Colombeye – all that is in the universe

Flux – Creation – Electrons do not fly around the nucleus, you were wrongly taught in school – exceeding the boundaries of time


A:- All that is – is and all that isn’t – isn’t. So what is larger all that is or all that isn’t? There is much in the universe but what of that which was never chosen?

We keep returning to the same phrase because it is important and you do not fully know the significance of that yet.

That which is not –is not – so it doesn’t exist- was it discarded potential or that which is yet to be?

R: – Well it cant be ‘yet to be’ because you have said only that which is – is.

A:- Then this is your misinterpretation of that which is and that which isn’t. You are seeing it in terms of existence or ‘existing in some form’. What if all that is never exists as well?

4 more introR:- You mean the vibrational flux between two planes existing as positive or negative. Existing and not existing in the same moment.

A:- You have seen this as a very fast vibration in the form of a high frequency sine wave. When we talk of dimensions frequencies or vibrations you use your database and see them as sine waves as shown yesterday. Consider this a series of flashes that exist and flashes of ‘not existing’

4 more intro 1

R:- A ‘not exist flash’ cant exist otherwise it exists.

A:- Well in this example it needs to be there to show this particular concept other wise it would be a series of ‘on flashes’ and if these happen very fast you would just see it a as a ‘permanent on’ rather than a vibrating hologram. Try to see vibration as off – on.

R:- Is this back to the creation and destruction in ‘the moment’?

A:- Ah as you have often said how long is a moment? So back to basics. You were taught wrongly that electrons spin around a nucleus to make an atom. In fact the atom (with its constituent parts) appears and disappears so fast it appears as solid to you. Remember the times when you have seen plants rocks and all such in their energetic form. Rather than slowing down to see things lets speed up. Imagine you can sync with the flux of atoms or just about in phase with them. Because you are moving faster they will appear to be moving slower. So you can view the atom as it appears and disappears. Of course this brings in the question as to where the atom goes when it’s apparently not here. If you match your pitch or vibration to the atom being here you will be at one with it in a “freeze frame”.

R:- But if its constantly coming and going- to stop time I would have to go slower and slower till I stopped it.

A:- That’s your linear time thought process- you will have stopped time by going faster. We need to keep breaking down this concept that time is forwards or backwards. I have already tried this by showing that time bends and is not a straight line. That time can speed up or slow down but I would like to break the next barrier of your understanding of it. Remember ‘concept only’

You are now so fast you have not so much stopped time but slipped out of it. Here space is bigger. All things exist simultaneously- and I mean all things!

R:- Before when I went inside smaller and smaller things got bigger and bigger.

A:- Yes it’s the same but don’t see things as relative- i.e. that which becomes smaller in the same space must view all as bigger or more expansive because the relative viewpoint has changed. Try and feel this space outside of time then you will be here. Like stepping out of a speeding train you are able to turn around and see the carriage door that have left behind. You are now the same speed as time in this part of space. As you walk away from the ‘frozen’ speeding train you can see many possibilities floating all around you. Walk further and further from the train till it gets brighter and brighter- what can you see?

R:- Ahead I can see an aspect of myself (one of my thoughts, lets call him R2)

R2:- “Have you seen it?” R:- What?

R2:- “The way forward.” R:- What does it look like?

R2:- “Not sure”. R:- Logically in this place there’s no way forward or back if it’s outside of time.

R2:- “There are different sorts of time, that’s the point- there is stationary time there is forward time and there is backward time these are directions in which time can flow”.

R:- I thought back in time was a memory!

R2:- “No that’s just a memory- it is possible to go back in time. In this place you can go back or forwards or none”

R:- From what point?

R2:- “That’s the thing you have to know where you are in order to re-enter it in the right place”

A:- So here is one of your thoughts thinking that he ‘doesn’t know when he is’ still fine but just not able to find when. What if we said to R2 don’t search?

R:- He would have to give up the possibility of returning to time

A:- Would he?

R:- Ok then give up searching in ‘no time’ for time or a way out of ‘no time’

A:- Go on

R:- Time only exists within itself. I cant find time through ‘no time’ cause it doesn’t exist there. I would have to vibrate at the speed below ‘no time’ in order to see time or more over to see it moving.

A:- Lets look at it again. What would happen if you vibrated faster than ‘no time’?

R:- I would be faster than time.

A:- No- remember you have slipped out of time by exceeding its frequency- you are now in ‘all space’ with no time at all- it doesn’t mean you don’t have enough time!

R:- Bingo! Thanks that last sentence made sense- that’s my human experience distorting my observation. This is the feeling over the last couple of days that I haven’t got enough time to finish things off. So I didn’t want the experience of leaving time because if I did I would have no time to finish what I wanted and I might become lost in ‘no time’ because it had no reference to the reality of the third dimension. (At this point R2 my fear of being lost sinks into me). So have I been stopping myself moving forwards because of that concern?

A:- A misunderstanding- Lets go faster than ‘no time’ – the faster and faster we go we will have ‘all time’ not just – A moment in time- then no time- but all time.

However all time contains all things in the space of ‘all time’

R:- But if it’s infinite how can the space of all time contain infinity?

A:- Vibrational densities- you see some of your scientists work with string theories and vibrational flux but they haven’t joined the start with the finish. You see if things are created and destroyed instantly what happens in that process?

R:- You mean the destruction is part of the creative process.

A:- Yes but we now need to use another word instead of destruction as it has other connotations- lets use ‘reformed’

R:- Gosh that means every time it will leave more of itself on the ‘off ‘or ‘reformed’ side as ‘spent cartridges’off on2

A:- Space from more space

R:- So the universe is getting bigger? 

A:- Lets say the energy of it

R:- So the creative or making part of this process is the off or reformed – reused energy of the previous creative moment.

A:- yes

R:- What happens the totality of the spent energy? I mean if we look at atoms planets suns constantly in pure flux they would appear to be giving off energy or mass.

A:- Lets leave mass out of this for the moment.

R:- A flux universe giving off energy all the while- whilst it recreates itself byway of this pulse.

A:- Indeed so you can begin to see not only is the universe infinite but so is its energy- it creates more and more of itself just by the act of being or living.

R:- so expansions of universes’

A:- Yes and no it depends on the levels within the universes. See it as sustainable ignition the by product the spent casing creates the ‘on’

R:- Surely its only the last spent casing that creates a ‘new on’ otherwise the ‘on’ would become exponential?

A:- To a point. There is quite a bit to take in so lets re-cap. The faster you go you exceed time- stop it- then faster again you exceed it all together. At this point there is no past or future and time becomes the construct instead- a toy a plaything. Atoms exist within time and outside of time (but see them as energy). The on off – how much exists on either side of the divide is another matter. If only the first spent casing could be used there would be no increase in the size of the universe. But here is the point- Once fired they can fire again at another level of vibration like a fractal. They create another vibrational level with an “on-off”off on4

R:- Ok is the off before the on or the on before the off?

A:- Chicken and egg. What happens if they both come at the same time! Don’t see them now as on – off but different energy forms interacting and creating from one another- one not existing with out the other.

R:- The one atom pinging about the universe theory?

A:- No – lets talk of “the seed of a universe”. For at its core it’s still a seed of infinite possibility. What I have tried to show is another way of looking at the vibratory levels of the universe. Not only are they vibratory levels as separate levels or dimensions but they are interdependent. So what ever happens on earth will affect many other dimensions.

R:- I thought the dimensions were separate and one couldn’t affect the other- in as much as a negative entity couldn’t affect a higher vibrational level because it did not vibrate high enough in order to do so.

A:- That’s true a low vibration can’t exist within a higher vibrational density. However I am describing the interface, relationship, between one dimension and the next. It’s similar to the as above so below but on the interface affective levels. That is why we are here to help and make sure the levels above are not tainted by those below at this time.

You see there is more than enough flux or constant creation to keep things in harmony. I have moved the subject on to the fact the fuel rods are being up graded by a 4th and 5th density shift. The point is the flux or creation will be different.

R:- So are the lower densities created from the spent cartridges of the higher densities?

A:- If it helps you to see it that way

R:- You mean I am still in kindergarten.

A:- As explained before, you hear and see several teachers or helpers on different levels. These last few years are the realisation that you are actually walking from the playground into the classroom.