Time for more time

More than one beginning- future interacting with the past, inc diagrams -curvature of time experience and dimension overlays (just beginning to understand a little!) 16/03/15

A:- If any one has reached this far into our conversations they may be in for an interesting time.

R:- I thought we have covered most of what we had talked about in the past.

A:- That was then this is now.

R:- Time is that what we are revisiting

A:- In part – You have tried to understand time from within the constraints of time. If you are in a plastic bag you might be able to see out in some places but the bag will be wrinkled distorting your view and in any event where should you look out from and what to. It’s not easy to get your head round it from your perspective.

Remember the times when you encountered your self from the future and when you visited a part of you in the past.

R:- Yes – I’m wondering if you will be showing the difference between this and past life observation.

A:- Well if we come at it from a soul energetic perspective there can be some similarities. There are many parallel timelines these exist in energetic forms of vibration. In some ways these can be seen as alternative choices.

R:- That’s difficult to imagine because if they are parallel choices the possibilities will be endless and the number of time lines would be infinite.

A:- lets look at time lines in a totally different way. We can look at the start and the end- though this excludes eternity from the process for the moment. I will project some diagrams to you.

Do not think of time as a straight line. The start and the finish of a lifetime can be a circle so that the end and the beginning almost touch but there is tiny a gap (fig A)second diagram test 1

Superimpose upon that another and another (fig B) till you have what looks to be a worm or a wormhole (fig C). Bend the wormhole till its two ends nearly touch (fig D).

Now come back to figure A and imagine each of the rings is a lifetime or a lifespan so another lifetime can co exist adjacent to it figure B. Try to see each lifetime as a series of experiences that are patterns or vibrations as that will help.

diagram dThere will be a small degree of interface between the different time lines or vibrating patterns because they are adjacent. As you can see the tube – (fig D) is another start and finish not unlike figure(A). The beginning and end of a series of lifetimes.

However if the end (E) enters itself (A) – see FigF – the end enters the beginning- though of course now there is “no end to a beginning”. If (E) were a same size as (A) its time line would have to coincide with (A). It does in reality but it doesn’t entirely on the diagram ( as that is for showing the concept only) and I have shown this in the Figure F as a series of circles or rings that are closer together.

diagram fg(A) and (E) interact like a “resonance” a very similar vibration you might get when two voices coincide at exactly the same pitch.

So one vibration at one pitch when matched with the same as another in the same space and the same time creates an ‘overlay’ harmony resonance, which is different to the two being separate. I have shown this as (G) a series of dashed lines in figure F.

Therefore in the same space we have two different levels of vibration the original (A) and the subsequent following (E) Both have to exist in that way in order for the harmony (G) to exist. (E) flows within its previous (A) which creates the harmony. We now have different levels of vibration existing in the same space. Depending upon what you vibrate at you will se different things. If you vibrate at the original (A) you will see only (A) and be influenced by all your neighbours. If you reside in (E) you will see (E) but still be influenced by all neighbours.

If you reside in or vibrate to the harmony of (G) you will see both A&E but you will no longer be one or the other of those you will be aware of them but you exist as G . This is because G is the harmony of both making a different resonance.

Ok – how does this work in practice because its much more complicated than what I have shown. It’s not the reality of it but a principle to give a ‘feel’ of what it may be like. In order to understand something you have to feel it as well – a different kind of knowing something. Much like the eating of the pizza we said before.

The feeling that can be gauged from this is that lives are a series of circles and they can interface with one another to create different harmonies and different vibrational harmonic ‘planes’. I will reinforce the point again – the life times (A) are ‘experiences’ which are a series of ‘patterns’ or ‘vibrations’ of experience. This is what we previously talked about as karmic patterns and repeating energy vibrations. So when many lives have been repeated to harmonic (G) and the patterns are released the lower level of soul will have evolved enough to move away from the 3rd density karmic wheels to another frequency or dimension. That in turn will create a new series of lives on the 4th which is the new interface seeing both. The 5th Dimension is at the end of the circle again when the 4th is left behind. The 4th does not have to be an arduous task like the 3rd but merely to allow the energy to flow round mopping up the understandings on duality. Duality is removed when the harmony is complete when (G) flows round to meet itself again. It then becomes the ‘awareness’ of both looking at them at the same time. But when (G) meets itself in the 5th it no longer needs to look but merely live on that plane.

There are lots of different ways of looking at this and some will take issue with what I am saying but its trying to get over the principle of things happening in the same space and the intersection of time lines.

It won’t be lost on many that what we have is a doughnut shape a spiritual interface of ‘Planes’ that some have postulated as the shape of the universe. But that is where the difficulties lie.

diagram h 5Imagine the doughnut becomes so tight (H) it will be possible to have all life times on all levels or planes in contact with one another at the interface in the middle all connected on all levels.

If you look back at Figure (F) I have left the gaps of start and finish as the original Figure (A). This means the start and end of (A’s) is at the centre of (fig H) then all begins and ends in the centre and all your lives on all your ‘planes’ or ‘dimensions’ begin and end at the middle.

diagram h 9

If we superimpose other doughnuts on top of figure H as other parts of the Monad and other soul groups we end up with a torus shape the basic form of all and nothing and endlessness or the eternal nature of our souls.

The next difficulty is seeing how these interact. You will need to see the perpetual Torus ( fig Torus 2) for that. You might ask how does that relate to the other closed doughnut with a very tiny hole in the middle (fig I). Well it is a doughnut shape but the lines of energy are twisted. Try to see it all as a vibratory pattern.

torus2I can see you are struggling to relate the two together- remember they are just an example trying to show how one vibration affects another and how combined vibrations create higher ones or harmonies that I have likened them to. For the moment lets just say they are similar as it gets very complicated. Think of the center and all of the rest as a vibration with different dimensions vibrating in the same space. In this way you will begin to ‘feel’ the multidimensional eternal nature of the soul.

I shall not go down the path of trying to explain how this works out on universal terms where matter changes and upgrades itself. Suffice to say every single thing is connected when one considers the torus shape often depicted in ancient texts it’s the same as how energy works within a chakra. I can see by looking at your energy that you have grasped that and got the feel of it in the round.

R:- you mean if I can someone else can?

A:- Is that not the point! These conversations are for you as a ‘non expert’ and also for any other person interested in reading them.

There are other shapes and dimensions that fit within this torus so it’s by no means the final picture

All right then – I started by saying could you remember when within this lifetime your life had intersected with past or future ones. You can of course but you are not aware of them all nor within other life times. This is where some might think it gets into the realms of sci-fi. However truth can be stranger than fiction.

An example of time manipulation is where we had to interject in the background unbeknown to those involved in the Montauk project on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. They had back engineered another race’s technology from a downed craft. It was a project that was getting way out of control and was interfering with time lines. We also have grave concerns about the experiments being undertaken at both of the underground colliders. There is a danger here that inter-dimensional connections can be made allowing lower dimensions and the entities that exist there to influence your current one. Have no worries on this we are constantly monitoring what is going on and will interject if we need to.

You do not need to go down any of the above routes we have better technologies for power which we are happy to share on a global basis so that they do not belong to a particular organisation. Beware of any future global organisation waiting to roll out some of the hidden technologies currently held back. There should be no control by any group it is for all to share and understand. New energy technologies could be high jacked by the current energy and oil conglomerates that would see it as their next revenue stream and elicit control.

Readers might like to see ‘Thrive the movie’ free on YouTube. Take note there are other energy sources in addition to ones described in that presentation but that’s all for future disclosures when the human awareness on earth reaches certain levels of spiritual responsibility.

R:- You got off the point about intersecting life times

A:- Yes I did but I was trying to show how all things are connected not only spirituality – the you and us – but the technology that will be necessary to stop the harm to mother earth. Every thing is connected and so what happens on earth has an impact on everything else in this galaxy (including us) so that is another reason why we are helping at this stage. It will affect our future as well as yours though we also do what we do out of love because many of your soul lives and DNA came from our home world which you once inhabited.

So then Sci-fi, time travel messing around with time lines is not looked upon very favourably to say the least. If we look at the universe from an ‘evolutionary spiritual soul development’ it will give a different perspective. Is that not the prime purpose of living and being? All the rest, while connected is a secondary purpose – it is part of the experiential aspect or putting ‘into being’ the desire to be whole again.

If we retrace our steps back to diagram (F) we can see that one lifetime will occupy the same space as another one in a different time. Its possible to move between one and the other or for one to affect the other

R:- That would mean the first one would be altered and it would no longer exist as it first was and then it would have affected the second overlay so that it ripples and ripples. Even the second intersection would be different and it may then not then interfere with the first.

A:- Excellent then you have understood the purpose the initial interference is to ensure there needs not be any future interference.

R:- so an interference in a previous lifetime is to make sure the one above doesn’t have to- some sort of repair? Going back to fix something that was not intended? This is beginning to give me a headache.

A:- Well that’s to do with you jumping ahead and trying to see what you cant see. A bit like a mirror image of what I am trying to say. You are seeing it back to front.This was never going to be easy and I might need to give you several examples before you grasp it. Try not to think ahead or think through the existing concepts that you already hold. I would then have to not so much dismantle them (you can keep them if you wish) but help you to see how they are unhelpful. In order to show how unhelpful they are you would have to understand the fullness of what I know. That at the moment is many lifetimes away my friend.

R:- Yes wow! Another reflection of what you were saying about not having now what I might have in the future – its impossible for me to understand or compute it because I would have to have done it at the low-level first – which I haven’t but I have already at the higher level.

A:- You’re gradually getting it. Now try not to understand it because within your lower mind that will it inhibit the flow. Get the feel of it first.

R:- It makes sense and it also fits in with the ‘just stop’ conversation – albeit that was talking about transition from 3rd density through 4th to 5th.

A:- Good to see the connections being made- may I return to talking but please try not to compute information from your existing data base as that will slow down the flow and may distort the information being projected.

R:- Yes of course

A:- Let us go back to some very basics. Your science tells you in the beginning there was nothing then there was something a pre-thought and then the expansion of your universe. Well there are several universes like yours which were started from outside of themselves – yes that’s correct several universes with each one having multitudes of galaxies and different levels of vibrations or planes. There are many different life forms on the different planes within this universe some of which have never experienced life on a planet to them it would be as alien for me to say – you should be as fish constrained by the sea and that till you experience it you will never know how wonderful it is. So there is much that you do not know not only about your galaxy but your solar system and energies that exist within it.

Each universe was brought into being and each is ultimately connected. We have a good basic understanding of how this happened and how the dimensions work together. You yourself have experienced the ‘shinning blackness’ in one meditation but that is only a tiny facet of a part of your higher soul.

We know there are beings or entities that can pass from one universe to another but we have little knowledge of them or what kind of hyper-ways they use or indeed what their intention was. One of our theories is they may actually be us in some form from the far future creating the far past.

So for even us the eternal flame as some call it is beyond our exact knowledge. In someway I bit like you trying to understand me.

Suffice to say there are many spiritual levels and some of them are so far beyond us – levels from which entities or souls never wish to return. Its quite possible they expand to create new things in some ways.

Don’t forget I am trying to put this in very basic terms. We have a lot more knowledge of these things some of which would be unwise to impart to you at your low levels. You haven’t grasped all I have said but its close enough to give an idea.

I said lets start at the beginning – I then went on to try and explain that it depends on what beginnings would we be referring to as those can be changed.

So coming back from the giddy heights ‘above your concepts’ where there are a variety of beginnings we are a bit more back to earth.

R:- sorry to interrupt but that would mean there are a variety of beginnings reflected in all levels so that would include us as well.

A:- Quite so – I do think you are getting the hang of this explanation however please do not try to jump ahead as you were picking up my next thoughts before I spoke them.

R:- Sorry to go off-piste but I’m beginning to wonder if there are original thoughts or if I’m picking up things that I have or you have already thought in the future.

A:- Good but you are getting ahead yet again; try not to run before you can walk. There is a lot of explanation to unfold before you can see more of ‘what it is’ in a greater entirety. Because all is connected we will have a lot of subjects to cover in the coming days. The choice is yours but I would suggest some further meditation and rest.

R:- Thanks I look forward to more headaches from future processing!

A:- You like to end with humour I can see that’s a form of release.