These paintings are all original copy right works © Robert Lomax 2014 etc. Some of them may include incidental features sourced else where. Any third party claim to own  copyright in any such incidental part of these works, if valid , will be gladly acknowledged.

My artwork started one Christmas by building snow faces with our children, it resulted in an overpowering unstoppable urge to do more, what I would call a connection to a creative link something that expresses itself differently with everyone.

The art is inspired by some dream and meditation work, sometimes a conceptual insight, or vision hopefully with deep emotions conveyed. My artwork is not an expertise but a hobby and this body of work represents the last 2 decades of my life. 

Our lives are after all subjective and in the same way so is art. Each piece will have an explanation, though for the experience you may like to see what you feel or think before reading.

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