Multidimensional Soul 3


Susquarlia:- Lets begin where we started and left off- the moment of now

R:- I like that very humorous

S:- Now then -The problem you have expressed is the feeling of the moment of now and feeling or interacting with your other dimensions and the other parts of your soul division. When you meditate you release your grip on your body in the holographic dimension it experiences- you can loose sense of time and be free from not only body feelings and body chemicals but also thoughts of what to do or where to be in that moment. Let us go to that place and explore the subject matter.

R:- So I go into myself at this point and return a while latter.

S:- How do you feel after that?

R:- Well after encountering other splits of me and receiving various energies, I am just relaxed.

S:- So you don’t feel multidimensional

R:- A little more so – I could sense myself as the desire and the doing – of projecting consciousness of awareness into different holograms at the same moment of now.

S:- Well providing you can keep seeing yourself as a projection into a hologram including a body hologram that is good. Try to see that as often as you can and that all that happens around you is an experience in it.

R:- So that’s about it then.

S:- No not at all – Much much more to experience and learn- Lets take Telenatey for example.

R:- I still have difficulty with you referring to him as me.

S:- Well at a split soul level he is you and you are having a retrograde series of lives as a human. It’s just that your statement came from the perspective of Robert and not as ‘a projection of awareness into a life experience’, which is what I was suggesting a moment ago.

We see ourselves differently to the way that you do – that is what we have been trying to get over- the differences. We not only see ourselves as multidimensional but we live as multidimensional. I see you thinking, “What does that mean?” Well we can be aware of our multidimensional self and of our other ‘soul parts’ experience and live in the joy and love of that.

R:- So do you do that in meditation or sleep. I mean you would have to remove your focus from one hologram of yourself to another to be aware of it.

S:- That’s because you see it as time and view it from there, we see it all happening at once.

R:- I see your point.

S:- I went into some detailed explanations the other day, I think it would be good for you to type them up and some of the information will click into place better.


Antemedi:- Robert- promotion of your site is fine. Do not concern your self with reactions to it- these are your experiences and your perspectives- unique and informative. We have never let you down and will not do so- nor could we. Tis only you that would in your ‘reactions’ or defensiveness. You have nothing to hide just another little barrier. You are our friend and confidant; we much appreciate and love you. This is good work that you do and you are in the right place to do it.