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The shape of fluid vibrating dimensions- multi-dimensionalism in the same space (well just beginning to understand a little)

Aqueena: – I have much to say in different ways some of which may sound bizarre but over several days it will begin to make sense. You have already penned articles on the multidimensional soul. I would like to expand upon that, because it is a topic not often talked about and infrequently understood. Let me revisit the present basics information fields, holograms, energy, light, the thought and desire to express, experience and grow. Nothing new here – so let me start by saying should we unwind all of your understanding to date.

R: – I thought one piece of information was overlaid on another!

AQ: – That is usually the case but let us try something different let us say to date the understandings fit together in one particular way- nothing wrong with that however for new information to fit things need to alter because the new information can not fit. Imagine a ball of information – in order to insert more information you have to pull some of it apart to insert more- the existing has to be moved or reconfigured.

R: – That’s not undoing or unwinding.

AQ: – Well it will be in part and it will seem like nonsense whilst we are doing it. Lets start with ‘the beginning’ – everyone assumes this one mental entity splits or divides to have multiple experiences and in that way the individual parts are ‘at one’ or ‘a part of each other’ – the I am you and you/me and everyone. However lets consider a series of splits – those that accord to the divisions of soul already indicated. Soul-group has 144,000 monads each of which has 12 over-souls or higher-selves each of which has 6 pairs of twin flames male/female. You currently look at this from your perspective as a 1/12th with input or information from us within the group of 12. As if you are looking from the bottom upwards. What do you think the experience would be like as a soul group?

R: – To me it seems very complicated but that would be because I am viewing it from the fact I would have to be fully conscious of all the view points as some sort of hub that is fully aware of all- However you have stressed in the past that’s not a way to view things as our consciousness moves from one focus to another. So if it’s about information fields (because you mentioned that at the beginning) then I guess its some kind of living energetic information field? So what or how is it?

AQ: – It is you.

R: – We have had these conversations before- but you did say you were going to break these concepts up a bit to be reformed.

AQ: – Yes, even if you have made something that works, you have to pull it apart to put a new piece in- to give it an upgrade or new operating system, and then it has to be reconfigured.

R: – Like a new processor?

AQ: – Yes

R: – What happens to the old one?

AQ: – It will lay dormant within the information fields. Many of you have a problem holding to what you currently know (getting lost) or not being able to let go of it at the appropriate moment. This because what you have defines you and a change means you have to redefine yourself. You see that as ‘beginning a new you’ or a different you. This comes into conflict with survival thoughts and no longer being you but someone else. The someone else is already you, which is what you struggle with.

R: – Ok let the struggle go and do?

AQ: – That’s what the process has been these past few days, its not going to be overnight.

R: – I’ve had a new processor before- I am still me.

AQ: – Yes that’s the point- deep down your ego self still sees himself as Robert. We would like to get you to see yourself as not Robert so that when you return to yourself as a concept you will feel and think and act differently. That’s why I said it would seem nonsensical. Lets take for example a light bulb- it requires electrical energy- where there is resistance in the wire it causes heat to build up such that the wire goes white hot but it cant burn because there is no oxygen.

Nowadays you also have LED and low energy bulbs they use the same electricity but they use it in different ways. You may choose to use any of these lighting methods, perhaps for different purposes as they all function adequately. The newer lighting methods use less power for the same lumens or light output. If you liken the lighting unit to a human soul/entity it will have more retained or unused energy. Yet the vibrations of the light output are much higher, their ‘on off flux’ rate is faster- what do you think they do with the unused energy?

R: – In the case of the bulb it doesn’t have retained or unused energy that’s still to be generated at the power station.

AQ Yes, so if we liken this to soul groups the amount of power out put can be reduced?

R: – Is that the purpose to reduce?

AQ: – No but there is potential for the energy to be used for something else in another form or another vibration or in another hologram. It is energy that’s not converted to be used by an old ‘hot light bulb’. So by what you do and what you all do you can pull less energy from the soul group. The ambient energy or background energy of the universe is the energy of the hologram itself.

R: – That which free energy experts are using.

AQ: – Yes- remember we are talking about different kinds of energy and conscious energy as well as soul energy. The latter is different to the previous. Soul energy can create energy as well as use it. It was explained to you in the article ‘flux’ that one dimension begats another and so on and so on- that they exist in the same space and your painting lines, fishing nets helped you to conceptualise this- such that there is a perpetuation and an infinite growth unstoppable. So what would happen if we ‘cut off’ or turned off the original creative ‘off on’? (copy diagram from conversation collombye all that is universe – pulse)off on3

R: – Well I would have to have comprehension of what it really was before I could answer that.

AQ: – Say its you.

R: – Well the other dimensions of me in the information holograms would continue to exist but per haps they may no longer be infinite. The original starter motor as it were exists in some form, either in a hologram or an information field in some way. May be the other dimensions would continue but not grow. It’s interesting you are asking me questions to the answers you already know.

AQ: – Yes in that moment you are in ‘open thought’, not quite free thought. In this way the information that’s been given to you in deep meditation can begin to come out and it also allows you to understand what I am saying. So then – If I said the original ‘on off’ starter motor was a dimension, then by turning it off you would experience or live in the remaining dimensions.

R: – Is this to do with the earth upgrades?

AQ: – In part

R: – So it’s a bit like the electric starter motor on a car when the engine fires you turn off the starter.

AQ: – Not really the engine uses fuel where as we have a self-perpetuating system of holograms and information fields. Within these exist the different levels of souls and dimensions of them.

R: – So a soul group is a ‘one system’ and there are many

AQ: – Nearly- What you are seeing is divisions and each soul group should we call it has been ‘born’ for want of a better word.

R: – So it never existed before?

AQ: – Lets not get into before or after or what came first that’s an earthly perception.

R: – But the starter motor or dimension created the rest, that’s what was said in the article ‘flux’

AQ: – Indeed it was but I am trying to instigate a new system on several levels of ‘you/me’. Lets just say for example only; a soul group is fully ‘fledged’ not born. Its grown up enough to fend for itself- it has all the information fields and holograms necessary- its has them and it is using them so it turns off the need for the initial dimension.

R: – Presumably it stops growing bigger like the first flux diagram?

AQ: – Lets not use bigger but different- it sees that it is self-sufficient without and that it is unaffected- it is as it is before. (Not was before that is reference to past)

R: – Not really its stopped expanding.

AQ: – Depends what we mean by expanding- If you see it as awareness that never stops – let me continue. Lets say it sees it and realises its evolved enough not to need that hologram. That other sources of energy and nurture are available and these are self sufficient from internal love as it were.

R: – So the love energy is accessed via the remaining dimensions.

AQ: – Yes and no. Lets say the ‘community’ has fledged. It exists on several dimensions at the same time. I am going to use some metaphorical explanations so you can see them in your mind. Lets use salt and white pepper. The salt is more coarse but the white pepper has been ground down into a very fine powder. At the moment they exist in separate pots/dispensers or dimensions. In order for them to be in the same space you would take them out of their pots and mix them together. Lets see them floating in coagulation close together, heaviness doesn’t exist but they are gently drawn together by the minutest of attraction. The white pepper being the smaller particles would appear to fit around the coarse granules to coat them in powder, which also makes the salt granules more fluid or lubricated as they coalesce together. Now we can add water to the mix such that the salt dissolves and the salty water would suspend the pepper. What we now have with the salt in the water is a ‘suspension system’ and whilst the salt remains it’s in a ‘different form’ of itself and the powder is floating within a sphere of salty water. Now then if one piece of pepper powder touches another then at that point of contact there is no suspension liquid between them, they then become attached. Its as if the suspension liquid supports or nurtures them individually but they can become attached to each other. So we can begin to see that other pepper powders begin to co-join in different ways and different places.

R: – That’s a good metaphorical explanation.

AQ: – It’s yours as I am you but I wont pursue that because we have had those conversations before. Imagine this sphere of water which contains these 3 dimensions (pepper, salt & water) is floating in a kitchen.pepper air

R: – Well with no gravity to pull it to the floor the pepper would continue to coagulate till all or most were attached. The salty water on the outside like an egg with the yolk in the middle- though the pepper coagulation doesn’t have to be in the center. – Hmm! But as you are me then that thought is as much mine as it is yours and reflects the old chestnut of what came first the chicken or the egg.

AQ: – Both at once in different holograms but also in connected dimensions it would have started from simple cell splitting to specialised cells developing and the organism changing- however the electromagnetic DNA exists for the primary cells to adapt. So it’s both at the same time with different holograms interacting different energies.

So back to the pepper – whilst it may appear to be a smooth powder it does have rough surfaces at the microscopic levels and between and on the surfaces of the pepper powder there are ‘spaces’.

R: – So are these filled with the suspension liquid or the air?

A: – Lets say air; the water could not fit in all of that space because of its elasticity and density. What we now have is air between the particles powder and smaller bits particles of air on the outside of the ‘pepper yolk’ in the microscopic surface undulations pepper close up 2

The ‘main air’ on the outside of the salty water (the kitchen) has a consistency of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases. But the water is a mix H2O- two parts hydrogen one part oxygen. To make water you can burn hydrogen and oxygen, which releases energy so the water has ‘elements of the air around it’ (elements of itself which it once was) but through the release of energy they have been transformed into a different commodity.

R: – Yes, but there is also sodium chloride in the water, which is salt.

AQ: – Indeed – However remember this is all metaphorical as a way of explaining things to you and the concept/explanation is not complete. Now then, the space between the powders of pepper is very small so not every element of air can fit into it, only the smallest elements of air. So here we have what is a part of the outside kitchen air on the inside. But if we were to heat the water it would turn into ‘water vapour’. This would allow some of it to float in the rest of the air in the kitchen. We could heat just enough so as to leave some around the pepper core (which is locked into itself with rough edges) or we could heat all the water into water vapour. This would mean we have salt crystals around the pepper powder core but these salt crystals as they coagulate together would have bigger gaps between themselves as well as small gaps where they touch – So the air space between the salt crystals can be filled with smaller elements of air as well as some of the bigger elements of air. As on the inside so on the outside (in respect of the air spaces) The salt has to be of a certain temperature (vibration/harmony) to keep the water out but in any event the water is so dispersed in the air that the salt does not reabsorb the water- We now have a burgeoning eco system by design.

R: – So is this what you are trying to get over?

AQ: – All things are interconnected there are parts of different dimensions in the same space but parts of space that have less dimensions in them.

The pepper has relatively few dimensions- just itself and the small voids with ‘tiny air elements’.

R: – But the pepper is a compound probably made from lots of different lower smaller elements as well including carbon, nitrogen at a guess and no doubt a few more.

A: – And your point?

R: – Well the apparent dimension of a powder of pepper has more within it if you consider its chemicals as different dimensions.

AQ: – Quite so – The metaphorical picture I am trying to present is that of a complex soup of dimensions – interacting within each other and being in the same space – but different to the ‘hanging nets’ or interface lines that you painted. I am trying to show how dimensions exist in the same space but how their density or compactness changes (i.e. oxygen, hydrogen to water and then to water vapour) – To show that some dimensions have ‘more dimensions’ in them or that they are more complex and have elements of some or ‘all’. So now when we talk of information fields and holograms you will not see them as hanging nets as such. At your original level of understanding fishing nets will work if you can see individual oxygen bubbles in the air (it will not be a perfect mix) then if you join the dots or bubbles together you get lines like nets. But we do want to move you on from that.

R: – Wow I can see that. So when it has been said time and time again everything is in the ‘same space’ that’s not true because the space of the kitchen has a coagulation of pepper in one spot.

A: – This is to do with your concept of space and volume. There are several different subject matters I am trying to put together here for you. The energies of dimensions – how they appear- how they interact in different ways and ultimately how these concepts fit within love energy and souls expression and desire to experience. On the face of it you have a mixed up kitchen but bear with me and it will all come together. Imagine through all of this metaphor there are energies interpenetrating all things like gossamer in different wafting motions.

Imagine you are one of these wafting energies and you can move about as an energy- your focus can flit back and forth in any place and view it from any perspective even from the inside.



AQ: – I said yesterday there are many concepts of interplay here and you will soon begin to see the connections between them. I can see you are trying to conceptualise this as some form of allegory to the formation of the physical universe that you see. Well there are overtones to that but the purpose was to explore multi-dimensionalism and things in the apparent same space. Your contention was some things were not in the same space – which was actually meaning the ‘same place’

You can see everything has elements of something else within it but its not all the same in ‘every place’. You think that ‘every place’ has to have the same degrees of multi-dimensionalism in them as you refer to the concept of the interlinked fishing net lines. That is not so lets go over the components.

  • White pepper powder (compound of elements)
  • Restricted small voids that can only take ‘smaller air’ or air elements.
  • Water that may contain salt or areas where the salt may have dried out.
  • Water vapour as H2O
  • Air with gases including oxygen and hydrogen and water vapour.

So what things are common to this?

R: – Each description has more than one component- some components may be combined as an element or separate components jostling along side one another.

AQ: – They are all the same.

R: – Pardon?

AQ: – They are all the same.

AQ: – I don’t see that

AQ: – I repeat again they are all the same – they are different expressions of the same thing.

R: – I can’t see that because sodium and chloride make salt they are elements on the periodic table and they are different so they are not the same.

AQ: – Are they not all vibrations of energy.

R: – Yes I see some of what you say, they are all different vibrations. Like different dimensions

AQ: – So what happens when you mix vibrations.

R: – Sometimes you get discordant sounds or alternatively harmonic ones.

AQ: – Indeed- Some vibrations will work together some wont- so some elements will not mix with one another as harmonies and on the physical they will not work together unless there is some sort of glue or third party.

R: – Ok point taken: If I see this whole scenario as vibrations and harmonics- the interplay of vibrations is the physical and non-physical world.

AQ: – Good, some progress then!

R: – However before these explanations today and yesterday it was said all is vibration and flux plus information which of itself is a form of vibration.

AQ: – Yes but you had put that in the concept of fishing nets of dimensions. We shall now be looking at the interplay of dimensions. Dimensions would be metaphorically like ‘Harmonies’. Imagine many many different frequencies but some will harmonise together. I can see you seeing these as bands or coagulations but it’s not quite as simple as that. You are seeing them next to one another. dots 1

Where as they are in the same space, it depends on the definition ‘the same space’ or ‘same place’. Things didn’t happen from one point of origin as it were but everything is a point of origin. This is hard for you- I can see but lets persevere.

Imagine you are looking at a bright blue sky with an occasional fluffy cloud. Now the cloud is water vapour (H2O) and the sky contains gases including hydrogen & oxygen and all are in Harmony – they are energy vibration and harmonics. Yet the clouds can scud across the sky- they can change shape- disappear or become larger as the water vapour coagulates (by harmony vibration) in different proportions, shapes or densities. So all exists in the same space (Not place) and its all fluid – fluid harmonies.

R: – Interesting- so forget the nets I can see it as fluid clouds and gases but better as fluid harmonies.

AQ: – Yes, so how does this play out in the other aspects of the real world? And the other harmonies or dimensions. Remember the conversation with Antemedi where your interpretation of what he said he said was that one dimension could manifest in another by pushing the other out of the way. For a space ship he used the analogy of putting a hand in a bucket of water and suggested that because there was an imperceptible space between the hand and the water so the two dimensions it didn’t actually touch. So it is in the description I am giving you.

R: – So where are the space ships when we cannot see them where do they go? Furthermore the 4th 5th upgrade is about a way of being and experiencing as well so it’s about how we interpret as well.

AQ: – That is not exclusive, the last comment is correct but the elements as it were will have different harmonies so in the case of earth the nature will gradually adapt to incorporate some of the new harmonies so there will be changes.

As regard space ships there are several answers to that- many of them have cloaking – a way of projecting the back sight of what they would have obscured on to the front so it looks as though they are not there.

As to form: – hand in the bucket metaphor, if the water is one dimension the hand has come from another one. Imagine the bucket as if it is a ‘living dimension’ and then imagine yourself as living in the bottom of the bucket so that the water isn’t water its sky. You can look up from the bottom of the bucket and suddenly see a hand appear.

R: – So you are saying different dimensions or harmonies are fluid and they can at some places or levels incorporate another dimension or dimensions.

AQ: – Yes

R: – We experience the surface of the earth as one solid so it’s different to the pepper powder globe- and anyway the spaces between the powder particles will have odd shapes and cavities it will have holes on the surface where the powders don’t touch.

AQ: – Ok – You are taking this rather literally don’t see the powder molecules touching each other at all as if there is an imperceptible gap in the same way as the hand in the water doesn’t actually touch the water.

R: – Ok if I am experiencing the vibrational harmonics of the restricted air space of the pepper it will appear to be lumpy and bumpy or to have areas that cannot be accessed.


AQ: – That would be about size and form as well; if you were very very tiny the space would seem large. Furthermore what if you couldn’t see the pepper because it’s in a different harmony.

R: – So are you saying only when we have more harmonies can we see other dimensions.

AQ: – You have noticed I am not answering all your questions directly with an outright answer that’s because you wont be able to understand the answer at the moment. This is an unfolding process – so as reminded before forget the questions for a while just channel what I give you. It is being given in a way that you can comprehend because of your personal harmony/dimension you presently look out from.



Antemedi shows me a series of dots and gets me to draw lines between the dots making star shapes and triangles that segment each other- I say it all seems a little simplistic and bizarre and he replied that it always does till its explained properly. I then spend quite a long time zonked out.

R: – What was that all about?

A: – All in due course- Lets us revisit what Aqueena was giving you for I will give a different perspective. The concept that she was trying to get across to you is the nature of multi-dimensionalism, what is within what space. If you see that you are air in the room then everything that happens in the air is an aspect of you be it a different vibration element or space. You could have more than one of these pepper worlds (disregard the pepper element its only used as salt and pepper because they ‘go together’ in a kitchen) See it as something else a cell for example of a body or a plant. See that there are more of them. They could make a body with lots of different cell types. That there are vibrations that exist, resonances. Different resonances in the room passing through some objects or residing in some objects. Indeed each element has its own vibration.

R: – So you are showing me our world here!

A: – Yes and No I am trying to get over the idea of multi-dimensionalism in the same space. The problem you are having is the definition of the same space. You see that every space has to have another dimension going through it. In part this is true for what I have said about some vibrations as well as thought and feeling vibration. Lets look at how you see what’s ‘within in the same space’

No space is the same

Nothing is the same

All things are different

Nothing is joined.

R: – Whoa! Quite the opposite of previous information turning everything on its head.

A: – Well as you probably realised I am trying to breakdown your concepts – Things are joined and they are not joined. Think about the spaces between the pepper powders.

R: – That’s just space between – holes- gaps.

A: – But in that gap they don’t touch in that space they are not one and the same. The implication of connectedness is being the same. Well that’s not quite true.

R: – But the most basic building block love must exist in all

A: – It can but it doesn’t have to and some entities have a lack of it and feed on others.

R: – Ok not all things are the same

A: – Yes and No – of course it depends on the actual energetic make up. Tollome once said we are all one and the same at an energetic level but our outward expression and our experiences produce a different vehicle or out look.

R: – Yes but at a level of experience.

A: – It is not all experience doing or being- do you think that higher levels entities do not have desire to express explore and experience – that they some how live a fluffy divine experience?

R: – In truth I don’t know how they (I/we) live at that level – Indeed Aqueena has a light body and interacts- has her own experience and an experience of me from where she is.

A: – Ok let’s get back to different levels and different levels of your multidimensional self.

R: – The shapes of dimensions?

A: – Don’t get ahead of what I wish to say. The space between the powders looks discordant but it could be a space for living like being in a series of connected spaces. Tunnels could be neurons; they could be passageways for information or entities that live in tunnels. At the same time on a bigger scale the surface of the pepper ball could a planet. Consider oceans as a shape but as a dimension. Large fish or whales swim in the deeper oceans, they can not get into shallow waters or rivers, ocean shapes are not regular much like the pepper tunnels. But it’s all in the same space.

R: – That’s defining different dimensions co-existing beside one another in different shapes.

A: – And whats wrong with that?

R: – They are not in the same space – the land isn’t the same space as the sea or the air.

A: – That depends on how you define ‘space’ if you generalised and said ‘mother earth’ it would be the space that contained all the oceans the land and any spaces below. Also the space between the molecules no matter how small.

R: – But don’t different dimensions penetrate the same space like vibrations.

A: – Yes they can do but usually the vibrations associated with that particular space – your earth has its own particular vibrations and collective consciousness.

R: – But it can be penetrated by lower as well as higher consciousness thoughts.

A: – Yes, but if there is no fear the lower energies have nothing to attach on, they have little effect. The harmonics in that dimension would be out of sync with it.

R:-I understand but they can still exist or pass through.

A: – Yes but for what point- why should energies co exist if they have no effect.

R: – But I am talking to you- I’ve talked and seen Aqueena those levels of vibration exist.

A: – They exist within you within your space.

R: – Don’t they exist in others.

A: – Some others less so and some more so but the potential for them to exist in the many is latent they have to open and ignite those levels. Otherwise their dimension is different.

R: – So you are saying all us terrans have different dimensions while we are on the same planet.

A: – Indeed

R: – But I thought a different dimension was ‘unseen’ it was in a same place but another field.

A: – It is but it’s the shapes you haven’t considered.

R: So then higher up, my higher self exists within and without my aura space and it connects to other Higher Selves as if the space between is their space between.

A: – Yes

R: – But they are in part bound to where we walk and are.

A:- In part the rest of them is fluid in time space.

R: – In dwellings places experiences etc.

A: – Yes

R: – So not specific to my space.

A: – Or you not specific to their space

R: – Ok so there are shapes of dimensions (which I am perceiving as physical because of the metaphors) and there are fluid dimensions.

A: – Yes

R: – So whats wrong with seeing dimensions as fishing nets.

A: – Well it’s not the same as ‘ the shape of dimensions’ and ‘fluid dimensions’

R: – How can there be structures and bodies if they are fluid or moving about.

A: – That’s to do with time

R: – The pulse the beat between the beats

dimension dots 3

A: – Yes the fluid pulse or vibration.

R: – But that’s what I understood from before

A: – Yes but its also about shape


See Overlays 2 for completion of  the channeled subject