Banter to liberation


A:- Let us together see where you are at and ensure you are fully on your path with all your faculties and awareness- that nothing is missing. So! what is this dull feeling you have that ‘something is missing’?

R:- Indeed that’s what I am feeling- not sure if others get this feeling but I guess those who are badly depressed must feel that very acutely.

A:- Lets walk along that path. Ahead is a bright future always ahead is a bright future. Yet when you reach it you see another ahead of that and see that the present isn’t the bright future you once saw ahead. So what is the bright future? What is that light of you that unfolds constantly in front of you and gives itself to you. To that you know the answer inside – it is more of you and of you to become more. So why this feeling of being unfulfilled?

R:- In the past I used this feeling of dissatisfaction as a tool in order maintain momentum to become more enlightened. I thought I had worked through that and let go of that trap.

A:- You have dealt with it but not in its fullness. When you are stopped in your tracks you feel you are inhibited and restricted yet again- You question why? You then take that to a full machination mode of questioning, when in fact you should not be questioning. What if I were to say to you- Do not question yourself.

R:- Well that would indicate a degree of pompous self aggrandizement- That I did not need to question myself, my motives or thoughts – That not to question would be foolish and unaware – unable to be more aware.

A:- Indeed such is the way within duality. So lets turn all that on its head. Let us take worth or judgment out of out of the superior aggrandizement. There is neither the need for it or not the need for it. There is no worth at all- you have no worth at all!

R:- I am getting the feeling of that- there is a liberation within what you say.

A:- Ok – For judgment not to exist you must have no worth. No value system- nothing of value at all – pointlessness and worthlessness- Beyond these feelings that you believe are yours and are some how your partial definitions of your self.

R:- Yes I am feeling this more and more. Do not question- do not question in or through judgment – seek not a purpose of measure to oneself in order to see progress- For I can not progress beyond myself – the only way is to NOT see either myself or the world through measure. I have been here so many times in so many ways why does duality bind and blind me.

A:- Good there is more ahead let us progress and leave behind this toolbox of measure.

R:- I put down 2 hemp bags one with carpenters tools the other filled with books tied up with ribbons- we move forward into more light

A:- There is no question as to your worth.

R:- I like that! – it can be seen in so many ways but also that there is no need for questions.

A:- Let us shed the idea of ‘questioning’ imagine there is nothing to question, imagine that questions do not exist.

R:- Well I am immediately thinking or questioning that statement

A:- OK – as you say that is the feeling of the questioning and letting the feeling become you and your state of being. Let us say, “No question you have can ever satisfy you”. Its about where the question is generated -There is no satisfaction to be had. Nothing that you question will give satisfaction – which is the same as all that you question will not give satisfaction. For that is to seek satisfaction in and from questioning. Often there are dissatisfactions that generate questions, as also there is dissatisfaction in answers. Even when there is satisfaction, it can only exist within you for fleeting seconds- there is no satisfaction in or from questions.

R:- I see your point so what’s the difference to an enquiring mind

A:- Merely the sponsoring thought or feeling. Why does one enquire and for what purpose?

R:- Some scientists are driven with an enquiring mind

A:- Yes but most often they are searching for something or an outcome, even a desired outcome. Research is different if that’s what you are referring to. It is a part of science and it’s a system of parameters or goals with changing elements- looking at the outcomes. Lets go back to your questions- summarize if you can please.

R:- It feels like I want to give up questioning myself if it is attached to pleasant and unpleasant outcomes, as both of those are transitory and not relevant. That even to question esoterical matters or other such things that are not ‘directly related to me’ means I don’t see in them, that ‘I’ am asking the question and ‘I’ am seeking the answers – that means I see the outcome as successful or unsuccessful. Which means I have a loaded interpretation of the answer.

A:- And there we have it- the loaded interpretation of the answer because you are involved in the process and cannot not be. Yet, is not a loaded interpretation a way of deciding. A way of enquiring at the answer and then this becomes yet another question.

R:- Yes life can be seen as a series of constant questions because when we have an answer we see that as a part of the next question. So life becomes a series of questions but they are interpreted through duality. They will show the duality in the answer not the other aspects of the answer, which lay beyond duality.

A:- Good you are making progress

R:- I will try not to question

A:-Is that a question?

R:- No a statement!

A:- Is a statement not a question?

R:- No it isn’t

A:- But it is- It says “this is my position- If you have a different perspective you may either agree or disagree”. A statement is made by an individual to another or many. They accept it or question it, or neither. It can become part of their next question. It can be their next question such that the statement is a question.

R:- Well why do we call it a statement if its not

A:- Its all part of the process of questioning. Discussion and discourse, maybe the exchanging of views or apparent facts but if two people exchange statements that are different do they not question themselves.

R:- I see your point – if they did not question they would not properly be receiving the others statement in its fullness otherwise it would be – like making statements at a wall. Then to say why make a statement if it is not heard/ and that then is a question. So an enquiring mind is on ‘constant seek’ not often listening.

A: I am glad you listen to elements of your higher self and you can see this in some views that you have expressed- which you believe are not questions. You have rightly surmised that we are trying to do is move you further and further from your old mind so that questions, answers and statements become information, which is channeled. That information will come to you without your interference or questioning mind.

Let go of questions and question not that which you receive by channeling. You will not thus inhibit the flow and you will also understand it because you do not question it – it becomes connection – it becomes the flow of information and the flow of thought that is not constrained in duality.