Be an open book

A conversation to challenge me and write about negative entities and influences as well as the positive.

11/3/15 PM

G:- What is –is –isn’t it

R:- Back to tiswas?

G:- No not really I just thought it might be useful to expand upon fantasy and reality.

R:- I remember some time ago having a similar conversation wherein it was said if its an experience in mind and the mind is clear is it any less of a reality because its not a physical one.

G:- Well I would like to put a different slant on to it, another facet if you like.You think you know what it is that you are saying. You may have worked through a problem and have your understanding of that. For this to be of relevance you would have to know exactly the standpoint of the other as if you were them. We can never truly know what’s in another’s mind unless they allow it “as open”.

R:- But I’ve seen things in people that they hide though I wouldn’t say or look any deeper because of personal boundaries – however you say what you see in me.

G:- The latter is about personal relationships and the wish to be open. Some folks want to hide stuff though of course the more they try to hide it the more it can be seen. What I’m talking about is not hidden trauma, guilt or negative intent but what an individual has opened themselves up to in the past particularly if it was a very negative entity.

R:- I think I know what you are alluding to but is this something that needs to be brought into focus.

G:- In part it is, so why focus on the negative and reinforce its energy is what you are thinking. However there are malevolent entities that can attach themselves to damaged individuals. If you had no awareness to such things you might not recognise what is there.

R:- So how is this to relate to the everyday?

G:- well it’s certainly not an everyday occurrence.

R:- Are you trying to test me or see how I respond?

G:- You have been reluctant in wanting to hear what I have to say. We can usually (all of us what ever understandings we may have) get an idea of what another person is like. Body language, verbal tones, mismatch between expressions and what is being said, the actual ‘feel of someone’ and a little more heightened perception will give impressions or images or communication on esoteric levels. Who so ever you all encounter is in part down to your guides and what you might need to experience. Though of course you are all well protected. It doesn’t mean its unsafe just that not all is light and love or a good expression of it.

R:- I think I know what you are referring to

G:- Then what stops you from saying it?

R:- I didn’t think it would be a good subject to come up with certainly not at this stage because it might overly worry anyone reading this.

G:- Robert you have often said that when we try and protect someone they think that they need to be protected or that it is so fearful they will not be able to deal with it.

R:- Yes but you don’t say on day one what the problems might be it could put folks off.

G:- You took issue with my suggestion to insert a small section about auric fields in the ‘articles introduction’ for the same reason. That fear of lower realms and possibilities might be enough to stop someone in their tracks. If that is so it is so. If they feared to go out of their homes because of the unknown or what they may encounter on the street that is where their cutting edge is. You cant just talk about all that is bright and light that’s not the reality of your world nor the influence that the lower dimensions have on a very very small fraction of your society. Yes there is plenty of good energy and guidance from higher realms, though I shall refrain from the word influence as it contains directive or manipulation connotations.

Some of your world leaders can be subtly influenced and manipulated to create discord so that the earth does not evolve and become a higher vibratory home. For most Hitler would come to mind as someone who fits that description. If you look at an old film of him giving one of his speeches it’s as if he is possessed. That’s not so far from the truth in the past people with such appeal have been known as ‘charismatics’ they could entice and bring many people along with their way of thinking. The collective conscious would then be changed by the many followers who had given over their free will. Not long after the fall of this intended Nazi world empire many thought, “why did I believe such nonsense” as if they too had become entranced literally in a trance.

R:- Are we to mention the regressives?

G: Are we not? You can’t say part of something without saying the other part

R:- This is way removed from saying some at the height of leading our societies have agendas for power and greed.

G:- it is but are we to say somethings are out of bounds?

R:- Well you wouldn’t try to tell a 3 year old that dad has sex with mum.

G:- Are you suggesting that we should temper aspects of reality. You see how does one decide what is appropriate or not? Your point is taken but adults are not children and to keep to certain subjects is a form of censorship.

R:- I agree I just didn’t think it would be coming up as a subject just yet

G:- Because again you have difficulty in mentioning that! You have come round to the idea of talking about aliens which you tactfully call our cousins and now you are concerned at talking about regressives.

R:- Ouch!

G:- There can’t be disclosure unless there is disclosure of all things. Its coming and it cant be stopped but each voice that mentions it gives another facet of it – in that way people can make up their own minds and not have limited facts. Information that comes from media is skewed. Awareness of who the helpful or unhelpful ones are is paramount.If we are to talk of things that are hidden we cant be selective. Awareness of spirituality has many aspects but it includes the forces resistant to it.

G:- How are you getting on with your deliberations from this morning?

R:- It felt uncomfortable for a while and I don’t know what to say really I would like to carry on but the reservations about the breadth of the scope of disclosure I haven’t fully digested. I can see one aspect reflected in what you were just saying. When I was meditating earlier one of the factors that became apparent was sitting with difficult decisions. If I said no and stopped this now I wouldn’t have future deliberations about what to say and how that might impact. Not so much the impacts of any decisions but not wanting future deliberations. I began to see deliberations would always be there and making a no decision wouldn’t of itself stop future deliberations – rather to see that I needed to allow myself to trust them.

G:- So from any situation comes something useful?

R:- Yes and your assertion about total disclosure – meaning of course that we all have the ability to deal with it- even if we doubt that we may.

G:- Everyone will deal with information differently some will ignore some will reject and some may ponder. Fear may be involved because information may be viewed through that feeling and for those there will be discord. That is not to cause harm but as said before it is the cutting edge of progress. If truth be known you all do this in everyday life – you hit your learning curve. So the fuller the picture the better- though it may not necessarily be the complete picture.