New Earth Councils

Antemedi: An interesting question was raised within the group upon which I would like to reply using the multifold layers of ‘the asking’ – layers of answers – possibilities and the multidimensional levels at play. Four distinctive foundations to base a reply.

I am asked a numerical question of a fluid situation active upon many layers. In addition there are layers of asking and many hidden subconscious drivers at play. These may not be your sponsoring thoughts but for all who read consider this – what will a definitive answer give you? Ponder upon that for a moment and it will give you the insight into yourself, which is constantly active, constantly viewing seeing and interpreting. Your world is informed by your interpretation and your questions reinforce those interpretations until you see that they do not. For example- a few desire assuredness, a grasp of what is going on in a sense of the totality of ‘what is’. Questions come from many levels within the self that you are unaware of. I would be pleased for you all if you could take a few moments to consider that. I am not trying to be obtuse but a question can come from several aspects of the psyche, so it is wise to consider not only where and why within the self these came from but also what you hope the answer will give you. You may all believe you ask simple questions (which they may) be but if you look at them below the surface they will reveal much more. If there are many drivers that ask a question so then should a reply be upon many levels and as best on as many as can be comprehended.

Layers can be given to the subject matter. So we should all understand what we take council to mean. Though the irony of the word ‘to counsel’ is not lost in my opening words. So should we start by saying that a council is to be a group of people who meet in mutual respect to discuss matters upon an agenda? Let me begin to show you some differences. Within our world we also have many councils community, parks, social, educational, scientific and many more. Our system of governance is not ‘government over’ but self-governance. Our collective consciousness is very different to yours- it is nurturing organism of the cumulation of the mass of evolvement. We can draw upon this and can mentally move around in it to help ourselves with concepts or changes that we may wish to bring about. Note that I say changes and not problems to over come. Can you begin to see how our thought process and how loving collaboration creates outcomes. We do however have differences of opinions and we are able to express these without fear or favour but given and received in love. There are of course councils at different levels and the expertise and knowledge of the individuals is appropriate to those. So some working parties or councils will report to others and be responsible for certain tasks this you may see as reporting to others ‘further up’ the command structure integrating information. I do however wish to distance the concept of hierarchy and judgment from our system. We do not see governance as you do and we take into account many factors. In making decisions or changes we are more able to see outcomes. We are also able to look from a position of the outcome we desire and look back at the potential discussions that will take us to that place in the apparent future where we may view things from. So here again our decision-making and desires work to what may appear to be the opposite way round to you. Councils will also be aware of interactions of decisions that will affect multi-dimensionalism. Again this is easier when viewing the past from the future potential position. As it’s all in the one moment it does mean things can change so nothing is set completely in stone. For us this is a fairly straightforward way of acting, to you this may sound odd or even inconceivable.

So now I come to what you may think was the nub of the original question how many councils? In total we cannot define this. Firstly things are constantly changing and different councils can form or reform. However galactic councils are the interface between many different species. There are more species of humanoids than you could conceive in the vastness of space as it unfolds for you. There are of course the 23 species closely involved in your DNA and as one of those contributors we have the ability and authority to me ‘more’ involved with you and to protect you. There are also additional subcommittee councils where different species interact in different projects. Even these will have sub councils, which may exist for one project only at one moment in time. So what is a council and what is its importance? For us, all is important but we have different areas of specialty or interest. Let us go to one such council.


We move through a couple of ‘connection spaces’ and we enter an oval room which has curved duck egg blue coloured seats. People are milling about in front of the seats and there are humanoids of different sizes. We are greeted by a humanoid who calls him self Saquale (S)

S: – Welcome Antemedi and Robert, come and sit with us we know why you are here, the thought process is known. (He then shows us to a table with some square shaped objects) I have an analogy for you. If I push one object closer to another it acts like a magnet and pushes the other square away from it. Yet if it maintain the position of one and push the other close the forces between the two objects will increase in apparent repulsion. These are not magnetic forces so there is no north and south pole to attract. I am trying to show that individuality and degrees of compatibility but at the same time separation. The closer you push incompatible races together the greater the stresses. We all have our own cultures and ways of thinking. You have just had a mini explanation of the way the Andromedans have self-governance, it is not the same for all of us- so these meeting councils have a different format and way of working to how you might consider a council should work. We firstly have to understand one another’s cultures so well that we can utilize that with our interactions. Some humanoids are more evolved than others so there are limits to where and how they can interact. However in general terms there is no exclusion but you can begin to accept that those of us who see and understand much more may think of a different way forward to the way that you do. For example you may be thinking through the consciousness of survival, resources, negative forces, and the disturbed psyche of your population- for indeed you can be connected to that collective consciousness. This would be incompatible with other collective consciousnesses. This was my purpose in using the square objects to show that deeper levels of integration are not possible till the outer layers are first incorporated.

That said there is much collaboration on the intergalactic councils and over thousands of year some races have adopted or incorporated other races views. Different races have different forms of governance and different ways of approaching change. Some are more accepting and some are not and there are races that are more emotive than others. As an example of this take your interaction with the Ankinoid who look very much as you and made you feel slightly uncomfortable, yet you felt more at home in the presence of an amphibious humanoid Cytith that had a head like a salamander (though of there are deeper soul reasons for that). There are other levels where many of us will have soul knowledge and experience of being a different race, so yet again different levels of connection and understanding. We have races that rely upon others for different resources and it is by seeing some of these joint soul experiences and connections that helps those involved to see one another openly such that no leverage would exist and that the trade may appear to you to be unfair but no so for those involved. I would like to say this is always done with unconditional love but with some races that is not possible.

R: – So what is this council?

S: – An Earth council, one of several

R: – But not of Earthlings, how can that be?

S: – What is an Earthling! You have mixed DNA and the vast majority of you have had experiences on other worlds. You personally have been Andromedan, Cytith and more.

R: – But how can you make a council for us?

S: – Do you know how to make one that needs to incorporate the complexity of actions and reactions? I have already pointed out the way you think will inform and create the foundations of any council. We are preparing and discussing formats for interaction. You see not many of you have thought beyond the idea that it would be nice to shake our hands, have a closer look at us and see what its like on the inside of one of our ships or conference centers. To what end be this? – Mere curiosity! Antemedi has already suggested that your way of thinking needs to be looked at first.

So when we look at Earth council interactions with other races you may begin to realise that these have to incorporate different levels. I hope you can appreciate that the ‘higher levels’ of human spirit are also intent on this. Thus you can see humans have been involved for quite a while but at higher dimensions of themselves. So its not just Aliens making a council for you. There will be many ways of interacting with us and other races. Some humans can do this individually which we would encourage; others would be seen more as representatives. At this point we have to be careful by what that means. Who is to represent what position or stand point and for what purpose? Though do not forget we are capable of seeing most if not all hidden agendas. We will at the right time suggest that representatives are nominated to come to us. We hope by this time the ‘earth upgrades’ will be in place so that the populous has greater discernment. We will also be aware of others that we shall invite who are more spiritually aware and are also able to cope with the complexities. Just take a look at your world with such incompatibility and infighting, can you imagine a dysfunctional delegation meeting with us. It’s going to take a long time to have some sort of balanced cohesive interactions. In many ways this will also reflect in the changes your race is to undergo as people begin throw off the shackles and think what is best for their neighbours and the whole of humanity. There will be many fronts on which to talk but little point in meeting open delegations at this time. Presently there are individuals with whom we are in greater deeper contact whilst they reside in their human form. However suffice for you and others to know that embryonic councils for humans to attend are in “mental construction”

I wish to expand your concepts and show many levels of council. Some of you have heard of the ‘council of 7’. One of the members being Michael of the Blue-ray or known by some as Arch-angel Michael. This council overlooks many aspects of humanity it to will have an influence. As an individual human you can evoke or speak to one of these deities and they can speak with you or humanity on mass. The concept that they can do this and interact with so many individuals on an apparent one to one basis is hard to conceive. As an individual how could you speak individually to the millions of people on your planet? This is about your understandings and the way that you see consciousness working and thought forms. Firstly time is not of the connection, so as to when and how much or to how many that is not relevant. Energetic projections of wisdom, possibilities and love can emanate. These are picked up and read at different levels within the self. What you all read or pick up within the unconscious (some of you in the conscious) is in part down to what you think and believe. However individual interaction and replies can be received because its all part of an ‘interactive’ consciousness program, another level of consciousness. An awareness but not a need to be fully conscious of all the interactions.

Take for example someone who says I was meditating and saw you last night and spoke with you. You may have been aware of that but not necessarily at a full conscious level and thus it may appear to you as if they did not speak with you – yet they were interacting with your energy and your consciousness. So this may give you a concept of how similar communication takes place with higher dimensional entities though it is of course a little more involved than that. This is in some ways akin to the use of the words ‘information fields’ (from matter and form described before) and could be reworded for other levels to ‘interactive spiritual information fields’. These words are being used so that they evoke an understanding of the concepts involved.

I hope you can begin to see what is involved in the word ‘council’, its interpretation and the various levels upon which they will act and interact. Your free will is not being interfered with. We hope you like our careful preparations for your councils. There will be much taking place from the higher levels of your minds – many are undertaking this task with love and a large proportion of those have no idea in their earth body consciousness of what they are doing. I hope you can all see the broader picture I am painting of what is involved and that I have explained it in such a way, that it can be more easily comprehended.


At this point I am introduced to some of the other beings and soon pick out Aqueena, who I am very pleased to see.

Aqueena:- So you are here in body consciousness, so pleased you can be here there are some others I wish to introduce you to – Salorsey (f) Anatin (m) and Temorenee (f). They are Andromedan but they have previously had human experience within their soul so they are very familiar with what we would call ‘the human condition’

We then sit down

AQ: – It’s ok to ask a question.

R: – Do you have anything to pass on to other folks that may be reading this?

They reply as ‘group thought process’ (G3) Salorsey, Anatin and Temorenee.

G3: – We do not expect that many of these concepts will be taken at face value and some will think it impossible or indeed untrue. Like the fact we are speaking as 3 people and you are hearing us as one voice, in a way we are of like minds and that’s how it flows. We are all 3 emanating our thoughts to you on the subject of joint communication. Yet it is you who is receiving it as ‘one bundle’. Joint communication in this way can not only boost the message strength but also give it a multitude of nuances. These differences between humans and us are the concepts that we wish to prepare you all for so what is ‘second nature’ or first nature for us you will feel more comfortable with the concepts and differences.

R: – This conversation was instigated by a question of how many councils and it doesn’t feel as if that’s been answered.

G3: – In the totality of the subject we feel its been answered well. For the human councils that are in ‘form-ation’

R: – I like that they are forming from information!

G3- There is at least one council for each of your original DNA contributors (prior to regressive involvement) though 2 of them are not present on that yet but that will begin. This is because there will be upgrades to your DNA shortly and we wish to see that is successful. So higher human minds (like Aqueena) will be involved at those levels on some of those councils. The upgrade should flow quite naturally as its energetic. Councils will ebb and flow with members depending upon areas of expertise. It’s very fluid at these higher levels of soul involvement.

There are several galactic councils and a small number of earth humans have direct interaction with certain members or individuals. That is sufficient for information flow, however you are not fully accepting that there is greater interaction with more of you upon higher levels of yourselves. The more you take that into your hearts the more that you will feel that you are all part of the process. Remember you were told that individuals can interact with many others or an individual walking ‘the field’- though only at the levels of those fields, which are way above your 3d world. Your higher-selves do not sit around on fluffy clouds just observing you, you are they and they are you. Lots of you are all undertaking multidimensional tasks of many forms including meeting forums and councils. This is why we are not giving specific numbers. We want to show you what is really going on and how you are all interacting with yourselves at higher levels and also how you are interacting with us and many others. We want you all to see this is not removed from any of you – you are all involved. We have not referred to specific individuals with the ‘right to contact us’ for no one has anymore or less right than anyone else. Those thoughts could only come from yourselves.

R: – Thank you I feel less removed from the process – what and where ever that part of me might be doing.

G3: – Oh you mean the being you call Bob as joke.

At this point there is some personal work to undertake as he comes to help.