spiritual healing technologies

Oritie “Achame (Auctrarian) initially presented himself in a slightly different way until your viewer was more comfortable seeing him as non – human. He presented himself as appropriate to the meeting and did so with great respect.  He could have dressed more or less formal than he did.

The energy he exuded was more easily seen against this attire otherwise he might not have felt tangible instead being wafting energy.  It also depends on what level of energy you and your viewers meet him. Achame has an elevated level of awareness but wanted to tell your client specific things pertinent to her. This meant she could release energy from her existing aura and let go of programs she no longer needed.  Whilst there were other helpers there he desired not only to make himself known to her but also to establish a link at her earth consciousness. In order to do this he had to tune  down his vibrations otherwise he would just have been perceived as light.

When undertaking program release work like this he is dealing with very toxic energy compared to his own. You still don’t comprehend the earth toxicity levels of fear doubt and mistrust. Because he had to work in such an environment (rather than phase down his whole being) he wore a suit that encompasses his understandings and energies. You might look at this as some sort of protection from the energy earth.  That is one way but that infers some sort of weakness which is not so. On earth you keep creating the same fears in order to face them time and time again. Achame can face them and has done so but has no need to- that’s the difference he would be wasting conscious energy, which can be better, utilised in working with his charge (the earth soul that is connected to him within his soul group)

A suit if you like – to suit an environment does not have to be a space suit with breathing tank and hooded helmet. The emblem around his waist was an energetic response generator. So depending upon how his charge reacted to him whilst removing negative programs-he could do so without needing to concentrate on her negative response releases, which he was evoking.

Often auxiliary energy sensors and regulators are used for calming such changes in individuals and reducing fear.  Most often these are not seen, as they may be a cause for concern in a spiritual transformation moment. Unlike your thoughts technology is an extension of spirituality. Is that so different from using a thermometer or stethoscope for your medical practice?  The only difference being is that you separate medicine from spirituality and the essence energy.  Just think what your world would be like if everything was an extension of spiritual needs!