Harmonies of matter 1

More differences between us – these are shown as the foundations for looking and seeing ‘matter’ with more fluidity. How Andromedans experience life within several dimensions.


A: – There are many different types of humanoid, some you would not consider as human. If for example they used their upper arms to walk as well as their lower ones you would see them as a 4 legged animal. Furthermore you may consider humanoid in terms of intelligence. Yet what intelligence is there in killing your fellow man when there are resources for all? And for those resources to belong to a few – but I could go on and on. So the description of humanoid must have very wide parameters because some are very very small and others that would be as giants to you. Benevolence does not have to be mandatory to fit in with the description either. There are some that we can share and work alongside more easily than others and some we are in greater harmony with. Your lives Robert have spanned several humanoid experiences in addition to the earth and Andromedan ones. Why should that come as a surprise to you, many humans have had other experiences.

We have said on many occasions that at higher energetic frequencies we are very similar and that ‘experience’ is an expression of who we are. Let us look at some of the differences again. We explained to you one of our main wishes was to show the differences in the ways that we think – in this way we will be better known and understood.When you go to sleep you have little recall of what you do and where you go. There will be dreams left behind by higher levels for you to review as a memory message of emotions and thoughts to be dealt with. For us sleep is not so important. Some of you think sleep is rest because the body is tired. Yet you ignore the fact that some need little sleep and others more so. If you consider all of this at an energetic level you will see it as energy replacement and reinforcement of souls tasks of understanding to encounter to learn. There are different bands or vibrations on different dimensions of yourself each is a different energy should we call it. So the energy that sustains you is to the level at which you vibrate. For us we have let go of many of the disruptive thoughts that you have. The sense of the ego state or I is not of importance our needs are different. So few of you meditate or contemplate upon your thoughts or actions. We do; yet some of the things we contemplate you could not understand because of the level at which you exist. We are more co-joined with our other soul parts and interact with them in different ways and upon different levels. More often sleep would be for a ‘cat nap’ or ‘40winks’ where there would be higher work that goes beyond our present awareness consciousness. So it is similar but different to you. We have more ‘present conscious awareness’ so we can be involved at several different levels and slip between them. We can choose to be aware of ‘what is to be’ (future if you like) or not, depending on how we wish to experience things. Just imagine how your life would be if you choose to experience it like that.

R: – Very confusing, haphazard- maybe trying to make something happen or not and desires all over the place. The amount of computing brain energy would be huge and draining thinking about what we were about to experience. But I guess you would say it’s quite all right when you have evolved further.

A: – Indeed that is so it’s just another form of experience in love- not wishing to avoid. Lets move on- Take for instance this oil painting I am showing you. If I peel the edge away it reveals something underneath. If you look at it closer you can now see all the layers separately superimposed on top of one another.

R: – Wow just like looking at clear pieces of plastic with paint or thin coloured washes.

A: – So without the layers that are applied to the canvass it does not have the final expression or show. Upon the top, one tiny dot as small as a pinhead could make all the difference to the final product. Multidimensional soul could be considered to be layers. The top layers are nothing without the bottom ones but when they are looked at in totality you see them all in harmony together.

R: – I like that.

A: – I knew you would and I am able to say that because I did know in advance- it was not a guess that you would on the basis of probability. Further more I am not boasting, I have no need for that, and to me it’s a statement of fact.

R: – So very different to us presumably because you’re your ‘present conscious awareness’ has a greater span of your multi-dimensional self.

A: – Yes a greater width and of course we have to ‘hold to’ or have different constructs into which to place these awareness’s – much in the same way we have spoken to you as a multidimensional soul of Telenatey and Aqueena. We could call you them by name. We look and see one another in these ‘composite ways’. A child would still be a child but we can see its past lives and the other aspects of its soul. So our acceptance of this construct means we are even closer to one another than you are. Our connections and bonds are greater. That which is needed to be done in the present- is done. We don’t click out of consciousness as it were. You would see this within your understanding of time, either focused in one or another moment – Yet we experience this is all in the now. For us we have a wider choice of what to experience. You choose and create your experience but don’t often know that you chose or what you have chosen. We on the other hand are more aware of this and it is omnipresent in our thoughts but it is also a gentle way to live. There are moments when we tune into or access these other aspects of ourselves. However it’s not essential because we have the freedom of choice to be as we wish.

*R: – There is nothing extraordinary in what you have just said.

A: – Does there have to be?

R: – I suppose not

A: – Then you suppose correctly. There will be different types of unfolding. There are many moments of joy, remember we have big gatherings ‘communing’s’ which you have attended and other moments to walk with a friend in a beautiful landscape.

R: – You are showing me tiny bubbles that can expand and contract whilst inside other ones. They can also reverse to that the bubble that was contained now becomes the container. One dimension within another one- that which is inside which is irrelevant. For what is the host dimension? That which is appropriate to its own form. So does that mean you interact with and can choose when to live as a higher vibrational aspect of yourself?

A: – We are always interacting as I have been trying to explain- yet you are talking of ‘seeing them’ not just telepathy. We can see deeper and further than you can. That is all that it is, not so much second sight but just the ability to see several dimensions in the same space. Think of it this way, while you sit you hear my thoughts and see what I present to you, it’s similar to that but more advanced. For us it’s about what we project as well. We can project images or thoughts or both to someone else. That person is not obliged to answer or see it. Of course we have communication devices as well for voice and holographic presentation – it depends what is needed remember the down loading of information by students that you saw.

I have mostly finished what I wanted to say. I am using this explanation as a foundation for what comes next- the next layer. This is one of the first layers of the next, plenty more to come.

Ponder on this Robert- because I have encouraged you to share your conversations with me do not feel the need to be a provider of information and a helper. This will imbue a different level of responsibility and that will create a block in your aura. When you type from pen notes you will see the little block. Revisit your comment above “There is nothing extraordinary in what Antemedi had said.”

R* Now re-reading and typing, thank you, I can see my statement came from ‘feeling the need to provide some thing interesting’ having agreed to this open sharing of contact.

A: – It is an unfolding – a new unfolding, you will see this differently tomorrow.