Attraction To Light Beings


January 2018

R: – Syelana why is there a predisposition for me to see male teachers?

Syelana (SY): – Would you take a female seriously

R: – Of course

SY: – You can recall the conversation you had with Argoney. This was about the energies we all emit and how for the male human body, chemicals and hormones are activated by female energies. When information is being imparted to you we do not put up barriers. You have an interest in the information we provide but also an interest in the people imparting it as well. The latter interest in the individual is not necessarily constructive to a pure conversation about the subject matter.

R: – I am beginning to see what you say – I have many questions of you

SY: – Indeed the mind, body and emotions work on many levels at the same time and for our conversations there is no need to have particular sensors or feelers ‘turned on’ or utilised. You see me as I appear to you. I could have easily given or imparted the technical information that was presented at the forum. I could have toned down my vibrations. But would you have seen the information in the same way if all your ‘attraction sensors’ were on. It is different to you meeting people on your world – you can sit and listen more easily with your ears rather than tuning in at deeper levels because deeper levels have a greater mutuality and connection. Evolving beings such as you are automatically drawn or attracted to higher vibrations and higher light beings regardless of being male, female, both or neither. It is the attraction to higher vibrations that leaves your sensors or feelers in what I shall refer to as the ‘on mode’ or ‘full open’

R: -My word we are such simple machines us human men

SY: – And so are your women

R: – I suppose attraction is omnipresent it’s there even when it’s not being seen or activated. Makes you wonder how we even function.

SY: – It’s more a matter of your will and intent. It is not omnipresent as a focus of your subconscious and the activation of your body chemicals. In addition to this there are transmitters and receivers of energy. Higher vibrations are what attract you to others. You can then have the feeling of being drawn to or by them. You may question at that point why particular subprograms take over. Don’t forget men and women are meant to be drawn to each other for procreation and experiences of love and attraction – of course there are other gender permutations. But what would your world be like without such attractions?

R: – I can’t really say because in this incarnation I am only seeing through a male human experience. Though I would like to know more of you and your views. Presently I don’t feel that my male switches are being flipped

SY: – I can see that. It is this conversation and information that stimulates you- the area of interest or focus.

R: – Many times I have met other enlightened females and have not had chemical imbalance because my focus was very intent and clear- listening to what they have to say.

SY: – Sometimes the triggers are open or the subconscious sees or looks for such things – perhaps desires them and at other times it does not. All this is the same when you interact with other male and female humans. Do not however underestimate the draw of vibration. Nor why you are drawn or why you are open to such connections. Your focus on a subject can be changed. If for example you struggle with the information or it doesn’t make sense then your focus can wander and at that point you can also let in or open the other doorways or triggers.

So for your benefit as a general rule you have had more male presentations and interactions.

Of course that does not have to be so – but one does not need to go to the other extreme to prove it. Today we have a mix of genders and a mix of combined genders.

Aqueena is here to help you move forward from these thoughts.

R: – Thank you for your assistance today it has helped me feel more multi dimensional and able to flow more freely. I now realise why it is important to understand or be engaged in order that my mind doesn’t wander or become distracted.

Aqueena AQ: – let us go forward so that we can move into some other energies more conducive to what I have to impart. As you know I am a representation of your female twin flame energy. You are not drawn to fully unite with me as that means you would need to give yourself over and no longer be Robert. However at a higher vibration you do exist alongside me – that is why you can hear me as you do.