10th March 2015

G Dreams have been a big part of your life. Not so much the desire for something or the prophetic but the informative. Dream interpretation is something that many have different diverging ideas about.

I don’t think there is much point in talking about the differences or specific symbol meanings. Though if someone is using a dream book interpretation ones higher levels will incorporate that into any messages.

Along side dreams I think its fair to put dowsing because it’s a basic level of connection to higher self.

Divination can be different matter – that is an individual asking for help or reassurance about the future. Dowsing could be used for that but it is the principle behind the reason to ask that is important.

You were taught many years ago to dowse with open questions or not to ask a question but to see what words or phrases would come through. The problem with asking questions is that one comes from a specific point of asking which isn’t usually relative to any message that needs to come through. There is a difference between wants and what you really need.

Dreams do this they give information from higher realms as to what’s going on in the subconscious program that need attention.

R I wouldn’t want to see this as encouragement to undertake exploration by another as some kind of promotion that they should and do so in prescriptive ways.

G I agree however the thing that most don’t do (unlike you) is actually go back into the dream the through meditation the following day to access and fully understand what was going on.

R So why bring in dowsing when we were talking about dreams?

G I said it was another safe way if it was done in the right way. Some people work better that way than through dreams.

R But they will still need to interpret that as well

G And what better way than to access themselves internally rather than externally. The point of this is that many people feel they have no connection to their inner or higher realms but the fact is that they don’t practice or they are worried by it. Nothing that comes from within can be feared other than experiencing ones own fears.

 R One of my first meditations nearly put me off- I saw a line of floating coffins stretching out into the universe. Though I was subsequently to learn that meant the death of present held beliefs such that death is rebirth and thus a good sign.

G Did you have to know what that meant at the time?

R It would have been helpful.

G But you were not capable of understanding it at the time not everything has to be understood in the moment. Something may happen latter in life and you can then say Ah that’s what the dream meant. Some information builds on itself and when the last piece falls into place the rationale behind it can be fully understood.

R Yes but its not helpful in the sense someone might say these things have no meaning or they can never find meaning in them?

G Then they would give up through frustration or defeatism and have that experience.

R But wouldn’t someone want the right footstep for them.

G Indeed the inner self knows best and presents it in the way it knows best. None of this is a guaranteed experience which is where you are coming from wanting things to be as easy as possible for others– when many times in the past you have deliberately chosen a hard way when an easy way was on offer. Everyone is different and how difficult or easy it is for him or her is a matter for them. It depends on how “open” one is, with no preconceived ideas and as said before with “no question” because that can distort the message significantly.

R So what are you saying? Is it encouragement to undertake dream work or dowsing?

G No I would never encourage nor would I discourage. I have offered my comments on them. To say that it’s a safe way to access oneself (or better put) to accept openly contact from ones inner self. You see there is no point asking questions to receive an answer unless you are aware that the sponsoring thought behind the question is to be dealt with. Put it another way the answers are known they are information. It could be said answers are the counterpart to a question and that by asking questions you will at some point receive an answer. Maybe asking lots of questions would be good because if you do not get one answer you may get another which might help you fill in the spaces and eventually lead to the answer to the first question. This is an awful lot of hard work and may take you in the wrong direction.

If you had some stepping-stones in front of you would you ask where to tread? Would you follow different coloured stones to get to yourself? Maybe you couldn’t see the stone right in front of you and would be focused on the one beyond, which is still well within the capabilities of your stride. Whilst there is nothing wrong with making your own decisions at your level if the intent is to find ones self then listen to the message that comes from ones inner self and not go off on a wild goose chase. The stepping-stone that is being ignored may be the most important in that present moment.

There is no rush, there is no failure, the inner self is patient. In as much that it is not impatient because it does not have the desire for speed or slowness. It sees its separate lower self with free will and would not as a general rule interfere with that.

R So in essence what you have said is trust in who you are that despite failures or looking in the wrong direction all is as should be but if you want to live and find more of who you are then be open to the messages from the higher self that can be accessed in different ways internally.

G That’s about it

R So why didn’t you begin with that at the start?

G It’s a bit like saying the earth is a planet close to the sun. It’s true and concise. But if you start out with a preconceived idea of what you are looking for you will never find what you are really looking for even it if its in full view. Many of these thoughts that I am conveying are ones that have a greater significance to the subconscious than they do to the present awareness. One doesn’t have to be bowled over every time with something extraordinary. Sometimes a reflection of what you may already be thinking is enough to spark a resonance.