Multidimensional soul 1

My post 23rd July 2015 made an extraordinary statement that my Andromedan connections viewed me as Telenatey. It as taken me quite a while to unravel the fuller context of what was being said. Much of my perception was distorted by our existing terran concepts of who and what we are and more importantly – How we feel. I would like to revert to the explanation of soul group at the beginning of these posts. A soul group has 144,000 Monads. A monad has 12 ‘over souls’ or ‘higher selves’ and each of these has 6 hermaphrodite souls that split into male and female (12). So like you, I have 11 other male and female souls at that level.

For me the difficulty has been about integrating this into my current concepts. I have been feeling these other 11 parts as mostly as outside of me. At times I have felt they are extensions of my self-including Telenatey and Aqueena who are two of them. Higher density souls can view a person as separate but they are more likely to choose to see them as a “combined a higher self”. That is a very different perspective to us – for them it’s seeing a higher self and its extensions and experiences as a ‘united flowing unit’. I have cut out some sections where I repeat myself but include below conversations which helped to move me further along with ‘feeling I am them.


Susquarlia:- Try to view what I am saying from the position that you are multidimensional existing on many levels at the same time – We realise it takes awhile to get your head around the fact you exist here also in what may appear to be a different time frame- so refer again to the eternal moment of all. Some of our differences relate to the vibrational levels that we each exist upon as well as the interaction with ‘our self’ at our other levels. We are very much aware of these. It is true to say the information fields change by what happens in the moment of now. This is a difficult concept for you to grasp that everything is ‘fluid’. We live and experience things as fluid information not much set in stone. Its not so much things ‘change’ but they are overlaid with new information that changes the context. A bit like firstly accepting you have a higher self then accepting you have a twin flame and part of larger group.

Telenatey in a higher form of you existing in the same moment. As a statement this sounds fine but when it is felt with your feelings, your interpretation of it creates difficulty for you. “Who is this other me I hear you think- he feels not like me, he must be from the future me”. That is because you see progression. You imagine you progress from one dimension to the next leaving the previous behind. But all exist in the same moment and you are spread across many dimensions. You accept the ‘past life you’ experiences because they are gone to you and your way of thinking. Yet the information of them still exists as an information field- you also have the memory of experiencing them. If you see yourself in the future as Telenatey from that position you can look back at Robert as a past life. Yet here you are in both at the same time- how does that work you think?

Well there several laws of universal consciousness at play. And that asks what is consciousness? – It can also be an information field and a ‘program’ ‘hologram’. You don’t have to be ‘conscious’ in ‘present consciousness’ of all things. As you think now, you are thinking about our conversation and not about gardening or washing up. You have this idea that you have to have total or full consciousness where as your consciousness flits from one thing to the next and in each moment how you view your world or your life is based upon your knowledge gained and the level of enlightenment.

See yourself as existing in your information fields and co-joined information fields, much in the same way as I have described above about the moment of focus upon different subjects or activities. In this way you will see that your ‘point of focus’ ‘on what’ – is the present moment of experience.

Because you change your ‘point of focus’ it appears that time is moving. If you just see it as a ‘point of focus’ in all time and no time its nothing more than ‘focus’. So therefore it’s possible to change your point of focus as well as the way you interpret your point of focus (i.e. by enlightenment)

R:- You are explaining this very well so I am more comfortable with it. However the feeling or perception I have is that I have to have 2 points of focus to be Robert and Telenatey.

S:- Yes but you also have several more points of focus including points of focus in several different dimensions.

R:- So only one in 3D

S:- One in each. Think on this – I fed you several thoughts and images including one about meditation a short while ago- you realised it but focused on the next one and did not pull in that information. When you meditate your point of focus is ‘more lost’ in the moment- that’s the best I can describe it. Your focus is not in or of time and the meditation feels like its outside of time or time less. It’s an experience of not focusing into 3D. It doesn’t mean you are lost. You can focus into other dimensions whilst in your 3d body. That’s about focus. Indeed to talk with Telenatey your focus is on him. But you are seeing him from the outside – experiencing him from the outside. In fact you are experiencing yourself from ‘outside yourself’ whilst you believe you are separate. Your experience then is of separate ‘focuses’. You are several separate ‘focuses’ able also to focus upon other experiences or focuses.

R:- Hmm! Again well explained. One ‘focus’ upon another focus is me experiencing me outside this focus. So Telenatey isn’t a future me – he is another focus and time is not a part of this?

S:- Here’s where it gets interesting. I said time is an experience – in part down to your perception, changing your focus from one thing to another.

R:- Yes

S:- Well if your focus is on many things at the same time- then in that moment it’s ‘timeless’

R:- Yes I see your point

S:- So which bit of time, would it all be- forwards or backwards because that is a focus of one of your focuses.

R:- I get that so when I don’t look through that way of focusing it is a different experience. But in order to feel that I am Telenatey I must have to be ‘his focus’ and in this focus I cant. Thus I don’t ‘feel’ that I am him, I don’t see through his focus.

S:- Would you like to?

R:- Oh yes- is that possible? Surely that would mean I would be him.

S:- You are him.

R:- So you keep saying- is this what happens in sleep?

S:- Well there is an information field and hologram. When you sleep your focus is not in the hologram 3D. Its focus is else where but what as? Many would explain it as co-joining focuses or going to your inner self to prepare or edit the focus (your daily experiences) as to what you need to experience either Karmicly or for your evolution or another’s evolution.

However I take the point – what of your other focuses. Well on those dimensions it depends if they need to forget what they did during sleep (I would like to find another word for that). There are dimensions of you where there is ‘no forgetting’ and the experience is as it is – There is no need to prepare – that is much beyond your present ideas as to what is possible.

R:- So to my focus being the same as T.

S:- Yes, let us make arrangements – it will take at least one sleep duration to make the preparations to your ideas of consciousness in order to do that. It’s quite a jolt to suddenly feel you are someone else. Of course many levels above there is the feeling that you are everyone else- because you are- That is another experience on top of that.

R:- You have been very helpful to my understandings.

S:- You also to my experience. I enjoy helping because it is giving and it also helps in some ways my interdimensional self- but that’s an explanation for another day.