that way.

OT: – Good you’ve got that part of it – smoke and mirrors.

R: – What more is there to clear?

OT: – No – thing

R: – That’s repeating what we’ve just said so do you now mean there are no thoughts to encounter.

OT: – What do you think?

R: – If I think there are things then there will be. If I think things are not here there will be none but there might be some because that is only positive thinking so it’s a false hope.

OT: – And there we have it – hope

R: – Something else to give up on.  Hope based in needs and wishing attachment to the all.  What is hoping for?  A way through – to an end – to a relief. Hope has no meaning here.

OT: – Quite correct this is what you might call ‘no mans land’. There is nothing here except for what you see by the way in which you think.  This is the power of mind – the only trouble is how the mind feels when it removes itself from the embedded matrix programs. Nurture does not exist in this space.

R: – I can understand that of no mans land but it should still exist beyond.

OT: – Why would want to put matriarchal connotations of nurture into a higher vibrational reality?

R: – Hmm! No nurture in the world beyond. Well no matrix or human interpretation of nurture. But there is guidance and love that is a form of nurturing.

OT: – As to the way you think. Nurture can imply defference or not being whole – nurture helps growth for you to be more or better.  In such a way nurture is attached to betterment. Better is not of the higher realms.  Love of self does not contain comparisons.

R: – My word this is fast work you really are stripping away mental connections. Are there any more thoughts or emotions to be cleared or removed?

OT: – We do not remove them. Every one of them can still exist – it’s just a matter of how and why you need to see them.

R: – So no more work to do – no reward no effort.

OT: – It’s not even pleasure nor pain or effort.

R: – Emptiness

OT: – Only by virtue of what you think – you create in this void what you need. It is not a bad place to be.  The matrix has less effect in here and you are able to comprehend at a faster rate.  The faster should not be based in judgment.

R: – It is quite extraordinary.

OT: – There will be a couple of weeks of this – a lot in a short period of time.

R: – There still feels as though there is a fallback position – a default or reset in case I get lost or muddle things up.

OT: – Go on

R: – To muddle things up would undo all that has been done – so the you can’t go back even if you wanted to.

OT: – That is the reason why many wouldn’t go forwards because they think they couldn’t go back to what they know (the matrix) that what they know is safe even if it isn’t. This known matrix  is a comfort of some kind.

R: – So no reset button.

OT: – Freedom of choice to stay where you were. But they will know the place beyond ‘no mans land’ is a part of them.

R: – No going back – why does that feel uneasy

OT: – It is what you know, what you were used to. You think you’re losing something by leaving it behind.  If I say you are leaving behind guns, knives, slander, aggression and ignorance based in fear you would say yes in an instant.

R: – True but our connections to the good parts of the duality within the matrix is strong.

OT: – There is no ‘good’ in here.

R: – No not in ‘no man’s land’ but a feeling of no good might create a reticence to move.

OT: – That is why the distance between the two needs to be shortened by removal of connections. The new energy isn’t here yet – this is all preparatory work.

R: – So no help in here – no help needed

OT: – Observation

R: – Empty

OT: – Unless it is not.

R: – So choice has to depart from ‘no mans land’ but presumably people have some sort of choice to be in the new energy.

OT: – If the think they have a choice to stay that is just based upon the past experience and programing in the matrix.  How can there be a proper choice with one arm held behind you – free in a prison.

R: – So loss of choice and freedom in the void.

OT: – Perceived loss of choice and freedom based upon ignorance.

R: – So letting go of all that they have and hold.

OT: – You can never hold anything not if you evolve – you do not hold to the same thoughts.

R: – But there is a feeling of a loss even if it isn’t.

OT: – As I said loss of guns, violence and ignorance in fear.

R: – And as I said loosing the good part duality.

OT: – You cannot have one without the other.  You have to let go of both.  When you die and move on – you let go of that realm.

R: – In letting go some might feel there was nothing.

OT: – Or everything – but as I said who wants things they have no value to the soul.

R: – Because this is ‘no mans land’ – it doesn’t mean I’m lost or empty but what does it mean?

OT: – It has no meaning

R: – Are we or can we be finished with this?

OT: – Why?

R: – To see that it is clear or no more to do

OT: – How do you decide that?

R: – Well if I take the logic of this place, which isn’t supposed to have logic either – there are no decisions in here unless you decide there are.

OT: – Envy and jealousy

R: – What mine?  based on general comparisons of efforts or results?

OT: – Yes

R: – That’s pretty harsh.

OT: – No not at all – remember it is only you that judge it as harsh when it is only a statement of fact.

R: – Okay accepted – presumably we are dealing with the smallest of hair line cracks

OT: – If you say so – everything is possible if you wish

R: – So there is still lots to do?

OT: – If you say so.

R: – You said a couple of weeks.

OT: – That doesn’t mean its too hard.

R: – It’s just this feeling I have ‘that it will never be done’

OT: – Where does that come from?

R: – The matrix.
OT: – And where else?

R: – Good old frustration at being stopped from doing things by my mother. As if being stopped was a protection but it was a restriction unwarranted.

OT: – But this place has no restrictions.

R: – Indeed but because there is nothing it feels like I am restricted from something- There is nothing to be restricted by and there is nothing to gain, achieve or receive which can be a restriction. Because I cant get anything (even in nothing) it feels like a restriction.

OT: – So no restriction is a restriction

R: – Yes quite a paradox! I look forward to our future conversations.