Avian humanoid

02/11/16 Birds of a feather flock together with us – our same essence soul

Antemedi: – Your expression is onwards and upwards and it is with ease that you may follow- So where to begin anew.

Robert: – A new?

A: – Yes all is a new, all is what it can be. Many things can be changed and put on the right path – remember nothing is impossible within certain constraints of course. Let us begin by striking out on a new path.

avian-raceR: – At this point I am introduced to an avian humanoid who lets me sketch him. He says, “My name is Arleeyah (AH) it is the closest to your verbal understanding- it is pronounced in a slightly different way because of different vocal chords whilst we use telepathy we have our culture”

R: – Interesting sounds more like a cry or screech when you say it.

AH: – As may be but first things first. Hello Robert, I have been aware of you for a while initially through Antemedi but I am glad you have allowed me to come through. Come have a look around you are my guest.

There are a series of ‘stand alone stations’ like a huge office with different areas of equipment. Apparently its ‘for fail safe’ duplicate machines with programs in them so that if one or more fail others run automatically albeit some can do many different tasks. Often the results and out puts of each device can be measured to see optimum performance. He shows us a circular monitor with the earth in the central position he pushes something to make the picture revolve at different speeds. Seems a little old fashioned when the Andromedans would have just used thought process for that.

AH: – My fingers work as well as my mind what is wrong with more than one input. There are many things we can monitor and upon different energetic levels. As an example I have chosen to show your complex weather system and seasons. Now I am showing you the earth’s energetic fluctuations and vibrations, harm and healing. Here are grid patterns that have been placed over all aspects of life and energy. Can you see the inner one and the 4 outer layers and then beyond that there is a grid marker it forms ‘a notice to all space mariners’. I know you are aware of us as an avian race; that others have said we have a positive agenda. This knowledge is sufficient to break down internal barriers. Whilst you are ‘open’ within you there are ‘degrees of open’ not so much the clarity of you, but open to any possibility and not casting aside something because you think it is unusual.

So we (that is our race) want to talk to you as a race from our perspective. We have no issues in speaking with one or more individuals and upon most any subject. We believe all forms of education and understanding are useful, so it matters not who we receive, all is fine by us – all is worth the effort. If someone really wants to listen we will talk even if its just about their individual perception and enlightenment. We are a very old race, much older than some  humanoid races. Your science says reptiles evolved to birds and humans were separate mammalian line evolving independently. This is not the case on higher energetic levels. There are other connections between us on those levels.

Consider first the connections of minds and souls- if you can see it from the top down (as it were) you will be able to see the connections exist as different types of soul expression. Of course what appears as an expression may vary enormously as can be seen in the wide variety of humanoids.

Going back to the monitor – we have set a series of grids one inhibits some movement of vessels. In addition there are other grids that help with the resonance of the changing energies. One of the grids is designed to reflect back some of these new energies so they are enhanced. Most of this engineering (as best a word as we can find) runs itself to a great degree. We can see where energy would be lost from your planet so we help to retain it for you. At this time many know of ‘the shift’ and there are lots of races wanting to see what is going on. The slight problem with that is some are less careful than others. Some believe they have more rights than others to see and experience. Imagine if I said to you that the coast of your country was out of bounds to you and it is out of bounds just because I say so. There is the possibility that you may accept this particularly if you knew the rationale behind it. However you may think ‘why? – What is going on? Perhaps there is something they wish to hide from me – others have access and in any event they can not prohibit us as its not their coast!’ So by the very act of trying to protect we have actually created a barrier. By creating a barrier we create a greater resistance towards it and to some extent a different type of problem. It could be argued that it would have been better not to have done this in the first place. Barriers had existed for thousands of years to keep the earth Karma and energy within its-self so as to protect higher dimensions in the universe from earth negativity. It could be said at those levels the precedence for oversight and intervention already exists. However at this time permission or agreement grids are necessary as lots of visitors are jostling for a better view. Its not so much the possibility of bumping into one another but that sightings would become much more common place and disruptive. Furthermore the regressives still have a foothold and by isolating them from their source they will become more vulnerable towards themselves. Their fears will begin to turn in on themselves, they will become unsettled and light will begin to permeate more. Imagine an object that they may hold in their hands- if they put it down light will appear around that object such that they will no longer be able to pick it up again or interfere with it any more. The very fact that they see this is unsettling and the more unsettling it is the more they loose their grip. They have mental structures in place like fractals, which informs the way to be. They think they can continue in the old ways because of a belief that these mental structures will remain like seeds cast on the ground to open and grow like a virus. However things are very different this time round and many have come to help in different ways included amongst this are thought forms which should not be underestimated as to their effectiveness. These will build and grow upon themselves. Yet what do the majority see? War, disturbance, conflict, aggression, greed and not need. It’s as if, the noose gets tighter and the energetic activity increases. People on earth can begin to see through ‘the next move’ as it comes, they are suspicious and not trusting of leaders and governments. In this way many projects that are meant to frighten or cause chaos don’t actually get any traction, as these do not attach to the inner self. Of course there will be some dramatic events to unfold to try and bounce everyone back into line. That will cause problems for a while but it will be temporary, as humanity recovers itself not reliant upon the wrong choices being put forward. So some big upsets but no real long-term damage. You see even such events as these can be positive. Once the last dice is rolled- it is seen for what it is- then there is little in the self or humanity that you should be afraid of. The only thing left to be afraid of is aliens. That too will be another roll of the dice, the false flag. These are the likely events they are not guaranteed.

R: – So why your connections to earth?

AH: – As I said we are an old race and we visit and monitor many places in the galaxy. We detect disturbances in resonances and negative or retrograde steps. We can see retrograde as possibilities. So we like to think we can help at the right moment. Help of what kind and how – so as to not be seen. Other times the help goes unused but we put the possibilities in the ‘ether’. This is for people to pick up upon and use we cant force it. However when free will is being interfered with we can become involved. Many take heed of us because of respect for our intentions and a few because of our superior technology.

R: – You look to have feathers of different variations.

AH: – Yes but the large feathers you have seen are at the lowers dimensions of our race which still exist in holographic form. Higher dimensions of us look slightly different.

R: – So my sketch isn’t correct for all levels.

AH: – No but for the level you came in on that’s fine.

R: – What are you primarily?

AH: – What do you wish us to be or look like?

R: – Well say I had no wishes

AH: – We would project ourselves to that which was acceptable.

R: – What’s not acceptable?

AH: – That which makes you uncomfortable


R: – What I really meant is how do you really look or wish to look or what is the form that makes you comfortable

At this point Arleeyah in part joins with my energy and slips inside and is in me whilst speaking with me from outside.

AH: – Your body feels comfortable, your energy is fairly clean – save that some areas need attention. What we now have is a ‘direct union link’. Its not possession or in a trance but agreed at higher levels of you. We should be able to converse more easily.

R: – I understand that I had a slight reluctance to ‘new’ or extraordinary things and may rejected some for that reason: I hope that’s now gone.

AH: mostly but let’s see shall we. I want to take you back in your history (remember this has been agreed and last night in your sleep at your level you agreed to such preparations). Like others your history jumps about a bit some of your time lines make stops and starts, it’s not a linear route from either the same starting point or where you left off the last time.

R: – Yes I can see the lines you are showing me and I am aware of retrograde experiences as it were.

AH: – Let me continue please. As we look at your time lines they ‘cascade in’- this is now about an awareness of them in their complexity as opposed to entirety. For the living of them and the memory of them is one thing- the other is about what they have meant to you and why- and why they choose to culminate now. You and I have a connection. Many souls are connected to other beings. Right now very few people are exploring this, most are fascinated by the here and now of what’s going on between the races and the ships around your planet – yes that is all happening and requires involvement from many. However and that’s a big HOWEVER none or very little of this is being seen at a soul level- though awareness of that is coming to the fore. New ground for you my friend- or remembering what you already know. To cope with such things requires an adaptable accepting self.

You are trusting me because you can furthermore your trusted contacts have brought you here in the knowledge full of what is- so it is – as it should be. Connectedness of souls- your soul group like some is split across many aspects of the universe. Undertaking many experiences in different forms and bodies. A highly complex interaction, none of it by accident. The levels I am now talking about are above higher-self to the monad level where the 12 sets of higher selves come together. This level is exceptionally benevolent as it is a great creator level. At these higher levels creation across the universe is seen and with 144,000 monads in each soul group it could appear to you to be so complex that it is beyond comprehension. Lets take one monad its constituent parts are 12 higher selves or over souls each with 12 individuations – 6male and 6 female- 144 individuations in each monad. The similarities of numbers should not be lost on anyone because numerically they are about vibrations and harmonies and these also create – so that it is with all levels of vibration. At the monad level there is an awareness of the suitability of planets to sustain life. The planets vibrate at sustainable levels and harmonies they have a consciousness as a ‘living organism for life’, which exist also on several dimensions. So they ‘call out’ as it were that they are happy, willing and able to support life. Monads make these connections with more than one planet. Some monads are very spread others not so with conjoining lives on the same planet. At times some of the 144 will swap planets – more of an interchange as to how and what they wish to experience. Right now because of the shift there are lots of souls upon earth. At these higher levels there is no perception of races or types of bodies. It’s all seen as loving experience, the desire to express to be, to ignite, to form and create. Here at this level you can stand shoulder to shoulder with 143 others and know that cumulatively you are one- an expression of one. I stand beside you as one of these that is why my energy pervades you so easily. This is not much of a jump from being one of 12 – it’s just a bigger circle is it not. Earlier I mentioned to you about disjointed time lines or lives that start and finish in different places. Firstly lets say it is true you have had some consecutive lives here on earth and also other humanoid lives in your 1/12 unit of separation. Now realise that the monad of 144 the one (which is not the right description as its more than one) can see the 144 different individuations of experience. These can be interchanged at the desire of each of the 144. However you in your mind see “progression evolution and enlightenment’ as a way forward as ways of experience or expression. You are aware of the concept god head- that is aware of all and you see this, as an experience of working back from separation to union with the whole, which is of all things, knows all things.

Yet it is not like that. If godhead is also information fields then it could be said you are also an information field. Time as well at these levels has little true involvement. You will be able to see that many (from your present perspective) of the 144 may appear to be more evolved than you as if they have lived more lives and evolved more. That is not so, earth called out from within its consciousness asking for life to experience it. Several advanced life beings utilized the existing evolution on the planet and made changes to DNA so that you have immediate jumps in evolution. These new beings require souls in order to exist. Thus some souls decide to experience either another growth or a growth for the first time. This could be said to be retrograde for a few of them. The level of the monad does not see it in this way, it is seen as creation and expression. Now this is where you might think it gets a little futuristic, however as you say truth can be stranger than fiction.

None of this is happening in time from the perspective we are looking at it from. It is possible to incarnate in any time period or in any type of being. Why not, why should free will be inhibited? You have the choice to be when and where you want. That’s why I said your time lines are not necessarily consecutive. If you add the totality of say your last 6 lives on earth at an average of 50 years that’s only 300 earth years- Though the span is longer over the actual time line of the planet when you take into account the periods when you were not incarnate. The actual experience for you is very short. So you can see a human experience is only a short period compared to one of the Andromedan incarnations.

Now will come your questions let me speak them for you to show that I know you. Who and how and what decides these things. How does the moment of now incorporate all of this? It means the past can change (which you have been told before) so which past is the right past, how many pasts are there? What may happen in the past that may change things in the now?

Yes it may seem very complex and in part unreal. Yet within you- you feel a stirring for I can feel that. A stirring of what was unconscious which is now becoming conscious for you and real for you. You feel it has truth, you know the enormity of it in your heart.

Let us begin to follow those questions. The moment of now can’t be anything else – all is and all isn’t. You have been told of the pulse and creator energy. The pulse can only be on and off. You have not yet been told that the ‘apparent’ period of ‘off’ or ‘on’ can be much longer or forever. But again this is as much about perception as anything. The moment of now contains all things- It is small and big at the same time – it is every concept or non-concept. It has mass and it does not.

R: – So the god concept?

AH: – In a way but that word is not useful unless you use the descriptions above and that single word still contains connotations of one benevolent being- Its not like that.

R: – So an “All is” in the fullest possible sense and an all isn’t in the fullest possible sense.

AH: – Yes

R: – That includes us

AH: – Yes

R: – So I am and I am not- I exist and I don’t

AH: – At that minutest of levels that may appear to be so. However dimensionally the ‘on offs’ are different vibrations. So you are ‘on’ somewhere whilst you are ‘off’ somewhere else and you can be in several on’s at the same time. Though remember perception is that the on is continuous because of your corresponding vibration to the ‘on’. So you have a perception of a continuum in your dimension. This is the concept of multi-dimensions in the same space.


R:- So can I say dimension 2 is faster than dimension1?


AH: – You are having a real problem with the ‘Off’ part of the pulse or burst. You might think of an artery or blood vessel down which blood pulses -Look at this


R: – A series of lines in no particular order, are they life times?

AH: – Time and space become concepts, when we introduce pulse into the equation. That means every single point in the universe has to be pulse ‘on off’. So in terms of time and space- the moment of now is all time, no time, past and future all constantly changing. This is also you and everyone else. Total separation and total union. All possibilities and in-betweens exist. We have likened the possibilities to information – information that can be actioned or activated or not. Time lines do the activation

ah-dim-4-2Imagine the moment of now stays still and the time line passes through it. In this way you could see the moment of now being moved sideways and up and down depending on how the time line runs through the now. Yet the now is constant – it is only that which is within it that changes by way of expression. The now is the vessel.

R: – So how can the past be changed going back into it?

AH: – What if the time line is a loop or a circle

ah-dim-5-3ah-dim-6-4R: – Then it would be very short or very long or getting longer all the time?

AH: – Remember all is in the now

R: – So the time would be in the now

AH: – Go on

R: – But the now is every possibility including small, large, paradox, nothing everything?

AH: – Ok – A microchip appears small but it contains much information- If it were an information field it would be a small field. This is the point of fractals and possibilities. Imagine tiny dots all over the universe – which are the universe, every atom and more pulses in constant vibration. Each tiny point the same as the rest but using different information. If it re-uses the same information it remains stable and this it does within the consciousness program or structure – a predisposition to return to what it was before – unless it is changed in the physical or by altering the information field (though in the case of a chemical reaction it is also a change the information field as well)

R: – Yes that makes sense and feels comfortable. So if that’s the case time doesn’t exist it’s only the appearance of my hand writing these notes that changes things. Minute atoms of ink are changing position from pen to words on the paper. The flux is still happening but I am consciously changing it.

AH: – Try to see it all as consciousness as your mind desires your hand to move.

R: – So see it as altering information of predisposition and no time just the appearance of it. So how then is the past altered- if we go along with the thread that the past is a time line we must then be altering time lines.

AH: – Is that not the same as the past. The memories will still exist of the past as memories – but the time lines will have changed. The present is unaffected if it is the present that is changing them.

R: – So its all about time lines then?

AH: – Do not see time lines as external to you


R: – But its possible to come from the future and alter the past?

AH: – To alter the time line from another time line is what you have described.

At this point I need to end the conversation, as I am late for an appointment. But I am assured the conversation question will be explored fully