Arksar – The shape of things




Combining physical multi-dimensions with spirituality. I am introduced to Arksar (AR) so that I can sketch him. He shows me his fleshy, cartilage type projections from his head and chin. He has some sort of mottled skin, his skull narrows towards the eyes and his nose is rather flat. His hands are unusual  the 4th finger is stronger and able to pull towards a gripper extension. He then shows me a flag that flaps very slowly with shapes and images on it. When the flag stops flapping there is a ribbed ball and some sort of cup shape

AR: – I showed you the ball shape with energetic strands looking somewhat like segments with a horizontalaksar-4 pivot point. This is an energetic representation of something much more important. I have been talking with Antemedi and others and understand your last topic of conversation with Arleeyah related to the monad and the levels of existence and creation. This symbol should help you progress that learning. (He refers me back to the symbol on the flag) If you look at this image it will look like the segments of an orange (standard torus shape). See energy flowing out from the core round and back in again. See that the adjoining segment has energy flowing in the opposite direction.

aksar-5Now if you twist the segments (diagram 1) you will have a curved torus with apparently opposing directional forces. I also showed you a cup like structure in the flag, this was meant to show the radial lines in a segment as if they were is meant to be onion like (Diagram 1A). aksar-7-4See that each orange segment has radial planes and the radial planes are dimensions with different vibrations different rates of pulse- the pulse being ‘on off’ (diagram2)


aksar-7Imagine in diagram2 that these cup shaped rings are planes. See the circles as ‘on’ and the dashes as ‘off’. See the difference between the ‘on’ ‘off’ as a ‘point of change’ As you compare plane 3 and plane 2 you will see that plane 2 has ‘complete incidence’ of interface compared to plane 3. I have shown ‘flashes’ at these alignments. Plane 2 has no unlit circle on’s. If you remove the lines or the off dashes all you will see is a series of flashes or light spots because they are so bright you will not see the off.

Now then, I showed the lines on the torus (diagram 1) as flowing backwards and forwards which is correct for one form of the diagram. However information will overlay and diagrams will change. What I am now showing you in diagram 2 is the ‘pulse’. If you look again at that you can see ‘light on’ with an interface of planes and light off between the flashes. Not all “on’s” in plane 3 align with plane 2. Just for the purpose of explanation imagine the planes move in opposite directions. As they rotate alignment flashes in plane 2 will be 1xon, 1xoff and 2 points of change but in plane 3 you will have 2xon, 2xoff and 4changes. Note there appears to be a ‘spare on’ in plane 3 with out an alignment flash.

R: – But in this way there will come a point when all the lines of flash on the different planes will be in position e.g. point A diagram 2 which I have added.

AR: – Yes – let me unfold it a little bit more for you. You initially saw these symbols upon a flag that was flapping- in which case it looks like a wave movement.

aksar-8aksar-9Then we can have a wave through a series of toruses If we liken the wave to be information as it strikes the torus in different places then these interfaces will constantly move position on each plane. This is the basis of multi-dimensions.

R: – You are helping very well, however I can’t see how it ties up with the flashes.

AR: – That is indeed the difficult bit putting all these together as one concept but we will also need to include the fact that the torus is also spinning. However if you took the wave through the torus this would correlate with the positions of the ‘lightning strikes’ ‘light on’ in a spinning torus. We now have a three dimensional object with a 4th dimension going through it in the same space.

R: – This is hard to put together.

AR: – To your flimsy mind, which ‘wanders’ that, may be so. All that I say to you is done with my preconceived planned ideas as to what should unfold. When you look back at what has been written you will see why and how my explanations fit together so well. In addition when you convert pen writing into typed information it will begin to make more sense as you will be looking at it again but in a different way.

At this point I experience some minor pains in my head and ‘zonk’ out for several moments I come back feeling that my mind is a bit more focused

AR: – So we have in these diagrams – alternating pulse on different dimensions with apparently ‘single points of flash’

R: – Odd really, if the multiple flash points were on the outside of the diagram there would be more space to put them.

AR: – Not really its to do with frequency of pulse. Remember these are all taking place within the torus.

R: – In trying to show a diagram it can’t ever show multi-dimensions as the diagrams are themselves a 3D representation on 2D paper.

AR: – Indeed but as best we can- now concentrate as I show you some upgraded diagrams of the concepts shown


Utilize diagram 2 with 5 in that way a segment can have ‘planes’ the pulse in each plane is different. I have shown you that there are more ‘pulses’ the closer to the center you go (diagram2). However to diagram 2 add line BC, note that planes 2&3 coincide but not at plane 1. So you have the existence ‘appearance’ of 2 flashes or one flash in 2places only.

Come back to the planes diagram5 – here you can see the ‘onion ring slice’ the segment of planes that would form part of a straight torus. Yet if you twist the segment these can part of a flowing torus diagram 6


aksar-11aksar-12Now then as in diagram 7 ( which is an upgrade of diagram2) each of the ‘planes’ has a series of pulses some of which coincide some of which do not. I have already said there is more coincidences on the center-side than on the outside- the closer in the faster and faster the vibration. Each plane or vibration is next to the next but is not the next; it is merely my way of showing you these vibrations. What we have is a series of connections towards the center of the segment. Thus each dimension is connected though I have shown one that isn’t (f) for good reason latter to be explained. So if I were on plane 5 and you were on any of the lower numbered planes above then you would only be able to ‘coincide’ at certain increments of my vibration – so what “I actually say, do or be” can carry more information because it has more pulses. However this is all seen as onion rings which you see as separation and not in the ‘same-space’. However when the pulses coincide they are ‘all in the same space’ because of the connections. You see this is about the rates of pulse not the juxt positions. Further more you have been told about bubbles within bubbles, which do not appear to fit with this diagram.

I am trying to combine multidimensionality with spirituality and the concept of the monad or higher self. So if you have a segment torus of higher self, you could see that the female aspect of you was on the opposite side of the torus. One hermaphrodite split in 2 (diagram 8)


Thus you can see the other counterparts of your 12-part soul all fit together in a torus. So how does that correspond to a larger torus unless its bubbles within bubbles, for each monad has twelve of these and each soul group has 144,000 monads. You will need to keep reminding yourself that all these diagrams show are ‘vibrational concepts’. Let us not try and fix this apparent anomaly with what you currently know – so we will come back to that. If we look at diagram4 and superimpose upon that the ‘apparent wave’ or information field you will see that it contains all possible information but will interact differently on each level. If you take diagram 4 the wave will strike the ‘points of contact’ (small circles) in apparently random ways. It would appear this way if you saw the flashes and did not know there was a wave or fluctuating energy. In this way you won’t see the wave passing through the torus but as going up and down. Furthermore there are many of these waves or fluctuating energies.

R: – Wow thanks for that I can see it in my mind now moving and fluctuating creating at the points of contact- Its like a real life hologram with things that can form and change at the points of focus.

AR: – Good – now then this is all happening in the same space- remember the bubbles. Because the flowing torus is spinning where you apparently are in one moment you are ‘somewhere different’ in the next moment as the wave information changes that as well. So you could say within the curve of the segment4 you can be in different ‘positions’ along a ‘plane’ but all at the same time. Thus you are ‘everywhere’ at the same moment in time but your present consciousness chooses or is aware of only certain parts of you being everywhere as ‘possibility’. In terms of ‘everywhere’ of course your 12-part over-soul (12 segments twisted) is literally everywhere because it is the complete twisted torus. I am trying to solidify within you the concept that you are everywhere at the same moment and your consciousness moves around. All is there in contact but the contact focus moves. In many ways this is about awareness of awareness. So the higher vibrating planes have greater awareness whereas the others don’t. In this instance awareness will be the flashes of the flux. The awareness also includes the ability to be telepathic and to reach into other realms and dimensions.

Now then – Everywhere! If that is correct you cant have time but you do. Your present awareness level is on one of those planes or more than one but it can appear to move forward as you see the lights flash on within the spiral segment plane. So for you it appears in this way.

R: – So if I am everywhere then ‘all of time’ has to be everywhere

AR: – NO you live on a plane where you have the appearance of time it only exists there because it’s a form of linear perception upon a lower vibrating density it cant make connections to the ‘all’ in the same way as other planes. What you have is everywhere you are a part of the everywhere and can move between one dimension or plane of yourself within your segment yet be connected to all other aspects of your 12-part soul and be them or of them as you wish. They can help you and you them. Is this not what you are doing now?

R: – Crikey are you saying I am you?

AR: – Depends at the level of connection of course. There are 12 over souls in a monad and 144,000 monads in a soul group. The soul group and monads have many different experiences out of or in bodies in different worlds and at ‘apparent’ different times.

R: – So how do time lines fit in if time doesn’t exist save for a perception upon a linear experience.

AR: – It has already been explained to you that the Andromedans don’t have to experience an incarnation as linear. (I am using linear to remove time from it). Time lines are the events or most likely events. You have begun to understand that the past and the future are ‘not fixed’. That they are fluid and that your history is a memory of one particular time line. So a psychic may say they see the probable future and the past. Yet what they are seeing are time lines nothing more than holographic information.

So summarizing and reinforcing again – You are everywhere at deeper levels you can accept more readily that you are more people and experiences than just past and future lives. That this is you all things- yet at the same time so am I and thus you Robert are an extension of myself, though within your 1/12 section you have not experienced the body I am showing you. Thus it is possible to be anywhere because you are everywhere. Time is only a construct so the more evolved races see time lines and may alter them to create a better future (the evolving present). So during your daily life keep thinking ‘ I am everywhere’ and your perceptions will change again, it’s just a matter of where you put your level of consciousness.

R: – So If we have a layered 12-part torus how do the other over souls fit into a concept?

AR: -They can be part of the same shape it just has more strands.

R: – How do the monads fit in?

AR: – Bubbles within bubbles. The same thing inside as the same thing on the outside of itself. A subject you would presently have difficulty in understanding. This would deal with the levels of ‘potential’, of information of possibility, which is infinite. Back to reinforcement- time not existing on higher vibrational levels. Its all-just information that can be experienced and you have the ability to change and choose that order of experience.

R: – Thank you