Paradox of all – Arksar


AR: – There is still much I wish to say- I am partway through an explanation which you seem to think is not going anywhere. To the contrary do not get bogged down by the letting go of current perspective. Please read what we wrote the last time and then carry on.

R: – Having read it I can see I am not engaging as you pointed out so please carry on.

AR: Time lines and fractals are all part of the moment of now. Yet we also say the moment of now has no time so we could say – why is it a time line?

R: – So its both none and all of these

AR: – In a way. You have these ‘concepts’ locked into place in your mind and energetic presence. But a new concept becomes a new barrier or prison. The ah-hah moment of learning something becomes a new fence, a containment it is just further forward in front of you.

R: – Yes so right you are its like jumping a hurdle picking it up and placing it back in front.

AR: – You like my projected images. So how to be different to this- if you look back at all of the conversations I have been involved with them, you will see this is a common theme through out. Constantly trying to show you that new information is not the answer or the success or the greater meaning. Of course in some ways it is but believing those words ‘the answer’ ‘the success’ in the greater meaning they become the answer and the trap. We would like you to let go of all concepts!

R: – Even the concept of concept?

AR: – Yes

R: – To conceive is to bring into focus to think before we create.

AR: – That maybe so but you do so from concepts not from free flow. Think of a flower petal with its striations, veins and colours, see its connection at the bud and the outer edges which are just fraying as if the petal has past its fullness and is about to decay or have its life force energy removed. We have shown you (sorry to use the word but) the concept of the perpetual flower. How energy changes in the rebirth of each petal, not needing to be informed by what is was before. See this flower within your heart.

R: – OMG I can see the energies you talk of – of course there are different ways of seeing energy but I have not seen them like this before.

AR: – Also at you’re back as well as a vortex through the middle and out. The regeneration powerhouse. The heart will not hold onto what it thinks it is- it knows it is what ever it thinks it is – even not to think or wonder of itself – all beyond definition. I am showing yourself in such a way so you see yourself as this – beyond definition.

R: – Ok accepted.

AR: – Not as yet you haven’t. Let us go through some incantations to reinforce this: – I am neither male nor female, I am both and neither, I am neither human nor not human – I am and I am not. I am neither a paradox nor a duality as I once thought; yet I am and I am not. All these are just definitions of what is after all limitlessness. I am that which is beyond definition.

R: – I have odd thoughts coming in from way back about different starting points.

AR: – Indeed I know for I too have been alongside you in different forms but mostly unseen. I am connected to you at deep soul levels why else would I take the time in love and patience to talk, challenge and explain.

R: – Indeed thank you.

AR: – So say again these incantations.

R: – Interesting as I said them I had a realisation. Some time back when you said don’t think of yourself as human that was just to lift the anchor. For now it’s moved on so I can say, I am not human and I am human but I am attached to neither definition for they are definitions and no definitions because everything is limitless.

AR: – Do you believe you are?

R: -At some level I am

AR: – But not you, as if you do not own higher levels nor that higher levels own you.

R: – Well it’s quite a jump from limited to partially limited to no limitations at all.

AR: – Freedom of thought I would call that. Open to any thought, no restrictions to thought.

R: – Sounds great and it is the way but I cant live like that while I am in this world.

AR: – Why not?

R: – Perhaps all my recent memories are of not being such a thing.

AR: – You need to feel you are somebody, someone or something – You think if you are limitless you will no longer be you. But you are not Robert he is just one of your experiences of you. So you say “if I am not him who am I? If ‘I am all things’ then it feels as if I am lost in the totality of all”

R: – Absolutely spot on but I have also had the opposite a few years ago, a feeling of being lost when I am the smallest definition of myself as if the more that was cut away there would be nothing left, now the opposite way round.

AR: – So to the limitless, so spread out as if to not know who you were. Lets go to that definition with the realisation it is another boundary.

R: – How many boundaries are there?

AR: – As many as you like.

R: – What if I said none

AR: – Well boundaries exist and they don’t, its limitless and a matter of choice. So limited boundaries or unlimited boundaries, which do you choose?

R: – Unlimited boundaries

AR: – Then you are limited.

R: – I shouldn’t choose to have them or not to have them.

AR: – Then you are everywhere and you are all things. As you see this you can give to all things and all things will give to you for it is one and the same. You give it experience and it gives you experience. The all and the I, all at the same time. That’s how soul groups, monads and higher selves speak to you as ‘I’ because it is and everyone else has the expression as ‘I’ for that is also so.

R: – I feel a little further forward so what is to unfold from this?

AR: – Everything and no thing

R: – Choice

AR: – Is not choice restriction?

R: – In as much as having no choice is a restriction.

AR: – But do you have to choose?

R: – Well all life is a form of choice- I have chosen to listen to you.

AR: – Have you?

R: – You mean its all part of an interactive time line, an experience where we believe we have choices but it’s just an experience we have. That choice at higher levels is a complex interactive program of coalescing lessons of experience.

AR: – Yes

R: – So choice and no choice. You said before this would just mean that our communication was easier and that in itself, is good. But I don’t really feel any different just that I have a concept of no-concept and of limited and limitless concepts.

AR: – Should you feel any different?

R: – No energy releases?

AR: – No not this time – should the lights flash and the bells ring like some cascade of coins from a one-armed bandit or fruit machine- that you have some how hit the jackpot.



R: – I liked you last comment yesterday, I suppose the opposite would be true, decorum and modesty.

AR: – Yes and no all are possible – However I would now like to remove ‘ your expectations’ because these also create boundaries.

R: – Its really odd the more ‘limitless’ the less I feel I have, as if I am giving myself away- true they are definitions but to have no definition at all feels like having nothing because all my life has been about defining me and the world.

AR: – Even when you were a child?

R: – Well maybe not in the beginning when I was unaware of choice.

AR: – Ok let’s move forward again, let us expect nothing and everything and not expect at all, remove it from our dictionary. What else then do you think stands in your way?

R: – Many things, lack of patience in some areas or frustrations – these are of recent but may have attachments to the work we are doing together.

AR:-Ok let us take another step forward.

R: – I can see a deep ravine in front of me – I did not expect that.

AR: – Unless you wanted to be stopped in your tracks.

R: – Why would I do that?

AR: – To maintain control.

R: – But in the here and now I am not aware of that. (Then by AR not responding on purpose I realise that control is also a definition of me). To not be in control or to be ‘out of control’ as if unstable as if to have no boundaries at all – that somehow boundaries are a form of control and I don’t want to be out of control.

AR: – Good but there is more – there are no controls

R: – There is cause and effect and positive and negative energies.

AR: – But there is no control. Let me begin this in a different way. How can you control freedom? How can you control limitlessness- they are not compatible.

R: – No rules.

AR: – That’s not quite the same thing, rules of nature like water is made from H2o or that energy begats itself in its own reflection. I am talking about no controlling parameters to possibility.

R: – Ok understood.

AR: – To the next – Anticipation.

R: – We looked at that earlier.

AR: – Not in fullness – we used expectation of return or expectation of experience. Anticipate is to ponder upon the likely outcome and getting ready to experience that. Getting ready to experience something is not the experience of it. It is the experience of anticipation. Now then nothing wrong in that you may say. However most often anticipation contains definitions (which are not helpful) such as ‘will it be positive or negative’ ‘a problem or a joy?’ In this way you will begin to cloud what will be or what is because you have superimposed over it ‘a few limited possibilities’ within the moment before it arrives.

R: – Surely isn’t this life- we think about what we want put something into place within the anticipation of it happening either in the way we wish or some other form- because we try to look at the possibilities.

AR: – Indeed this is your life. Do you think that’s the only way life can be?

R: – That’s what you are trying to show – thank you.

AR: – So anticipation, pre-thoughts of a potential event to unfold either in the near moment or far moment. As you have so clearly shown this is so ingrained within your psyche that it is hard to allow other possibilities. I could say I have pondered on this explanation (and at one level that is a description) but I have also not pondered upon it. We are in this moment together there is a time line that you are experiencing that we have both been involved with at higher dimensions. There is a word intuition – which means you know in the moment with out pre-thought. The thought or deed or experience is there it arrives as if out of the blue. Yet it was there before it arrived as a ‘greatest potential for it to arrive’. It coalesced within the interactive program or matrix of all. So at my level of seeing I cannot really say I pondered though you will have interpreted that of my earlier conversations because of your previous perceptions – not perceiving at the levels of commune. So there we are ‘the explanation of anticipation and not anticipating’ was hindered by your perception.

R: – So you live more and more in the moment in complete trust of what is to unfold without anticipation of even joy because you know you are the next moment of expression.

AR: – That’s quite a sensible way to put it- there are still some more barriers you have in place.

R: – Nothing is easy I suppose.

AR: – That’s a barrier is it not! – The anticipation of how things will flow and how you define easy or difficult, how you hold on to these to define your experience – then you define yourself by your experience.

R: – Yes but this all feels illusive and therefore a sense of not easy.

AR: – Yet again you are looking at the present moment and deciding the experience of the present moment is a definition of what and who you are. Your feelings take over your body and you become them.

R: – Mirror of a mirror you said, the same thing again and again but it made a difference this time. Like its complicated but very simple – yet I am still not of the full awareness of it. Still there is this frustration so I will acknowledge the feeling as it is justified on one level (I wont ignore it) but I will not allow a sensation to become me in totality.

AR: – Ok so the recognition of how you are informed of what the moment contains – even if that’s frustration. What is –is – what isn’t- isn’t. Let your mind wander let it not wander, the moment is all, it contains all you shall need because it is a part of you, see yourself as the co-creator of your experience and other peoples experience. What frustration is there in that? Let us strike out again and move forward, walk out over the ravine as if it is not there, knowing it is but that it has no affect upon us.

R: – We walk over to a land of wide expanse. As we put one footstep in front it forms the experience, a path appears and flowers propagate beside it. In the next step large foliage and rocks form and then we are upon a mountain path with an open area to our right, which allows us a view of the other side of the valley. I am then struck by seeing the lecture theater on the other side and Antemedi further ahead on the path. So I say to Antemedi that Arksar is a good teacher and has brought much. We say words of welcome between the 3 of us. Antemedi wishes us on our way – as we walk further down the path it gets a little darker and cooler.

AR: – Feels a little more contained I would say.

robert-art-work-20-01-15-110R: – It has the feeling of entering a wood in a fairy tale- (AR then points to an area without trees where it gets much brighter) It’s all very peaceful and its possible to go up to the meadow plants and see the flowers and insects. As I look forward I realise it’s a place I painted as a night scene many years ago. Now its daytime. Further down the hill are some standing stones in a circle further on there are rolling hills with an energetic sky. We make our way down to the standing stones. I stand in front of one of the stones so I am facing towards the centre of the circle with my back to the stones. AR stands outside the circle just to the rear of my right shoulder. In the middle a man appears in a light blue cloak- he is filled with energy and walks towards me but beckons me to walk towards the centre of the circle. When I get to the centre a circular platform rises beneath my feet so that I move upwards. Yet at the same time I have several points of focus, as if I am split between all of them. I have the thought where shall I be, up here or down there or in front of the stone with my back to it. There are only so many perspectives I can have at any one time – that some how I am missing out on other perspectives so which perspective should I choose? Then I am back at the stone with AR

AR: – This is your misconception because you have many opportunities of experience, you wonder which one you should be in. Furthermore you also see higher levels in such a way – that they must have knowledge of all things and be aware of all experience so you then think how are they capable of that. Whereas this is ‘potential’ this is limitless – your focus can remain in one place or move around. It moves to where it does most often because of the time lines of maximum possibility. You don’t have to be aware of every total possibility. You think that limitless possibility means you still have to have an awareness of what is possible otherwise you wont be able to do or experience it.

So live in whatever focus you are in – you shouldn’t be in any other, the coalescence is what is. Let the moment and the focus unfold.

R: – I have the sense something is missing or I am missing something.

AR: – Is that not always to be?

R: – How so?

AR: – You are sensing limitlessness – there is no way you can fully experience limitlessness, not because you are limited but because there are no limits. It’s about redefining or not defining and letting go of definitions.

R: – Ok thank you but where to now? I feel there is choice but whilst I experience that – it is also a time line that I have co-created. Yet the feelings tell me that I have choice in the here and now and do not know what to choose as the most fruitful.

AR: – Should every moment be fruitful?

R: – Well it should not be wasted.

AR: – What is wasteful? Only you decide what is wasteful. It seems easier to see where you may waste time rather than what is there for you to be. So just do from the heart and judge not what it shows and brings to you.

R: – (return from short break) I still have the sense I am missing something.

AR: – Your sense of humour?

R: – So don’t be serious about this unusual contact and information.

AR: – Be joyous at it – is it not a wonderful thing!

R: – Yes, but there is a but and I am not sure what it is.

AR: – Do you wish me to spell it out for you?

R: – Lack of control elsewhere in my life?

AR: – In part. Yet you stand at a crossroads, there is a feeling that there is much traffic flowing left and right so fast that you cannot see it. On the other side is another part of you that looks back at you and there is a divide between the two of you.

R: – Ok I stop the traffic and move over to him but he remains stationary like a statue so I enter this part of me and look back at where I came from. Is that where I was, am I looking at a memory or am I still there? Yet if I move on I will leave him behind. This is my sense of frustration I walk into the middle of the road and see an endless flow of mirrors reflecting the same thing – a need to escape

AR: – There are infinite possibilities which is what you are picking up on. There are infinite paradoxes and these exist within your mind and they will be reflected back by infinite mirrors. There are infinite ways in which to learn and interact with others.

R: – What you are showing me makes me feel lost as if I shall not get a handle on it but I don’t want to give up.

AR:- Then give yourself over to yourself.

R: – Where and how?

AR: – In the now- give up- give in- give over but at the same time don’t give up, or give in because these are all reflections in the mirrors. If all these are for the self then the giving in doesn’t exist nor does the not giving in- for you are you.

R: – I am shown several scenarios, which are all quite confusing. Maybe I am trying to make sense of limitlessness and you cant. Looking into the possibilities within limitlessness is also pointless – its complete potential and it goes beyond the boundary of existence – which is every thing and nothing. There is no way to rationalize this energy of potential – this place, these thoughts, thus I must turn away from them and only in turning away from exploring limitlessness will I understand it – that is to say it can not be understood. For to be understood It Has To Be Experienced and the full experience of limitlessness is not possible- certainly not by one individuation of a diverse soul. In any event how much of the limitlessness is a repetition, a mirror of the same thing in a slightly different way, An infinite number of ways of writing words on paper like I am doing now. So I must turn away from this, close the door- know that it is so, know that it is not anything else- just potential. That potential without expression is nothing other than potential that needs action or plan. It isn’t even a plan or an information field- its just raw potential.

AR: – I am so glad you got that, how you pulled down and listened to that information coming from yourself at higher levels.

R: – Makes you wonder if some souls go into such a place in their mind and get lost or go mad.

AR: – It is possible some may entertain these thoughts within themselves. Remember this is your limitless potential but none of it is fixed.

R: – What happens when there is no time line?

AR: – Well some realms don’t have time but it doesn’t mean that chaos rules – the coalescence still takes place within the limitless potential.

R: – So do our thoughts or thought forms go out into this potential?

AR: – The potential goes into them and they are not lost- which is what you were feeling. The thought forms have a purpose, a need, a desire and in that purity the potential fits around that to create events and reactions.

R: – Extraordinary!

AR: – Yes we are.

R: – Glad I didn’t get lost in there.

AR: – I was with you I took you in and in any event it is you.

R: – So these thought forms are the important factors – This is what is meant about co creators – not only of experience but the reality of soul.

AR: – Yes but the hole goes deeper than that.

R: – Thank you for this, I have a little more insight into higher mind and how it works.

AR: – You are welcome – there is more shall we continue?

R: – You know the answer is yes

AR: – Well I thought that it would be good to appear to show you choice but that your thought forms had already made that choice. I know of your databases in your collective consciousness – thus the expression ‘from out of the chaos’ is out of the potential. So onwards and upwards let us return to soul group level to see what you and I and all have to say- we return to the large auditorium.

All: – Welcome, take a seat you both. We-I-have much to say in this space, much can happen and little can happen. You have seen and encountered ultimate potential upon its outer edges and you have had an experience of it from and of your potential understanding. There is much more to the potential of us than you have seen, however it can make you feel more comfortable here- You not only have a right to be here but also you belong here as well. This allows you to accept my words more easily because you have explored this place, which is within you. Now walk into the middle for it is the middle of yourself. Do you have a question?

R: – My questions would inform the answer and I may go off at a tangent from where the greater pre-thoughts and thought forms can go into the potential – so my level would only interfere with that.

All: – Then you fully know the meaning of – seek not and you shall find all that you are.

R: – Circles within circles

All: – bubbles within bubbles – Now you can see thought forms from the higher desires have created an additional body form.

R: – As I go forwards I engage with it and it says- because you have less connection or holding to the ideas of what being human is, you can have multiple body forms. Where ever you go upon the multi realms you may reflect back that which is conducive to the viewer. As I begin to experience this I even feel I am the shape of Arksar and feel the weight and movement of a larger head.

Once this energy is steady I ask a question even though I know it informs the direction and answer. Is this shape shifting?

AR: – Not in the sense you think of it- in the way you use it, you refer to deception and a need to deceive or be untruthful. This energy means you are able to interact more easily because you will be less defensive of who you think you are and you will see those that are brought to you as other expressions, so that they also may experience and see your expressions.