Exercises to free the mind – is everything an illusion?


Arksar (AR): – Tatey-emehlah – all will be as will be for it was meant to be. Let us move on so we do not sit on our hands or laurels. Time for time is no time at all.

R: – More wordplay?

AR: – If it gets you to a new way of thinking yes – the fact you see it as meaningless this stage is neither here nor there. It was and it wasn’t will take you to thoughts about the flux of which we have recently spoken. Sometimes our way of thinking or being is so entrenched or lived so long it feels there can be no other way but that is not so. For it once was and now it is wasn’t.

R: – Wasn’t is it not result ‘it is not now’ when it once was – you have said it wasn’t – that is to say it never existed or it’s as if it never did.

AR: – Yes I have that is what you find discordant, some things can’t be as if they never were.

R: – Even though they helped you get to that point.

AR: – Not quite where I’m coming from. Timelines are the events in a moment of change we have said these coalesce to create events. So with windows of opportunity for things to happen, your son four example – he died by drowning but had he not then he would have died from leukemia within a year of that. So had he not have drowned he would have lived with you and your family during that period with you seeing a different outcome but still a death. So had you not agreed to the drowning it would be as if ‘it didn’t happen’?

R: – So different experiences? I’m missing the point of what you’re saying.

AR: – Indeed you are let us start again – you start again in every moment of now –the choice to be what you want or desire to experience. Often people stick to what they know or think they are capable of so in some ways the moment of now has limitations put upon it. Most often these are from past experiences, which created the present thought processes. How would you like to live without any of the past that created your current thought processes?

R: – Hmmm! – For a start it feels like I’m cutting away or disregarding my past experiences, which got me here even though they may still restrict me. To disregard the experiences or what they mean in terms of conscious or subconscious programming could be worthwhile. However at this point they are my reference of me and my location in this world. I know you have said on many occasions do not think of yourself as Robert. A difference between letting go of or disregarding.

AR: – I hear what you say but let’s go back to my question again- how would you like to live without any of the past that created your current though processes?

R: – Well it would be like a higher level of viewing the self from a vibration above, a finer vibration beyond that of Robert.

AR: – So how would you live with that in the body of Robert?

R: – Giving myself over to those viewpoints as you are suggesting, live without the past as if it doesn’t exist.

AR: – What is in the past is – all that exists is the present moment – it’s all about how you define yourself. Live in the now as if you have no constraints.

R: – That requires me to have no self-definition as ‘a definition’. So what would I do and what would I be – I would not have lived like that before.

AR: – Indeed not – your ability to create is self-limited as it has very little choice at all and it is reactionary.

R: – I see the point but it is so alien to me – I will need to rewrite this program may be have a new program that said disregard the old one.

AR: – Let us begin to look at what that would be like. No should’s or shouldn’ts – no embarrassment, freedom within love. All things change everything is fluid nothing is fixed (in the sense I am using) – it could be said all this is experimentation within co-created timelines.

R: – At this point I zonk out and when I return I have quite a headache.

AR: – That is resistance to new ways of thinking.

R: – It feels as if the wheels are moving slowly or the cogs don’t fit or go in the right directions.

AR: – That’s because it’s not directional – back, forward or sideways all possibilities but no direction from the past – a sense of being lost that you have described before.

R: – And more pain coming out of my kneecaps!

AR: – To what where and when, it’s not a question that you are without a rudder but that the maps of where to go or what to do are no longer pertinent – they can no longer give assistance. Instead sets sails so they receive maximum performance to enjoy the spirited journey without any idea as to where the wind will take you. The vessel (you) is safe capable so we strike out with no predetermined course but go with wind.


R: – Most what you have said these past few weeks relates to freeing the mind of concepts and pre-thoughts as well as deciding upon what is useful or the relevance the information has to me. Previously you used the word plasticity of mind and stated that I had no idea how powerful the mind was not nor how it could be used when in conjunction with the heart.

AR: – That’s a good summing up.

R: – I suppose I’m wondering what’s next – assuming I have not placed upon that thought too much ‘relevance for me’

AR: – So you would like to expand your mind further?

R: – Yes if it is wise to do so.

AR: – Well there are no limitations to exploring the self and its higher connections. Let me take you on a journey so you can bring back as much as you can in your present consciousness – close your eyes so we might travel together.


R: After we do so I come back with thoughts and emotions that tumble onto the page.

‘Expected to do’ as in childhood if you ‘don’t do’ you won’t achieve.

To achieve is what is expected

I see naughty or wrong because I exceed what I am not supposed to do or expected to do – yet it brings excitement in the safety all daring to be or do differently. But it also brings the guilt if it is bad so to overcome this negative feeling so I seek pleasure or excitement yet again. But the excitement gives what it is supposed to do. It becomes a circle. In some ways holding on to the naughty for the excitement I hold also to the guilt because if I do not have guilt I would not seek to expunge or compensate by going for pleasure or excitement. Circles within circles.

There is no preparation for ‘being’ or ‘being different’ in school the difficulty or inability to achieve what is expected. So many things that go round and around as if I shall never escape or that they can never be dealt with.

These are patterns all which I am aware and as such I do not have to ‘fall into patterns’ of thinking – Then I am a sleep again.

Upon my return I ponder and think how had I not dealt with that, I should have cleared those emotions out long ago!

AR: – let all things be and let all things be done for there is no doing if the things either be done or they were not there to do. So in as much as was said before do not be anything, do not look to define, do not look, have no precursors. This is about a state of mind. You see how you can fall into a ‘state’ of mind rather than the mind being at tool. You fall into a program or a way of believing what you are. I gave you the experience of standing back from this and observing. I said you could be all these things – it is about practice. As we talk now you have dislodged your connections to past programs and potential new ones they could create what I say flows to you without encumbrances. Yes there is much to learn – unplugging or uncoupling from programs may ‘feel’ difficult – for you tended to define yourself by which program you are playing.

R: – Good Grief right you are. Certainly being observer as you say isn’t the be all and end all nor is it being a defining program – swapping observer for the best possible program is also a restriction – for how best is best? It is my prejudgment and expectations! It does seem elusive whatever it is to be.

AR: – Elusive or not-depends on how much energy the program has or how much you allowed to have.

R: – Discernment in love

AR: – In part – yet you wonder what it will be like to ‘be’ and not be controlled by your past programs or future potential ones, whilst at the same time not being an observer.

R: – That is so.

AR: – That is not so

R: – I do not understand- you have said I wonder what it will be like – I said that is so which is yes and then you say no to contradict yourself.

AR: – Well both options still apply and you, because you are wondering what it will be like are putting in parameters rather than letting it be.

R: – Yes – so the just being which is elusive then?

AR: – Are you then elusive from yourself? For that is what you’re saying.

R: – Yes.

AR: – And no – give in trying to understand –that is the problem and not the problem.

R: – By being still – watching the program or saying- “ That thought is a program it is not thinking from my heart”

AR: – In part you have seen a glimmer.

R: – There is nothing to do in order to be, nor to do at all to be me because I am me. I am beyond definition yet I seek to define myself thinking that in such a way I will know myself. But I can’t know all myself for it has such potential that is unlimited this definition of who I am.

AR: – Carry on.

R: – With all that I struggled to find – I then feel or find myself further from myself and it feels elusive. Not only am I elusive but also it’s because I cannot be described in such ways at these levels. There are no definitions and no limitations. I seek that which cannot be found – definition, description which I would take it to be an encapsulating understanding. Whereas the understanding of me is to know I have no definition.

AR: – Good encapsulating things from the past few weeks (humour note the pun). However you know this is not the full story. Let me begin by changing things around again – you are and you are not Robert. You understand that in terms of temporary experiences and where you are experiencing things from, in terms of soul. Yet what if I was to say you not only are not Robert you have never been him?

R: – Blimey! That’s a curved ball- perhaps at a higher level of me as a living entity, which is not fully here in this 3-D consciousness.

AR: – No not that and any event any part of your consciousness maybe in you to experience Robert.

R: – So Robert was/is a program – a mental program a complex interaction of duality, beliefs, ideas, concepts, wishes and desires. Just the program!

AR: – Everything is just a program

R: – Even at your level?

AR: – Yes that’s also about definitions of programs – your present definition of program (which is energy) is related to your understanding of your human program that you are experiencing.

R: – And yours is a different program.

AR: – In a way – different available choices.

R: – And the choices are part of the program.

AR: – At earlier stages in your experience as Robert you felt you had choice – but you were acting and reacting to stimuli through learnt behavior, expected behavior or thought. Then you saw how duality got thrown into the mix and eventually you come to this point – you see you are just experiencing a program which you can change. That the program doesn’t have to define you and that you have no definitions. All of this coming to a different set of choices.

R: – Yes

AR: – But what is a choice if choice itself is part of the program?

R: – You mean choice is also a restriction because I don’t know what I’m choosing.

AR: – In a way- you can choose from left or right, one thing or another – you can deliberate over such thing or just go with what feels right. Alternatively there may be a myriad of choices, or choices that you had not considered nor would be able to understand.

R: – What the bloody hell am I if I am no-thing? – Not even a choice- I am it and I’m not it.

AR: – In a way – Think of all things as holographic even programs, if the programs change then things can change.

R: – Like matter?

AR: – Yes

R: – So I’m misunderstood about things changing and matter converting.

AR: – Not really that is about timelines changing or one meeting another one. Level of creation is the one pertinent to a change. Back to where we were please.

R: – No choices you mean – because it’s a program, a coalescence at soul level mind/heart program. But surely I have the choice to react or be anything within my mental program. I could go out and say anything to someone else and that would have an impact on them. I could do that because of my frustration at this lesson but that is not a choice that would still be a part of the timeline and experience required by all who interact with it.

AR: – Well your desire to ‘exert’ yourself over another would create an experience.

R: – So it happens at soul group level but it is influenced by my program in the here and now?

AR: – All levels influence – however what is choice – is it the experience of choice? Does it actually exist? To choose or not to choose is that the question? Yet the question is of itself part of the program.

R: – So one enormous program and a set of systems and parameters that run in different dimensions. Its all fluid and it’s all just an experience. I can put as much weight on that or not but choice is an illusion on every level?

AR: – Choice or creating an experience is part of a time line and takes place on many levels.

R: – I don’t know who I am now unless I revert back to my previous definitions.

AR: – That you may do that is your choice or your appearance of choice.

R: – So are you saying when I wish to experience or see choice I create or utilise a program of choice to live in the current program of choice

AR: – Yes everything is an illusion

R: – Even you and me?

AR: – In a way of speaking yes for the purpose of this explanation only!

R: – Okay – the program for 3d feels real as well as the mental program so it’s a wonderful program even if it can be a trap.

AR: – We can see this better if we leave behind the mind programs and go to the heart. You can choose from there -in such a way you are not choosing through mental constructs or emotions but through and via source that which is not a program.

R: – Bloody hell a program choosing within the program that’s who I am!!! The real me is here in the heart, the source of all of me – the one that can see a program for what it is. This is incredible- thank you.

AR: – So stay within the heart let there be no struggle, no definition, let it come through.

Roberts higher self (RHS): – at last you have found the key- there had been many keys and much unlocking but this is very different. To adjust your focus, to be within the heart, to act from the wisdom of love. You cannot be wounded by another only by yourself if that be your desire. Let us together begin to live like that. Join with me in this new way of being – let our mind being our tool, program that we can change.

R: – So is the heart not a program

RHS: – Not as such it has patterns and wisdoms and love- it knows how to help others how to react from love or the understanding within it. Lay -back open your heart and let us infuse.