More Andromedan introductions

Combined thoughts- Joint communication – seeing the difference – who is who when you’re all us.


A:- These are some of my comrades. Pleneena, Susquarlia and Penedran.

R:- (they stand on my left and I greet them)

Penedran:- Robert welcome to this small fold it is good that our minds do mix. Now then this may seem very different. If our minds combine (by the twisting forces shown to you earlier) what is your thought and what is mine? In this moment what you hear you think is my thought- but is that so?

R:- Who else?

P:- Combined thoughts- some psychics on earth work in “groups”- a circle of people to form a greater channel energy, though the group is very dependent on the vibration of the individuals. A similar thing is happening with us as you sit with us in our vibration. We are channeling thoughts between ourselves. There are many ways to channel – not just in & up (though you were taught you to do that in the beginning for good reason). That said having done so upon these levels it is safe to go out and explore in any direction. There are things to learn not just about history but also about ways of thinking, acting or responding.

R:- A bit like I’m piggy backing on your energies?

P:-In a way but see it more as the collective possibility. To what we wish to say; – In the beginning there was no time, then in another beginning there was. There are many beginnings and endings in every minutest part of your smallest measurement of time. Flux, destruction and birth or ‘hologram’ quite what beginning you work from is another matter. It makes a difference to where you end up- it has to. 1 more introSo if you have had many beginnings and endings what are you?

R:- All and none- each and all ending and beginning?

P:- No what are you really?

R:- Experience?

P:- Lets put it another way-  See it as a flat plane, which we stand on. We can see all beginnings and endings and all possibilities of beginnings and endings. Now as we stand see them all around us, it feels fine and relaxed a program, replicated programs a bit like a fractal but each one a slightly different one because of its previous. Here they all are. 2 more intro

R:- Do they touch?

P:- Some times – all around reminiscences of past and future- the is-ness just like Psychometry pick up one and see where it goes.

R:- Its so relaxed here but picking up a thread makes me giddy it zigzags about. Little movements and bigger ones- Whoa! I am somewhere where I was before 3 more introdeja vu.

P:- Now imagine several intersect where you stand and that those intersections are us in the now. You can look to anyone of us individually for communication or to a collective because we are interconnected.

R:- So this isn’t just you P it’s the three of you.

P:- Yes, in a way- we as more than one can have a joint communication.

R:- That’s all very well but ‘I’ as in Robert is/am speaking with you and you all and the replies are coming back from all of you as if you were a collective consciousness- But for me I am experiencing it as communication from one and that would be you Penedran.

P:- What’s wrong with that we are speaking with one voice are we not- So how is it for us?

R:- The same?

P:- It can be but it depends on who is transmitting or receiving and how. In this instance I am transmitting from the three of us thats why it feels as only me. The point I’m trying to get over is about ‘information’ it exists in a vibratory pattern. We have all had different takes on or experiences of that information- or building blocks of experience. So ‘information’ can be imbued with many different experiences of different cultures. So when you view that information it depends upon your culture and stand point as to what you see. However the more you let go of your stand point the more you see different experiences and different interpretations of the same information. In this way you will be able to communicate more easily with us and we with you.

We see your projected thought – “how is this going to work and how is your sanity to be maintained?” In a way a thought is a thought but is it yours? What is your thought? is it an original thought or has it been thought of many times before? Are you just picking up thoughts and emotions from earth peoples collective consciousness. What is original? The more you see of who you are and how you actually work or function the more you will see that you are ‘less separate’. An individual yes but in a sea of collectiveness which you are an extension of. You can access information from all and sundry and the collective. In away you have seen the collective as ‘out there’ when actually it’s inside you.

We stand around you and we stand within you. The bit that’s inside you is us, out here having the experience of Robert.

R:- There are so many experiences of different people and with different types of lives how can I as outside experience them as us, inside. So I remove myself- I’m now experiencing that I am outside me and reaching back inside to experience me. – Oh wow the feelings are so intense he’s desperate for love and to belong. Phew back inside!

P:- You’re messing about- That’s not the same that was you feeling yourself without all of you in there! Of course the part left behind feels that way when you pulled away. Stay focused please.

Over recent days you have struggled with thoughts- who’s are they and are they yours, someone else’s, or even aspects of you that are not conjoined (others in your soul group) – that’s because you have been on the cusp of what we are now talking about. One mind believing it is many and many believing they are of ‘one mind’. There are of course different levels of oneness or separateness in oneness. So there you have it original and not original sitting side by side as one and the same- beginning and ending.

The flux- the beginning and ending of a life- a series of lifetimes or the beginnings and endings within the very moment of the flux itself. So when we started to talk about lifetimes, we said which beginning? Birth or death a vibration here, then not here, a computer 1 and a 0, a fractal that changes in constant birth and death.

R:- I understand what you are saying the hologram is so fast, death and birth are instantaneous but I am constantly feeling that this hologram is real. As if I am walking on one edge of the birth and death.4 more intro

P:- But another part of you exists over there.

R:- What’s in the middle?

P:- The between, that’s not no existence that’s just between.

R:- Obviously I’m going off at a tangent- I will let you lead.

P:- Selenquar porttalamar penetay susqua

All as one and one as all, for the all are strong as one, as there are many all is good. This is a description about the clarity of the many in the one- such that the group consciousness is uncluttered or undamaged. With our combined thoughts there will be greater clarity – greater trust. Combinations of clarity of thought resonated by many that have depth and clarity and fineness of vibration. To this you are connected and with this you do vibrate. Whist you do not know very much of this level- its only matter of consequence is that you are attuned to it in order that you may receive messages and information of clarity. Tomorrow Antemedi will expand further your understanding of ‘flux’

The group of Pleneena (pleh-nee-na) now wish to speak with one voice

“ All that you are and all that you are to be is known and will befall and come about. Many prophecies are made on global scales as well as individual ones. Yet even these depend upon the clarity of the listener as well as the originator. Yes the originator as well – because many listeners can hear false originators – either ill informed or manipulative and clever. You know us individually and as groups and we see with greater clarity than you so if you wish close your eyes come with us and let us take you to places you have never seen before”