Second meeting Cytith

Understanding deeper soul connections- meeting of higher minds and the forth coming changes. Before we started I got a closer look at his hands which are very dextrous, nimble fingers with gripping pad surfaces capable of every thin our hands can do. The small talons on the end of the fingers are withdrawn when used for delicate purposes. When the fingers are spread they allow the webbing to expand for swimming, there are also 3 gripping claws retracted within the main palm of the hand.cytith-hands


Cytith: – Hello Robert I have been following you since your last visit, which was instigated by Antemedi. I must say I find you quite an extraordinary race. The variety of genetics of mixed origin gives you tremendous potential. I have some observations if you wouldn’t mind me sharing them with you.

R: – Great please proceed.

Cytith: – In order to be closer and respectful I should like to share my name. Tcricck-cocc. (It’s more of a raspy gurgle sound). For ease you may call me Trito. What I have difficulty with is your aptitude for destructive ways and inconsiderateness towards one another. Whilst I see there are many individuals of good-natured soul, even these tend to ‘protect’ themselves. They see injustice or criticism when it doesn’t exist. You all seem to have pre-determined reactions to certain stimuli when in actuality you could act in love instead of re-acting. In every moment you have the choice as to who to be, but you do not often take that- in part this is because of your hormone and chemical reactive bodies. Is there any way this can be changed?

R: – I think I am becoming more aware of this since the visit to the Ankioids – however thoughts and programs also exist in the collective consciousness, which is easy to plug into.

IMG_2143Trito (TT): – May I offer another solution

R: – Yes please

TT: – Try not to be someone

R: – Are you talking about me or generally

TT: – As a generality that will also include you as well. In trying not to be someone you automatically are someone. By avoiding- trying not to be that which you wish you were not- you automatically have it. As if to say for example “I desire not to be aggressive” a part of you must believe you are or that you are still a possibility of being that other wise you would have no need to hold to the thought of not being aggressive. I understand from Antemedi that he has been teaching you to let go of any concept of who you are and to see yourself as a temporary projection into your body. In this way when you look at yourself you can see more easily the harmonies of the energies of that body and beyond to the source creations of the harmonies.

I have ‘listened’ to the shared conversation with him about letting go of these older ideas of who you are and to embrace these newer ones. In one conversation he spoke of creator energy pulse and that it was still accessible. This is true but there are other energies, which are deeper within. As I speak with you – you are now looking at them in this moment. Energies more than wisps, an agility of mind to move freely to see into the depths. You can begin to see ‘out crops’ and points of focus, flag posts or pit stops – I am struggling with the right words.

R: – This is very interesting to look at. As I look more around in here I can see another Cytith is one of these – there are other beings, some A’s and other types.

TT: – This is a plane of meeting; a plane of communication- you have chosen to be here to be a part of the cross communication and understanding of other beings. There are other discarnate humans from higher levels who are involved. However with what you know you should see beyond that badge or description because like all of us, they are also soul origin projecting a focus into an expression. To see that we are all one is to join with those of like minds. Only minds of the same values can join. Your mind asks the question ‘what do I mean by join’. Well we can converse with other races to the level at which we feel comfortable or they feel comfortable. The Ankioids of Tanata you met the other day shows this because you said elsewhere on the Internet that “they were not your cup of tea”. You can interact with them but only at a level that feels comfortable.

R: – You are now going to say I feel comfortable with you because I was once a Cytith

TT: -You knew that in your soul- I could say you are still a Cytith but that may confuse you.

R: – You mean to the eternal moment.

TT: – In part. You see often in the past when you have received messages or channeled wisdoms you have assumed it came from discarnate humans as that would sit more easily with you and thus to a few of us you would overlay a image of humanity. This was because your anchor was within yourself and your beliefs as Antemedi said. Now with greater fluidity you can feel comfortable to be aware of your nature, life experiences and focus into other forms of humanoid experience. Some of your people ascribe great knowledge and wisdom to the Auctarians and that is so but it does not mean one should aspire to be Auctarian as some people wish. You see all possibilities are open to you at a soul level. You may have alternative life experience, many types of focus or experiences in order to grow and be. There is much progress that can be made in any form of humanoid. You can be any type when you wish, you are not stuck by karma to return to earth. It is about the ability to contact and harness the inner power and wisdom within. As you go deeper within, you begin to see these harmonies in different ways. As you look at me I am to appear as harmonies am I not?

R: – Yes – I see them – but the feel of them is slightly different.

TT: – Yes that is your perception of my outer layers- try looking deeper


I hear a raspy voice “Hello again Robert”

R: – When last we spoke you more than intimated my experience has been at one with your race- So is that me or another aspect of my multidimensional soul – another part of the 1/12th division of over soul?

TT: – Some and some let me explain- Kindliness and wisdom together with enlightenment and stature means I am able to speak truths with authority. I said before that I had been in contact but you would not have seen my face because of the difficulty it would have caused. I have taken a great interest in you and how things progress. It pleases me that we have contact.

R: – What contact or connection.

TT: – You can’t have one without the other if it is good contact. You – that is you have had lives here with us.

R: – It feels very familiar.

TT: – It should do- this is quite a leap in belief for you. Several months back you would have had difficulty accepting what I say.

R: – Well its not fully easy now – though that’s more about the external reaction to disclosing such things.

TT: – Most people on your planet have little acceptance of past lives, let alone lives off planet. People will find it acceptable to be a similar humanoid because it’s not much of a jump. But for you it’s more of a jump to a Cytith life as well as Andromedan. The whole of this comes back to seeing things at soul level rather than at human level. For you are primarily soul – the rest is just an expression an experience.

R: – Ok go on

TT: – Where would you like me to go on to?

R: – Where you feel it’s best, you are ahead of me and know more, I have no reason to distrust you- to the contrary I feel assured in your presence.

TT: – Ok when we met for what you thought was our first time; you were very comfortable in the hologram aquatic body. Deep down you have always had a sense of drowning in a past human life.

R: – Yes I feel that strongly – I put that down to my last life here on earth as a fisherman.

TT: – Well it was a life on this planet, you had become entangled in some apparatus that took you to depths that were not sustainable for an aquatic and there you perished mostly through the piercing by some of these sharp parts of apparatus and its great weight even under water. Your body was recovered most straight away and we could see your vibrating form depart. Such departures are a shock for all those around. Let me now take you into our halls of history.

R: – He shows me a picture of some Cytiths and points out one of them as me.

TT: – You have truly lived a diverse life of many experiences as have many others but many are not only unaware of that possibility but would be unable to conceive of that.

R: – Well anyone reading this might think of psychosis.

TT: – Let us turn away from thoughts of external judgment to internal thoughts. If you can put your pen down I would like to take you deeper into yourself

R: – (At this point I feel pins and needles on the head and I zonk out – when I come back after an hour the conversation restarts.)

TT: – Where do you think we went?

R: – Not at all sure.

TT: – Were you not aware of being here with me?

R: – No but I see you clearly now- we are walking up to a desk with a hologram screen above that. It looks like a hologram memory of the first time we met. It is different because a bigger face of a different Cytith comes up close. “Hello Robert take a seat in front of me for awhile in order to remember me – but remember me you will

“Asqua squarr quack, nick, skit, clack, kark, tic stich, bi-qui-yak tacka squak” all of these sounds come from the back of my throat as I feel compelled to say them out loud.

The additional Cytith (C2) says “can you remember what you said, many lifetimes away – you said you would return one day in a different form because you wanted to travel the universe in many different forms. You realised to fully experience different environments that would require you to incarnate in different bodies and you were prepared to do that. So I would say that this neither makes you special nor not. It is the life of exploring it is not about importance. So let me ask you have you found what it was that you were searching for or wishing to experience.

R: – I do not have the awareness full of my soul to answer that.

C2: -But you are or have been reconnected to it.

R: -Perhaps I should ask it?

Answer: – Not yet there is further to go but the peace is greater.

C2: – What can you bring back to us Robert?

*R: – from where I come in this current human form I feel I have little to offer you in your world or your evolution- other than to say perhaps there are many ways to experience the same things. Maybe some of this exploration shows that each life is different reflection of that which is. Maybe the ‘difference’ is just seen or that I have at last seen (in this very moment) that which I sought to explore- I envisioned different experiences were the way to have a full and fruitful diverse way of seeing things. Yet now I wonder not. Whist it is good to remember these experiences, be they past or present or future – they are of no consequence. All that remains within them, as the most tangible is the connectedness with others, the sharing of an experience is to share it in love of each other. I do not wish to or need to see such lives as experiences but to be of and in the experience of the love of one another. I know some will find this difficult, me saying this to you in such a way, but whilst I have an enquiring mind to what is here – I just feel a great peace and union in your company.

C2: – Then you have brought back much have you not. You come as who you were- you are welcome back.

R: – This (my current human incarnation) is not easy, yet that long passage of words above* flowed from deeper inside of me. It was me as I were to say it and it flowed with the ease of meaning it – yet it is not the incarnation as Robert, not at all of the wordage limitation I would have.

C2: – Indeed not, it could not flow from the physical human aspect of you but from the deeper higher connections within.

R: – Who are you I do not recognise yet?

C2: – An aspect of you old friend.

R: – By that what do you mean – I notice the tambour and cadence in our exchange is changing- the words and meter of delivery. As if of some poetry, some delivery that speaks for itself, with little to do with me.

C2: – It has all to do with you but you know it little.

R: – By what you mean? Aspect old friend.

C2: – When tragedy befell in your 30’s with the death of your young son, I was there in your suffering.

R: – I am beginning to remember the tambour of words that were spoken to me at that time of pain.

C2: – Look, I see not myself as a Cytith but as soul essence. I have also had other forms and other expressions. I am trying to bring forth memories of our connections.

R: – I do not know how to access them.

C2: – Do you need to, can they just not show themselves. Look at my face and look through it into the harmonies beyond the surface.

R: – As I look through his face I am perhaps in his memories or mine or both.

I am standing in a landscape with no vegetation, all seems black and white – I walk forwards to an area of light – there are several people here including someone very evolved- shining so bright and clear like a single point of light that fills a body shape.


Welcome Robert come and sit a while with us. We realise what we have been talking about might be disorientating to you – that doesn’t make it any the less true. Are you the only one sensing and feeling these things? – NO! Are there others talking of these things? Yes a few but what you are all experiencing is normal – this is yet more re-awakening of what it is to be multidimensional. You sense and trust these words – you are deep within yourself and there are no external influences from 3d worldly entities. We wish you to join us here over the next few days, either in sleep meditation (where upon we will reawaken what you did and said) like this present moment; you are bringing back to your consciousness that which was experienced and planted therein.

He puts his hand on my head and after a short while all I see is a light similar to him inside me – in my heart its not as radiant and I am aware of being several layers at the same time. Then he says

“Am I not you, are you not me”

Then we join and he disappears

R: – Where have you gone?

“I am where I always was, inside and outside one and the same”

R: – Which aspect are you?

“An aspect of self, a memory of Cytith a memory of humanoids of different forms over millennia – Here I reside in you, for you are my expression in the world you think is yours. In fact you are my expression into an experience. I see that sits comfortably with you for remember the words * above- they were mine and they were yours. So how does it feel to talk in such away?”


R for Robert- RH Robert Higher mind

R: – I have spoken with and been encapsulated by other higher aspects of myself before – Yet you say there is a difference this time- That you are the memory of all my humanoid experiences and that I have access to them or you will allow them to come forth.

RH: – They were here all along. You just needed to be stable enough to encapsulate them without interference, a gentle stable unfolding.

R: -Point taken very wise- so what now – me talking to me.

RH: – You always have but you were not seeing it in the direct way that you are now. Before it would have been a pool of thoughts and ideas that could be helped along by your trusted guides.

R: – So how is this to unfold – perhaps I shall just listen and observe.

RH: – That would be good- as you have been taught, a question from you informs the answer whereas standalone information can start without a question. You may wish to explore further that which will be said but allow exploration by limiting questions.

R: – Ooops! questions come to mind – about your level and how we are connected to Aqueena and Telenatey.

RH: – Then brush them aside and let me begin. Most stories start at the beginning but this one starts at the end – though the end in this instance is an arbitrary point of focus as there is no end- save that there is an end to a way of thinking or being. Some changed ways of ‘thinking and being’ can be so divergent that you may be considered not to be the same person even though you exist in the same body. However that is more about another’s ability to accept major changes in others because that challenges them. So the end of a way of beginning? What I am referring to here is the major jump or leap in mankind that is about to come forward. Many sense that.

R: – I don’t really have a sense of that.

RH: – That because its about focus – you are not looking for it, ignoring it, as if its off at some stage in the future so as to look nearer the time. Well now is getting nearer the time to take a look. Antemedi explained to you many months ago what it would mean in practical terms. However for those that are ‘more open’ and ‘open minded’ the experience will be more enhanced. That which was slightly out of reach will not only be at hand but more tangible than it was before. The folding of worlds as they sit side by side will be commonplace for them. That said some thoughts they have not dealt with shall be taken away for they have the experience and wisdom of them but have not let go. So releases for them and others. However there will be other thoughts that they will need to deal with when particular items come into focus. For the most part it is recognizing that which they have avoided or not dealt with. That recognition will be enough to allow an easier release. There may be resolutions or actions to put into place to finalise such things. That is life- that is what it is. These things will apply to you also. There are other minds on the vanguard. Those that will feel the waves first these energies will come to them in sleep or conscious awareness. I would like to spend time taking to you into some of these energies so that you may experience them and what they do. All questions shall be exploration. I know you have questions but keep them at bay let us undertake that which I have outlined.

R: – Meditation- zonked out for over an hour. Left with memories of letting go of images, that every person on earth had an image or persona, some were false external images or alter egos, yet the image or the ‘expression’ of them remained.

RH: – Who wants to be ‘thought well of’ unless you desire others to think ill of you. The truth of these new waves means that persona aside, the image will be clear to see and can no longer covered to protect anyone. The truth will be as is. This will be so in many areas of life, work, play, politics and friendships, nothing will escape this reshaping. It will be as if a layer of fabric has been removed, all false hood is bare, the truth is seen.

The next is to speak the truth of such things- it will be so strong within each person that the collective consciousness will change. People will no longer plug into the fear of speaking up or speaking out. The truth will be as it is – the alternative cannot be defended because any covering lies or excuses will be seen. This will cause major ramifications to industry, finance, politics and personal relationships. Some may struggle with this but the results will be extraordinary, it will literally be a different world.

People will be enthused they will have more energy to create that which is good and wholesome. There will be less resistance and change will begin to flow. New ideas springing up, new ways of doing things. Of course some of these may be the ‘old guard’ but they will undo themselves and be seen for who they are. These factors alone will have huge ramifications for all, including religious organisations and long held corrupted beliefs.

The next to follow and alongside will be love and appreciation of one another. Because truth will be so apparent trust grows, love and tolerance with forgiveness will flow. Of course there will be some resistance, however where there is resistance there will be ‘self struggle’. The last to properly change unfortunately will be world politics and trade. People will still have an affinity with power, goods and control of or for the future. This is still fear for safety and protection but this will be the sharp edge between the have’s and the have not’s between different countries but also within their own countries. Unfair taxation of the poor and tax-free havens for the rich will need to be dismantled and greater clarity will be seen. At the moment society is restricted from these changes by those that are the power- this too will change.

Loving nurturing relationships will expand, and self-awareness will grow. Living in openness and truth will create releases such that – who you believed you are, will become who we were. New technologies will come forward for the betterment of the planet and those living upon it Further challenges will happen to the financial systems which will need to re-structure. Greater clarity of all government budgets and spending will need to come out in the open.

Alongside this will come (to those unaware) the growing awareness that you are not alone. Because there are less lies and more truth – there will be more trusting and less fear – the ability to accept change will be enhanced. It will be this greater awareness ‘without the fears of before’ which will allow the benevolents to come closer. Till eventually some will appear and be welcomed with warm open hearts, treated not with distrust but as a along lost brother or sister. This too will evoke changes to the way mankind thinks about benevolence and non- benevolence. Of course there will be struggles with those that still try in vain to keep a semblance of the past but the battle will have been won through love, trust and truth – and the steadfastness of heart to be and do and to be different. So this is the near and further future.

Initially there will be a switch then several phases will follow. Remember the first of the switches is to change perception; it will be as if people are waking up the world over. Such great news of how things will be. I think that about sums up how things will unfold, do you wish to explore this.

R: – When

RH: – Don’t you mean how

R: Everyone focuses on when and I know the A’s like Antemedi have been reluctant to say.

RH: – You have been told before it’s more about windows of opportunity, when one window pulls in front of another, they then become doorways. Only when aligned can you walk through to the next door, only when the circumstances are conducive.

R: – This does bring in the argument as to what is helpful to know in advance or not know in advance.

RH: – At this point in time that is of less concern for ‘it will be so’ and not dependent upon advance knowing or not.

R: – Who are you and with what authority have you to say such things. I know you as an element of my higher mind. To an extent I was comfortable with information from Antemedi and the other A’s. This in part because I saw them as the providers of knowledge and information of which I had no idea previously. The relationship to listen as a student was straightforward. Now there is an appearance of a part of me that can clearly teach or provide information. This is me but at the same time this particular bit of me is like all the others here on this changing 3d world.

RH: – Yes and what’s wrong with that

R: – Is that not unusual

RH: – Yes and no

R: – It could be considered as egotistical or indeed the fabrication of such to project this externally.

RH: – Is all that is happening for you true for you

R: – Yes

RH: – Are you lying

R: – I would not wish to and certainly not to my knowledge

RH: – I can see no lies. Again this is about how this new image will be seen in the world around you. Get used to who you are! (with love of course)

R: – So what aspect of higher levels are you

RH: – What level would you want me to be

R: – I don’t want you to be any specific level – it’s the fact I have seen Aqueena at that level.

RH: – Well at the end of this session I will show you me- your face at this level. So what is a level? – It is of no consequence; no better no worse- one of the layers of paint on a painting. Yes higher frequencies, deeper insights, knowledge and connectedness exist but that’s not of value – you cannot measure love. For anyone that tries to measure love, I would ask them to come forward and I would show the futility and damage that does. How can you compare the love of a child for their mother against the love and nurture of the mother for the child. The love may be being used differently and there may appear to be differences, but these are differences of experience. Love is the expression into ‘an experience’ for growth and more love, it just is love. How you act with one another is a reflection only of your misunderstandings. In some the love may be hidden very deep beneath those expressions of misunderstanding but it is still there.

R: – You certainly speak with the authority of love.

RH: – Why should I not

R: – What shall I call you

RH: – What ever pleases you.

R: – What would please you?

RH: – That is simple- that which pleases you, for I say that with love, not as some form of continual exchange of words as to who should have the decision over a mere name. Names are nothing for are we not deed and action within love.

R: – Will you be here all the time with such brevity and vigor?

RH: – Reasons will prevail- If you think you can rely upon me to give answers to others that you cannot, or that I shall take over and be a noble mouth piece- I will not. That would negate you having the experience of who you are.

R:-If the reasons are right or helpful – like they are now

RH: – Tis not that I have that problem- tis you. For dare that you should consider that you speak to a 1/12th part of your over soul like co-joined Aqueena but that this time it should be the 1/12th that is expressing itself as you in this moment. You find that hard to accept in its apparent enormity. But it is not- why should it be. You will become easier with this in a few days. I know you wish not to believe you are more than you are as if such a belief is a falsehood and it is merely a reflection of wishful thinking or desires with their own agenda. This is not so but shall I say- dare that you believe and believe what is possible, my word will things then change. So make no comparisons to others views, stick to that which you hear and see in truth and clarity.

R: – What of the connectedness to Antemedi, Telenatey and the Cytith

RH: – Do not become to bound by relationships, about whom and where and when you were connected. You are able to take at face value family members you share this life with shared with them before in other lives, roles and relationships. So this is at higher levels, just insert the words, ‘different type of humanoid’ as well as family. Certain incarnation memories and mental abilities are shrunk in order to experience them either in the base-est form or without hope- such is the nature of a focus of expression. However now is the time of great expansion, collecting together the intricately woven tapestries.

R: – What does that really mean

RH: – Again what ever you believe. Suffice to say all that I have said is so. The Andromedans you know and the Cytith will help you, for you have connections in lives experienced and in the swapping roles of educators or pupils at other levels of yourself you will have been of guidance to others. Things are very interchangeable. You see man values himself by what he sees of himself in his singularity of expression. When he comprehends he is more, then his expression of himself will also change. He will no longer create values of who he is and what he can do.

R: – Much like the Andromedans have explained about their life style.

bob-higher-dimension-3RH: – Indeed that is so, man in human will progress to be a different expression of soul – one that should have been, but one that will now be. Let there be no doubts with this, the energetic patterns are laid out. Those that cast doom and doubt will eventually be able to see this truth and this light. Because they may see a few clouds that pass across the sun it does not mean the clouds will stay there. At these levels we see this all so differently. I hope this message of love reaches many. So many of us at these levels wish such things. Those in 3d forget the ability of the energetic levels of themselves. The energetic levels of each person will drive or guide them to what they need – to see the right page or hear the right conversation – Nothing is by chance, life is not random. Great blessings of love and awareness to unfold, great excitement in knowledge do we have that is tempered and folded in love- tis the Joy in which we love, the way in which we live- it is attainable, till eventually it can be transmuted into ways of being in expressions and the living in dimensions. But that is for another days talking to explore – energetic expressions

R:-I can’t keep calling him/me RH. Perhaps Bob short for Robert. Not a very elegant name but perhaps one suited to the circumstances- perhaps it may change