5th dimensional Interface 2021

4th January 2021 Antemedi
New year and new beginnings. In this new dawn there is no need for a revolution because that makes anew from the foundations of the old. Why become different replica of the past revolving in a revolution?
Evolve as may be but into what?
You are aware 5th dimensional energies are interacting with you and your planet. Many say they welcome these but do not integrate them as comprehensively as they might.
A desire for the energy is all well and good but desire needs will and will requires the deed of action and the experience. Different stages will unfold but this one is about the integration of an ‘interface’. It is the blending of the dimensional mental encodes we call Arkarna programs. Please help by merging the crossing points as a pre-cursor for those unaware and unable. In this way the interface will be available for them when the time is right. For you it is as simple as turning on new television letting it auto tune to find all available stations when others know not of such things – participation, engagement and belief.
There are practical ways you can help enhance the initial ‘interface’ and subsequent energies.
1) You can believe the energies are here and act as if they are. Pay no heed to the panic that’s being created around you. In fact, you may be able to exceed belief or the need to believe and enter the state beyond acceptance without question – live in the peace and know that it is so.
2) Act with love and wisdom and the knowing of love – challenge as where the need comes but see and understand the reasons. Become the wisdom and deed – not a knee jerk reaction promoted by the matrix.
3) You may engage directly with the Interface. Actioning your will grounds and establishes the energy programs within you and the planet. When you look at yourself or meditate you may see this stage as a spherical grid pattern around your aura (similar to the patterns in the painting). You can integrate these ‘interface patterns’ within you and enhance the energy at the same time. Fluting is a way to replenish or enhance energy. In meditation or stillness take a deep slow breath into your lungs. As you do so imagine the air is energy and you are pulling this through your crown chakra. Allow your breath to pull light through the top of your head into your heart. On the outbreath push the energy through your feet. Do this as often as feels right to you. You should be able to see the energy flow into the grid patterns around you. They will expand away from you whilst also coming closer, combining with you in your body shape and into your chakras. It’s likely you will feel soporific or spaced-out doing this. Allow yourself to be at one with the love patterns on this new dimension. You might experience pains in the head, neck or shoulders. If you notice energy blockages or thoughts previously ignored pay attention to them and transmute them with love. Try to be aware of these energetic patterns around you as you undertake your daily life.
Do these as little or as often as you wish but the more you do so the greater will be your intuitive sensitivities and knowingness. Then you may see your current thoughts as part of the interface between you and your 5th dimensional self.
This work is the deed and the embodiment of your acceptance and will. It adds and reinforces the interface which is one of the first tangible connections felt by people. You have the ability to be involved with and to receive and enjoy these connections. The more you do so the more you will know your greater self with love.