Information Overlays 2

Harmonic bubble dimensions inter twine – changing information fields and matter – space craft appearances – overlaying harmonics on to variety of concepts.


To do is to be and to be is to do- choose who you wish to be and do as if you are already that- who you choose to be is your choice. (A theme I am often reminded of as a form of encouragement, grounding and a reality check)

Antemedi: – There are several of us here to day to help put some context in fullness to what we have all been imparting directing our energies in this way will make a difference though its fine for you to focus upon me

R: – (I can see Susquarlia and Aqueena as well)

A: – There are bubbles within bubbles which exist within bubbles this is how dimensions work. Vibrations and resonances can pass through them but the construct of a dimension is a bubble or what ever shape it needs to be. One reason you struggle with this, is that you see your universe as ‘laid out there’ – galaxies and all the rest and you try to fit other constraints into that. Some dimensions exist in the same space but even then it’s a bubble. For example the earth upgrade to 4th then to 5th – If someone is still 3rd they will still walk around as that in their bubble and interact in slightly different ways with their environment. There are bubbles – some big, some small and some imperceptibly small and different types of bubbles as well plus different shapes and not all bubble shapes.

R: – So bubbles can just appear or they can move about?

A: – We will then get into the topic of non-space and hyperways and time (which wont exist)

R: – This just feels like a huge task to try and understand what you are saying but I appreciate you all for trying. Somethings seem easier I can conceive of parallel time lines and that you can switch from one to the other and that they are going in the same direction.

A: – We have tried to show these themes as more flexible than that – you have subconsciously changed the subject to something you can conceive because this particular subject seems hard for you. So let us bring you back to bubbles and ‘constituent parts’. At all times there is ‘constancy’ all things are constant even though they are fluid. That sounds strange but its true. All things work on harmonies and some harmonies fit into others ‘key in’ as it were. So in the case of materialisation of one dimension into another it keys into and occupies that space.

R: – Previously you said it was like a hand in a bucket of water.

A: – Yes but we are moving things on from that. It still applies but these additional concepts will add to that.

R: – So air isn’t pushed out of the way nor water pushed aside like the hand in the bucket metaphor (where you previously explained that the hand did not actually touch the water and that there was a space between)

A: – No that would create tremendous forces and resistances; it would cause ripples and shock waves in the air or water. We use vibrational harmonies.

R: – I do feel the information keeps changing and I would prefer to see it as it is and what I’ve written before is some how wrong.

A: – What you have written before is not wrong we have just introduced harmonics – You superimposed your understanding of putting a hand in a bucket of water and that would create displacement. It is still true but without displacement- at that time we were not talking about harmonics so it was an acceptable footstep forward to the position you are now in. Its part of a process not about the ability to understand. In addition the hand metaphor still shows the sudden appearance of something incongruent to the natural state of water or air.

R: – I do at last begin to grasp the explanation of harmonics – If I get this right the vibration resonance of a space craft changes the ‘environment’ in the same space- it creates a new bubble such that the air or water it enters is not there anymore – its not so much absorbed as transfigured?

A: – Not exactly – A harmony is the resonance of complimentary vibrations. Compounds are harmonies (several vibrations) as elements are a vibration. Multiple vibrations that compliment each other together with source energy means that there is ‘matter’ so don’t look at things as matter instead see things as harmony of vibration. So a spacecraft induces ‘harmony’ that’s how we can go into the sea in a space ship and the water will not touch the sides. Bear that in mind if anyone looks at photos and videos on line some are fakes.

R: – Gosh that’s hard to see- I tend to see things as physical matter. No wonder Argoney showed me the importance of those children’s toys to teach children to see things as harmonics not as ‘things’

A: – The harmony of the air is changed so that it coincides with the harmony of the craft. Do not see objects – try to see them as energies that co-exist in the same space.

R:- Yes I am getting that by blocking out the physicality and seeing it as harmony- it becomes what it is, what the vibration is. So in any moment what is here or not here is down to the totality of the vibration- not so much the air is absorbed but changed by the bubble of vibration. Matter exists and it doesn’t at the same time- then it returns to what it was when the space craft moves because its no longer in the dimension of the space craft bubble but back in its original information field. This is extraordinary this means you can change matter!!

That asks the question why do some races need to mine or trade minerals?

A: – Because it’s easier that way other wise we have to continue using power to create a harmony in order to maintain it. We can do that of course, it requires technology. Its all about the source vibration or harmony – ‘that’s what exists’ so the matter exists within the ‘pulse’

R: – But presumably if we go back to the ‘pulse’ explanation and you are able to direct the pulse you can create matter at that point.

A: – Technically- but there is no need and why should we; we have all the elements we need. There are elements not on your periodic table and other harmonies of elements as well.

Look- the pulse is also a vibration and also a harmonic as it’s all. I said before all is harmonics- what is, is- so why should we make it different.

R: – But you could then create at source, so if you needed more gold for components say – you could then create it from source pulse.

A: – There also has to be an information field for that to work within so that’s about changing the information- things would then not be in balance and it also depends on the scale of things.

R:- So you can use energy (which is another kind of pulse as all is pulse) to maintain a harmony which holds things together in a certain ‘form’ or harmonic ‘toothed in’ but not to use creator pulse?

There is a long pause at this point so I say – Is there no answer to this?

A: – There is but I am not prepared to go down the avenue you have opened up- its an area that can be dangerous – suffice to say its possible.

The other thing to put into this equation is ‘point of focus’ and ‘non time’ for what is forwards or backwards. It’s like your ability to have your mind and sight here with us and ours to be with you. That part of your consciousness is within that ‘Harmony bubble’ and the bubble can be anywhere any time it can be in either and any dimension because of harmonics. There are several subjects that come together at this point.

We told you before that the past changes by what you do now. That the past is an information field and a ‘fractration’ of time lines (compilation). A memory is that which you have experienced- Remember a memory is not the past. In a way – see the present moment as a combination of harmonics. These run at different speeds or times or no times- events can be concurrent or forwards or backwards for out of time constraints this is how they work. This is the next piece of the jigsaw we wish to get over. You have had experiences where you have visited yourself in the past- you have also got memories of being visited by yourself from the future. You have experience both of these and sometimes in both forms as one or as the other. Yet at this point in your life you may say ‘these are memories’ but they have changed the past or what could have been the past and created a new time line such that there is a fluidity or flexibility within the relationships of different life times

R: – I realise I am having a series of human experiences and that I have had Andromedan experiences before and many here on earth will have had different alien past lives. But what I did not consider was the different speeds of time or non-time and how long you live in relationship to us.

A: – And your point?

R: – Well me being Telenatey. Susquarlia and Aqueena helped to explain that in terms of soul division yet in time terms I have not been gone for a long time from your world despite having had several incarnations.

A: – Yes that’s true.

R: – So how does that work then- I mean who am I when I’m not here?

A: – When is the point of the question, that’s about time- it’s a pertinent question to ask because it overlays yet again your understanding of self. Now you can overlay and utilize the concept of harmonies. A soul is harmonics as are thoughts and feelings.

R: – So is Telenatey me or not – I mean not just the 1/12th part of me that has already been explained.

A: – Yes- this is what is so hard for you to conceptualise. It’s to do with harmonics and focus points. He is a1/12th part of your soul and so is Aqueena. You are a point of focus in a particular point in time or of time- you want to know who you are when you are not that point of focus in time.

R: – Is this to do with the dreams that were unsettling – I tried as best I could to work through them- they were about divisions and splitting myself up.

A: – Glad you have made the connection. When you are no longer Robert you can be what ever you want. Notice I said whatever not whoever. You can be whatever harmonic you wish to have as your point of focus or experience. In this way you can see yourself as harmonics with fluid form. I am reinforcing the idea of seeing yourself as harmonics and not physical. As you look about you can see all the other aspects of you exactly the same. This will be different to many peoples experience of death where the concept of being anyone else or being a 1/12th would be exceptionally hard for them to hold. You have experienced part union of a fashion so if you now look at Aqueena (who is here) she is equal to you in all respects, as is she to you for your energetic harmonic is now of ‘return’ or ‘re-set’. It has all the experiences and growth it achieved; past karma put to rest even some previous life karma or no longer held with reason to hold – this is who you are. The space you are in is also a harmonic of the new/old-reset harmonics. You can see your self in this place as all 12 extensions. You could reunite with your twin flame but only if that were her desire. You may unite or get closer within the higher energy of her but not at the lower energies of her – the lower harmonics. Aqueena’s incarnate may still have more incarnations and so may you. You might like to stay here for as long as you wish, not that time will have anything to do with it. You will however be connected at higher levels than at the end of your previous life as your harmonics vibrate faster- In this way any fresh reincarnation would be very different to your current one because of all these connections and what will be the actual point of focus into a life experience. You may even wish to change your time lines and who you are.

R: – If I stayed I wouldn’t have any more time lines.

A: – Let us say time lines of a personal nature start and finish in a dimension. Your harmonics are inserted into ‘communal time lines’ all information fields. You could revisit yourself as you have done and have those experiences or the recall of memory of that. But it would be for a specific purpose, as it would then alter that time line. Don’t forget afterwards you always go back to new/reset.

R: – But it was said in the moment of now I am altering the past and therefore I am altering those time lines.

A: – All things are fluid that’s not very easy for you to grasp.

R: – At times I feel rather dim or dunce like and that some how my mind cant process this stuff because I didn’t get a good brain (that my harmonics did not chose to have a better one). That said I fully accept it served me very well in giving me the experience of feeling dim as a child from which I had to work through after being awakened. I realise a different brain wouldn’t have got me to this point. However it is the feeling I am struggling with it just feels so dam slow when you are trying to explain new concepts.

A: – Do you not think that the energetic patterns of what you and others do will not create a path for others to follow. Not the scientists but the person in the street- as you struggle over each boulder you turn it aside and clear your pathway forwards. If another person stumbles on to that pathway or has intersecting pathways they will add more energy to the pathway more energy to the information in collective consciousness and the better the pathways develop. They can get so bright after use that many just follow the path or link to it as a connection and then they instantly know something as if by magic.

R: – But you are in front of me you are guiding me along the path so its already here and its about my interpretation.

A: – Indeed but your interpretation will be slightly different to someone else- furthermore the metaphors that we use together create pictorial energetic markers- the information has also been broken down into manageable pieces that can be more easily understood. So you feel it’s a struggle that’s about your feelings. Try not to see it like that just keep on going. I and your other contacts have the awareness to help and it will come- Today you have let a very small feeling grow into ‘thoughts of your capability’ tomorrow will be different – it is what it is – We and you would not have chosen this time line experience together were we not to think it was for the best.

R: – So you have neatly brought the conversation back to time lines, points of focus and desire for experience

A: – It’s really a matter of choice or choice that you may alter- Fluidity is not easy for you.




R: – When you said things build and overlay upon one another I have just twigged the enormity of what you mean. The three of you were talking about vibrations and harmonies and some while back I was shown the harmonics toys by Argoney and Tollome. That seems too much of a coincidence; somehow all things imparted have a connection.

A: – Different levels of connection some we are aware of some we are not some that flow because of intent and desired out come. Remember the lecture theater a month ago. “The way out follows the outcome” and I have also said that at the beginning of our conversation yesterday (at the top of this page) – Progression may not seem like a straight line to you and things might jump about a bit but there are so many topics that are interconnected at some level – so we try to show you what is best in that moment for you.

R: – Thank you