Andromedans, Alternative Concepts & Artwork

I have been channeling and painting for the past 23 years so its about time I shared some of the insights given to me. Recent conversations with guides include personal development along side explanations of higher realms. As well as discarnate humans there are interesting conversations with our cousins the Andromedans.

Alien Andromedan AntemediThere is much still to learn and similar communications are taking place with many other people at this time.  If alien contact is your area of interest initially you might like to go straight to articles-conversations and ‘ the way we live’ and ‘time for more time’ or ‘ the eternal- information fields’. Hopefully you will be interested in looking at other articles and the rest of the site – some of which builds in date order on a previous theme.I hope the images and insights help stir or awaken feelings in anyone. I have included an introduction to me in ‘about’ which may resonate with you or perhaps it will complete the art explanations by showing where the thoughts and images came from. The section ‘articles’ expands upon those channelled esoterical communications.



I would like to think you enjoy or are stimulated in some way and if so please do share the link with anyone as it is important to raise awareness of our origins and alien contact amongst those that are unaware of these subjects. The conversations explain why this is so.


Robert Lomax

There are more articles and discussions on the face book group ‘Meet the Andromedans’ which you are welcome to join, there is the possibility of viewing them provided you can meditate well but if not join the discussions anyway or just have a look.