Withdrawing from the matrix

AR (Arksar): – You know of course that to have too much pre-knowledge can affect outcomes. Antemedi covered this in the last video about viewing the moment of all past and future. You all make many efforts but do not often see or feel the results, nor do you believe they have an impact. All foots steps in the wilderness are just that- but when all the footsteps previously undertaken come together that is a different matter.

R (Rob): – At this point we arrive at a large outcrop of rock in a desert. I can see how many times before I have reached the same point on different sides of the outcrop. We make our way up the low mountain and I am able to see the previous energetic attempts doing the same thing. It is apparent there is a coming together of realisations. I can feel and remember the previous memories of reaching this large plateau. On one occasion I was using a hand held mechanical/energetic leyline detector to find energy convergences.

AR: – You have correctly remembered a place visited before but at a lower level. You walked to a conflation of leylines or energy convergences to a particular spot. Aligning itself to this planet and other worlds. It was a consciousness point to become attuned and aware of other consciousness points. Greater awareness of multidimensions. This is in part what you are doing now – let us walk to that convergence.

R: – When we get there Arksar introduces me to Atur, Solan, Contana, Tempayle, Solasata (F), Celestey (F), Aqueena (F) and Oriteye (M) who says

O (Oriteye): – Welcome in your present form of Robert you have been brought here for good reason. You have in the main followed our advices and attended to what you needed. Today is to show that when you attend to what we say things will come together in ways that you could not have conceived. You have had many experiences and are ready for new ones. Keep steady with our advices and all will be well for it could not be otherwise. For the moment what I talk of is a little beyond your comprehension. You and others are however on the cusp of it and it will unfold and consolidate over the next 3 weeks. I cannot say too much but it is of gravity to you and others. Let us enhance our connections with one another. Gather together close around Robert and put our heads in a circle so they touch.

R: – Energy surges into my head from all of them and bursts out at the top of my head when the pain subsides it leaves me feeling very relaxed but in several places.

O: – You wonder what does all this mean and where will it lead? We can only give rough overviews for good reason.  You have already been told that world events will be changing, awareness’s will be gained and people will become more open and receptive. The majority of people are beginning to see the news programs as a form of repetition. They somehow know that it is a pattern of old. That it has no relevance to the world we should be living in.  Some people see this as a conscious level others at a subconscious awareness.  But now they are ready for things to change indeed at their inner depths they know a change is coming.

The change in this instance is the disentanglement from the old program. Freeing the self – letting go.  The old programs feel that they have no more use or usefulness. The tipping point has arrived. Whilst this event is not the harbinger of the new change it does however mean the power of the past has had its time. This is the news that is good.

R: – But many have said similar things!

0: – Has this been said to you before?

R: – Not in this way – not so affirmative.

O: – In part this is also about your personal final detachment.  Casting off, letting go- neither with fear, no pleasure, nor relief. Those particular perceptions of the change are based in duality. There is literally no struggle- there is ‘no relief from’ otherwise there will be complications in letting go and that would mean a holding onto. There is no need to escape from the matrix for to say such a thing is to give it power over you. It can fade as if it was nothing. Many people do not see or understand this concept. It is very important to understand this subtlety. For others it is still relative to what they think and what their objectives are particularly if not formed in love. As said before – it is just like being aware of a spring morning with the bounty of the new about to unfold.

R: – Wow with the duality understood this is a completely different feeling – a just isness

O: – Indeed this is the beginning of the end of what was. As it fades it dissipates. You are the same but a different program. Good news

R: – When is this all to be?

O: – For you and some others now, for some just the awareness of the manipulative program.

R: – So it’s just a matter of ignoring the old programs?

O: – Quite so. Now is the time that this can be done without the same trying or frenetic scrabbling. It is like walking uphill to see where you are. Look around and see others doing the same thing but no one is looking at where their feet tread amongst the rocks and brambles. They dissipate as you look ahead and the program is no longer able to claw at you nor trip you up.

R: – I feel this in part but what about other people?

O: – You doubt my words. Instead look about and see for yourself what is happening. This is the beginning of the end we say that it is now unstoppable. Shall I repeat this till you truly hear it?

R: – And of the new?

O: – You mean what of it and when!

R: – Yes

O: – All in good time- to others who read this I say turn off the news programs.  Do not listen to the twists and turns of a repeating pattern.  Look beyond the events just see all as a pattern, there is nothing new in the news. News is what’s meant to be new and it certainly isn’t that.  Instead shout out and share your own good news.  Live in the love of your friends and family. By disconnecting from the matrix you remove its power.  Tune in to the love of one another – fear not to live in love.

I see your thoughts – you want more than what I say? Is this not satisfactory enough? It is you that cannot fully see the new till you know that the past is past. It may feel like new words of encouragement the same as the messages of the past.  But I tell you it is different. It is not the change to the new but it is a change from the past. As the matrix loses more control its patterns will become wilder and wilder and in doing so it will add to its own demise. For it shall come to an end. All I say now is look at seeing the good and how it develops. See people really waking up and ignoring old patterns. Please encourage others to do this very thing as it will compliment and reinforce the reality that it is happening. Please share this so that others may see the same things. You no longer need to look down that is why the ones close to you have sought my presence. I will bring more in the weeks and months to come.

AR: – Heed his words. We specifically brought him in so that you would listen and not think we were repeating our past words of encouragement. Just enjoy the ‘isness disconnected’. See and experience the world in this new way.