Harmonies of matter 2


Antemedi: – We were talking about layers of a painting yesterday- about how important all the layers were across the dimensions. Also to say there are big changes in perspective due, as if a glaze is to be removed, one that obscures, like the cleaning of an old masters painting.

R: – Good metaphors

A: – Ok- To think differently you have to let go of all your current perspective. A start was made on this with the work of removing the center point or ‘anchor into yourself’ such that you are more fluid within fluidity. The next is yet another change in perspective so lets make some big changes.

All that you see is a lie – All lies are what you see, the truth is illusive or non existent, all is an illusion, it is nothing more than that.

R: – You have done this before thrown down a statement that looks so wrong in order to break up existing structures. If its all a lie, then saying all is a lie- is of itself a lie and not true. If you lie about a lie it could be true.

A: – If no truth exists there is only observation and the observers perspective informs the observation, so what you see is your perspective implanted or superimposed upon what you see. So no matter how well you are educated or how enlightened, you will always see a reflection of yourself superimposed on the outside world. Therefor all is a lie; you can never not have a perspective observation. I am not talking about scientific experiments and testing for that is repetition. Scientists believe they are open-minded yet they will have their own perspective. They will be observing from their existing large data base/brain, not from a place without any information. Whilst I am more enlightened than you my perspective is also different to yours.

R: – I get all that you say but can we not say ‘current truth’ till it’s changed to a different one.

A: – Not really, that imbues a degree of truth. I am not talking about facts here like 2+2=4 but observations and interpretations. If you look at every thing you do and see as a lie you will look at the word differently.

R: – Well that feels as though I cant trust what I see or hear or do including this conversation. That it must also include me and the ‘not trusting’ of me.

A: – Can you not trust the fact you are a lie, an aspect of observation?

R: – So what is there if there is no observation?

A: – The same that there was before you removed it.

R: – So what is it like to live a life of a lie? – It sounds quite bizarre.

A: – It is the realisation that nothing is fixed, not only do you not have a fixed point from which to gravitate but all that you see is fluid also, nothing is set in stone. If you can begin to see that you and the world around you, what you think and what you believe- that all of this is transitory, it is fluid it is changing all of the time.

R: – I take your point a pebble became so because of the gradual erosion and friction of rocks, which were formed from other matter and one day, the pebble will be sand or part of something else. The fact its over a long time span is not permanence. So you say we have a concept of truth in which the only truth to trust is that all things change. You say there is no such thing as a temporary truth and all observation is a lie and this is the way to live.

A: – That’s about it

R: – How does this alter my perspective.

A: – It helps you to see things in energetic form, in energetic vibration and harmony. Live your life realizing all is transitory fluctuating observation of a holographic representation that you perceive as matter.

R: – That’s not a lie, that’s about different ways of observing things- either seeing the physical or seeing the energetic astral auric counterpart.

A:-I take your point however I am trying to dive home the way to look at yourself and all around you- If nothing is permanent you can not hold to anything, you have no fixed point or fixed point of view- you can be a variable observer.

R: – Seeing more lies

A: – Indeed

R: – In the past I would have said ‘more truths’ which overlay one another for you have talked of this – overlays to create a different truth, indeed the painting of layers that stated this!

A: -Yes – but now take a moment to sit still – think of no fixed point, holding to nothing – not even yourself- not even a perspective and then tell me what you feel and think.

R: So as I leave my perspective it feels quite safe, I can see the energetic overprint or morphic field but this time its different for within the objects there seem to be harmonic waves as if they are constantly fluctuating. That which is solid breaks down into patterns, which keep changing. Are these the potential possibilities within the hologram or the harmony of the material?

A: – Well you have basically described the same thing both apply for they are the same.

R: – It was interesting but what does this do for me other than the experience of it.

A: – Well its about a shift in consciousness – if any other folks read this many would say “what is so revealing I knew all this anyway” So I would say see it and experience it for yourselves. For unless they do they will not grasp the fullness of what I am saying. So in my fullness of reply to your question above – it’s about a different way of being and living and experiencing and observing. If you hold not to who you think you are and what you know- for what you know and think is irrelevant, it has no significance because it is a lie. Gradually you will live within the concept – then within the mindset that nothing is real it is all fluctuating energy of harmonics and nothing is permanent. That not having permanence is not unsafe- safety like anything else is a form of perspective and of itself is a lie.

R: – Wow – I am feeling that, I am wondering about the possibilities. To imagine powerful minds of ‘masters’ who can change energetic patterns and change the physical.

A: – You do this when you heal a mental or emotional wound, you heal the damage that it is doing to your physical body.

R: – I meant the possibilities of changing matter.

A: – Yes. The matter of your body changes but I take your point other external matter could be changed.

R: – Like water to wine?

A: – Yes- however the point is why would you want to do that? If the world works or the ‘hologram does’ it’s the consciousness program that you have all agreed to live in and create by what you think – now if you all start thinking differently the hologram changes and so does the physical.

R: – So if we thought a pink flower should be blue it would become blue over a period of time.

A: – Yes- in the case of the wine.

R: – (in a case of wine there are 12 bottles)

A: – Good humour – but that is only so in that case, it could be 10 in another world if enough of consensus belief believed it. So back to the ‘Nazarene’ – it was a demonstration to make people sit up and take notice of the person who was speaking in order that the consensus reality could be changed by a shift in consensus belief. However this was all hijacked by man for the purpose of a few men to have more control – though as many know there were other entities and forces involved. So back to back to the point- minds at higher levels can create and influence the holograms of the dimensions

R: -But you can use technology to do this and you said it was temporary because it took energy to change and keep the hologram changed.

A: – Yes a holographic matrix of matter we do that as a temporary thing when our ships enter your atmosphere or water. We don’t leave voids behind as we pass through these environments it returns to what it was before we changed it as we remove our energy from it. So what is a lie? an interpretation or observation of what I say.

R: – But you said it would take energy to keep the information field ‘altered’ if for example you wanted to change water to gold.

A: – Ok let’s drill down on this- the above is true and a lie (what R said) it is fluid. You would say a truth till another is overplanted, overlaid. I would say an observation of an observation, which is one lie on top of another one.

R: – What is the point if it’s all a lie?

A: – Can you not live with the fact that all is fluid!

R: – Of course I can but it doesn’t mean it’s a lie.

A: – Perception distorts but mental agility can see the distortions of perception, thus at the higher levels of mental agility holograms can be changed.

R: – But you said you would excavate or mine for certain minerals rather than change the holographic field.

A: – Yes we would- a holographic field is created from ‘many thoughts’ where as our desire to temporarily change is small number of desires and thoughts however because its temporary it does not mean we have a great impact upon it. This is also our desire so we are careful with the totality of impact upon the mental holographic resonances.

R: – But you can change matter permanently?

A: – Yes but it is preferable not to- Its about seeing that we are imposing one mental wish using technology over the consensus reality wish.

R: – Does that take energy for permanence.

A: -Yes it takes energy but what is permanence, it doesn’t exist.

R: – I haven’t got this.

A: – Not yet. In the case of wine to water there are different energetic levels at play. Now then, water to wine is not a great jump; the differences are flavours alcohol, sugars and colours. The effect on the existing hologram is limited; the alcohol would be converted to calories in the body and the remainder excreted as urine to breakdown by anaerobic activity.

R: – But there has been a permanent (albeit time based) change. The water had proteins, sugar and alcohol added to the water- they have been changed into calories or broken down but they still exist in some form – something extra has been added!

A: – That’s the point; a temporary hologram is altered with the injection of new holographic creation in addition. You can now see that it’s easier to add to hologram fresh holographic information and a little more ‘creator pulse energy’ so that there is an apparent increase in apparent matter. That’s why I said that it was no big jump from water to wine. The resultant introduction or creation/addition of holographic material did not make a significant change to the totality of the consensus hologram.

R: – That makes sense – so you cant turn water to gold?

A: – We could but we would not; it requires permanence of energetic input into the information field as we would be keeping the hologram in an altered state.

R: – But you can use creator pulse and additional holographic information to create additional items.

A: – We can but we choose not to.

R: -But what about replicators?

A: – Replicators can change and utilize existing elements or ‘attributes’. I need to explain this in a different way so that you understand the concept a bit more.

R: – To see the lie a bit more!

A: – You feel that some of this information does not tie up, that you have been told something before that was a lie- because I said it was- because I have said its a lie you wonder that you may not be clear enough in your antenna and mind to have heard more clearly. In this way you would have a distorted perception and written or stated something wrongly here and this bothers you.

R: – You have got that spot on.

A: – You are coming at this from the wrong angle or perspective as to what is either important or what you think will be easier – which is to use creator energy. Remember I said in a previous article that the creator energy or pulse can be switched off and that different levels of holograms/dimensions continue to exist. I am saying these are all fluid and can be changed by the totality of the mental construct within that hologram. However changing one aspect of the hologram can interfere with the rest of the hologram.

R: – I appreciate that the consensus reality or collective consciousness on earth gives us a message that resources are limited. That we should seek to draw them to us or control them for our safety or future needs and that to some extent the collective conscious here distorts my perception. I can see that’s why I have been coming back to the question of resources, to say if you needed a limited resource you could use creator energy to create it; as was in the case of creator energy for the additional proteins and alcohol.

A: -Yes I know what you were thinking but I need to clear a pathway a little more for you first. We are very aware about the damage that can be done by altering or adding to an existing construct. Any new or alteration affects the whole thing, sort of puts ripples in the harmonies and vibrations. So as you did earlier – see all as vibration – now change the vibration in one place and you can see it affecting nearby vibrations – depending upon the changes the effects are made small or large, positive or detrimental. The Constant hologram that you live in is changing on many levels. Consensus reality is changing as more people think differently, plus the vibrational field in the galaxy you are presently in creates changes and ripples and new harmonies in your hologram- All changes for the positive though there are of course birthing pains- reactions to the changes of the hologram and the energy vibration/harmonics- So in such a way you can see this whole change as energetic and vibrational.

R: – Yes that makes perfect sense.

A: – I know your other questions which are in addition to those of previous but let me continue and do not question till I have cleared the path a bit further. A harmonic information field uses existing vibrational energy in harmonies to create your reality. If a bomb goes off or someone is shot and killed the vast majority see that as a physical action creating emotions of loss and anger. Many allow these feelings to be felt so they affect the mass collective consciousness. However you can choose to plug into that or not. If you look at it in energetic form as before described you can now see the ripples that affect the harmonies and the amount of damage that is done on the energetic levels of what is mother earth. These ripples and energies build up and come out in other ways, which some would see as mankind karma having to deal with disasters or health issues. That’s not the full description as and you have choices to accept or not. So the existing consciousness program mother earth is part of the hologram or, if you like it is it if you include everything as mother earth, because even your body uses the matter of mother earth to exist. Its more than just a program or hologram because it contains vibrations of love and nurture as well as other things- with the weather, other animals and insects it is a highly complex interactive hologram and thus one alteration can have an effect that you may not realise. This is the prime reason we go with caution when looking at the possibility of interfering with the consensus reality. It is better for consensus reality to change as that will be the most harmonic (save for the birthing pains mentioned earlier). You see, when something has been formed holographicaly from creator energy into an information field; the creator energy develops into harmonies as I explained before. It is an existing program, so to change matter (the hologram) you have to change the information field – however the original creator energy was moulded or folded into another ‘way of being’ (it was no longer separate creator energy). So when we change the information field the folded creator energy wants to return to its moulded shape/form. Much like an elastic band can be stretched, it can be kept like that a long time till you let go of it- till you stop putting the energy of resistance against its natural form- you have to use energy to deform it and when you remove that energy it returns.

R: – I do think I am understanding some of this now.

A: – This is because you are not using your perspective and instead you are listening to mine without trying to “interpret”. Your interpretation is of itself a perspective but we have said enough about perspective today.

On to other thoughts of yours. You have to fully appreciate that there are many types of energy at play within your holographic constructs. With regards creator energy I told you this was switched off on your level- which it is. Can you imagine what would happen if for example more mass were added, it would most likely have a detrimental affect to your dimension; things would grow and grow. Chaos and change would be the nature of your world. So the purpose of creator energy is that it creates that which is a living hologram, which can then be experienced. Once created, it is – This does not mean to say it can’t have physical changes or chemical ones however that’s about changing harmonies not about creator energies. However creator energy is still available, it requires an information field in order to insert it, to then make an additional harmony or vibrating hologram (your matter). This can be done by ‘adepts’ those who are highly evolved and interactive with many aspects of their multidimensional self. Again they would only do so for a valid reason and a purpose that would help general evolution. However at higher levels the adept will be in harmony with many other peoples higher levels so that is not just one individual’s wish to do so. At the higher levels it will be a consensus wish. These would be the stories about Jesus being in touch with god but are the composite replies or interaction of the many peoples consciousness at that level.

R: – How and where does the creator energy come into this?

A: – That’s a lot more complicated I said once before that there are energies in some dimensions that we are a little unsure also about the actual ‘creators’ those that created the information fields in order to insert creator energy and for the harmonies and vibrations to fill out as holograms. We are now into 3 different energy types- the creator energy – the information energy – the vibrations and harmonies all of which exist as a hologram. In some ways one cant exist without the other, further more we then need to involve the concept of the eternal now and that all things are changing and being fluid. In some ways it may sound like I am undoing some of the things said already. However time lines come into this as well because all is changing including the past and the future for you are in them both and all – your view of past is but a memory- So after that little summary let us stop and come back to this another time.


A: – As we left off yesterday you asked me a question about the Andromedan children being taught to see resonances and harmonics (as described in the conversation Andromedan female perspective with Argoney and Tollome). You were wondering about the serendipity and connectedness of information being given. So the answer is yes, the unfolding is layered like the painting description and yes it is all by design. Remember the ‘by design’ works as a self-aware or natural program on levels above, which we have spoken of before. So as the children work with more and more complicated harmonies (combinations of vibrations) they become so used to them that it becomes ‘second nature’ to see in different ways, to see a harmony and know what it is.

The other question you had in your mind was “ how practically did the water turn into wine?”- To change the water by the additional material there would be the need for creator or start pulse energy. I previously explained that this had been turned off and that it is possible to add more matter from this type of energy but it was unwise. So in the case of the Nazarene the connections were made way back through his soul group and beyond that there would have been so many aspects of higher and higher selves involved. Permission and agreement would have to be approved before such could take place. Of course all of this could be in an instant so that it appeared to be no time lag between the wish to do and the outcome. This creator energy would flow through a ‘conduit’ type portal so that it could not interfere with or touch other matter.

R: – But it wouldn’t come from the sky like a lightening bolt because you previously talked about shapes of dimensions as bubbles in bubbles.

A: – Indeed what would not be good is for this energy to touch the negative realms or regressives, as their energies are very low. If they were able to lock on to it they could try to create feed back to the source and thereby they would have a direct connection through the many dimensions and that would be very dangerous.

R: – So turning off the creator energy is not only so that the universe would stabalise other wise more ‘stuff would be made’ but to avoid negative entities connecting to it?

A: – Yes – though there is a lot more to it than that, creator energy is still at work elsewhere in this universe and others.

R: – What is creator energy? You previously called it the pulse.

A: – It’s the start and end but there is no end. It can create and de-create, notice I have not said destroy- this is the nature of fluidity. Creator energy has been used to create many universes and there were some highly developed ‘originators’ the first beings/entities who utilized this energy. You see if all is the moment of now, what was then is now- the future creates the past and the past reflects the future.

R: – Wow that’s seeing it the other way round.

A: – You can see it, which way you like.

R: – That really is fluidity! Somewhere deep inside me that feels comfortable and comforting.

A: – Yes some strange concepts to come, that’s why I said all is a lie and hammered home the point about perspective. If you come from the perspective of the future, which is real and tangible, what then is your past because you can change it to make your present future different. If it is all energetic information it’s a matter of where your focus is as to what reality you are in, that’s why its possible to have regressive experiences like the one you are now having.

R: – No sooner do I think I’ve got something understood and you add another layer which makes me feel a little lost or that I haven’t grasped it at all.

A: – Even what you have just said is a perception and it is a perception that can be changed- you do not have to think like that, all is fluid and changeable. From your perceptions these concepts are hard to take on board but I hope you can begin to see how important they are and why my communications are as they are. I am an educator and an opener of doors and we are old fiends remember that. I do not intend to bring insights other than the ones I think are important to you (though of course your higher levels have worked with mine in the self-aware ‘unfolding program of possibilities’. So many infinite possibilities), yet it comes together. All those connections and possibilities side by side.

R: – Hmm- That must take a lot of energy or time.

A: – Time is irrelevant, that is a perception, which is the lie. It could be in an instant or so long that it could not be measured- it is possibility

R: – But it unfolds from the future and the past?

A: – It is a part of that process- it is also fluid, all possibilities existing but the program (as it were) is designed to give the best possible outcome for experience and growth. We are an expression after all. When you begin to see these possibilities you can begin to see the possibilities of your mind and your minds possibilities. If it had no perception think what it could do, it could exist in harmonies and ‘create’ – create or change the harmonies.

R: – This is getting very deep.

A: – Is that a problem?

R: – No, I guess that’s my perception again, so best you carry on.

A: – The mind is an extension of the heart and together in harmony they are incredibly powerful. For as the explanations of the last few days have shown, that with fluidity there is no anchor not even in the self. This will mean the heart is free to perceive or not to perceive. The word perception means something different to you. You think if you cant perceive and if you have ‘no perception’ you have no awareness- I think therefore I am – I don’t think therefore I am not or nothing, a non-existent. Sometimes you don’t have to perceive.

R: – So- I exit current perception, try not to see anything or think anything and look for vibrations and harmonies

A: – There is only one-way to do that and that is to do it. Let us try now- it will change in fluidity the more that you do that. This is more than just clocking out in meditation.

* R: – Over the next few days I am shown different harmonies within objects in the house such that the world begins to look like a series of harmonies and its possible to move from one to the other as if they are inter changeable. This is somehow different than seeing energetic morphic fields or auric presence, somewhere further inside. I will have a stab at painting this over the next few weeks