Multidimensional Soul 2


Susquarlia:- let us follow on with our talk about multidimensionalism. As you have been told – the soul doesn’t so much split but has many experiences on many dimensions and different experiences or life times within them.

From where you stand you see them from where you are and from your database that we have added to. However these things are difficult concepts for you to comprehend. Therefore I would like to go over what I said before but in a different way- another facet as said previously.

Lets look at it from the top down as you might imagine it- lets start with soul group.

R:- Who is in what group and why?

S:- Well it goes further of course. Soul groups- group together and have a particular place in a constellation let’s say. Though the origin of the soul is another matter altogether. Think of a growing universe but don’t see it as a physical universe that you see. All dimensions interconnect (refer to the sketches given to you by Antemedi which you have posted up). They require a consciousness program. We have already been over the concepts of group consciousness and holograms. Let us say the soul has a desire to express itself and does so in many different ways. Some of these may appear to you to be retrograde or forward. A retrograde one is to change something or experience something that you have not had or missed out on. The soul is constantly evolving – it does not remain the same. The flower petals previously drawn are an explanation of this but they don’t show the interaction with the other dimensions.

R:- Ok, but I am not influencing Telenatey or he me?

S:- To your thinking which is very limited that is so – to ours not so. I have been thinking long and hard how I can get this concept reality over to you.

Everything is energy: There are different forms of energy. Sunlight energy does not flow round the electric cables in your house. Yet if the sun warms the air you would require less electricity to heat your house. They are so different to one another but AC and DC current require cables and they ‘live as it were’ within the dimension of the cable. (Though in reality there is more going on with electricity than that- it’s just an example). You use heat energy and convert it in power stations to generate electricity. Though sunlight can induce a current in a solar panel. So different worlds or dimensions if you like but one can influence the other. The vibration of light to your view the fastest as a wave and a particle. (Double slit experiment). However think of the pulse or the flux as before described. There are different rates of pulse or ‘on off’ so thereby one pulse or ‘on off’ can exist in the same place. However even space is a concept of volume, which is after all a hologram of energy. All is energy. Now then think about all of the negativity and karma generated on your planet – begin to see that other close by dimensions can be affected by it.

R:- But they are in a different dimension?

S:- In terms of physicality as you see it but you don’t go round seeing the energy that you create every time you think and do something. Begin to live daily with the concept that you are multidimensional and try to live with that in your thought. Yes there are barriers between some dimensions and there are doorkeepers on some of the mental realms- however you generate energy – love or hate – guilt or innocence. You are fed by energy of the soul, which created your body vehicle, and you can convert some of it like a power station. That soul energy- like the sun affects the need for electric heating and will nurture you – You use it for sustenance and can convert it into what ever you desire. You body is affected by your thoughts and emotions these exist within the morphic field or aura and as you know this energy if impaired will affect the physical and can create health problems.

R:- Yes I see the point but how am I affecting Telenatey and how is he affecting me?

S:- Well that depends on filters let us say. If I were to talk to you and you were at the bottom of a pond you couldn’t hear me. It depends on your vibrations so in that instance I could have little affect on you. If you are close to the surface that’s a possibility. A bit like sunlight it can reach down many feet in the ocean but only so far and the warmest or fastest molecules are nearest the surface. However some sunlight is reflected back. Those that live at the bottom have little effect – but those that live nearer the surface can interact.

Now then what is reflected back (as example) depends upon the clarity of the water. If the water is a muddy pool it will absorb all the colours apart from brown, which it reflects back.

Now then imagine person is a vessel of water and the light they reflect back, reflects who they are. You will experience very negative people as dark energy- when in effect they don’t reflect any light they absorb it all from where ever they can. Where as those that love not only reflect love they emanate it as well. Begin to see this as energy transmutation, usage and conversion.

What is reflected and what is given. Whilst we would be better using the description harmonics/vibration lets use the term wave band as an example because that will be easier for you. Some bands can be short or long and each travels at faster or slower rates or achievable distance or penetration. Some of the reflected or generated energy returns as karma and some may leave as love, which will affect your higher dimensions.

R:- So negative energy cant effect higher realms as I’ve been told before.

S:- Yes in holographic terms different holograms. Yet on soul level this is more of a lack of growth or retrograde experience.

R:- So why choose a retrograde experience?

S:- As said before- to do it for love of others or gain an experience – perhaps overcoming adversity or suffering that you have not done so before. Sometimes it happens many life times till one leaves it. It can become a loop where you forget choice and growth- that is particularly relevant to earth where energies have been manipulated. Though the upgrade of vibration is due to break that pattern. Back to dimensions ‘interface’. The clearer you are the less negative energy you have and the different will be your ‘emanations’. Those emanations are vibrating at high pulse frequencies such that they can enter some of your other dimensions and vice versa so you can receive higher ones.

R:- Ok in terms of the Robert part of the soul but what of Telenatey- there is no appreciable interaction.

S:- Not if you are to have different experiences. Some parts of a soul may have had a retrograde experience- You see its all experience and retrograde is of itself an experience of going backwards. One you think you might not like to choose but if there is something missing or something you wish to do for love of others it then makes perfect sense.

R: Ok I finally get that bit. My emanations are affecting my other dimensions and those other dimensions of ‘me’ are affecting me because all is interconnected and they can affect me more because I am less dark or muddy than I used to be. I can have some of my vibrations affecting or reaching higher dimensions and vice versa. This includes the memories of the other parts of the 12 divided soul (6 twin flames), which I have had at times. Yet in my synopsis I know I am missing the point of something much bigger here- it’s a very strange feeling I have.

S:- Indeed you are

Lets look at higher self (H.S.) split into 6 hermaphrodites then split again into male and female souls. From that dimension H.S. can have a multifold experience. Yet it can only experience the lower dimensions in the way that they work. All energy returns to HS (though ultimately higher up than that). However the Karma doesn’t return to higher soul it exists within the dimension it is experienced or until that dimension is transmuted to another one. (e.g. earth upgrade)

R:- So only as Telenatey or HS can I know Telenatey?

S:- Your energy is separated to have separate experiences.

R:- Yes but he does what he does and I do what I do- we are separate!

S:- The experience is separate but you have other energetic connections. What you say and do to your family on earth affect them.

R:- Yes I see the connectedness with all that you have said but ultimately I am only experiencing them from my perspective!

S:- So what if that were not so?

R:- I wouldn’t be me or this experience of me.

S:- The you, the Robert you talk of is a hologram and a separate experience. You accept easily past lives and can see them having a different body and experience. You perceive you are growing from one to another an onwards progression from regression experience. Yet what of Robert in the future? He will be named something different and have a different life. He does not have to forget this life. Furthermore he can be aware of his future lives as well if he wishes. Though remember past and future is all one it is a hologram.

R:- I feel comfortable with that. Its all within my knowledge and experience of this part of my soul. But Telenatey is also having a separate experience.

S:- Can you not live with knowing you are separated at the moment.

R:- Within me there is this deep desire not to be so- yearning not to be separate. A desire to know life as he knows it and vice versa because some where inside I have this feeling we are attached.

S:- When you sleep or when you ‘zonk out’ in meditation you release ‘ the experience of being Robert’ and your consciousness is aware of its other consciousnesses. At that time you can see how your energetic emanations are affecting other aspects of multidimensional self and also the other parts of soul experience.

R:- But this part hasn’t lived them.

S:- You drive a car someone else has put together- why do you have to put it together to do everything?

R:- Well I feel I would be missing out on other experiences.

S:- But you have other experiences to come in this lifetime

R:- Good point- It’s this separation at this holographic level.

S:- Which allows you to have the experience.

R:- But I cant say that I am Telenatey

S:- That is an experience of soul separation. Do you feel you can do more as him? That what you do is not enough?

R:- I take your point- some of that is true in part- yet what I do, I do to my best within my constraints in this hologram. Yet it was said to me “ you are known as Telenatey the bearer of strength and broad shoulders through suffering”

S:- That is my point- is that not a difficult journey in your dimensional experience.

R:- Very good point- no less valuable- just different. But I can’t be called Telenatey as you called me.

S:- Why not?

R:- That would have to mean he was me and he can no longer be separate from me as a soul division. That he is the embodiment of me and him and may be more.

S:- That is so.

R:- Ok- So he might appear to be me in the future that was once Robert but he is not. It wont be me in the future as there is no future or past just a differently experience of choice. But our soul parts could no longer be separate.

S:- There is no separation other than the appearance of separation.

R:- All this is happening at once – the flower.

S:- Different experiences are connecting to one another.

R:- Different parts of the soul.

S:- Look, Robert is different – a father- a businessman- a husband. They are all different experiences or different roles of experience.

R:- Yes they run from one to another and back again.

S:- But it doesn’t mean you are not Robert- You are Robert all of those things. So if you were HS those would be your experience of them.

R:- But there would be 12 of me with these.

S:- I can see you are still struggling with this.

R:- I guess it’s the feeling I am not connecting with. So if Telenatey is me – its not the ‘future me’ joined with another soul experience- but the present evolving me joined with my multidimensional self. And T happens to be 1/12 of my soul but in a different dimension.

S:- You are happy to interact with him and he with you. Was it not said, “ We are all one and the same having different experiences. That your brother and sister are you”

R:- Ok – all at the moment of now- the now changes constantly (this includes past and present) but live it all as the moment of now. Within that moment of ‘now’ some parts of the 1/12 ths will have joined or been aware that the 12 are also conjoined before they split and after they split- All is – but there is a multifold experience of holograms in which we can project ourselves. T being R&T is not in the future but a hologram. That we experience as a conjoined soul. But with one decision process or multifold.

S:- Yes – Do not see yourself as not him! You are – Its is another hologram in another dimension. Own it; begin to believe you are him with all those achievements that you have gained as Robert (and as you are continuing as its all in the now)

You have an experience of time – see events and technology as a hologram. As technology and consciousness evolves in the now it can interact and affect the karma and growth of the separations. It’s all in the NOW- consciousness, experiencing & changing the holographic energetic patterns.

R:- But this hologram experiences dinosaur bones which are in out past.

S:- The past of now.

R:- So the residual of a past hologram, which affected this one.

S:- But its not a past one in the moment of now.

R:- I am still missing a feeling a connection- I can’t explain it.

S:- Yes lets pick this up again. In the moment of now its about to happen, it also has but it hasn’t till it has. Information fields – its all information fields.

R:- I am not much further forward but thank you for trying.

S:- You are but you just don’t know it yet