Totatality of trust, definitions of love – Arksar


AR: – Closing in on trust of self – You are looking externally at what you can trust or not trust. Yet it is the internal that views the outside, so instead focus upon that which you can or cant trust – you.

R: – So similar to previous- can trust, cant trust, will trust and wont trust – all definitions in duality?

AR: – In a way but there is much more to it than that. At higher levels concepts have little relevance and they inhibit that which is or that which will be. You think letting go of trust must then be the answer. But trust is a very important aspect of the self and interaction with the self. Trust forms part of love; love for and of the self. Giving over to love of the self. So see trust as a reflection of the reality and fullness of giving ones self over to ones self in love.

R: – Oh I like that insight particularly as there are still parts of me that either I do not like or would prefer to be different.

AR: – Different is a good word it does not base itself in judgment.

R: – I feel a tremendous resistance within myself – the feelings I spoke of before about being lost or not me – an impending change, a loss, but unaware of the gain.

AR: – As you well know before you can accept or hold something new you need to let go of the old, this you have done before. This is also where trust comes in – trusting the process and trusting higher levels – giving you over to yourself. Fulfilling your lifetime plan and time line. In duality ‘to trust’ means you also have ‘don’t trust’ the two exist side by side, seek one and you find the other. To trust is to need to trust and to need is either because you are afraid or you don’t trust. So yet another attachment to love – that which is not love is a fear or to be afraid of. These are some of your definitions of love.

So I say to you as I have at length on other descriptions or concepts. Give love no definition – it is limitless, more than you could ever receive or create- it also knows no boundaries. You will never be able to know it in its fullness because it is without limitation. In this way to you it may feel intangible – not able to be touched or fully understood. But does love need to be fully understood? You have descended down and had so many experiences of trying to understand love. You have what you believe are good concepts or understandings of what love means to you, so you hold to these as if they to are your tenets for life and the meaning of life. Furthermore you expand this to say ‘if there is no true definition or ultimate definition to love then there is no true definition or meaning to life – what purpose be life if it cannot be understood” What be you then? A fool, ignorant or child like- none of which seem palatable. So you stand upon this cusp looking again at limitlessness and you cannot walk forward incase you are lost. The point is you are presently lost, even though you think you have found yourself through much soul searching and conversations with Antemedi and others. But in this sense you are not found. Do you see how found and lost entwine themselves. Whilst you may experience being lost it is only an experience. All I say to you is do you wish to let go of these descriptions and experiences because they are not a definition of you. There can be no ultimate definition of you. Your definitions are so ingrained and such a part of the human psyche that it is very difficult to see love in its fullness from where you stand, you are blind to this.

These aspects have come in close so I can help release you from their constraints. In order to interact with us and yourself upon these levels you must vibrate in similar ways. Are you willing and able to do so? It is quite simple – there are many here to welcome that which thought itself to be lost or separate. Have no concerns as to co-joined experience, it is another level of self and you may experience this as you – in any event it can be no one else.

R: – Things begin to move around me and I see several people standing in font of me with a lighter space ahead. So I put down my pen and follow them

I must have spent about an hour drawing in light and talking to several people I know. I am left with a sense of peace and wondering what the changes will be.

All: – What is to be – is to be wonder, for life is filled with wonder. It is humanity’s choices that make this not so. But I can say with assuredness – wonder. I could say expect the best but then you would be expecting and would have no idea of what best is, so such a statement would have no relevance.

R: – How will conversation be if most of the vocabulary is then dispensed with?

All: – It is not so much gone as it will have different meanings or relevance. Tomorrow will be a good day, it is another way of saying expect the best. You know that ‘the best’ is of itself a restriction and not relevant in its true sense. ‘The best’ has literally changed its meaning for you for you it is ‘the best without limitation’

R: – Interesting way of looking at the world and me. I never realised how limited I was before. I do have a sense of greater expectation – not that I expect as in demand but that which will be will not be restricted either by me or in its potential to wherever that may go or be.

All: – Good this is you at your full potential (not that, that is full) but the ‘acceptance of limitless potential’ Things will change – things are good. All be well with you.

R: – Thank you


AR: What is – is not, what isn’t –is, all that is – all is not how you know it.

R: Quite a statement the all that is, is not how I know it. What was said on the 29th was very interesting, I am beginning to see how limited I am and how I think within my program of unconscious – quite low grade software.

AR: – You use low grade as denigration, we wish you away from that – see beyond difference to expression and explanation without judgment or limitation. These teachings come for good reason as before described. Yet they are also a point of change that will enable you to see things as happening beyond determination or will power – beyond the struggle against or over. Instead you must go beyond believing you are the result and ‘know you are’ for that goes beyond and exceeds the limitations of belief.

See how ‘clear’ and focused this is – it is a way of creating – at higher levels creating just is.

R: – For example walking on water?

AR: – If you needed it to be so. But you have no need for it to be so and no one upon higher levels would help you with that. In any event your mind could not ‘know it to be so’.

R: – Yet when we or anyone else walks upon the mental realms it is possible to fly and do all manner of things. Is that because we don’t see it as matter but as ‘mind’ – where as higher levels of mind see our physical holograms as mind?

AR: – In some ways, before I start pulling this apart and showing what you can and cant do; let us try not to do that. By the us I meant me trying to help you get back on to the main path rather than a tributary. Let us say there are no ‘ifs or buts’ – subject to this or that. Can you see that these are the flecks within your mind even as I speak them – to any outcome you insert conditions or parameters to reach the outcome. Again I say to you – see the outcome and know you are it. Say “nothing stands in the way of who I wish to be because I am that- I go beyond wishing – I exist in a place of information and I choose the information of whom I wish to be” That simple.

R: – Not to look at the challenges or difficulties that could or will arise. Instead keep focused on the outcome and that’s who I am.

AR: – Put this in to practice and you will see it begin to happen. Now then- upon other levels this also works in forms of creation. The creating of a time line for example – imagine the power of a creative thought that has no boundaries or limitations put upon it – it just is – it is part of the isness.

Take all things as they come for this is how they were meant to be. Realise the softness of each moment. See of what you are capable and see the softness in that stability- Do not even try- let it be

The more you reach into the stillness the more you can become it- it can be ever present.