Be Selfish With Love

I had been delayed getting back to some of my esoterical work and had this pep talk- part way through it I thought, “I know this stuff most people do” however by listening to all that was said it took me to a grander acceptance of possibility. A different version of what we all know – perhaps  re-visit you might enjoy.


Please Be Selfish

Antemedi:- “Qua-tal-ey-ah So-solom-ey Quehn Salata” (old tongue and he continues) “Within the complex nature of things there is simplicity but many straightforward words or interpretations can have negative spins put upon them.

It may seem obvious to all – that what you think say and feel is important to you. That what others say and do is all-important to them. We may feel that other people are important to us and make our life how it is. But if we remove any such person from our life and give sufficient time or energy into re-adjustment we can see we are only important to ourselves. The letting go or the loss belongs to us. What we feel, believe and think is of course who we are. What others think or do for us in positive or negative ways is still for us. We are not helped by the fact we see others as ‘not us’ – ‘not you’ when in fact they are. This all seems rather selfish but when we grasp its true context it does not have to be. To be a do-er for others is to be so for yourself for the reward you reap in return – or the silence, disapproval or non appreciation for then to see your stature in suffering and martyrdom or to reinforce your sense of inferiority. All, and I mean all, comes back to the self, all energy exuded or given out in some way comes back to us. So we create and we experience what we create, is that selfish or self-indulgent? Is it the law of cause and effect or of belief and thought ? All Again distilled into the experience of what you create. I am trying to deal with your word ‘selfish’ and it’s negative connotations. You are all selfish and selfless at the same time. Of course someone may consume or take what is more than their fair share, they may not give back and they hold onto what they have when others are in need. And this you all do. Inevitably you have to decide how much money or time you give to charities or those less fortunate than you. You do not see by which method you always choose this. At what point should you be described (or accept by self determination) that you are selfish or that you are not selfless?

When is enough enough and when is it not? How much fun time should you have and how much should you not? Of course work and giving maybe fun- being selfless is not about suffering unless you desire it- so you do not have to suffer either in selfish or selflessness.

You have negative connotations of the word being selfish as if it is to be all consuming, taking and not giving. Those words have a parallel meaning in descriptions of ‘dark and light’ ‘bad and good’. Your psyche has these penetrations within it. Yet selfish is just an experience, creating and experiencing what you create. Rejoice in selfishness and say – I love myself in all that I am, in all that I experience, why can I not indulge myself and give myself all that I desire.

Of course it may pay to look at the desires and hidden drivers that say how much should you indulge? This is decided by you but what of the collective consciousness that is connected to you and it says “don’t take too much otherwise you will be greedy and harm the less fortunate” For what is too much? Is love to have a measure, should you limit it for yourself, can you not indulge yourself in the love of yourself? If that be selfish I say please be selfish for love is inexhaustible. The more you indulge with love means you create more and more for yourself. To share it now is to do so through love not measure. Measurement is of no consequence. How much, where, when and to who does not need to enter your mind otherwise duality of thought changes the giving or the sharing. If you see you are inexhaustible un-measureable love then where ever you walk, shine your light; help the fallen or forlorn you will have more than enough.

Seek not to measure your worth by what you give or don’t give. That is to find cause and reason to criticize and fault find. To do so in order that you should ‘give’ to rectify the fault or compensate for it? At your every turn selfish and selflessness meet each other.

What to do next, what to be, and what to create all this with an eye on what is the ‘better good’ – this is of no concern to anyone only to you. Doing nothing or the consideration of it is only of concern to you for there is no judgment”

Robert:- “ To do nothing and everything, think everything and nothing and ultimately do not think at all”

Antemedi:- “Precisely let the heart be free – make no measure of love. Love your self to the most that you possibly can and you will be free from judgment. You can exist and act from the fullness of yourself. The next time you think what shall I do or say for the better good? Move to loving yourself to the fullest without judgment and see what flows from the heart. See what it creates without the bonds of duality, what it gives you in return love without constraint or precondition- unconditional to yourself and those you meet.

Be selfish indulge yourself in the love of your self by you and for you and of you.

In such a way you may you might wish to reinterpret scriptures that said ‘worship only me’ to mean ‘love me in the fullest’ – the love of god self and this self – not some external entity. Love and worship your self. If that feels uncomfortable then look to why that is so and let go of the reasons as to why that should be. Expand your unlimited love of yourself, live and create within the greater love of yourself.”