Different types of consciousness and consciousness programs. Earth consciousness and our 3d programming. Sweeping through broad subjects as a gentle introduction to the first conversation meant to be shared.

22nd February 2015

Note this is Gunter (G) speaking and projecting images to me, (R) is my response or question – as explained in ‘Articles’


G:- All is as was and all was as is. Now what do I mean by such a simple sentence? It may be clear to see what it means but there is a deeper meaning. If I said tiswas that’s a shorter version but you would only understand the deeper meaning of that because it followed on from the previous statement. So language, the interpretation of words and expressions, may vary. Some words mean different things so only within a context can we see which particular interpretation to use.

Thus many words spoken by past masters (including the Nazarene) who walked the earth have been misinterpreted. Even you Robert misinterpret some of what I say but because feelings and images are projected to you it gives context and means you are rarely wide of the mark.

You may feel I am jumping from subject to subject but there is a reason so keep with me. A pizza contains many constituents – a base, strands of cheese, chorizo, ham and tomatoes if that’s to your liking. Now if you had no idea what any of these constituents were and I said a pizza consists of these items baked it would have no meaning or context. First I would have to explain what a cow was and how cheese was made then go into detail about ham and flour. Only when I had finished that could you have an awareness of what a pizza was. However you would have to taste it to experience it to know it fully.

History as man teaches fellow man is not correct and much is hidden. If it is accepted that we are all one and from the all then we have a connection of consciousness. When you are in contact with fellow inhabitants you are not often aware of the higher levels of consciousness be these within the structure of the monad* or not. On the lower dimensions separateness weaves its patterns and you do not see these higher connections of self. This makes it difficult to see other histories and other lifetimes be they on this planet or others.

Let us take for example an individuated part of a soul (though its still part of its whole) – Between lifetimes it can feel there is something lacking in its development – perhaps a particular experience. By working with others a plan is made to bring that experience into being. It does however require the agreement of many others, as it would have to fit in with their needs and desires. Now when we pause and think of the possibilities, the amount of data the number of people involved, the meeting of time lines it seems very implausible. Many see things as coincidence rather than coinciding mutual happenings – this similarity of words with meanings so different. So how can this all come about? In some ways it’s a fairly simple process but it depends on how you are viewing it and where from. From where you are it seems impossible but that does not mean it is so.

A snowdrop knows when to come out of the ground and when to die back. Many animals, fish, plants and insects rely upon one another for nourishment. Each tuning its needs with times of food availability and the right conditions for procreation It is easy to say that it has happened for many thousands of years and things like this are seasonal but there is a lot more going on.

Robert when you had your trip to the Daintree rain forest you were shown a tree that had perfectly formed tiny slits in the trunk that led to a hollow core. The core formed as the tree grew and the slits were just big enough for ants to enter the hollow core. The tree had a symbiotic relationship with the ants, which would squirt formic acid at any predator wanting to eat the leaves of the tree. Humanity says this all happened through evolution over many thousands of years as if by accident or coincidence such that the strongest or smartest survives. That’s what you have been told and you believe it as your history of evolution.

Well if you put a plausibility test to this it too will seem ridiculous. If it happened by accident how could the next seed from the tree be imbued with that knowledge?

R:- But if the hollow trunk and the slits were a mutation its seeds would have those mutations as well

G:- That’s a possibility I grant you. So random mutations could be experiments?

R:- Yes if one accepts the premise of different levels of consciousness.

G:- And if the tree, ants and nature were symbiotic at a much lower level of consciousness there would be an idea to experiment in such a way. Humanity experiments with its physical forms, interactions and modus operandi.

R:- I don’t think you have proved the point to Darwinists

G:- I don’t need to prove a point on an unlevel playing field. You see Darwin’s thoughts are only a theory, one that exists in isolation from different levels of consciousness. He hasn’t included for other possibilities. Evolution exists but hand in hand with consciousness in its many different forms and the energetic resonances and life force.

R:- So one has to be aware of all the different levels of consciousness in all areas of life – life forms – living planets and the like.

G: – Yes quite so. Modern research and experiments have shown this – let me mention a few. Doctor Omoto’s works on music and vibrations and words such as hate or love all had an effect on water. When subjected to negative thoughts and emotions the formation of crystals becomes distorted. The intricate beautifully formed ones come from positive thoughts and classical music. Kirlian photography in its finer form shows the morphic field around plants and animals. On one where small part of a leaf had been removed the energy of the removed part can still be seen alongside the living part of the leaf. New experiments have shown DNA also exists as an energetic vibrational form. In a similar way even you have seen how your negative thoughts and emotions have harmed your body. There is even more information available on Internet websites to check up on so I do not intend to prove – merely offer a different perspective or argument for you to make up your own mind.

R:- Ok point taken I have accepted those that I have seen.

G:- But you find it difficult to accept the magnificence of the ability to plan various experiences?

R:- I see the point of it but not the mechanics

G:- Ok a computer can have a software program that has sets of various parameters for how it will undertake certain tasks. That software was thought about altered and developed by humanity – it did not happen by chance it was through consciousness. A similar thing happens on higher levels of consciousness. Spiritual laws. Not laws that say what’s right or wrong. Many of these work around the different levels of cause and effect and the return of energy in some form, which each individual emits. So what’s created is a program of ‘software consciousness’. Its self-adapting and highly tuned but works differently upon each dimension or spiritual level.

R:- So this is how it worked in the Daintree forest?

G:- In a way but again its more involved – I was trying to keep it very simple. It’s your use of the word consciousness and the fact you interpret that as self-aware. Mother earth is an entity It’s a level of sentient nurturing consciousness (nurturing software program) particularly when humanity works with her but cause and effect works and when damaged there is a reaction. There are other sentient beings of nature that work with her and nature and that is their prime focus. On other levels some insects have a group consciousness (software program) and some animals have a herd consciousness but with feelings and interactions. This really is a huge subject so I don’t want to spend the entire time talking about one constituent at the moment.

Back to my point – doing something doesn’t have to be that complicated. If you want a cup of water you get up and walk over to the sink. That’s all you are aware of. Your brain works the muscles, which work in tandem you don’t have to be conscious of everything nor at the same time for things to work as you want them. Though the conscious energetic and interaction with physical brain cells is a much more expansive subject.

R:- So there are individual and collective consciousness programs that run like background software.

G:- In a way – you are struggling with this so I’m trying to make it simple so you can understand but at least it gives an idea of how it works.

It also works on the basis of onward enlightenment, the fulfilling of potential and the return from individuation. There is a limit to the individuation experience – not the amount of experience for it can be repeated many times. But if there was a loop a continuation of the same experience then one would be encouraged to look at why you would want to have the same thing time and time again and not fulfil your potential. Individuation has a fear of the whole, not so much of being “more than it is” but being someone else. Not able to see that someone else is also an extension of him or her.

The lower levels of human spirit, which is my main topic, are more easily understood. In between lives the individuated part of a soul becomes more aware of what he or she is not. With the help of more highly developed individuated souls who can see (just by looking at the vibratory levels of that individual) what it had fulfilled and not fulfilled of its potential. Not forgetting the individual’s higher self has the major input. It’s a bit like looking at a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and seeing the pieces that have not formed. Though as an analogy that in no way compares to the magnificence. The individual would have the choice to learn and fill that void with spiritual light by working though experiences.

So thoughts of ‘how can I be more’ or ‘what missing’ also exist within a framework and it’s also a vibratory program. One cant access higher parts from lower ones unless and until the lower gains that vibration through the work of enlightenment. If your house were clean and tidy you wouldn’t allow farm animals to come in and play there – they would be on the farm. That is not to judge that is like to like. A child is not programmed to do all that an adult can though one day it may be able to but because it lives in the same space you wouldn’t allow it to smash up all the glass in the house because it thought it was fun.

So some things don’t fit together hence the reasons for levels of consciousness and levels of software consciousness. Which may be better described as the living experiential holographic interpretation of the software consciousness.

Thus what you and others may wish to experience and evolve fits within this. You don’t have to be aware of the ‘plan of free will’, well certainly not when living it. What some have a problem with is apparently negative experiences and how Karma works.

We all have to be responsible for the energy we create either individually or collectively but we have not talked about love or the open heart. When we look at the learning process through love we can see it differently. There are many levels and vibratory forms and entities of love. If we love ourselves as another we care that other people will have the best experience that they can. So in some instance we can accept a negative experience from someone so that each has a different experience.

But why choose a negative experience? – Again I would say there are different levels of understanding that. From your counselling work you know an individual can berate themselves for many reasons not knowing why they do, but once they become aware of why they do they have the free will and choice not to do so. This is why patterns repeat themselves with some not choosing to make different choices because they might find it difficult to be who they believe they are not.

Love gives the opportunity for a soul to experience the act of defiling another and hopefully by that they will learn and not choose that way in future. It also gives the victim the opportunity to learn and grow and not become a victim. These are fairly low basic interactions and you may say why should we even have these on an individual basis or on a collective basis/event?

Because the universe is boundless and limitless. How could it be other wise? Should it say I will limit the possibilities to only be good? Even if that were so how could it work? Two people going for the same job, one would not succeed and have the experience of rejection or feeling they were not quite good enough when compared to the other.

If we look through love (having not succeeded in achieving our aspiration) could we say that we are pleased for the success of the individual that got the job? We can do this if we see they are an extension of us and vice versa. Encompassed within that thought is an understanding that we needed our experience or that we took part at a deeper level of love. Again this can sit more easily if we see the enormity of who we really are and that we will have positive and negative experiences and that we grow from both. A steel sword is tempered – the metal is hit many times by the hammer to make it strong but there comes a point when the tempering stops and it becomes a sword. Perhaps not such a good analogy when we think what a sword is used for. So love in this instance includes and encompasses the painful striking blows. The ‘suffering of slings and arrows ‘ phrase applies in this case but it depends on who we are and what we have grown to be so that it may not hurt at all.

An overly sensitive or insecure child might cry when it experiences a “do not do that” as a rebuke or removal of love. The child may not see that the original intent was merely advice or protection.

If someone were to say, “you were unkind and cold hearted” you may say it’s not true you have the life experience and feedback to know differently. You may have done so at times but why should this other person say such things? Why do they need to berate other people?

Oh dear! -that included a degree of self-awareness and self-analysis so lets try another.

Whilst driving you are cut up by another driver, it may feel unreasonable and unfair but you have the choice to feel angry or not. It may appear to be not of your making but it is an experience and you can either see the other as a bad driver or someone who is late to pick up their child from school. Through love the slings and arrows of unjustness or ‘why me’ will have little effect. The arrows will pass straight through you, they will have no negative emotions to hit and you can wish safety for the driver and anyone they encounter. It’s hard to live a life like this or to stand up and fight your corner through love.

As one moves higher within the self there is less and less hurt and consequently less need to have those experiences.

Comfort break

R:- Are there more ingredients you want to talk about?

G:- Of course there are – then again that depends on how you want your pizza to taste – sweet or savory, and how many you can try where and when.

R:- That sounds rather obtuse

G:- Its not meant to.

G :- When we look at things ‘more in the round’ with more information we get a picture that forms, though each person’s perspective may vary according to what pieces of their spiritual jigsaw they have missing. Whatever concept or analogy I give doesn’t create full clarity because as explained to you before you can’t see some of the levels of wonder from where you presently stand – the light would be blinding and you wouldn’t see what was contained therein.

R:- But we started with plausibility and ended with pizza contents and a half made one at that.

Antemedi :- Yes I can see how you might think that. You would like a nice neat ending and tie the start and finish together like you do so often. All nice and neat – all finished. For a start life isn’t like that nor can it be, it’s an unfolding process. Do you have difficulty with that?

R:- Well there’s a lot more to discuss and it’s unfinished

A:- Then you have learnt a bit more about the souls place within the universe. It doesn’t mean it wont be ‘more finished’ its never finished its limitless that’s not easy to grasp.

We will speak latter.

R:- Thanks – much appreciated




There are several thousand soul groups involved with the Earth at present

Each of these has 144,000 monads

Each of these has 12 over souls or Higher Self

Each of these has 6 sets of twin male and female souls (12 total).

We are one of these so the true definition of a ‘soul mate’ is your twin flame; it is you in the opposite sex having a temporary separate experience. Twin flames are separated hermaphrodites.

In one deep meditation I did meet as a flame pair within a group of 5 other pairs that was quite an experience. Apparently soul groups get a little more complicated when we talk about other parts of the universe and our connection to it.