Restrictions exist in many forms not just fear, self doubt and lack of self awareness but oddly positive thoughts and measures such as protection that we place around us. Knowing who we really are and being in touch with our multi dimensional self helps to releases restrictions.

28th February 2015


Robert: – Gunter when you were talking about pain you conveyed that a fuller understanding of ‘who we are’ would make a difference and that many are currently restricted by that.


Gunter:- I shall use the word ‘you’ in its wider sense as being the present human experience.

Restrictions are not always what they seem. You can put limitations around your possibilities in order to protect yourself. That may seem nonsensical but its true. You see in order to protect yourself you must be afraid. You think the outside is external to you and it may have an undesirable impact upon you. Though you may begin to see ‘external’ differently at the end of this talk.

So it could be said that protection in this sense is a restriction. You may find that hard to take on board. Protection has many useful features; you would certainly use a pair of oven gloves to protect your hands from the heat when cooking. But in respect of feelings and thoughts protection is what you use when you are afraid. Who wants to be afraid?

How much fear you have will dictate how much protection you want. Within your Earth’s collective consciousness there are many fears. This is a part of universal consciousness but at a much lower level. Each individual is connected to the earthbound collective and able to access it. Mostly this is through the unconscious whilst not aware that you do. If you have no ability to see the difference between your thoughts and the collective ones then you will see them as all your thoughts and fears.

Because you fear something that doesn’t necessarily mean it is to be feared, only that it is your perception. When you take this into account you can begin to see that all is not what it seems. So should you plug in or out of that matrix? Well you live in the world and are a part of it so you cant switch off the unconscious or opt out otherwise you wouldn’t experience the world; unless you wanted to have an experience as a hermit.

So all your fears are not necessarily yours but what you plug into. How one sees the difference is another matter and when doing so will it actually make a difference to you?

If you were born on an island with no media, outside communication and no monetary system, you would have no concerns about inflation, debt, or muggings. But you have not been so you have to work with what is.

At your core within the heart chakra you know at an unconscious level what is and what isn’t. It’s where all mingles and expands. Where the knowing trust and love is seated. This is your inner knowledge and one of the connections (not the only one) to the ‘All’. The more this is accessed the more it can be accessed, a bit like using a muscle. Within here you can differentiate the rational from irrational. It takes a while but with practice it gets easier.

Its not the only way of course for example you can look at likelihoods of the way things will happen and decide around that. But if you had one seed of doubt in a desert would you water till it grows? Robert used to!

How you decide what is rational or not also depends on your “subconscious* blocks” “the beam in your eye” someone once said. This includes all the experienced events that make up your subprogram from more than one lifetime. These you retain until you let them go.

Often there are fears of ‘the unknown’ and one way to overcome that is to make them known or learn more about “what is”. However there will always be something that is unknown but it doesn’t have to be feared. Yes there are some pretty nasty things in your world but they are fairly well known to you – not unknown. The known can be treated how you wish.

The unknown does not contain fear – it only does if you look at it through fear. Most of the unknown is you and your part in the universe. So why assume there is anything to worry about?

You see ‘like is to like’ if you enjoyed a punch up and arguments in a pub then you would frequent a pub like that. ‘Like to like’ also works in inter-dimensionally and those that vibrate higher than the 3rd density earth are finer and filled with more love. If we seek an upward vibration that will be the case, certainly no need for protection as there is no fear at those levels. It’s up to you to choose what you wish to encounter.

You are who you were meant to be, your aura is you but it is also a multi-dimensional capsule. Negative energies only effect negative energies and neutral ones – they cannot affect your positive unless you desire it. Though if an individual has damaged their multi-dimensional shell with hard drugs it sometimes opens unfiltered gateways to lower dimensions.

That aside all is as it should be. Perhaps the following will put it into context . business ideaImagine you walk up a mountain. As you get higher and higher you can look down to the foothills that contain fear and realize you have left them far behind. Continue on your way to the top of the mountain up and through the clouds. You will see you stand on yet another threshold of foothills that contain nothing but love. This is where you came from and here you can see that you are a multidimensional being of light. Your energy – you. When you return to the foothills below you walk with that energy which shows itself as an aura surrounding your physical body. This time you remember the physical body is only a temporary vehicle to experience the lower dimension. By seeing who you really are you will have no fear and you can have an experience of it but only if you need to.

Whilst there are larger scale collective consciousnesses you presently exist within the lower human matrix collective consciousness. It’s a mass of thoughts and feelings including positive and negative. Individually you have a responsibility to it. You are plugged into a part of it (even it has levels) and you can influence it and change it because it’s a part of all of us that been created over many years. The more you feed light and understanding to that collective the more it will become what you think.

The more you feed the group consciousness with negativity the more restrictive it will become. Just imagine the damage torture, war and terror does to it, so you are the cause and effect. You are the programmers and those that live within the program. Should you be afraid of the unknown – the unknown program? – not when you see it for what it is and who you are.

These are great times of change; consciousness is shifting faster than ever it did before. Many more portals to higher realms are being opened up. That means there is more help getting through your slowly vibrating heavy matrix. In the future there will be new ley lines in different places able to soak up the energy from these realms. The collective consciousness and the earth will begin to vibrate at a different resonance.

I have tried to show restriction can change. You need only look back a few generations to the morality and wisdoms of those times and what was thought to be acceptable then. Now you use psychological therapies and people are interested in changing themselves because at last the patterns and loops are being seen. Any one who questions themselves and breaks their loops will automatically affect the matrix. As like is to like it will become easier to leave old choices. You have the freedom to choose ways that are not restriction.

We are the same as you, we just happen to be outside your matrix. Many of us work hard to send thoughts, encouragement and energy to you to enable these changes. Love is the reason for this but for those wishing to reincarnate from here it would be nice to experience a higher vibration of earth. And yes the earth has several dimensions or densities.


* There are many ways to talk about the conscious and everyone has and uses different terms. We are referring to the subconscious as the sub-program that runs. Where you may automatically react to a situation from learnt or entrenched behaviours. It’s mostly unknown to the present awareness consciousness. The unconscious is also that which may be unknown to the present consciousness and higher up would be known as higher consciousness.