The great flux

January 2018

Andromedan view of basic science – creative energies

Antemedi takes me forward and introduces me to a female called Syelana (s-eye- lana). She has very dark skin and black shiny hair. She wears a beige gold tunic with blue cuffs edged in gold braiding. She has a dark waistband – the trousers are the same material as her top. She wears a headband of the same colour, which has a silvery reflective emblem, embossed on the front.

Syelana (SY): – We are the ambassadors of the crescent moon- it would be to what you might call- an educational foundation. The ambassadors are primarily female in their ‘out reach’- come walk with me.

R: – She offers her arm so that I can take it – as I do so I become aware of all sorts of unusual shapes and interlocking patterns. These dissipate as I focus on the fact we are moving forward very quickly – walking with purpose. On our left we approach a bald headed man with a beard he nods in acknowledgement of our arrival. He gives his name as Arkinara and guides us up 4 steps onto a white marble like floor; it emanates some kind of energy. Several people mostly female are standing around a long table. Beyond the energetic marble floor and on all sides is parkland.

SY: – I am to leave you here- please go to the table where there is a place for you

R: – Arkinara puts his hand upon my shoulder and guides me to the middle of the table. He welcomes me and says I have come along at opportune moment. At this point all the others nod their heads but carry on with what they are doing. A woman makes way for me and indicates for me to stand between her and Akinara. There is a tall woman at one end of the long table and at the other a man who asks for everyone to be quiet.He introduces himself as Arnaha (AH)

AH:- “There are many of you here today with preconceived ideas and others of you with limited ideas of what is going on. We have not been called to be here- it is that our interests merge and we find ourselves together. For some of you this is at your present full conscious level for others it is at higher levels with the information filtering to lower levels.

R: – Interesting because as I look around some people are really engaged and some do not seem to be aware that they are here.

AH: – We all have an interest in the subject matter at hand. To an extent it is a subject matter that matters to everyone –the enlightenment and evolution of man on earth. Evolution does not in this instance require us to look to the past and go over historical failures or successes. We don’t see them in that way because they are just the paths that lead us to the moment of now.

R: – A holographic screen unfolds in front of me and hand pads rise from the table. They have ergonomic mouldings so that my fingers and thumbs fit round them easily. I think of holograms in holograms and at this point I loose consciousness and zonk out. When I return some while latter I initially become aware of the parkland surroundings. These seem incongruous with the place we are standing- a place of learning in the countryside. I remember that we were told some of us might have higher consciousness awareness but not necessarily full awareness at lower levels. This explains the reason for loss of consciousness. I can see holographic images beginning to form in front of each of us.

R: – In my hologram I can see Arnaha spinning a white basketball, which could be a planet then he tips his finger and the axis seems to follow him. He even goes in a full circle with the ball beneath his finger.

AH: – I am demonstrating that attraction is different to gravitational fields. Attraction or deflection is to do with energetic resonance. That which is harmonious fits into that which is harmonious – this makes a harmony resonance. That which is out of resonance retreats away from the source energy. Now then- it depends on where you consider the source energy to be. In this instance it is my finger – one single point of energetic attraction. In reality there are many points of attraction – some of which are greater than others. On one level everyone that walks a planet in love and light is a point of attraction. You pull in energy and ground it. Not seen by many but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. There is also a requirement for source energy.

R: – The hologram now shows an open fire – Arnaha places a dark sheet about 1½ meters above it. The fire begins to dampen as if the oxygen has been taken away. He is showing what happens when source energy is removed. The hologram of the planet returns and he shows that no matter where he holds his finger the planet remains ‘in situ’. The axis or energy input can change. The planet remains the same but the finger moves the axis.

AH: – If all things are seen as ‘intact’ then it is by external influence they change. Provided of course they have source energy. As I move my hand away you can see that the energy, which resides in the sphere is attracted to my finger until it is not.

R: – The hologram planet sits there in a state of flux without rotation but in an extraordinary way the energy of it gets bigger and bigger and gradually engulfs us all.

Next to me Akinara to me says “keep your focus- all is energy so it may do as it wishes. Of course there are rules for each dimension. However there are energies that do not have such rules. With a point of focus energies can be transmuted ”

R: – As I look back at the hologram there appears a clear sheet of acetate or plastic. Upon this there is a scene of universal space dotted with stars and star clusters. Another clear sheet is put over the top of this to show waves of energy, which seem to be in ribbons from left to right. They then fold over one another to make circles and the circles then form vortexes. The vortexes are shown to be everywhere – they are giving out energy in all directions – they begin to appear as if they are mini spheres or torus shapes with energy emissions. Some seem to pulse on and off in different colours or vibrational harmonies.

‘The great flux” says Akinara

R: – My awareness returns to the energy we were in- the energy of the expanded sphere from the table. Its as if I am in still in that energetic sphere. Like the hologram explanation there are small holes or points of emanation within the energy that’s all around me- I can see the differential flux – ‘on off’ vibration. Some of these pulsating points expand energy in differing ways and intensity. Some energetic interactions happen close by with neighboring emanations.

Others seem to expand their field or range of influence. As they expand they also have points of inter action along their edges. Like a strange bubble – bubbles interacting with bubbles. Yet the vortexes or points of emanation still exist in great multitudes everywhere – inside and outside the bubbles. The multitude of emanations are like an energetic soup within which the bubbles and the bubble interactions exist- It’s an interesting way of comprehending different dimensions. Layers and layers of interactions or dimensions in the same space.

I am encouraged to walk to the end of the table and stand next to Arnaha where a space is made for me.

AH: – Now Robert will tell you more.

R: – What? Surely I am the student

AH: – Let it flow you don’t have to know it in order to talk about it – you just need to connect to it and your higher level understanding will exist in lower-level understanding.

R: – In front of me I can see one of the bubbles I feel compelled to place my fingers both on the left and right side. Much like the first example of Arnaha’s basket ball planet – the bubble begins to spin and rotate – several more appear and they all seem to rotate in different directions at the same time.

Words come from within me. It’s as if I knew in fullness but in my human self I didn’t know that I knew in a higher dimension. The words come out with force and direction.

To summarise – we have layers and over layers of information. We started with energy attraction – complimentary vibrations – flux ‘on off’ then energy points creating vortexes which could vibrate and form most any bubble shape. The bubble shapes or harmonies can interact with other bubble shapes to form additional dimensional energy points or sparks. These new sparks of energy could also interact with similar points. Yet all levels existed within the energetic soup all parts of one another. All pulsing at different rates. We can focus on all or one.

If we do this something remarkable happens. When we focus on any flux in any part of the energetic soups we can be drawn into it. Deeper and deeper – further inside towards the source But not reaching it. We begin to experience the potential for all it is indescribable. As our focus goes in and in it feels it should get smaller and smaller because we have come from the outside expansiveness that was created. Yet these inner realms become larger and larger with finer and finer energy. Because all the vortexes are touching one another we exist in the awareness of them all. We are everywhere and every thing. We can experience different levels of energetic soup. It is all a matter of what dimensions we can focus on or hold to with our vibrational awareness.


We can reverse the process. If we pull our selves back out we can return to see the bubbles – and if we insert energy with our mind into the bubble it becomes more than it was – it begins to rotate like a torus with perpetual energy flowing in and out. So now we have yet another new level of existence made and supported by the previous.


Grasping these constructs with the mind is not easy. Let go of thinking and trying to understand- instead feel the understanding. Experience it as if you already knew it- know the feeling- you will have had it before in the stillness.

Bring to your minds eye the energetic soup. As we focus on it swells in size until it encompasses all of us standing at the table. It has no density but sustains us – it has always been around us but now you see it. Each of us can interact with another person separately or in a group this is our experience of separation. If we live within the energy we can then interact with one another through that energy. In that way the feeling is different. You will be ‘all of the group’ and ‘all of the all ‘– yet you are still you. The more and varied connections we make to this energy the more connected we will feel.

At this point we all touch hands.


AH: – What I think you will think.

Determination of the different levels of instant knowing will depend upon your conscious ability to listen – desire to listen – and the intensity of the communication. Of course the more of you as a group that hear this the better – because as you think about the words I say or as you receive them you focus upon them. This in turn intensifies the modulations and enhances greater connectivity with others.

Consciousness, focus and programs are energetic – they are very much a part of the dimensions and what you consider to be physical

It is a combination of bubbles that create the interactive points or constituent parts that make up atoms, as you perceive them. Do not forget that you and your earth consciousness inhabit them at that level – you are also them. The bubbles and you are also part of the flux and in turn these all modulate ‘on and off. So the atom it self also pulses in predetermined shapes to physical laws as you see them but to a program as we see it. Questions anyone?

R: – It takes a lot to understand it

AH: – That’s as maybe. The program or information field can affect the modulation of the bubble. Yet the bubble is the information as well as the presentation of it. Information informs the creation – it is part of source and the energetic soup.

R: – What of un-ignited information or potential?

AH: – That’s a matter of choice or what’s running the program. For example the chair you sit in while you draw the diagrams needs to remain as it was in order that you may continue to sit in it. Thus the information remains the same.

R: – Changing information in to allow spacecraft to move in air or water was talked about before.

AH: – Indeed but that is done only in certain circumstances where there is need. One program overrides the base program by mechanical energy. Try not to see the information as separate – see them all as energies that interact harmoniously.