Information Grids

February 2018

Antemedi (A): – You are all altering your programs and forming new ones – leaving behind old patterns –walk with us so we may explain other matters.

Consider what matters to whom and why? – Because these are all points of focus that may be varied. All these things can be changed within parameters. We have tried to explain how powerful the mind is and how it can be used. Not only to rewrite programs but formulate new ones and leave behind the old self as redundant code. Those that truly believe in the power of the mind and heart can achieve things they previously thought impossible- or indeed what they had never dreamed of. We wish to show you another area where energies of mind can be helped.

Rob: – We seem to be industrial oblong building with openings and series of large tubes in rows adjacent one another. I can see energy swirling around the devices.

A: – There are many such energetic sources – we can with permission also enhance collective consciousness. We are showing you energetic resonance generators. We can insert programs and these we can send out to enhance weak grids. We can help where these have been under negative mental attack or influence.

There are many types of grids or grid patterns. The Energy is being pulled or created from the very centre the tubes. These are transforming energies.

Imagine if my arm were injured- it has its existing grid pattern or vibrational information. That can be enhanced by some of our healing tools- just one example of how the reinforcement of grid patterns or consciousness programs can help. Of course the light to heal is another matter & reconstruction of damaged material to a reinforced pattern- several levels of healing. I am however concentrating on patterns and programs.

R: – So the way some chemicals react with one another is part of the program.

A: – Yes- a predetermined one but that’s not what I am on about. See this grid it doesn’t have to be regular. 

At each intersection there is a node, which emits a vibration. The vibration emissions can be changed. There are also grid pattern emitters those that generate their own energy. Yet there is a program- as you may understand beamed to the nodes so that they emit under variable instruction. The emitters can do many things.

We can have these around planets or biospheres. The energy can be emitted inwards or outwards or in all directions. These can also form at shields, as you may like to think of them. We previously explained how we can transform information fields so that the matter can be changed and then returned to its original matter form if desired. Our shielding can also form the function of hiding – as if we are not there.

There are also different grid layers with different functions one may stop matter so it does not pass through. Furthermore mental energies cannot pass unless we wish them. We have programs or fields that can detect external mental and emotional energies and if we do not wish them to enter a facility or planet the grids will stop them. It’s not a question of mind or population control it’s a choice of and by the population- in that way what is does not become depleted nor polluted. We also have a way of emanating or enhancing the emanations that flow from us.

Your planet has had some of its grids removed this means it is more able to emanate and receive vibrational information. Much of this is on mental realms, which can now be closer and more interactive. Beams and beacons realigned. There is much more light following in – the reasons for isolating earth were many fold. One was to form a grid that would contain the mental and emotional toxicity of earth.

There are new patterns or grids being put in place that you may ignite. These are your choices. It is not for us to dictate or manipulate your thoughts but these are thoughts that many are not aware of. It is a grid of information if you like, so existing repeating patterns do not have to be chosen.

We can see how this will affect matters as they play out in your choices. So this is good news. One of the things we do is to counter refer to other races and work as best we can within agreed parameters. There are still those that are not a party to this or have their own agendas. However there is broad agreement that manipulation of mental structures and interference – the imposition of an external will over internal is not to be. Reptilians and others claim to own the planet but our view is that – might is not right and timelines shall be protected. Your future is our future. Many forget that at higher levels of soul we are connected and at those levels the timelines and ways of helping can be decided between us. The power of thought should not be underestimated. Look at your world today and see what negative thought has achieved. Yet despite this love and light still flourish and now grow more studiously.