Vibrational worlds


Arksar: -Time to reconnect after a busy period. There is time for us to explore in great detail the subject that I have already begun to unfold for you. Vibrational thought and form. We have been trying to get you to think of yourself as a vibrational energetic form but events and your experience in 3 density comes in. However it is possible not only to co-exist in both, in awareness but as one or the other – the 3D one you are very familiar with (in what is your present conscious awareness)

This is where the work is still being undertaking it is not on the higher awareness of yourself. All of this work will add to the collective present. Though that said there are a raft of reasons for this, some beyond your comprehension. Now then to the task in hand. When I talk of vibration try to see pulse vibration – though it has many different forms. You have seen how vibrations of different resonances can affect sand upon a metal plate. This is where the vibrations are harmonies – exactly complimentary with one another so that they make complex geometric and mathematical patterns.

What do you think would happen if you sent out some of these resonances?

R: – I guess that would depend upon what it interacted with – If it were a shallow petri dish with water could it change the shape of water? Maybe it could interfere with someone’s thought process if it were on an emotional or mental vibration.

AR: – Let me rephrase in the context that you are a being of light and all is pulse energy.

R: – The vibrations I would send out would only interact with similar vibrations- Shouting at a rock could not change it.

AR: – Good- However there are ways to interact or affect all things.

R: – Love thoughts or a multilayered vibrational output

AR: – Or input

R: – You will need to drill down on that one

AR: – You receive and give- energy comes to you and flows from you.

R: – Ok I can see how mental and emotional output (The mass meditations which reduce crime rates) add to love and understandings.

AR: – The intent behind a vibrational thought or output is the one that ‘carries’ it – that sponsoring reason defines and clarifies the energy output. So when the flow returns it comes back with a reflection of the original intent.

R: – This is nothing new – Its been said before, the only difference I can see is that you wish me just to see everything as energetic – the sponsoring intent the projection – the effect and the return.

AR: – And what is wrong with that?

R: – Well it seems like we have gone back to kindergarten.

AR: – It’s often useful to refresh some basic information as a reminder or reference point before expanding things further – a contextual background. All that has been described is ‘actioned’ or ‘playing out’ among the dimensional parameters of those dimensions.

R: – Creation and experience of the creation.

AR: – Exactly. If I said a word to you it would create a form within your minds eye – ‘wood’ for example could be a piece of wood cut or polished or part of furniture or a wood of trees or even a twig or rotten fallen wood. Different types of wood requiring a prefix or suffix of another word. The descriptive or placement word gives a resonance – rough sawn wood for example so different from polished or painted. Many different types of resonance for the word wood. There are many different types of resonance for all other words love or not love, hate or not hate. Though as you know that to ‘not love’ is not the same as ‘hate’. So defining or sponsoring intent and or description. The intent being of love or not – self-need or giving and helping.

R: – So when you said creating with energy its just a more full description than we had before?

AR: – No – we are building to an observation or a point. Quac-kay-solom-neehah-solosah- tim-meanee-alaqua-sosalumsey- belinque.

R: – Well I know ‘belenque’ is of description being good or of goodness or well done – depending on the prefix’s

AR: – So let me break this down for you in a different way “If all is energy – energy is all – therefore as they are all of one and the same energies can effect all including all things, for things are energy are they not. All is intertwined and though free will abounds within the all – energy can affect the all. It doesn’t mean it has to though. For selfish thoughts or self desires return to the self with outcomes desired or undesired depending on the sponsoring energy. Yet even so love for others will return in some way but it returns as unconditional love. It’s clear to see the difference between conditional and unconditional energies. (Note my use of energies and not of love or desire because self love of itself doesn’t have to be selfish it can be very different to that, as you know). Time to break.

R: – I am happy to continue.

AR: – Time to break from the direction you think we are going in – which is a deeper description of what you think you already know.

R: – Ok a restart, another place to walk forward into. As I look up I can see AR and a signpost that says ‘forward’. So we begin to walk in what feels like unfamiliar terrain, boulders and pebbles in random places with no apparent footpath or route.

AR: – What if we make our own route.

R: – As we walk forward he moves rocks and pebbles out of the way and in doing so it creates an edge to the cleared area. In this way the footpath becomes constrained by the rocks and stones. Previously we could have walked anywhere but now in order not to be lost or to have a way forward we have constrained ourself by the prefix or context of having a path.

AR: -You know more easily when you see it for it needs no description or a multitude of prefixes. Well what if I said there is nowhere to go?

R: – Well its all internal and we are there in terms of the going or travelling, however- vibrations of oneself can change and I still have a of knowledge as to how to do that on deeper levels as well as this present earth dimension.

AR: – Remember you are on all. The phrase ‘no where to go’ you have interpreted with your own prefix’s – it feels like ‘lost’ because you ‘don’t know’ ‘the no where to go’ you have added don’t know to ‘nowhere to go’ and you have changed its meaning completely. So when I say you have ‘nowhere to go’ what does that mean to you?

R: – I don’t know what it means I think it is about prefix – I have no concept of ‘nowhere to go’ it is a nothing a non entity how can it have meaning its nothing by itself unless it has a prefix or suffix. Oh you are so clever the way you see these things and guide me to a different way of thinking. Maybe the ‘nowhere to go’ is either being everywhere or just being in the moment.

AR: – You have nowhere to go because you are already there and have always been there. You are soul and high connections of soul including soul group and beyond. Yet you see all of this through your present experience of apparent separation and thus you ‘feel you have somewhere to go’ because you don’t see and feel that fullness of connection. Would you like to live with that fullness of connection?

R: – Well to what you say, I already live it but don’t know that I do – I don’t align myself to those energies of me because of the prefixes I put to acceptance.

AR: – That’s about the sum of it. So in your words above if I were to have said them to you at the beginning of today they would have been without context. You are here because of where you were earlier today but only through the journey of the understanding. The word journey as used in self-enlightenment is very useful – till it is not. Now it is not (it is not a journey) it is re-discovery of what you know- you know it.

R: – But I don’t know it or cant access ‘it’ what ever it is at this level.

AR: – The it I am referring to is you- your soul, your combined soul – the you, the all- you can’t ‘not be who you are’- its all you.

R:-Ok its all me but what ever I think I am, I am then that what I think. Yet definition by itself is a restriction and I restrict myself by defining myself.

AR: – Good – go on

R: – I have nowhere to go and nothing to do or to think in order to be me – so why do I feel like I do?

AR: – Even to see understanding of such a thing is to use the understanding to form a description. You feel you cannot be anything unless you can describe it – yet I have said before you are beyond description. Description is a perimeter. If you feel you cannot be anything without descriptions then do not be anything be everything and more.

R: – What you say is true and it makes logical and emotional sense- in my heart and bones and essence I know what you say to be true and a very deep and meaningful truth. Yet I say again here I am.

AR: – Do you give in trying to describe or ascribe meanings to the majesty of soul?

R: – Yes I guess I do – at this point I am at a loss.

AR: – Good give up and give into your inner-self, let us progress towards this next inner part of yourself.

R: – You are using next as a definition for it means there is more – then it means it’s a journey and I am not ‘at one’ nor can I ever be because the all is so unending.

AR: – I take your point from where you stand, however come forward to this other part of your soul and see it as energy that you are about to understand. If you need to view it do so from being it not from ‘not knowing it’ where you currently stand.

R: We walk forward and I begin to hear a different voice – the words are softer, more fleeting and the energy only just seems as its here because of my density.


Part of higher self (PHS) :- Let all things come to you for they are already of you- you are all things and of yourself you are all things including me who speaks to you in here.

R: – I can begin to feel a real softness and stillness.

PHS:- I have never not been you and you have never not been I. You have seen progression and journey and that is the way you experienced it. It is the way you experience time when it can be fluid to the point that speeds of time can change or are non-existent. What can I say to you other than move to me and see what you then think and feel.

R: – So I move closer

PHS: – All time is nothing in higher realms. See it as a fleck upon a windowpane. If this fleck retains your focus then you see it and it is real for you. Yet if you move your focus away you can see the clouds as they make their transit across the sky. They are movement to the next different expression in each moment. So pass through the windowpane as if it’s only a concept or barrier of the mind. Leave behind your focus upon time. Come to me higher and higher come to the dwelling place of my heart.

R: – I ‘try’ and I ‘try not trying’ but it seems illusive. So I am told to be very still then I zonk out for quite a while

planes for vbrational patterns 1AR: – All is as should be, look to where we walked earlier to day but this time we shall not clear and create a footpath. Instead we will pick our way through the boulders, come follow me. After some walking we drift upwards and find that we are walking on a flat mental plane and it is possible to look down through it to a universe below. A bit like walking on a glass pane. As I look above there is a similar plane its as if we are walking between 2 massive flat discs. As we walk forwards the planes seem to bend towards each other till eventually I feel I’ve grown and that the planes meet inside my heart.planes for vbrational patterns 2







planes for vbrational patterns 3

AR: – Let us speak to you from within the heart, the centre of your being. As above so below goes the expression. Delay no longer for you are here. You can see that a space between the planes existed but at this central point inside you they do not. Much like the swirling segments of the spinning torus as before described. Gradually you will begin to see this centre point collapse so in this way you will see a space beginning to grow so that these two planes begin to recede. Till the space that you occupy is your auric space and then these planes will only exist on the outside of you. Your energy pushes them aside and you reside within your own space without them. I see your questions Robert, what does this mean, what will be the effect, what will I feel what will I think. Well let us try thinking in a different way. For a start let us say there is nothing that we have to do. We have no need to do in order to be. There is nothing to achieve (no matter how much that may have gone across the grain of wood before). You have created more ‘space’ for higher vibrations of yourself to exist within. Your present conscious awareness no longer seeking prefixes and definitions. Here in this space you do not need to define yourself. You may do so if you wish but there is no need to do so. Let the harmonies begin.

R: – Various vortexes change and I can feel the difference to my outer layers of aura.

AR: – It is done or this phase is.

R: – I then feel a fizzing and connections to the top of my head. OH that’s weird a turquoise colour (I’ve not ever seen that colour before because of its vibration) fills my body shape.

AR: – Patience and understanding- all things come to those that wait.

R: – Phrases like that are not helpful, as they need prefixes or definition because they are time related to waiting.

AR: – Patience then my dear friend. Let things be! It’s also your interpretation from the previous work we undertook. The words will soon arrive on the breeze, you only need to know it is to be and it will be so. Let not there be consternation in you.

MD: – (monad part of the all) Quieter and quieter do become our words for they do not get louder and louder as if they are to have their way of taking you over. What I say you have to want to hear and thus listen with stillness. The deeper within is not only the deeper the message but also the deeper the connection and intent – union of minds and access to experiences and knowledge. So of which part am I of you and of me are you? Does it matter – is that retort an evasion you think? No not so at these levels separation and description is not worthwhile. Forget the questions, you have already been told these will give prefix and determine what can be said and understood. You will go down pathways, which will only reflect back to you your original question and you will not see other pathways. Level of monad you have encountered before- yet to you I/we feel different to that which you did before encounter. Its because I am another reflection of a different soul experience at this level. A different series of life experiences, a different soul expression, I of 144 and each of these with a multitude of life and humanoid experiences. So I and many can talk of and with you, who are also the one and the many. In seeing us in such away the ‘you of we’ may progress in the understandings upon these levels of thought. To accept yourself as the many is in your terms of prefix quite an acceptance in order to be fully comfortable with it. Let me first say well done for your patience and listening, we were aware of your frustrations. We can see you ponder to what end be this union when your earth life is so removed from yours at this level. Well it will begin to bring other perspectives, some that you would not have dreamt possible – for they would be beyond your ability to conceive of such things. The mind as an extension of heart is a very powerful and commanding tool as well as away of being. Previously you were helped to see how soul groups create time lines and how with other soul groups these coalesce into world time lines in their desires to be full expressions. This time we shall take you down a different route; you will learn that which you would have thought impossible. So let me start by asking you what is impossible?

R: – I guess nothing if you set your mind to it, providing the parameters were ok in terms of others free will. But that which is impossible to conceive of from ones present is impossible. In the early days of telegraph no one could envisage a phone with real time moving pictures and sound.

AR: – Indeed- this will be the point of our conversation. That which is fully known by you at these levels is already known – you just need to be open to what you already know. Like the phone example new technology will abound self-aware modules and zero point energy are within your world’s grasp. But what of the mind and the heart- will technology be the driving force of earth culture. What will it be like long after your are dead. Will spirituality be the driving force? For remember that which is a prefix to another word- that which is the sponsor creates the outcome. If all desires and motivations had their seat within spirituality and love- then all things and ways of being would flow from that. Let us assume that this can be the bedrock or foundation for societies progression. This then reflects society, it does not determine societies worth or value because those are of judgment. Can you imagine a society based in love and understanding.