The eternal – Information fields

Our race desires to be properly understood by mankind – the eternal now as an experience – “Its all just an information program” –  space travel and materialisation.


A:- You struggle with the phrase ‘the round of things’ what else should I use ‘the greater meaning’? The problem is you all interpret words differently. If someone had a problem with receiving information from what they perceived as a higher being they may reject that person or struggle with their self worth whilst reading. The alternative may apply with someone needing or seeking reassurance and see the purveyor of ‘greater information’ as superior and to be relied upon- not relying on self. None of these things we would wish so we are very careful with our words so they do not hit any subconscious blocks or foibles. We have spent much time not only understanding specific words and their meanings but more importantly what the words do to the emotional body and to preconceived ideas and prejudices.

R:- That’s dedication

A:- Yes but we would call it love- the desire to be understood in the way most like our original desires and thoughts.

R:- Clarity

A:- Clarity with depth and strength.

R:- Yes your word choices are more encompassing than mine.

A:- Yes and no- lets move on to greater things rather than more in the round! Perhaps hidden or unknown information to many but not a few.To what to say and what to pay attention to: – Your mind seeks information yet you do not know what to seek or what to look for. Question not and seek not through desire and we will supply your needs of what is needed to know.The vast majority of people are afraid to alter their existing viewpoint to be challenged to see that life isn’t how they see it. It is how they see it but they are afraid to see it differently. This is one of our main concerns that in wanting to stick to the known they will not want to move and can therefore be more easily manipulated by negative forces: We and others are ‘part of that to be known’ or should I say ‘re-known’.

Many will have had past lives on other worlds as well as earth. This is why many found the original ‘star trek’ series so compelling to watch. It tapped into very deep levels but it also had ‘good outcomes’ and some sort of moral message.

R:- From what you said earlier this means its even more involved by over laid time lines and the ‘tweaking’ such that one may never have existed – except in the memory.

A:- Yes that’s the point, things that don’t exist anymore can only be a memory. You will need to re- read several times our next conversation to grasp the fullness.

R:- But if I have forgotten the memories then they wont even exists as a memory- they just won’t be!

A:- Unless someone else remembers them for you or they are recorded before you decided to forget them.

R:- Ok this my current life exists- the part that I’ve already lived isn’t a memory by your definition of it. Other lifetimes past and future are all in the moment but any that have been changed from what there are left as memories.

A:- That’s about it

R:- Well that may make sense to you but inside 3rd density its hard for me.

A:-That’s fully appreciated- you get it but it doesn’t feel that its true to your current experience.

R:- That’s a fair way to put it

A:- So there is no movement from that position?

R:- There maybe – but I wouldn’t know how to see it or look for it – similar to the searching and the needs and desires you spoke about earlier.

A:- Glad you are joining the dots together. If something never happened it’s ‘never been’. If something has changed it was ‘once been’ Let me show you

R:- Wow – I can see a perpetuating flower where the beginning petals are being reborn so that it’s as if the original first petals never existed. The petals grow and expand. telenquaiThe first petal 1 keeps being reborn it then becomes  petal 2 , 3 and so on. Each subsequent petal or vibrational level gets more expansive than it was when at its original place. When 1 is reborn its like the original but it’s a ‘new original’ but slightly different. There are far more than 6 petals (just shown for ease) they seem to eventually fade away or curve under and back into the centre of the flower underneath perhaps to make a new number 1. I think I’ve finally got it- I feel it and it makes sense!

A:- Good lets go into that image in greater depth. We talked before of the ‘repeating’ or the constant rebirth. Well the table you sit at- its atoms are in constant rebirth but they recreate as it were from ‘their memory’ lets say (example only) from their program if you like. Now if that’s altered they will recreate themselves differently. So what happens to the alter the program?

R:- A different time line? As I look at your flower image the petals were a ‘constant’ new ones and old ones disappearing – but now the new ones could be changed – new life 1 would become a different older life 4 and all the previous petals would be memories. OH MY GOD! that means nothing is set in stone. I mean past lives will change as well as future ones. How is that possible? A past life has happened already. You infer its tangible it’s not a memory (a life that’s been rewritten)

A:- Lets try a different angle- See a past life not as an event as such but a fabric blue print of experience- just information- a hologram, which contains growth, learning and enlightenment. Now think of that as a blue print that has happened and will happen. In that way it won’t seem like a past life. It’s about growth and gaining light and evolving. The purpose of this evolving flower is to show this. Constant creation or re-creation. You all understand that you are seeds of light and you have the potential to be. So you grow by experience or the thought that you experience when you separate out the different levels of yourself.

R:- By looking at the flower a get a feel of that. So why not start with none of what you experience is real, it’s a hologram, a program that exists in and out of time.

A:- I have on many occasions, have I not?

R:- Yes I have lost count of the times.

A:- It takes a lot to accept something different to what every sense, feeling and past understandings are telling you. Its real in the sense it’s a program that can be altered.

R:- Ok so self-evolving flower (each petal being different programs, lives levels etc.). It’s growing and changing in the moment. I am therefore changing my past all the time in as much as the past is a program a database and Im changing the future. I have many pasts and many futures- but in this moment I have what I have.

A:- How can you evolve without changing what you think or more importantly how you think.

R:- So I’m perpetually changing all these things at the same time. That I’ve had certain experiences (past lives and the earlier part of this one) and they don’t change – the events don’t change but my interpretation of them changes because I am changing.

A:- Yes go on there is more feel it.

R:- So all that previous stuff about altering time lines and altering the past was another piece of the jigsaw till todays piece. Todays piece has evolved a new petal1.  So why the need for actual time travel in the physical- if its just about altering perceptions ?

A:-  The perceptions as you just called them are living holograms that need to be cared for.That’s not the whole of it either – these teachings are an unfolding process like the flower and it will take several more sessions and overlays before you finally get it in perspective. You see this is as much about your interpretation as what I am saying and in what order.

R:- Ok ears pinned back

A:- Life times are not quite the same thing as time lines described in conversation 2nd May. Lifetimes have a start and a finish, which is relatively short- bear in mind you, should see these as holographic informational experiential contexts. Go beyond seeing them as lives.  Space is vast – incomprehensibly vast. To travel one has to leave the hologram, go out of it and re-enter it in another place.There are spaces between the holograms or levels of hologram so when we travel great distances it takes relatively little time.

R:- So as you are 5th dimensional being (on the cusp of 6th) how does that work out interacting with us on the 3rd density at present?

A:- Well think back to the flower petals- Say I am the 5th petal out but I am also the third petal out. I know the 3rd petal out is only a hologram and I am a faster vibrating hologram able to interact with that hologram- though I try not to change it but I carefully help it whilst it evolves.

R:- What of downed craft they physically exist in the 3rd

A:- Some do but its dependant on holographic vibration (matter). Remember you are also a hologram everything is energy including matter. Now then depending on the “frequency range” the hologram can support different frequencies because it can have different frequencies. If a higher frequency hologram (matter if you like) enters a lower one it manifests within that hologram but on “two frequencies”. A bit like putting your hand in a bucket of water the hand can be seen by what it displaces in the water but its not a part of the water in the sense the water is a different density vibrating hologram than your hand. Imagine a space or interface between the hand and the water where they don’t actually touch but for all your observation they do. The hand has its original frequency and a shadow frequency or 2 holograms .

R:- It reminds me of the memory I had of a large craft I was on where there were ripples between several frequencies during some sort of crash?

A:- You have had many off world experiences – that particular one was another part of your soul one of your group of 6 (see monad conversation ‘plausibility’) Remember all is about energy and phasing. In this way many dimensional manifestations can exist in the same place but in different ‘phase’.

R:- So you have to be careful where you phase in and out?

A:- Yes – imagine our biosphere we explained before it has many dimensional manifestations in the same place.

R:- So a 6th dimensional being could pass through a 4th dimension?

A:- Not in that way, it also has a 4th dimensional hologram or emanation. Remember we are all multidimensional beings we exist in all dimensions- it depends on our frequency as to where we can have experiential consciousness- that’s why you’re in the third and not any higher yet.

R: So you for example have several holograms (flower petals) but depending on where you put your focus is the determination of the manifestation of the hologram.

A:- Ok let me come at this from a new direction. You want to get from A to B its such a long distance you remove yourself from the hologram and re-insert yourself at another point in the hologram. Now then if you could re-insert yourself into B before you left A – you would never have existed for those few moments in A.

R:- That would require everyone else to forget or forgo their interactions in the hologram to reprogram themselves- A bit like the water in a pail fills the voids once held at by a hand before it is removed.

A:- Indeed- Just keep holding to the point its a hologram and there are different holograms within the same space.

R:- But not at the same time?

A:- Leave time out of the equation. Many holograms in the same space. Now then, there is free space in a hologram a bit like the air you breath or the space between planets and suns etc. So materialisation can exist in that space- a materialisation from a different dimension or hologram. It can manifest on several different levels of hologram. So like our biospheres they have several in the same space. It is possible to manifest a 3rd density body but what would be the point for me it would be very inhibiting.

R:- So you’re saying your hologram can experience ours in a different way but you don’t have to manifest into it.

A:- You can project yourself into the different dimensions of yourself above you and you experience that as distant viewing.

R:- I still see things as physical not holograms. Can we come back to the downed ships- what holograms are at play?

A:- Think of it like this:

Unless there is a manifestation in a holographic vibrational field it can’t interact within that holographic field. So if a craft suddenly appears its become manifest. However it depends on what vibration it became manifest. If it manifests at the highest possible frequency within that hologram it can appear to do things not normal, as you would see them. If it manifests near the speed of light just imagine how fast it will appear to you. You may just see lights. We also have very advanced cloaking technology.

R:- So it’s about what we actually see in the same space?

A:- Depends on what you mean by see?

R:- With the average physical eye.

A:- There is no average- its about manifestation. You see if you don’t believe something – its not there for you. If you do it is- you forget your power. You live within your matrix of your hologram within your beliefs as to consensus reality of your hologram.

R:- But it would still be there right?

A:- Yes and no- because you cant see or interact with it- for you that means its not there.

R:- But then it is and I can’t interact with it.

A:- Return to manifestations in holograms- the desire to take part in a hologram or to observe the hologram as it’s working within itself. These can be done at lower or higher speeds of vibration than that of the hologram. Depending on which vibration is how you will perceive it. So we can move in and out of “apparent manifestation” depending upon our speed.

R:- But what of the physical bodies of other aliens that interact.

A:- They have a frequency that interacts with your hologram because it suits them to do so.

R:- And you don’t?

A:- Not really- what would be served by manifesting a projection of myself? Do you see the difference? You are a projection of yourself into a 3rd density hologram but you are only partly in that hologram. Much like I’m only partly into my present 5th dimensional hologram. There’s a big difference between downed craft from the different races and direct 1/1 contact, as you perceive it. This will be happening in the years ahead but we would prefer you to assimilate the higher vibrations that will be changing around your planet. Though we are not the only alien race here so we can’t decide for others.