A banter of views- different feelings


A:- There comes a time when one makes a decision- a footstep within one camp or another- one direction or another. And so it is, you can’t have your feet either side of a divide that expands, you have to be in one or the other. Let me explain in more depth- Left or right hand?

R:- In this instance I cant choose as I cant be without one or the other.

A:- But you are right hand dominant. So why are you not left hand dominant.

R:- Life expectations copying others, consensus reality left hand brain dominant- these are guesses

A:-Why do you think and feel what you do

R:- For lots of reasons – genetics- Programing- expectations- experiential feed back.

A:- What if the experiential feed back was wrong.

R:- Do you mean if my awareness is corrupted then the interpretation will be as well.

A:- Ok – lets come at this from another way. Assume you are not you- how could you interpret that from the outside.

R:- Not sure what you mean.

A:- Ok tell me your name.

R:- Well to say Robert is obvious but that’s only one experience life time- I will have had other names.

A:- That’s fine a name is a description of a particular experience- a life time- an experience of the information fields for the purpose of experience. So whilst there is love and growth- nothing would be possible with out the experience nothing would be at all.

R:- Yes

A:- What then is nothing at all?

R:- Lack of experience and no thoughts or feelings- no awareness, therefore without awareness there is nothing even though there may be something.

A:- Ok so subjectivity and objectivity is a wider expression of experience or awareness. What then is knowing?

R:- Either higher consciousness or unconsciousness- must be a form of existing or previous experience of my self or another’s . Attunement to the ‘is ness’

A:- The ability to reason, is that part of the process or no reasonable ability or reason for ability?

R:- Why are you just playing with words to make totally different phrases?

A:- Consider this- What is-is and what is not – is not

R:- But ‘is not’ must have been something because it is now a ‘not’ otherwise it could not be described at all.

A:- You are what you are not and you are not what you are.

R:- Ok Confucius get to the point

A:- You are good, happy, bad – You are not good, happy, bad. You experience feelings and thoughts and thereby you are them and you are not. What I am trying to do is to get you to see duality in the way that I do and its very difficult that’s why it’s taking so long. It is what you believe it is and it’s not what you believe it is – ‘in relationship to’



A:- Let us come at this a different way

In order for there to be duality there is a separation from one side to the other side. You look at duality from the point in the middle and see one side or the other side. You talk of putting concepts together (which you do to good effect) to achieve a more singular point of view or a more objective reprogramed subconscious. Then it follows that new program/belief/concepts.

Now then if you were to stand to one side of this concept (no longer in the middle of separates) what would you have? This would be akin to what we experience. You see we still have feelings and still have duality but it’s different for us. Imagine what its like to be free from fear and self-judgment.

R:- Some kind of deeper bliss – like a meditational state but not detached

A:- That is a good description but for you it’s a very infrequently fleeting experience or moment of ‘greater lucidity’

R:- So I don’t know what its really like for you

A:- Well everyone has their own experience and its different for us all. However a some animals can experience fear, love, happiness or terror and they can move from one state to another without processing those feelings in the same way that humans do.

R:- So is this akin to your feelings

A:- Not at all we have discernment and choice as to how we react or indeed what we may feel

R:- So if someone dies and removes themselves from a hologram are you instantly happy for them or do you miss them.

A:- As you well you know from personal experience it’s a matter of choice what you feel and also how you can interact with adjoining dimensions.

R:- Point taken on choice- how much sadness should we feel when there is a loss or a death and to what depth or what despair. So how do you feel and sense things.

A:- In much the same way as you do (though your feeling bodies also react to stimuli very fast and are efficient at that). It’s all a matter of choice for us.

R:- What as to how you program the subconscious or unconscious?

A:- Yes as a program if you like but we can decide how we wish to (a) ‘feel about’ (b) ‘our feelings’

(b) Being the sensation or the interpretation of the environment or events

(a) How we feel about the sensations or feelings

R:- Much like- (b) the feeling of fear (a) therefore I believe I am afraid. Whereas (b) I could feel the fear (a) but decide not to be afraid or realise I am not

A:- Quite so

R:- Do you have control over what your senses do or feel and the awareness to choose to feel a state of being of what ever you want?

A:- Yes we can, but you do not often do that. There are fleeting moments of discernment; you also have a few people detached from their feelings and act through that rather than the emotion drivers. This is usually the suppression of feelings and that in itself can cause problems.

R:- I guess the next point is how can we apply choice to ourselves.

A:- Well – Many people don’t see the difference between a feeling sensation and allowing it to become a state of being.

R:- My state of being at present – the sensation is being a little lost and I am allowing it to become my state of being. Feeling that I am a little detached and lost from where or what I should be doing.

A:- Spot on

To do is to be and to be is to do- one begats the other

R:- So make the effort

A: In a way but through a different feeling or state of being – change your state of being by love.

R:- Just like that? “Cheer up”

A:- Cant you do it?

R:- Obviously not like you can. However I am beginning to recognise similar moments over the past year or so where I could have been different.

A:- You create your own environment and you create or decide the reaction to it


A:- To that which is and that which is not – do we ponder upon the faces of the universe. All that is – is not and that which is not – is

R:- That’s a reverse of what was said yesterday

A:- What after all – is?

R:- A reality seen from one individuals perspective- yet it may still be is- without their awareness of it.

A:- No I am referring to something else

R:- The pulse or flux

A:- In part. The is & isn’t are aspects of self and self-awareness – for on some levels things don’t actually exist. Let us say they are ideas or parts of an information field, electronic chatter if you like. They don’t exist as such but they do as information. In which case we could say that information is some kind of ‘existence’ even though I am saying it doesn’t exist. Programing of information fields such that it comes into existence holographicly. One can then see the information fields being changed – but if so by what process or whom.

So that depends on who put the energy into the information field. This is the thoughts of an individual as well as collective ones. Such that there are several possibilities for outcomes postulated by a few or many. Some may say the outcome is known- but this is the most likely out come, that’s all.

R:- And the past is being changed in the information field

A:- Quite so- What I am trying to do is to get you to look at every thing differently. I trying to show the transitory nature of things, that nothing is set in stone- for even the stone is an outward expression of an information field.