Dont think of your self as human


Antemedi steps back for Arksar

Antemedi: – All is good, for this is the way- each footstep-moving forward in new directions, pathways and ways of being. It is a good morning – let us begin.

We have been opening new connections in your crown and third eye. (R: – yes it’s been a little painful) This has been done with your permission such that you should be able to hear more easily without wandering off- the concentration should be easier because the responses will flow more easily. It is part of the process and part of the unfolding of the information that you are being given at this time.

I told you before that many would not see the significance in what we are saying at present but there will come a time after you when different disciplines will need to be collated or brought together so that science and spirituality sit hand in hand. All we can say to close-minded scientists is – look at our Andromedan technology; we could not have exceeded the limitations of technology if we were not spiritually advanced. In such a way our technology reflects our spirituality and not the other way round. That is why our technology is so good.

Let us begin by pushing those boundaries a little further. I think my next statement will resonate with some and rub against the grain of others. You have all heard many proclamations or advices upon how to proceed as a society and as individuals in the years and months ahead. Even I have put my own words in my particular way, which has added to those. Yet to many of you these all begin to feel stale as if you can’t see or feel what is happening- this we understand and appreciate. If I were to offer words of encouragement at this point, these too would have the same affect “oh no not more words – when is it all to be?” What I and other complimentary races are doing is something very different. As you know one of my remits or areas of involvement was ‘out reach’ to show how open we are for contact and to also show the differences between our races and the ways that we think. In this manner it may give you insights into alternative possibilities for your way forward. Other races have also joined me so that you may see the complex diversity of the humanoid form. There are many races currently unknown to your alien researchers. Finally if that is the right word, I wanted to gradually bring together concepts of interconnectedness as part of soul growth, experience and expression and how you are connected to many humanoids upon other levels of your soul consciousness.

R: – I think you and all involved have done well as it also requires your effort desire and patience.

A: – Indeed thank you. However there is another thread to these presentations- that of our interpretation not only of ‘the way of things’ but also how some of these concepts fit together in terms of physics and spirituality and to show how these are combined. That such information, which has built over the months, does all fit together in such a way that it is comprehensive for your level of understanding.

R: – Granted that is so.

A: – To what purpose or what end you may wonder? Well I have alluded to our purpose, that of opening your eyes and seeing possibilities – Yet to give a layman’s interpretation of how these all fit together pleases us – not only will you see the mechanics of such a system explained but that spirituality should be one of the tools that can be used for your future. Advancements through spiritual contact but also the impact that it may have upon your lives and how you wish that to be.

R: – Thank you good synopsis – sounds and feels a bit like a swan song.

A: – A change in direction for a while. I will be here to answer your questions and support as necessary but I should like you to spread your wings a little more and see that you can fly further than before, if you see my analogy. Is that not a good desire of a teacher for a pupil – that there should come moments when you should grow without my support.

R: – Yes I see that wisdom.

A: – I will for the moment leave you in the capable hands of Arksar who will expand more of the practical explanations. You will also be able to learn a little more about his race and connectedness of humanoids. As for the flying it is just another word for viewing and channeling with greater ease and clarity. Do not concern yourself I am here in the background, when I have taken a second seat and given it to others, it is for good reason.

Arksar: – Hello Robert I look forward to working with you closely- I am excited by that prospect, it will be a new experience for me. Thank you for allowing me the experience of helping you.

R: – Thank you for allowing me the experience of being a recipient of your mentoring.

AR: – I have over the past few weeks given you a deluge of information and you have been able to transcribe that to good effect without the need to ask questions that are not relevant. I now wish to expand upon those.

I said my race is called Akuri and that we exist on several dimensions, as do you. Your access to the higher dimensions of yourselves is more limited than mine. Further more we are able to project ourselves as we wish to be seen or as we feel the desire to be. This ‘feel or desire to be’ is not about an image projected to you to create a reaction or response – we certainly would not wish for that. We would neither wish for you to be ‘put off ’ by our looks nor create a desire for us by what you may consider to be traits of beauty, knowledge and benevolence. It is in this way that I have also attuned myself to your energies so that you see more and all of these things in balance. In this way you may look upon me as an equal in all respects despite my advanced spirituality and universal knowledge. As one of your earth phrases ‘do not judge a book by its cover’

So which part of me – where and when, on which level? Well I am all of them am I not as are you- the only difference is perception and it is through your perception that you will be looking at this. So to help in this respect I shall make a deeper connection to your consciousness so that the information can flow without your perception slowing things down.

R: – You have my agreement – thank you.

AR: – Here I am presenting you with myself upon several dimensions of my self. You have already heard how the Andromedans can do this and where twin flames are united they can have Andromedan experiences as hermaphrodites. For us there are a few differences as well as similarities. Let me start by changing things around a bit- moving the chairs in the room as it were. Firstly I am here with you and I am not here with you. You can see my vibratory form according to your own. My higher dimensional forms you would interpret as just light. This would make me less relevant to you than I could be. So you can see the reason for my earlier words about my desire for presentation. So how and what form do you think that I present myself to you upon this lower dimension projection?

R: – As you were or used to be, though that’s irrelevant when we talk at levels beyond time

AR: – Yes. Let us see it as two mutual minds meeting to help and explore each other’s perspectives. Ok let me firm that up.

I am ‘inter-dimensional’ and you can see various dimensions of me. In the same way some can see different aspects in an aura- I am presenting you with different levels of my inter-dimensional self. Slightly different bodies and looks. There are dimensions of me that cannot or could not have incarnated on some of the lower dimensions of myself. Yet I speak to you as a combination of those many aspects. You may be troubled as to which aspect of me is speaking to you – but that is not of relevance for there will be several levels talking to you at the same time. So do not be fixed on what you see of me or which projections you see. You have seen higher–selves of yourself and these looked very different to you but you are still able to accept them as you. So when I talk of ‘my race’ I also have to talk about the dimensions that we experience and how we express ourselves upon those.

We are a very assured confident race. We do not see hurdles or obstacles in the way that you do. Consequently who we are and act to will differ from you. (Note the absence of the word re-act) We do not act from a position of need or protection but of loving desire. We enjoy who we are and how we express ourselves and take pleasure in our knowledge and understanding. These things come together cumulatively. You would tend to think that you ‘evolve’ by leaving behind certain constraints or experiences including 3rd density experience. Whilst that is so, there will be a part of you that will still have the knowledge of 3rd density. It doesn’t mean this is cut away like a bad wound or rubbed out like a stain. It will appear to exist for you as a memory. However it will be possible to access that from your higher mind as well. It is not redundant. If you were going up a hill you would choose a lower gear or dimension.

R: – So you are saying there are times to go back into lower dimensions and that we don’t just evolve past them.

AR: – I need to explain this a little more. Think of it this way- A road consists of flats, uphills and down hills, they will come in a variety of orders depending on the start point and the direction you go in. Lives are simultaneous within the moment of now. There is no progression forwards or upwards. At the level of soul we are talking about there is no time and no judgment as to progression or what is low or not (even though it may appear in that format). The soul at those levels has no judgment of itself, it loves itself without conditions. So we have these realms where all is happening and nothing is happening. The past and the future are in the moment of now which contains all things and no things. As regards to things or projections, ultimately upon these levels all there is – is soul expression and it is soul expression that you see as events or things. Thus I am spirit of expression – I am literally all these things encompassed. I am higher mind united within a monadic expression. Whilst as a 1/12 soul I am multidimensional however I am more – I am a unification of higher self. You have touched and felt these levels- you have not comprehended their true existence as to ‘what is’. You have seen Aqueena at work within the higher realms making preparations alongside others. Yet when you take a step back from the ‘doing of that level’ you can see more of who you are. You are the manifestation of 12 expressions of 6 hermaphrodites and yet you are one of 12 other higher selves. You are in effect 144 individuations or 72 hermaphrodites. You are literally all these. Yet you can be all of them in the one moment – as individuations.

R: – So what are you at that level?

AR: – That is difficult to describe – For you it would feel like bliss- the touching of ‘the knowing of oneself’. Put down your pen and let me take you to experience some of this so that you may begin to understand.

R: – Wow that was deep- I am still not back properly and that’s after 10 mins being returned here. I am left with a sense of a greater ‘no judgment’ if that makes sense. That up, down, left and right is part of the same thing and has little relevance – sort of a child like experience. Then Arksar connects to the back of my head and pushes out the front.

AR: – Let me speak as if I am you and you are me. (Note this has nothing to do with possession or loss of free will)

R: – I can concur.

AR: – Somewhere between the divine and the not divine lies the answer. Do not see the term ‘not divine’ as something undesirable. A little like the perfect arc where an orbit can exist around a planet. An object may be falling but it is also on a trajectory away from the planet. It is neither in nor of but of both. For what is divine bliss? – Isness or blissness. One is the other but it is a matter of perception. To experience such levels from lower ones is to experience bliss. This is to be consumed by the feeling of love and oneness. Not that there is anything wrong with that however it is a lowly (if that’s the right word) experience or perception of it. This is not to be denigrated for even many still experience such blissful connections in different ways. An example of this is when the Andromedans have their ‘communing’, which you have experienced. What I am talking about is different- its about being anchored in the ‘is-ness’ but instead of it being hedonistic- it is actually the grounding of the footplate upon which you stand in that level of blissness. Do you see how different this is? To reside in and of all of this but to choose experience and wisdom or inquisitiveness without the desire to be overwhelmed by the wonder.

R: – It did initially feel like a rejection of or diminution of the wonder as if to make it less so.

AR: – What is wonder? Something so wonderful that you cannot comprehend it- that unless it is some sort of rapture it has no meaning. For actually the opposite is true. Rapture is fine but it is momentary, so that which it is instead, can be reached and encompassed with consciousness and awareness- this is what you can do. Furthermore in any event the rapture is you, for who then says that you cannot know yourself?

R:- Ok I am beginning to see.

AR: – Not from where I stand, but let us progress again to break down your concepts and false beliefs. What I say and the way in which I say it may sound disconcerting as if not based in any form of reality. As if without grounding, it is some kind of flippant freedom that is detached from a ‘relevance’ to what or who you are or what you may experience. Just because its different does not mean that it is not of relevance or indeed a core issue. Can you see that slowly I am bringing you closer and closer to that which you have no comprehension. It is safe, it is tangible and it is of relevant meaning. Again I am going to ask you to go deep within yourself in order that some of your thoughts can have their connections lengthened. If they can be stretched longer they may intertwine more easily with other thoughts. Let us progress again- lay down for a few moments.


R: – Upon awakening I have a thought going round in my head “ It doesn’t matter who I am if I am not me” A very strange feeling of disconnecting, uncoupling to this current me. Strange thoughts and feelings – if I do not question who I am and I am no longer me (nor am I other projections of me) then I can be other experiences, I am not then tied to one perspective. Do I have a perspective – yes but more than a perspective as R. He is not relevant though he is not irrelevant. Here we are beyond the limitations of our-self, so what does this mean Arksar? It is all pleasant and gentle but also revealing, what is this for? I am beginning to experience things from the not being me perspective.

AR: – It is different for you or unusual – for me it is not so. For many months you have been taught that you can be of others experience within your 1/12 higher self – a definition of you from which to base any hypothesis or experience. At higher realms there is NO definition of the self as such. To do so would create limitations to that definition. You would have once said ‘to have as wide a definition as possible’ would be the answer, as if you could be many things of definition. However wide such a definition would be, it would be a parameter, a boundary. Your entire world thinks you need definition, explanation and description in order ‘to be’ or capture the essence and the knowledge. As if Victorians collecting butterflies allowed them greater knowledge as to what the insects were – to some how capture and reference would complete the knowledge – How so wrong when they had no conception that such living organisms interacted on energetic levels and within consciousness programs. So then – should we say if there is no conception there is no perception? For to conceive is to put together in the mind – you put something together and then believe you perceive or see something when in fact you have constructed it all in the first place and this you think is seeing. With the work that you have taken upon yourself, can you now begin to see how bind you are? That your perception as a humanoid creates a constraint, you ‘view from’ always from- never within, without or beyond. You see what concepts even these? For to say within you say within what? – Without is to let go of what and beyond is beyond what. I am talking about exceeding your present perspective to not think as a human.

R: – Wow that’s a tall ask!

AR: – Not really, once you know what you have been doing and who you believed you were.

R: – To go beyond even seeing my self as past incarnations of Andromedan and Amphibian. I see your point about me not letting go, moving from or to – all of these paradoxes require definitions or rearrangements of base or focus points.

AR: – That is correct but how so to get to that point? How can you be who you are not- yet within the not, that is you beyond definition.

R: – Then there can be no definition of the infinite because any such definition is infinite and thus beyond description.

AR: – Good so what next?

R: – I cannot be described and no one can at that level.

AR: – So how do you get to that point?

R: – I have no idea what so ever I guess that’s the point as well.

AR: – It’s about realising you already are there and have always been there.

R: – Ok – so how do I realise that or how don’t I, if I follow the ‘all paradox concept’.

AR: – let’s try another angle to break down your barriers and miss-conceptions. I am you and you are me but also we and the I of that is also beyond even the me and you ‘as one’. You see when you struggle to define or exceed – or even to define ‘to be’ it creates a resistance – let us stand back from doing that, instead see that ‘which is’ let our higher-self present what it wishes to us, for we are the recipients of that (which is us).

R: – As I stand in my energetic body I feel as if there are many of us in male and female or neither, shoulder to shoulder, equal in all respects and from within or without comes the voice of us all

All: – Brothers and sisters daughters, sons, fathers and mothers. You are all of these and none; you are experience and memory of experience. This is merely an energetic record – just a version of the numerous possibilities of you. The numerous possibilities of me. This is who you are. You may initially experience this as a great disappointment to be an energetic record and expression but that is what I must say, for it is the truth. That is all you are in what you think you are for you are blind to who you really are – of this you have forgotten and do not know. But let us first say and fully accept that we are no more than energetic expression and record of that. No more than that. Accept that if you can, it is the truth; you are no more than this. Yet if you wish to be of ‘the we’- who says this? – How can it be so if you are energetic memory or matrix? How can you be that which is beyond individual expression and be a multitudinous expression? Allow yourself to be. You do not need to believe nor to accept because all of this is beyond any of those concepts. Beyond the question who am I? or how I wish to express myself in order to experience. For I am all this, forwards and backwards in what ever incarnation you have or have had, back and forward in time energies or not. For even now you may go back to a previous time to experience that- None of this is relevant to who you are.

R: – Then who am I?

All: – If you need to ask then you do not know.

R: – Always riddles and paradoxes – the all and none.

All: – Is that not the answer – can you not see yourself as this ‘is-ness’ beyond description. It doesn’t mean that its beyond reach because it can’t be described, it’s just that infinity has no description other than infinity.

R: – I am beginning to understand and feel it but not sure what relevance it has to my present experience?

All: – It has every relevance and no relevance

R: – Ok – I do not need to defend who I am or what I think or believe, I am the is-ness

AR: – Just saying it doesn’t mean you are it. Let us again change the approach- imagine you are nothing as in ‘no-thing’ yet you exist but not as a thing just ‘is’ with no definition. What you do is to set about defining yourself, which is an experiment in impossibility unless you see yourself as the is-ness not of the expression. Should you bother to seek yourself, to explore, if you know it is an impossibility? Other than to say its expression and experience. What does this leave you with once explored, more- more of the same?

R: – Perhaps I am interpreting what’s being said through frustration.

All: – Yet again I say to you- seek no definition you are beyond this – struggle not against knowing yourself- you already know yourself. Its only your current perception, we will help you to change this – allow yourself to be yourself, join with all levels of yourself for we are those.

AR: – None of this makes sense whilst it also makes perfect sense. See that whilst you ‘experience you’ you are also the is-ness; you are all and none of these things. See the connection and in this way communication will also be abundant upon the is-ness. As best to do is to sleep upon this, for this will again be different in the morning.

R: – It’s quite challenging to think in this way that’s why I am struggling. Thank you for your interpretations of the words from ‘ the all of us’ they are most helpful and calming.