Umatelah sela-cooh-ani

Another way to look at self evolution in the eternal moment – Conceptualised using fresh metaphors – Don’t struggle to learn.

16th July 2015

R:- Had some interesting conversations and travels with you recently not mentioned in these pages. Can we expand upon the multidimensional aspects of us? When I was with you and others on the biosphere- I was told that was my 5th dimensional projection, which I was able to be conscious in at that moment. On the basis of our talks about time – the evolving moment with our different levels of consciousness growing in those levels.

A:- And?

R:- Just wanted to learn more

A:- Yes but what is appropriate to learn and in what order?

R:- In the order set out by myself in conjunction with all levels desires.

A:- Good then do that then!

R:- I can sense some sort of challenge or rebuke coming.

A:- No rebuke – that’s your feeling. You meditated earlier and were told that nothing is out of bounds – no subject- no interaction with another. Well that is true but it also depends in what order. Let us leave time to one side and look at order. Imagine the evolving flower again containing all experience. As you know to have certain experiences they have to be separate from one another. The order isn’t a time thing so each and every experience within that holographic framework you have had and will have. Its an evolving hologram. You have experienced it already but you can re- experience it in a different way. In order to do that you have to forget that you have already done it.

R:- The already done I once saw as higher self having made this as a plan.

A:- Quite so many do see it that way and there’s nothing wrong with that save that there are other layers of understanding and I am gradually taking you through these layers in ‘order’ as said above.

R:- Its not lost on me what you said previously about word interpretation and using words in context. ‘Order’ registers still as ‘time’ for me but using the word layers puts it in order!

A:- Good pun! The peeling of an onion goes from the outside in- you cant see those layers in any other way. Remember I can look at you and see what pieces of the jigsaw are missing and we are moving from the inside of the onion out whilst not damaging it. Imagine creating a jigsaw from the ‘center’ with out any picture on the box to go by. When you find another piece of jigsaw to fit it enlarges the original pieces formed already. The original is still there but there is more of it – more encompassing. If you started from a corner you would have less surface area and you wouldn’t be working from your heart in the middle. Without heart the corner contains no meaning reference or feeling. Of course I’m setting aside how folks do physical jigsaws by looking at the picture and starting with corners so as to contain the picture puzzle they are to create. This is an analogy and different because as you add another piece of puzzle you must remember the actual picture (the jigsaw bits already laid in the middle) can change.

Its still you but you look and are different. Are you not different to how you were at twenty?

R:- Yes I’m still me but if I viewed myself now from the 20 yr. old he wouldn’t recognise me.

A:- Ok so the picture changes in the middle. Now imagine you pick up a piece of unlaid puzzle (from the holding box that has no cover photo) and it fits the revising picture in the middle. As soon as you place it there the picture changes and when you pick up the next piece of puzzle it fits to the revised picture. So you can’t go wrong – a picture that evolves in layers or flux of on/off (previously mentioned)

R:- I can see the analogy about it all being in the right order or layers but I cant see where it’s going.

A:- Isn’t that the point you keep missing- that’s the experience of unfolding the layers whilst creating them at the same time. You create what you experience as well as creating yourself.

R:- Within predetermined vibrations and holograms.

A:- Yes but even these were a part of us all and our creations.

R:- I am beginning to wonder if I ask too many questions as starting points of conversation.

A:- Well your questions do ultimately show what you are not understanding. You feel you are going in circles not understanding the same thing that comes around in different ways.

R:- Yes I do – thank you for the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle- the pieces go round and round in layers. Repeating things but in a different way. So this is like the flower and the eternal moment it repeats itself as flux but in a different way – yet it doesn’t have to repeat it can be different each time like the picture puzzle.

Hmm! I still feel I’m missing something- something big, that should be so easy but I can’t get it!

A:- What do you think that is?

R:- It feels like I’m struggling to understand something simple, that the more I try the harder it gets or more elusive it feels.

A:- Is that not the time to give in to it let it be you? – You see, the things you are trying to understand aren’t so much “the way of things” but you. You and I and others are all these things. What are you struggling against yourself for?

R:- I’m just trying to understand- to understand and know myself.

A:- Struggle to be? – A struggle inhibits flow, as you well know. This the reflection of your zeal several years ago to learn and pull more and more information of yourself, to you. See it as another part of the same place on the jigsaw puzzle but much further out (on a more evolved petal) from where you experienced it before.

R:- So it is and now when I put in the next piece of the jigsaw I can see it changing yet again- no struggle- thank you