The way we live

Comparisons between our world and that of the Andromedans. Different ways of living and thinking and the potential for us to change our future.

20th April 2015


A:- So as we said before when you look at things in the round they not only make more sense but you begin to see the connections between things. Seeing this is important because you can then see the interaction between different choices made and how that will affect all things.

Let us take for example plant life. There are complex eco systems that many are aware of and the loss of one species or insect that’s useful in propagation can have effects on a larger scale. The heavy use of pesticides isn’t helpful. You have a whole industry set up to sell and promote their use. I’m not saying they have no place just that when you have good eco systems when organic material is returned to the ground it becomes much healthier as a living organism.

This is a practical thing that many can see as an example of things in the round and that all is connected.

However to see more perhaps you should look at humanity in the round. Politics mixed with global agendas and commerce can leave many by the way side in the pursuit of one organisations need for profit. Need or greed is also a part of your collective consciousness. Much of that was originally based in the fear of not having enough, so the more you stored of what ever it was you wanted the better off or safer you would be. Of course the food or goods (comfort) once stored are now substituted with either money or other commodities that can be traded.

Whosoever is in charge of these or is responsible for them wields a degree of power or control. Many of your finite resources are controlled by a few and these are controlled by the owners for their purpose and not for the good of humanity.

So if you want to change things does this mean some organisations will have to either give up control or give something away? Well that is based on the premise that they can own such things. Water companies own water and in some parts of the world its kept for those in control of it- so should there be air companies?

I am trying to show the differences between us. We do not have ownership in the same way, though we do have personal goods and effects. No one is short of anything no one exerts control for personal or corporate greed. There is no need for profit or to give added value to a product.

Your society is based on making a profit and you see this as some sort of reward for time spent or activity done. This is not our way.

How does one value different peoples input into society be it a child rearing, scientific research or a position with high levels of responsibility. Well we don’t differentiate in terms of value to society and we don’t have a monetary value measurement of people. Difference doesn’t work for us.

To see how our society works isn’t easy for you (as I can tell from looking at your energetic mental process as we talk). You have just compared in your mind the ‘all for one and one for all’ to communism as a being the opposite of capitalism, which I outlined above. But communism is a long way removed from the way we live work and play. Communism is about power and control of the masses with those in low positions having little or no influence on where resources are to go

Your human mind looks at such a suggestion through your existing database and collective consciousness. Lets look at a few thoughts in your collective consciousness – “why should they have more than me?”- “Why should they have the same as me?” – “what they do is less important and less responsible and less stressful surely our input into society should be measured and taken into account”. Your media also pushes the idea that some folks do nothing and scrounge on others or contribute little to society and are in essence a drain on it. How difficult it is to see our way when you are stuck in yours.

So let me expand on the principles of ‘seeing things in the round’. We are all energetically the same and we are all connected and a part of one another. This isn’t easy to feel through your matrix of thoughts. To see that you are an extension of your neighbour and they of you does not compute. You are kept in separateness and everywhere you look you see it and its reinforced to you. You see yourselves as a separate entities and have little concept of soul connections and what you do to your brother you do to yourself.

As an example- if you look at the difference between your various life experiences you can see some may be the polar opposite of what you might wish and suffering seems to go in patterns the turning of the karmic wheel. This is an example of what I mean when I say what you do to your brother you do to yourselves. You may say life is better for many than it was 200 years ago and that’s true but not true for the inhabitants of Africa and other oppressed parts of your world.

Ok I take your thoughts for a few its better in the third world and that you are a global mix, some things are changing and that an omelet cant be made without breaking eggs. But many existing society structures have been ripped apart and the values of a few powerful nations or religions imposed upon them. They all had agendas.

You say your world is evolving and it can’t be an overnight change. Because you don’t in essence know what it is that you wish to change it too this creates another raft of difficulty. You think you do – which you do to a point. We are not saying that is wrong but that if you think about changing it by using your current data base it will have reflections of your existing current data base. It will be another reflection of that.

That’s your choice and there is no way we would say what or who you should be. I am merely pointing out the differences in our society and our way of thinking and that it’s not easy for you to see where we are coming from.

R:- I’m trying not to interject here but the more you talk the greater the divide I see between the ways we think. So if we have difficulty seeing your perspectives how come you see ours?

A:- Ah that’s easier for us we were once as you and you were once as us. There are massive time lines or ages between us. There are of course some of us that have studied exoploitics. We are careful with our interactions and communications. There are big divides between cultures and ways of thinking. Indeed we have been preparing many years for communications such as this and have been connecting at deep spiritual levels where we are at one with you and many others. We do not judge just give an alternative perspective.

R:- Would the explanation of your societies way of being help?

A:- We have nothing to hide but bear in mind that you are using your database to view it.

Ok let’s look at it on several levels. If you were born into our society you would be born with the energies and DNA of our fellow inhabitants and its morality. You would accept it as read as you do in yours- it is what it is and that’s what you would become and become used to. On earth if you were born into a kibbutz you would think that was a good way to live but you would become aware of the way that others live. That is not to say our youngsters are not aware of other ways of living. So – try to see your self as a child with our background and our morality and you might begin to see us as we see ourselves. Let go of who you think you are and view the following as a free child.

There is nurture and open education – no doctrines or indoctrination. We do not put ourselves as first. This doesn’t mean we don’t value ourselves we love ourselves very much. We want the best for all newborns and see them as us for we were once newborns. Education is very important and that spans all areas including spirituality as well as the betterment of society. Absolutely no one is left out in the cold they are all valued as equal. We do not give a measurement value to each person as you do. For you value is an indoctrination about worth to society.

For us it’s more about the individual exceeding any boundaries and becoming the best of what it is they ever want to be. That would include a gardener, child minder or social career, medical and health worker, artist, scientist or project manager. Just imagine a world that you can be whomever you want and do what ever you want. With all having equal value. We do however have technology different to yours and software consciousness programs that run along side nature so even when I mention a job (which we see as desired activity) it would be different to how you understand it. So a gardener would be different than the activity you understand it to be. He or she would be working with energies and subtle consciousness as well.

We do not put any values to jobs. It doesn’t mean we don’t value – instead we love and respect individuals and their different needs.

You may see slackers or those that take advantage of others in your world. That is not the case with us because every one is valued so highly they want to be the best they can and to help others with love.

R:- What happens if a social career for example wants to only work for 2 days a week when others work 5 days. That’s not fair is it?

A:- Fairness for whom?

R:- But others might say why shouldn’t I only work 2 days?

A:- From where you stand that’s understandable. For a start we just don’t think like that.

R:- But don’t you have slackers or folks that take advantage?

A:- No – not in the way you think. Who is to say how much free time someone should have for the hard work they put in. For us its not even hard work. We do what we enjoy if its work as you see it, that’s what we enjoy.

R:- Yes I can see we are worlds apart.

A:- Yes and no- you are souls having a human experience and so are we ours just happens to be different to yours. Yours is a value-based society seeing difference. Ours is a society seeing value in all experiences as different experiences give growth to the soul. I do however take your point about how can a society function if no one takes responsibility.

If something needs to be done people will do it they don’t leave it to another. Yes there are organisational structures but all and every worker has a part in that. If anyone were to try and take advantage they would be approached and counseled as to why they wish to take advantage.

R:- That sounds like indoctrination

A:- Ah- there is the judgment from your level of a world that can’t exist without it.

Because we want the best for all society and for each individual we would explore why they should want to take advantage or abuse the society they live in. They have the free will still to choose what they want. However could you live a life where you did nothing – sat at home and watched movies all day? You would get bored within a couple of days. You would want to be mixing with friends or helping someone wanting to see someone else grow or have the best for themselves. Can you begin to see that it is love that we live within and we get so much joy and satisfaction from living life like this that its not even on our radar to be any different.

It is not indoctrination its about wanting the best for yourself and the best way to get the best for yourself is to want the best for another. We appreciate each other and ourselves no one is out to get the better of anyone else.

For the round let’s look at it another way. No police no armies no wars no working to pay off debts no money no fears of one another or of the state. There are no states no agendas only working parties of individuals that are beyond reproach.

You don’t trust your politicians understandably they are joined at the hip to large commercial corporations – we don’t have politics in the same way. There are forums where we look to the betterment of all.

You spend so much time and energy just trying to survive or fight your corner. Just imagine how much extra time you would have individually as well as collectively if time were not wasted on conflict. No adversarial legal systems and a lot less health care because we are much healthier.

Though the explanation for health is based around energetic levels and the harm of negative energy thoughts and feelings that effect one’s body. If there is anyone with an unhealthy body we help them look at the reasons for that and we can go back and heal the original mental or emotional trauma so that the body heals itself. That is not to say we do not have an exceptional medical and energetic expertise that works alongside that.

Whilst you might think the health care went a little off the point, it is very relevant. We have little illness and there are not many people involved in health care. Perhaps you can begin to see how much more time we have for other areas of life. We also have technologies that work in tandem with nature allowing it to harmonies with some of our needs.

R:- What about food and drink?

A:- One thing at a time, though I appreciate you are wanting to see things in the round as I was saying earlier- Our body needs as they can be described are different to yours as we also use energies to replenish our bodies energies which are not carbon based like yours are so lets leave that for another day.

Suffice to say we have a very different loving nurturing society and that its difficult for you to see how it can work. I can assure you it works very well and we rarely have anyone with a mental health issue because they are prepared to work on any issue that may come up.

Oh I meant to say earlier regarding what you might see as our politicians – not only are they living and kind like all and have the best in mind for all but everyone trues persona can be seen by all and we are happy to show it. So if any one (which they wouldn’t) wanted to work against the betterment of all we would see it in them in their aura if you like.  If they tried to hide thoughts we would see that. So not only do we trust and love one another we are all visible to one another in love. Any thoughts that are not loving are seen. It doesn’t mean we pry into each  others  thoughts.

R:- Sounds like utopia

A:- That’s about comparisons – We do have intergalactic challenges, defence systems and much wider involvements than just our own home planets.

R:- I have been getting images of the buildings, plants and people all the time you have been talking and a feeling of what things must be like for you.

A:- Good seeing things in the round very important – however do not forget you are experiencing these from your database and we do not see utopia, just our present way of being till and if we see a better one.