Strange planet


Antemedi: – let me bring you in closer, this is Tolmata and the female is Soselee we call them Ankioid.

tolmata-alienTolmata (T): – Pleased to meet you, you have noted our traditional form of dressing in your drawing. For us hair is about tradition and it is how we choose to be. Some may think we live uncomplicated lives and to one extent what is wrong with that. Yet what is complicated and is it a necessary description particularly if it is a definition or some form of judgment. We know of your type and the ease by which you form a judgment of others. You compare yourselves to what you see and superimpose your value systems- and through that, that is how you judge. Many of you see or put a high value upon feats of technology or engineering. I just wonder how you think that your souls and higher dimensions view that. Indeed many of you are driven to achieve such things and many such things have been achieved. However we understand you will now enter a phase where you will reflect on this and see if this blue print is the best for your future. We know much about you.

R: – And I know nothing of you

T: – You know how we look because we have shown ourselves in this way- from this you may think we are steeped in tradition. It is not about holding to that, many dress differently in our culture. Our look shows you a variation on some of our popular styles.

R: – So you have fashion?

T: – Most clothing is initially practical for the jobs that we do. We like to be who we are and that shows itself in our different types of clothing. The first reason for design is functionality the second is for pleasure. You can see Soselee has her hair up and I have mine down, this is a tradition. People don’t have to do this at all, its not forced and we don’t judge those that don’t- however it’s a reflection of our culture.

soselle-alienSoselee (S): – We live on high plateaus above the mist as you can see. Our land has very deep ravines and very steep sides. It’s not easy to go up or down them with out mechanical assistance. We live on the ravine sides near the top of plateaus and on top of the plateaus. planet-2-suns-1We have 2 suns but we rotate around one and that sun rotates around another sun. This causes big variations in the stresses of our planet, that’s why we have what look like ripples within the landscape when you view our planet from space. However the alternation of the stresses is in sync and the planet exists in this form and is able to take the stresses. We do not have earthquakes or sudden jolts as it were because it has been doing this for so long the points at where the stress is greatest flex – unlike your planet ours has more flexibility.

R: – So what material is that?

T: – Its not so much about the material of the planet, its about the way its held together. The junctures or the ravines are so deep they go right to the core however most of the movement is on the surface. planet-axixThe space between the ripples or ravines is filled with water and the climate and temperatures means it’s also quite misty down there. There are some thermal movements but the pressures at those depths are very great and the water is a sort of cushion to some variations in movement. With the use of great technology the planet was seeded from the outside. We were able to build structures inside and outside the plateaus.

R: – But what about crossing the voids?

T: – Well our lands are so vast there isn’t much point we have all we need.

R: -Transport across?

T: – Yes we have that of course, we came with that technology, we also had the technology to help with the crust movements and we have the ability to know where stresses could cause problems.

R: -But it must seem like you are living on a knife-edge, it feels precarious to me.

T: – Not to us it feels very safe – you have no concept of what we are capable of.

R: – So you have terra-formed this place.

T:- Yes our forefathers did. It is very lush and productive.

R: – It’s so different I am having a hard job to accept this as true.

T: – Energy use is different to yours; we have all the clean energy we need. We can travel between the ripples or the ravines. However what you have no comprehension of is the level of our technology. We came here because things were fairly stable but we improved upon that. We have such big gravity generators that we can cope with any eventuality.

R: – So what is at the core of your planet?

T: – Depends on what level you talk about, for it is the energetic level of the planet that’s as important as the physical. You are not really getting how stable this all is.

R: – I would like to revisit, hear and see more,

T: – Fine, we would like to show you our culture.

Next day 12/09/16

Soselee (S): – You have heard of some mechanical and structural explanations of our planet, of course its much more complicated than that. However I am here to talk to you about our social interactions either with us or other races. To start with you have to remember in all these things we are highly advanced and evolved by comparison to you. That does not mean we do not have further to go of course. What we do is based upon how we think and what we think.

Our society structure is different to the Andromedan one that has been explained to you. I am aware of how you think and why you think like you do. We tend to have more mixed relationships. We offer support to one another in different ways. We have no money systems but we do frown upon excess and we have to balance that against free will. In order for our society to work we have to pull together or work together. We have been on this planet for thousands of years and it is very nurturing- it just happened to be in close proximity to another that we left to make a new colony. We are not many in number compared to other races and in many ways we are not ‘another race’ as we are an out post of Lyrian origin. You have said that our world seems precarious to you, but it is not. The stresses that our planet goes through are what we would say as ‘consistent’ they are known and predictable just like the tides that flow and rise on your planets. Like the Andromedans we know quite a bit about your race that’s why I am able to speak about comparisons, otherwise the conversation we have would be awkward or stilted. I said we all worked together, though of course we have much playtime as well. Let me walk you into one of our town rooms.

R: – There appear to be a series of ‘pods’ or small domed areas, some bigger than others. We go through a door of some kind into a very large space with paving of some kind with pink marquetry. There are upright structures of non-supporting columns just for the purpose of separating areas from one another.

S: – These are what you would call (with your vocabulary) ‘talking shops’. This is where we meet socially to talk either as friends in friendship about our desires and requirements or how to help others. There are different groups of different discussions and at different levels. Though any group is always accommodating and an individual is ‘drawn’ to a group. They let their heart go out in its own desire and they are automatically drawn to a group that favours them in that moment and on a subject or connected subject that they require. You already know how the heart makes many decisions at different levels. For example if the subject is parenting, spirituality or community governance you can move from one to another or more than one. In this way we are all involved where ever we wish to be. Let me show you a group who are presently talking about humanoid contact. They know you are coming and are pleased to meet you. For some of them it will be their first chance to meet closely such a hybridized humanoid as you. Come sit.

R: – There is quite a bit of chatter which calms down. As I pass some of them they nod their heads slowly in recognition or welcome. Very odd and a bit unsettling, they nod down with closed eyes and they return their heads to the upright position and then they open their eyes and stare straight ahead at or through me. Like they have gone into an altered state of some kind.

S: – They are accessing other parts of their multidimensional self, the body is fine, this is only done momentarily.

R:- At that I see some of them return to normal – so I say isn’t it dangerous?

S: – No we only do it when its safe- to use your terminology. If we were doing something that wouldn’t be conducive to this we wouldn’t do it- otherwise we would ask someone else to look out for or after what we were doing. Let us settle down there is quite a gathering in this group. I will take you to the front to what you would call the facilitator or master of ceremonies.

R: – As I walk up to this man he smiles and then put both hands either side of my face to hold it still. He opens his eyes wider than they were before and stares right through me- then its done. A little invasive to be honest. He then welcomes me and asks me to sit at what looks like a low glass table with circular seating around. All the others in the room are sitting at similar glass tables, dotted around in groups. He says his name is Akaney.

AK: – When you look at this table you can see my reflection and yours- if you look deeper you can see there are more people looking over your shoulder as it were, several rows of them. This is the presentation and interaction of everyone else in this room seated at a similar table. In this way they are able to participate in close proximity to what’s going on because they will see your reflection in their table.

R: – As I look at Akaney he reminds me of Tolmata because he has the same hair band and just a wisp of hair on his chin.

AK: – Let the first question come

Questioner: – Robert what brought you here and why?

R:-(Some how I know and sense these questions are some sort of composite, like the most ‘thought question’ or majority question is allowed through. Yet it comes in such away as to appear as one persons question because I see the face asking it. However there is another level to the rationale for questions because majority questions may not always achieve much. Somehow an important single question or interaction may be very important and somehow through this mechanism or conscious program of the tables it is allowed to come forward.

R: – In answer to your question I was shown here by Antemedi because he wishes to expand my knowledge of humanoid race differences, so I am pleased to be your guest.

Question: – What do you think of us?

R: – I can only give first impressions of being welcomed and a sense of forthrightness- no messing about with interactions- a sense that abrupt or pointed questions or interactions do not cause offence in delivery or acceptance.

Question: – What would you like to know of us?

R: – Well, often by asking questions I have put parameters on interactions, or my perspective has not allowed me to see the fullness of an answer. So I would like to know you as you know yourselves, not as I try to know you.

AK: – That is a very wise answer

R: – Not entirely sure that came from me- either higher or Antemedi’s involvement.

Antemedi: – I am still teaching him. At least he was listening in that moment.

AK: – Then when to know to listen is also wise.

Question: – How many cycles have you been?

AK: – That’s lives.

R: – I do not remember all of them- why is that an important question, to me it seems frivolous to intent and not being the fullness of oneself in the moment. How many lives I have had is irrelevant to understanding me.

AK: – That is not so much about the question as it is your answer.

R: – That was very coy- am I being ‘grilled’ or having some kind of soft interrogation (I say that with humour and kindness)

AK: – No certainly not- but we learn a lot more about you as a person by your honest answer to such a question, it shows us where you are at.

R: – Hmm! Very interesting line of questioning!

AK: – Initially it’s quite disarming and will expose any egotists or people with an agenda of self what ever that might be.

R: – Ok happy to continue- I can see quite a few faces with wide eyes ‘staring’ back at me from the table so I say are they reading me telepathically?

AK: – Yes it is not meant to be intrusive- to you it might feel or look like we stare at you intently then look away. This is just the way it appears to you, it is our natural inquisitiveness; we are able to view you upon many different levels including those much higher. We can also see the events that have come to make you who you are and what you think. We find it interesting as to why you should have chosen to have a retrograde experience.

R: – There are many on earth that have done so, I am not fully aware of the complete answer to that one. It’s on a soul level to help others or me, perhaps to gain an experience that I have missed. Because I do not remember many of my lives before decent onto earth I do not pine for them, I am here and that’s where I should be.

(At this point I turn to Antemedi because of how they make me feel and ask him- do I need to give them permission to view me in such ways and what of personal space?)

Antemedi: – They do not have concepts of personal space as you do- they are not a hive mind, they are individuals- they hide nothing they share everything- they are open to each other. In many ways they feel they learn as much from each other’s experiences as they do their own. They can do this because their sense of ‘I’ is even different to the way that I see it. I have already spoken with you about respect and individuation in the Andromedan way and how we combine at other levels of ourselves. They are different even to us.

AK: – I find this most interesting, why should either of you require personal space.

Antemedi: – Its purely a matter of choice, we can contemplate and be aware and allow ourselves to grow and develop, we do not feel it is of hindrance.

AK: – Interesting- we are individuals, we think for ourselves, we are separate beings, we have free will to do as we wish. Unlike earth people we have no shame or guilt so our sense of ‘I’ does not require private space or private thoughts.

Antemedi: – I speak from the Andromedan perspective when I say we have different ideas about respecting peoples free will, we would ask before wanting to know more about someone by deep viewing, where as you have already surpassed that question so it’s a norm with no need to ask.

AK: – I have no knowledge if we were once like you or if we have ever thought in that way. Personal space means nothing to me. Do not get us wrong we are happy we have free will to enquire without boundaries. Think of it this way, you can observe your thoughts as they pass through your mind, your thoughts are not hidden from you (unless you are blocking a thought or deed) So its like that but on a social scale. Our social interactions are ‘more as one’ because nothing is hidden.

R: – Generally I think it’s good not to hide things, particularly if its an enlightenment issue. However there are areas of information that should be restricted or hidden if that helps with personal development or living. If I had full knowledge of what was to come in every moment, I might alter my course to either meet it or avoid it. To be encumbered fully by the past and the future may distract my present. I know the A’s can live in and with that kind of knowledge but I have an experience with many of those things hidden, other wise my experience would be different from that intended. If as a child I were to ‘know and feel the fullness’ I would not have experienced fear in the same way. This in part is the retrograde experience, which does not have to be repeated.

AK: – You make a good point but who wants to experience the levels of fear and decent that you do- this is choice, is it not- we choose not to- we have no reason to do.

R: – I think I would prefer to live more in the knowledge of all so that the feelings were not so intense or consuming, yet I have made the point that I am unaware of true soul reasons to experience such things, work through them and leave them behind.

AK: – All I can say is we do not live like that, we are aware of our own thoughts and others and we can live in either or both for the purpose of experience. We have no fears as such, we see what may be, we are good at that so we can live very safe lives.

R: – This means we are seeing each other’s race from our own perspective and not from the others perspective.

AK: – Indeed- I had wished that to be – are you ok with that? (He looks at Antemedi)

Antemedi: – I think its more a question of will you be all right Akaney? because Robert comes from a very dense planet

AK: – I will explore as to what I find comfortable and no more, he can do so as me.

R: – Following the lead from Akaney I have no worries about putting my hands on the table and looking into it. Initially I see myself as from me then my perspective changes as if I am looking at me through him. Then slowly I am aware that my view of Akaney is from Akaney. I am feeling him as if I am him. It feels very safe. I have no chemical hormones or drivers rushing around my body creating sensations. Its like my body is not dictating to me in here, that’s why it feels a little ‘bare’, not so much dull but clear. Again it must be about what is my normal, compared to their consensus reality. I see his mind like a series of doors; they each open up into different dimensions. There are exit doors to the default/start point and doors to other dimensions, in this way I do not have to enter another dimension through the status quo return. It’s possible to not only observe others in here but to enter them and experience them ‘as them’. Now I can understand how they interact and experience one another mentally and emotionally. This is how they gain from each others experiences. Another mental doorway shows itself – I go through that and I am back to me.

AK: – The joining of minds you experienced happens much faster for us. I can see you were looking at it slowly- for us its second nature – it just is.

R: – So what was I like for you?

AK: – To be frank it felt very chaotic and unstructured. It felt as if I would loose my footing or mind. There was little cohesion, quite random in ways, plus your body chemicals were very powerful in their messages so I did not want or need to go any further into you.

R: – But what of your fellow people earlier who were reading me.

AK: – They were reading you from the levels that we exist upon not knowing you as you from your perspective.

R: – So how can you really know us in our angst

AK: – Many were feeling the experience through the table so they now have an awareness of that but do we need to know?

R: – But you wouldn’t fully know us.

AK: – I repeat – do we need to.

R: – Your database would not be full. You will be making comparisons only from one level of understanding.

AK: – We can know of it but we do not have to suffer angst. Do you have to keep feeling the same pain to know it once it is gone?

R: – No we would not- but you said you couldn’t remember if you were ever like this.

AK: – Its about choice on evolutionary paths – we don’t have to so we don’t.

R: – To me it feels like you have decided to miss out on a certain experience and this does not give a full rounding.

AK: – Not from our perspective, does one need to suffer to learn and if so how much- 100%-10%- 0.5%?

R: – I take your point – but what of the experience of separation by forgetting and thus not knowing.

AK: – Why would you do that

R: – As I said before it’s in part an unknown soul reason and that maybe it helps soul brothers or sisters.

AK: – We just choose not to experience life like that, you are unwilling to see our perspective.

Antemedi: – Thank you for your patience, there is nothing that I can hide from you nor do I wish to. I have enjoyed the meeting and exchange of experiences. We are all three of us different in different ways. We are all more comfortable being in our own bodies of experience as that is what we have chosen. We have different ideas as to what is wholesome as a way of being and in part our bodies have adapted to reflect those views – we have become what we believe we are. One could not put a jungle bird into the frozen wastes to live along side penguins. They are both birds but not only do they have different climates but they have different thoughts and have adapted in different ways. The jungle bird could have no concept of spending months without food to keep the egg warm- yet it is necessary to the survival of the other species. In some ways we humanoids adapt entirely to each environment – whilst we can exist or experience another world, it is not of us and we are not of it. We thank you for agreeing to meet us – peace to you.

AK: – Thank you for your efforts in finding us here our door is always open.


R: – Interesting- however I felt I had more in common with the Cytith despite it being aquatic – amphibious.

A: – Yes there are some very different types of humanoid. Because you feel a connection with the Cytith and feel distant from the Ankioid you feel you can converse with the Cytith more easily because it’s more like you. Many things will come to pass; the more humanoids you meet the more you will be able to interpret and learn. Interpretation is very important. We spent quite some time talking about lies and perspective. Contact is about depth of contact and an open sensing perspective- as if you see it as they do and vice versa.

R: – The beings we have just met do not seem to have a concept of that or sense disappointment and I feel disappointed for them.

A: – They would say why should you have the need for disappointment – do not feel sorry for them they are at home in themselves.

R: – Layers and layers of understanding

A: – Yes