The individuation of knowledge vs construction of wisdom and the the ability to have an effect on all things. My personal difficulties with in depth disclosure about alien contact.

4th March 2015


G:- Consequences may be far and wide.

You have heard the theory that says a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world could end up making a gale on the other side of the world. Of course that seems far-fetched.

However you can probably take on board the sentiment of the film ‘It’s a wonderful life’ where the character played by Jimmy Stewart has a personal crisis. He is shown what his town would have been like had he not lived. The fact that he has an angel (or guide) isn’t lost on me either in my current role. It does show how important one persons life can be for the experience of others. Everyone’s life is very important to others the shame is they measure and judge it against the wrong parameters of what they believe is important.

Most do not see the importance of what they do. Even the smallest thing is important, a kind word offered to a child, helping a woman with a pram on a bus. In that moment there is usually a smile and a feeling of warmth and connectedness.

R:- This is fairly basic stuff and might seem a little trite.

G:- I’m building a point, not starting with something and deconstructing it to understand it. That’s a human way of trying to understand things.

R:- Well its worked fairly well so far for science- take the human form; all the dissections of dead bodies by early medical schools – pulling things apart to see how they go together gives an understanding of how they work.

G:-I’m glad you have used those examples because I would like to expand on what you have said. I did talk the other day about the levels of consciousness in nature, instinctive, individual and various forms of collective. I don’t propose to go over that again but ask that you bear it in mind.

What I am talking about is deconstruction, taking things to the utmost of individuation. This happens not only in science but also in the human psyche.

Difference can be seen everywhere and it can be interpreted as separateness. I’m not bashing religions but most are saying the same things but indifferent ways. The contention that one is right and another is wrong leads to separation and discord.

I am not saying that deconstruction doesn’t have a place in trying to understand things but the opposite also works. Trying to see how things work as a whole or composite.

R:- Sorry buy I cant see this is adding anything to what’s generally known.

G:- So you think I’ve set the benchmark a little low? Well you can’t build height without good foundations. If I started at the top you would have no idea what I was talking about and it would be no good deconstructing that – that would lead to a feeling of being lost and the subject matter being too complicated.

R:- Ok I see your point.

G:- And I can see yours and the frustration.

So back to the point composing and creating things is the opposite of deconstruction. The human mind ( working within its present 3rd density body) is very creative it’s done some extraordinary things in all areas of life including unfortunately some rather efficient killing machines, which you use on yourselves. So how creativity is used is also the issue; money isn’t bad guns aren’t intrinsically bad but its how they are used. All problems relate back to your relationships with one another. I will say that again each and every problem that you have relates to your relationships not only with others but also with yourself. Am I aiming too low or have I got your attention now?

R:- That’s a good bold statement and I can begin to see the sense of what you are saying.

G:- The relationships you have with yourself I have already spoken about as being individuation and you have outlined this in your ‘about page’ as a journey. So activity in bringing the self together from and through the experience of duality is important. However this isn’t the only way that things can be more creatively composite.

You have leaders within your world who exercise power over the masses and individuals. Individuals and societies have given away their power. You would prefer someone else to take responsibility for morality and big decisions. It doesn’t have to be like this as a model because it’s been like it for thousands of years. Many societies beyond earth have different systems. They don’t choose leaders they have responsible enablers working within accountable groups. So yes Robert as we talk about the greater connectedness that must include our cousins in the universe and your reticence to talk about your contact and conversations with them – that may need to be re-assessed.

R:- Yes I see your point but the mere mention of such things could turn someone off who might otherwise find what you and I are saying as interesting, assuming they had not heard it before.

G:- To mention that there are other humanoids means you would be considered a lunatic and therefore every thing you said could be dismissed as nonsense.

R:- Yes further more it would bring ridicule. There was the old adage about not spreading pearls before the swine. Some took it to be a condescending horrible thing to say when it just meant if a pearl of wisdom was so removed from a person’s current understanding there would be no point in giving it. Only the nearest footstep in understanding would be understood.

G:- Couldn’t have put it better myself. Though there are two things in what you have said that you clearly see are different.

R:- Yes I knew it as I was writing it – the “ridicule” and the “wider information” and I’m using the latter to cover the first. Ridicule would be unwelcome and I am not wishing for it despite the fact its just one of many experiences.

G:- Understandable however lets look a little deeper. The knowledge that we are not alone is less of a secret, governments are finding ways to leak these things out gradually. It wont be long before this is common knowledge. People are well able to deal with this, what would be unfortunate is a few folks panicking or worse those with agendas of power (within the leaderships of your world) skewing information or creating false flag operations. It is after all part of the up-liftment in awareness of who you all are and your place within the greater universe. Opening up to more learning and beginning to believe there are other ways to do things. This is something we can have conversations about in the near future.

Lets come to your reticence, Antemedi is here and he wants to help with this.

A:- Deliberations exist in dilemma they could not exist otherwise. The anticipation of ridicule stops your truth, which ultimately you feel frustrated by because you can’t say your truth. Its not very many other people’s truth that’s fair to say. But lets look at ridicule – you know your family love and understand and they have moved in some ways along adjacent paths of understandings. People can throw brick bats because they want to. There are trolls as you call them on your Internet there will always be someone who disagrees no matter what is said. But if you work from the heart and you are only saying your truth you have nothing to defend. Yes some will talk behind your back and they will point a finger that is to be expected. You do not need to prove what you say that will all become apparent in the years to follow soon. The point is, you will be surprised that quite a few will not ridicule and may agree with some of the general sentiment because of other information that they have seen or heard already. You are just one of many that are being asked to speak about other humanoids at this time so you are not alone. In addition to your family we are here for your guidance and support and we can never let you down.

People will point a finger that’s difficult to accept. You will loose some friends but gain others. Are we asking too much of you?

R:- I’m not sure, I know that I don’t want to look back with regrets and I have been fudging this topic.

A:- Fear of the unknown was a topic only a few days ago

R:- Yes ‘talk the talk but walk the walk’ comes to mind

A:- You can withdraw from this with our blessings and we will continue with our support and guidance as that was part of the pact we made before your incarnation this time round.

Even the ridicule will have its moments, an associate or a friend might mention it to another person to “get off on it” but they might say it to some one who is interested in exploring their own thoughts and making up their own mind on the subject.

R:- I can see the truth of that and I know I’m not being persuaded against my will . In my heart I know I cannot stifle ‘what is’ – it’s dealing with the fall out.

A:- Then that will be interesting won’t it?

R:-yes some how your words stop me in my train of thought and look at it a fresh – Yes it does depend on my viewpoint using as little fear as possible.

A:- Everything starts with a first footstep and as you wife said there are many times when we have all taken a leap of faith in a new challenge not knowing if we were doing the right thing. The door swings open and through we go.

R:- Conversation about consequences opened ‘universal connections’ and then moved in a completely different direction towards my reticence. You pulled me up previously about starts and endings but the irony isn’t lost on the heading ‘consequences’ and the consequences of walking through the latest door.

A:- Nor is it a coincidence. No conversation will go how you anticipate otherwise its not dialogue.