Higher light body


Antemedi: – You have discovered and been told much about yourself. You are reaching higher and higher vibrations despite the ways in which you hold yourself back. However you feel that you have not fully grasped the concept of soul – who is who and who feels what in which focus

R: – So are we to have more descriptions of fluidity and letting go in order to see myself just as an experience? That I am not Robert in reality he or I is just an experiential program. So if I do not see myself, as Robert will I move closer to higher reams?

At this point a higher light body of me comes forward (HLB)

HLB: – That is where I would like you to get.  You are mine you belong to me. Those words do not sit easily with you because I would like to change what you see as a relationship. A relationship is an interaction between the two or more parts. We are not truly separate. We do not have a relationship which is relative or of comparison to another person. It may appear so because there are different points of focus with apparent different viewpoints. From my perspective it is all one viewpoint.

R: What?

HLB: – Yes one viewpoint

R: – You see only one thing or things from one perspective – this is all contrary to the previous many points of focus.

HLB: – As a matter of perspective

R: – You find that funny!

HLB: – You find it funny you are me.  You have been here so many times before-of course I knew you would not be offended by finding it funny.  This me of you is finding it funny but you are not actually experiencing it.

R: – I was about to say just trying to understand when don’t try to understand followed in my mind. Can you explain your statement of one viewpoint.

HLB: – You think you have many viewpoints but most of these are the fractions and divisions of duality with its corresponding programs and subconscious thoughts. Of course these concepts can be brought together. I am saying that the one viewpoint is not of description it cannot be defined- it is open to all description and none – it just is – that’s the viewpoint.

R: – And your statement ‘you belong to me’ I thought there was no ownership.

HLB: – Indeed but this perspective owns your perspective

R: – That’s still ownership

HLB: – To own it is not to own. To belong is not to belong. You feel the need to belong to yourself because of the veils of forgetfulness but you already do. If I were to say I do own you that would be wrong. This comes down to the definition of ownership or to own. To say “I do not belong to you” would create distance and perpetuate your sense of self and separateness. In reality I cannot say I own you because I do not even own my self but the point is – to see myself as self is to create separateness or the experience of it.

R: – Sorry to be pedantic but you did say you owned me and from your perspective you have just confirmed that doesn’t compute.

HLB: – Yes you are quite right. Are you right and am I wrong? Truth is not about right and wrong it contains them – so what is true at these higher levels? Shall we say it is a way of thinking. Your planets truths are about the way you think or interpret things. I knew perfectly well what I was saying in order to unfold your thought process.

R: – Very clever but then again clever isn’t the same at your level because it exists and it doesn’t exist. It’s just how you want to see it or don’t see it  – it’s a functional program.

HLB: – Yes in the main however to say functional program is to leave love out. In many ways the realm I am describing sees love differently to you.

R: – Okay I am you. However at your level there is no ‘you’ there is all and nothing.

HLB: – Interesting concept isn’t it when you follow the rules.

R: – The rule that there are no rules and rules.

HLB: – Absolutely and not absolutely- so what should we talk about from such a perspective?

R: – I would be directing the start point from this level.

HLB: – That is fine

R: – Have it not have it-to your rules or no rules the fact is my questions come from my database and we are back to evolution changing the database.

HLB: – Data always changes it is free and not free it has all possibilities and none.

R: – I suppose I could feel a little lost without the previous parameters. Different set of rules and no rules that are not prescriptive. Not following rules not breaking the rules what do we do?

HLB: – Nothing and everything

R: – Interesting that has struck home- more I think on that the more I feel it.  Choice doesn’t have to be made and it doesn’t matter unless it does matter. What matters or not is an entirely open or closed perspective. This feeling is a feeling of expansiveness but its way above my comprehension.

HLB: – Only if you believe it is – it’s an unfolding.

R: – So what’s it like to live here?

HLB: – You don’t live here – you are experiencing life.

R: – but you-I-exist on your realm

HLB: – I do and I don’t

R: – Bloody hell this is perverse

HLB: – And not perverse.  It depends on what you mean by live or exist.  My existence is not like your experience of life as Robert.  Your mind believes it is functioning as a separate entity so what is mind when it does not believe that.

R: – So you are saying that you are describable and indescribable though it feels indescribable.

HLB: – Very good.  Now we’re getting closer to the realisation. You interpret all that I am saying as indescribable because as soon as you speak to describe it you form it. Pure creation from thought.  By seeking your experience you experience seeking!!

R: – Wow!! I feel that now- good grief how powerful this place

HLB: -Depends what you mean by power. The realm becomes a function of your own thoughts.

R: – As on earth?

HLB: – No – I take your point but you are experiencing it as an individual.

R: – And you don’t?

HLB: – I am soul – I tend to see myself – well as best that you can conceive as an entity or a capsule in which to put things.  A capsule that gradually shows that it is not even a capsule – a purpose for the purpose of self-revelation.

R: – Interesting so where does this leave me and not leave me?

HLB: – Are you not found and no longer lost

R: – I am and I am not – I thought being found would feel like I was found but this is most peculiar.

HLB: – You wonder what to do. In some ways do nothing you are at one – there is nothing to do in order to be who you are.  There is no spiritual evolution in the sense that you see it. Love yourself in fullness and you are next to me but we are already. Live in the greater description or the lesser description of the moment. Seek nothing and you will not experience seeking or lacking. Know we are all here all of us we are one. You are loved in fullness you only experience being unfulfilled. It is part of your program of experience.  Walk lightly as if nothing matters that is not selfish.  Love is not a value system.  You have moved away from being a seeker it no longer serves purpose other than to repeat the experiences of being a seeker.  Remember you are herewith me – what is – is what you think. So see you have no value – no value system for you are love unconstrained and immeasurable.

R: – Thank you-thank me

HLB: – I am welcome!