Andromedan female perspective

The views of Argoney an Andromedan woman, a visit to her apartment, meeting her family and playing with her children and their toys.


Following a mini lecture on the differences in values I am taken down to the front to meet one of the speakers. She introduces herself as Argoney – see portrait (AG)

R:- I’m told by Antemedi that you would like to give a female perspective.

AG:- We have merged many male and female aspects of ourselves but as either male or female we are not exactly the same because that would mean we are hermaphrodites. The roles between the sexes on your planet are clear to you; here you will find it different. Of course I look more female than male because that’s what I am. Females can aspire to be anything they wish. There is true equality here. Many males look after and nurture children, though it is our older members of society that tend to do the rearing educational aspects. Not only do they have great wisdom but they have achieved many things they set out to do.Alien Andromedan picture - Argoney

As a female do I appear softer to you than a male in my touch and manner? Or is it merely your perception from your value system that sees me in such a way?

R:- Both males and females do indeed feel soft, gentle and wise but there is a very perceptible difference.

AG:- That is so. Loving bonds still take place between couples for we have attractions to one another. You however perceive my comments through your lower energies as to what love and attraction are. I wish to remind you that hormones and chemicals rush around in your body. You are drawn to us all as a race because of our higher vibrations and it creates a desire to be with us and experience the peace harmony and love. We are very aware that male terrans (earth humans) can also be drawn to us females for additional reasons. Our presence can trigger things in your chemical make up and attraction to us can be enhanced dramatically.

R:- ( I feel a little blushed as she says this and think it’s a good job my wife doesn’t know what I am feeling at present its very intense)

AG:- You are very respectful, aware and take responsibility for your feelings and actions. Please just see it as an observation of what happens nothing more. None of us here would use that difference between our races to persuade or manipulate. We are not drawn to male terrans though it is a fact it happens the other way round. It doesn’t stop discord/conversation but for some male terrans it takes a while for mutuality to settle down.

R:- (I then think of other encounters where I have had to push such feelings to the back of my mind and tried to hide them – at least I now know its just vibrations, chemicals and hormones and that I couldn’t hide them! I’m glad its out in the open as I feel less embarrassed)

AG:- Males and females here are drawn together at different levels; we don’t become attracted through our lower chakras like you. Sometimes partners do not remain bonded in the way you see things. Sex is not our prime driver it is a union at a higher level of love. Procreation happens for different reasons to you. Our desires for what we do are not driven by insecurity or power.

R:- (We walk a while till we get to her living space)

Alien- Andromedan- TollomeAG: – I have all I need in my apartment- here is my partner Tollome – see portrait (T).

R:- Thank you both for showing me around

(They have two children playing together with some kind of learning game. The apartment over looks a more urban scene, which is still green, but different to the majority of buildings, which are, built around the edge of the major open parks. There are shutters that flow like the tinted glass of light sensitive spectacles. The tone is adjusted by ‘thought’ to let in more or less light, the lighting on the inside is also changed by thought. There is no apparent kitchen but a sort of small workspace, there are wafers and sachets and the drinks are fruit or plant based. There are no televisions).

T:- We have learnt that your televisions are propaganda purveyors where you give over your will power to others and you blindly believe all that you are told. We would not waste our lives in front of such devices or games consoles. We do have story telling but most of that is about history and potential to be. We would prefer our spare time to be together or being in the park where we just enjoy its energy and reflect it back into its nature.

We have more multifunction/lecture theaters than would you as we are very social and desire to be together. Some are used for music and some are “vibrational centers”- resonance areas for enjoyment in the company of many who come together for love and friendship. Our energies go out from us and resonate in harmonies. We do this mentally and emotionally without speaking. It’s like sharing the love of oneself with everyone – these are blissful exchanges.

This has nothing to do with sex for I see that the word bliss resonates with you as ecstasy, which you then correlate with sexual energy.

We also talk- mentally communicate within groups or outside of them. We let our vibration draw us to where we need to be or feel to be. We don’t speak out loud but exchange thoughts and work is our ‘interest or hobby’

R: – Very different to us – in our relationships we tend to see or experience them not only from duality but also from an individual interpretation. Are you saying that you interpret things as ‘more of a group feeling’?

T:- I can see why you might think that but we are all individuals, we have different personalities and we have free will and choice. Our experiences, soul growth and current choices make us who we are. That is another reason to enjoy another’s company and to share thoughts and feelings.

R:- What of excitement?

T:- What do you mean?

R:- looking forward to something that will be happening

T:- Why do that, why not be full in every moment why look ahead to being full or fulfilled?

R:- I see what you say but I guess that came out of a feeling of seeking for more where as you find it internally. But it feels like there is no joy for you in having something new or different

T:- You express your external desires again which cannot be fulfilled. In this moment this conversation for me is unusual so I am very much enjoying it.

R:- With respect- I am interpreting your life style as fairly flat or monotone.

T:- from where you come from I suppose so. But what is flat? -The absence of fear doubt and ridicule and the presence of nurture and love in its place?

R:- Well I like to sail and feel the wind and sense the pounding through the waves – though the calm is sometimes relaxing.

T:- Communing with nature?

R:- But with an edge

T:- The edge being the not knowing?

R:- Pounding through the waves – making way through the elements.

T:- That the loving nature elements are against you?

R:- In away they can be but it’s the ‘striking out’

T:- Ah the adventurer spirit and experience.

R:- In a way

T:- We have adventurers we travel great distances and have many experiences. We have very very long lives so there is much that we can do long before or after any who chose to procreate. We could live many of your life times in one of ours. We have times or periods of life that can be very different and some of us may be more adventurous than others.

R:- Yet I sense little resistant forces and that makes the experience flatter.

T:- What should we experience -fear?

R:- Injury, pain, death.

T:- What about loss of face, embarrassment, ridicule?

R:- I hadn’t put those in

T:- That was clear to me

R:- You are correct we are so, so different

T:- Flat as you call it seems to be about ‘not experiencing extremes’. To not have extremes is some how boring.

R:- May be that’s it- but because I don’t live a life like yours I can’t directly experience it and I can’t therefore know it from my database (As A often points out)

T:- You did experience life from our perspective once – before you became locked within the earth’s karma experience. I can see it within you and from what Antemedi has imparted to me. You were once an Andromedan explorer- each lifetime you can be something different. Here we remember our previous ones without them affecting this one. Children are aware of who they were in previous lives its all very natural.

R:- You all seem to be aware of our failings – perhaps that’s the wrong word – aware of our extremes of experience – fear to joy as if we live from 0-100 and you have no negative and live from 50 to 100 on the positive scale.

T:- I would say 200-300

R:- Now that to me is incomprehensible.

T:- I know and that’s what makes us saddened- though that’s not the right word- we feel for you but see it’s your free will.

R:- That’s the point we haven’t been exercising our free will properly and we have been manipulated. In this moment I feel frustrated at not being able to fully comprehend your perspective on life and how you live.

T:- Perhaps I can take you to one of concerts our ‘vibrational experiences’ some are held in the same venue you have previously visited.

R:- That would be great- though the last time I tried to hear some of your music I couldn’t-

T:- Antemedi says he can help with your resonance.

R:- Thank you for showing me your apartment and for sharing your thoughts.

T:- You are welcome anything we can do to give you full context is good .

R:- ( As we sit at the table in the lounge I just wonder what it would be like to live 200-300)

AG:- Look at the children playing can you feel the joy they are experiencing – new things in a safe and loving environment.

(One of the children gets on her lap because she has been mentioned and says, “Who is this man?”

AG:- He is our guest we are so honoured that he has agreed to visit us.

R:- (I feel so humbled by such a comment that I must have got to 100 on my scale of emotions- it is so difficult to explain the feeling)

AG:- He has come to see how we live.

R:- I see you do have holographic projectors instead of televisions.

AG:- We don’t use them much except for certain research, most of the time we use our minds and hearts to find out what we need or want to receive. (At saying that 3d pictures of family members start fluctuating)

AG:- Robert would like to go over to the child on the floor to see what is going on

R:- (I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl and he says “ I’m a he – you are silly” There are a series of u shaped metallic bricks laid on top of one another into which one can put flats or ‘L’ shapesmangetic toys


There are other flats that are not rectangular and others with down stands. I wonder if he is making shapes of buildings and he looks at me as if I am stupid. “They make vibrational harmonies when you put them together” he puts my hand on an octagonal one he has made- I can feel the vibration it’s making. Wow this isn’t so much a music lesson – he is learning through play ‘the shape of vibrations’

AG:- They can make quite complicated shapes- They are learning about harmonics and how frequencies interact much like your children may have learnt to count numbers. After awhile they learn to see the shapes and think in shapes of vibrations.

R:- Wow this is fantastic

Debbana (the boy) says, “ Do you want to play”

R:- (some of the pieces feel like magnets where they repel one another at other times they slot in easily. They make a resonance or hum then as I slot in a 4th piece the 1st one comes apart. Apparently I had created an unstable resonance. “Debbana what I am doing wrong?” He doesn’t take over but shows me how to use both hands to put a two pieces together at the same time as individualy they wont work)

AG:- You are doing this on a flat plane at the moment. Soon they will begin to experiment with height as well for 3d resonance play. This is a great toy it helps them not only to understand harmonics but to think in harmonic shapes. It is also useful when they learn about the holographic nature of all things. Some of the pieces older children play with are much more complicated than these.

R:- Thank you so much- I’ve had such fun.

Debbana to his father:- “Its strange why is he a child trapped in a mans body?”

R:- Before he answers I say “ I certainly am” and we three adults chuckle.

R:- It is I that am honoured to have been your guest you have my gratitude (as I am saying good bye I touch my finger in tenderness on the younger girls cheek as we tend to do on earth – I then hear her thinking to herself – ‘you shouldn’t touch anyone unless you know they are willing or open for you to do that’ So I appologise

AG:- She is currently learning about respect, spacial awareness and self-expression though, at the moment she cant keep all her thoughts to herself.

(It seems she has not taken to me at all!)

T:- This has been quite an experience for us – very unusual

R:- Not every day you see a child in an adult body