Andromedan names

23rd July 2015

Tat-ey-em-a-lah ( what will be,will,for it is meant) Antemedi introduces me to Susquarlia (female) whom I had seen before.

SQ (Susquarlia) I have had my name for a long time, it was a name of my choice. It is not my childhood name but it expresses my personality outlook and interests. Susquanapah, who you have also met is a name similar to mine. These are derivatives from the very old word ‘Susqa’ which is a very deep inclusive meaning of love,including strength and acceptance. We do have other words for love,some are related to activities or professions, though for us jobs are the same as hobbies and are expressions of who we are.

R What is arlia in the last part of your name?

SQ That will require several ways to explain it

R “All around” is what it means, i knew it before you were to say it!

SQ Let me rephrase it for you- ‘everywhere in every moment I am at home and at peace.

R What an incredible name

SQ It has the feminine in it like french speakers ascribe male or female.

R What of male names like Antemedi?

SQ Anteme is a word meaning crossing barriers,breaking new ground with purpose.

R Your words have greater meaning than ours

SQ Yes and no – you can take any of your words and ascribe lots to them. For example ‘discipline’ can be seen as oppressive or constructive yet within the context of love discipline can be soft and affirming.

R Good point what about the ‘di’ at the end of Antemedi?

SQ Trusting to get finished, utmost reliability

R Wow thats wonderful just the way he is.

SQ Robert your 5th dimensional self here has a name- Telenatey- the bringer, the bearer of others pain, wide shoulders for many tasks and strength to move past and beyond pain.Alien- andromedan- picture Telenatey

R Thank you so kind (* Note as you probably know time is a construct for the experience of separateness and duality whereas we are multi- dimensional beings)

SQ In order to be more of your 5th you will need  to fully accept that you are not you – for the you, you think you are still feels separate- that is only an illusion and we wish to take you past that. It will require your time, dedication and further clearing and daily visits when ever you can. Do not finish with another thank you to us – for the best way to show love or thanks  is to attend to the matter we speak of.

Antemedi as drawn by Janette Oakman Superb likeness- strange ears and very long neck though his forehead is slightly bigger in width and his skin colour is blueishAlien Andromedan Antemedi