Aspects of time – multitude of choices

Exploring concepts of timelessness – altering time line experiences – variable choices – free will and finding your way back to yourself.



A:- Time is a bit of a problem for you as you cant see how it works. I have tried to explain it in various conceptual ways. There is a lot more to it than the previous outlines and even more after the end of this.

It may seem as we are going over old ground but imagine you are ‘timeless’ and that you want or need a particular experience. In order to have that you need to be (in part) separate from timelessness because unless you do you can’t have that experience. This you know in many ways. Now imagine that there are other experiences that you can have but with the awareness of timelessness in time. An awareness that you are much more and that you are looking over your shoulder when you experience events. There is the experience and the observation of the experience yet you can be in both at the same time. Of this we have talked. Because the experiential part may be aware of time and timelessness in the moment it doesn’t have to distort the experience because in this instance its an experience with the feeling or knowledge of timelessness. This will be very different to the experiences you have had to date which are bound within the separateness of time. The contact you are having with me is in part like that. You are in contact with me in both my time and your time – they don’t have to coincide at the same moment of time because all time is connected.

R:- So you are speaking to me now or from the future?

A:- I could be speaking from either – what I am saying is why am I always there in your mind when ever you think of me and vice versa. The point being – what is past or future? You would see them as experiences that you put forwards or backwards from what you believe to be your present one. They happen in timelessness even though you experience them as linear time. Put another way it’s all about to happen and it already has that’s how it seems from timelessness.

R:- You said previously the interference of one life time alters the experiences in or of other time times.

A:- Yes

R:- So the past can be not only re written but by altering it the present or future it will no longer have been so- as if it had never happened.

A:- Indeed. This is the involvement of higher self (HS) in the evolutionary process. In order to be more (that you already are) you can tweak the experiences. You see HS as an all-knowing encompassing part of you that has put out or rolled out a plan – but it’s a plan that can be tweaked before and during your experience of it.

This is the point about ‘free will’ whilst it’s mostly known in terms of outcomes or experiences or what you are most likely to do with your free will. You don’t always choose the things that are most constructive to your enlightenment or evolution. There are times when you may go off course or off plan so adjustments are made so you have the opportunity to stay on plan. Many of these are tweaks.

If for example it would best suit you to go left at a ‘choice junction’ but instead you go right- you and HS may decide to reprogram the next experience by putting something in the way that makes you avoid the right turn and something that draws you to the left turn.

R:- So that’s giving lots of possibilities of turning in a better direction towards the self.

A:- Yes – its not so much about time as it is about the choices you make in it which are also in the same place outside time.

R:- I’m still not getting it!

A:- I know. Lets say you want to be more filled with light or evolved. How long or how many experiences does that mean you have to repeat till you manage that?

R:- As many as it takes.

A:- Yes but what if you were aware that there were 100 times laid out for you as possibilities and you decided that you would have got there within 50 – you don’t need the other 50 experiences to be of a certain vibration. So the plan can be shortened in terms of the totality of certain events that would enable you to be that way.

R:- So it could be one

A:- Yes- but you can see endless possibilities from where you are – however HS sees only a few, a bit like a corral or ‘automatic altering maze program’. Rather than infinite I have shown 4 initial choices.

correct one

If you walked from 2 or 3 providing you went right at 2 and left at 3 you would reach the next stepping stone (SS). If you walked out through 1 or 4 you would have to make more moves to get to the time line.

Say you chose to experience 3B – you would be in the same time as SS but you wouldn’t be in the vibration SS spot or 2B, 3A. So to get back on to the time line TL you would have to move left from 3B, though you could choose to move right. However if you moved right or further away from your time line it could re-adjust itself to make sure it’s nearer to you. So if you keep moving away from it – it moves towards you so it’s only ever a footstep (or choice) away through out your life.

The time line is a series of possibilities as are the directional experiences. Keep in mind we are talking of spiritual time lines. This shows free will in choice and that you are only ever one footstep away from the next part of yourself. Thus there are a multitude of possibilities but depending on choices there is only one or a series of altered routes back to the self.

R:- I see that- so from outside of time I can see the route back to myself but not all the possibilities?

A:- Not quite -the possibilities are endless as are experiences but ultimately you cant be any more other than who you are.

R:- So from outside time tweaking the experience or the choices of direction by placing things on the path- it can be made such that I am as close as possible to the next experience or learning of me. 

A:- Yes

R:- So how is this altering time lines?

A:- Well I have just said the juxtaposition of the time line moves to meet you at the nearest possible point.

R:- But what about altering experiences because that’s what’s happening.

A:- I will repeat myself explanation in a different way 3 choices to make it easier.

more in round 2

Starting at P1 you can see B is similar to C but rather than left or right you could have gone directly  to point P2 in a straight line. You would have to take a left from C to get back on to the same time line but you will be entering it at a different time P3  to that of 1 to P. If you started at the spot at the bottom of figure 2 you could go to 3 then 3C then P3 but in all of these scenarios you will only have made 3 moves to get to P3. However the last route described would have missed out on P1 &P2

Let me show this with an alteration to the time line that I spoke of – you are going to have to bear with me.

fig 3 more in round 1

Fig 3 the direction to self is known (or higher selves HS). When these parts (self) look at its experiences that it is making at lower levels it sees itself O. So it can provide the next best way back to itself. Either by way of experiences that block a path away from time line P ( shown as a hatched square to right of pathway so walker doesn’t move off the time line at all) or by altering its time line. Imagine as HS you could see yourself in the distance and you could hover above as well, then you could be involved from a great distance and also be involved in the minutiae. In such away you cannot fail to get back to yourself as lower self is an extension of self. If you moved left away from time line P –  the time line could be altered so time line P no longer exists and time line Q does but as a separate routefig 4 more in round 10. However by far the greatest outcome  would be for time line Q to rejoin the original time line P Fig4. There is only one move to get back on to the time line and to do otherwise means some events may be missed. The time line will keep re- adjusting to get you on to the original time line. When I said before if you were aware of 100 choices how many would you chose you misunderstood me and said it could be one (which it could). The 100 ( just an example figure) is the number of possibilities of choices to get back on to your pathway/timeline before you might miss window of opportunity.

You had previously grasped the concept that higher self can see the way back to itself because of its vantage point but your present awareness can not see back to higher self (HS) because it cant see that level of vibration.

R:- But what you have said means events can alter.

A:- That depends on how “big the events” of free choice are necessary to get back on the path. An example of this is when your son died. Unbeknown to you at the time he had leukaemia but he drowned before that took hold. So had you and your family not wished to go ahead with the drowning you would still have experienced his death but in a different way.

Say for example someone with their HS had made a plan to make great strides back to itself and it would accomplish much in a particular lifetime but the incarnated part had got rather lost. A series of steps in Fig2 might take it a long way from route P fig3. This could be over come by what I would call re- orientation. Like looking at a compass you may be holding the heading points north back to the higher levels of self. Fig 5                                  fig5 more in round 1                            Say a fear or a problem comes up on your route and you side step it to your left. You may wish to return to the time line because you feel lost or out of sorts.  So the compass can either point due north back to self or most likely reorientate you back on to your path Fig 6.

fig6 more in round 1You still have choices to encounter the things you might wish to avoid.

R:- So you could have a series of events  that contain an experience you need but they may be different events but they still contain the essence or the learning of what you need to learn?

A:- In a way- what I am trying to get a cross is the changing of time lines. If in

fig7 more in round 1Fig 7 you move to the left yet again you will avoid the time line experience. So depending on what you are avoiding or missing a different block is put in front of you – something more resistant. You are then more likely to go on the path of least resistance to the right though you may have originally avoided it.

R:- With no compass?

A:- Ah you all have a compass a conscience that pricks but who often listens to that.

R:- Could a pleasant route be shown instead of a more difficult one and then the difficulty is encountered.

A:- Yes what ever is appropriate but there are certain events that will come up that cannot be avoided in the physical but it’s about how they are dealt with in the mind and emotional body, It is this that I am referring to.

R:- So just changing mind or thought growth is the pattern.

A:- Yes but it reflects out in the physical as events.

R:- So these act out on the mental and the physical

A:- Why do you wish to see them as separate?

R:- That’s just a little avoidance I’ve seen in your reflection. If I’ve done something in my head or my mind I wont have to in the physical- but I will.

A:- That is the case.

R:- I get the point that you are showing several facets of the same thing – to show it in the round as you would say but I feel I am somewhat wide of what you are ultimately trying to explain.

A:- Quite so it’s a difficult subject and this is kindergarten.

fig 8more in round 5

Imagine what we talked about in the previous diagrams as one plane left, right, forward. Now there is the possibility of up and down a bit like a pizza slice with its outer edge made much fatter.

fig 9more in roundLooking at it in cross section-if you moved up or down the time line P- HS you could be in many more places than previously described. So to head towards HS you would need to encounter more intricate correction events.

R:- What happens if the timeline isn’t straight in the first place and in reality it’s a series of movements sideways and up and down. Or a series of possibilities in a pointed wedge shape (fat pizza edge) any where within the wedge or arc of return to self?.fig 10 ok more in round                      A:- That is free will of experience.

R:- So a time line isn’t straight?

A:- Who ever said it was?

R:- well I suppose we experience time as linear and thus it feels straight.

A:- Good

R:- But in this instance we are using ‘choices of experience’ as time.

A:- How else should it be?

R:- Time

A:- But you see that time contains events. So why cant events be the container of time- the other way round?

R:- Then I would have to see life as events and not as time

fig 11 ok more in round

That would mean if it is events – then the speed of time or length of time depends on the direction taken.

A:- Yes go on

R:- And time would only be a consequence of a series of events that we under took.

A:- Ok

R:- What about changing time lines – I mean changing events and thereby different experiences.

A:- Is that not what the model shows?

R:- Yes but what about P to HS in the wedge of possibilities that leads to the way to the self fig10. If that is one lifetime of possibilities how can another life time in the future come back to alter it – because that’s what you had said previously.

A:- That’s to do with space- you occupy a degree of space if you like- for the moment lets exclude the fact others occupy space and that there is composite space and all is connected. So within your space all your time exists in its infinite possibility.

R:- Wait a minute – are you saying that as I’m in the here and now in this space in this moment the past didn’t exist or never existed because I’m reinventing the moment reinventing the present.

A:- Good carry on

R:- So that means the past doesn’t exist – it only does as a memory. That means the future is the possibility. But though I choose freely the future is fixed by what I do in it, when I do it-, which I have because I have already done it because there is only the present.

A:- Not quite. Lets come back to infinite possibility. That’s infinite possibility of experience or expressing yourself or creating. However you cant be more than yourself.

R:- But we are all one

A:- Lets look at this from where you are coming from. Infinite creation, possibility and experience. Do you want to re-experience some of the things you have already done?

R:- No some of them were conducive to create positive outcomes.

A:- So you decide to limit your potential future choices to be more creative and loving. In that way you have restricted your choices, which is fine. (I’m not talking about avoiding pain or the learning through pain) So ultimately your choices have become restricted (perhaps that’s the wrong word) – to have choices that you wish to have as the most creative automatically excludes others.

R:- So life lines become less complex?

A:- You reduce the number of negative creations – not necessarily experiences because these may lead to creative ones and again what is negative or painful depends on what you see as negative (e.g. the car waiting at the traffic lights as said before)

R:- But from what you said before there could be a direct interference from a past or future life (or even forwards or backwards in this one) to create some sort of repair.

A:- Yes I did and that is possible. Imagine a series of pointed wedges, each one being a different lifetime fig 12

fig 12 ok more in round

R:- That reminds me of diagrams from several years ago. Small cones heading towards a central point such that there were spaces between the cones as circles cant touch completely.

fig me2 ok more in round

A:- Yes not dissimilar. The point about the space between is important however lets get back to what I am showing so we don’t go off on a tangent or leave anyone behind. If you look at W there are a series of 6 influences with K being the 7th wedge. In your movements within the wedge outlined in fig10 you touch onto another life wedge you will then interact with it. It could be a past or future and it will affect you in such a way to push you back on course within your wedge of experience. So the past or future can keep you not so much on the straight and narrow but within the widow of opportunities (the wedge).

R:- So we would interact but bounce off another lifetime.

A:- Remember it’s an analogy it is only to conceptualise how it takes place and making it tangible for you. I can see you have got that. Now it is possible of course to have more than 6 lifetimes to interact with one another. By use of the space between the wedges

fig 13 ok more in round

R:- You’re beginning to loose me- which other lifetimes and which parts of me?

A:- Ok Lets revisit some principles. You occupy a space – your aura lets say. Within that space is all time and no time. You could in effect be in any part of time or no time- all is connected its just a matter of what you are viewing or seeing in that moment. Interface between life times means they can be bumped on to better routes if they go “off course”. Because you have free will and choice the possibilities are limitless but take this on board-

You live in the U.K. – you don’t want to live elsewhere- you are married and love your wife and you like the life that you have. You have therefore some limitations to the number of potential experiences. It’s limitless within practicalities. You couldn’t be a brain surgeon lest you went to university and undertook years of training. If that’s what you really wanted to do you could do it but your whole life would change and that would limit the number of other possibilities that you presently have to do things other than brain surgery.

This then we can call a lifetime window, note how the window becomes smaller as it get near the end of the wedge- It also has to fit in with other peoples windows- family friends and work. A series of windows in the moment of most probable opportunities. Fig 11. Every one of these new directions are choices of change. So whilst you may change an event a bit, ultimately you will need to meet who you need to or experience what you need to.

R:- That sounds logical and common sense.

A:- The point is – if you moved out of the “variable opportunities” ( becoming a brain surgeon) you would change what was the life that you have already had and the ones you will have. So within free will you can choose but you know the possibilities that you are most likely to choose. Then the free will isn’t radical disorder affecting all lifetimes. Some times one lifetime has to interact with another in order to protect its free will within its own. Is that not the free will within that lifetime not to be distorted by another?

R:- It makes sense- I think it’s my perception of free will. Ultimate free will to do anything or every thing – that is total free will.

A:- That is free will with out love that is chaos. You could drive your car into a brick wall at speed on purpose but you wouldn’t! You confuse restriction of choice as restriction of free will when in effect its about choosing outcomes and experiences within love of yourself and others. You see limited choice as restriction to free will. If you prefer choices through love you are of course still restricting your choice – so if you have a problem with restriction you will see it everywhere including free will. You have a variety of choices but you cant have every choice and experience in the same moment. * see below

R:- I do see what you are saying it’s a blind spot- its my view point and anyone else reading this may not have had that curved ball about restriction which I have worked on before.

A:- These things reflect themselves in all sorts of levels of understandings, that’s why we insist on you clearing your mind and thoughts and keeping things clear.

R:- So some more understanding of “the way of things” combined with a self-reflection.

A:- Lets say a deeper understanding of free will as it exists within different time lines.

*R:- When you said I cant have every choice in the same moment- in a way I do because all lifetimes are contained within it so at that level of vibration I do have infinite possibility (within the choices of positive or negative karma)

A:- And is that not the point- You are living your current choice by choice-it is free will. To forget that you have chosen is also free will as this enables you to have the experience.

R:- So by looking at the wedge shape of someone’s life its possible to see what he or she will encounter as likely hoods.

A: Yes you and other psychics can see this in people but it isn’t usually constructive for the experiential level of them to know other than hints of future happiness.

R:- You and your fellow kind knew what would happen in the future to you and us if you did not get involved during this changing period of earth. That’s a lot more than tweaking!

A:- Indeed it is- its about seeing what certain choices will lead to. We have to move (scan) forward in time to see what they will lead to. From the forward vantage point (a bit like H.S. diagram) we are able to look back on the choices made and see if we would be happy with the out come- where that vantage point is- is that where we want to be in the future. We then have the option of changing choices to create a different vantage point.

Its more like seeing what the karmic energy of choices will lead to. We look at this through love and those levels return to us the outcomes of the best form of love choices we can make in the now.

These things are not possible for you because of your low vibration and lack of technology. More to the point the ego state you inhabit at the time will influence the process.

I can come back to this subject at another time.